jesus sketches


I decided that I needed to draw, you know, more than just Tucker, Wash, and Junior for the mermaid/man au, so have some sketches for, as follows:

Caboose, Local Church Enthusiast and his behemoth sized english mastiff dog, Freckles

Church, local computer tech and support shop owner, and unfortunate frequent victim of Caboose hugs

Palomo, Jensen, Bitters, and Andersmith are all employees and various marine life handlers at the New Republic Marine Institute, as well as part time mermaid conspiracists (or at least, Palomo is)

(heads up I’m tagging the whole au as “tuckington merman au”)


( Please don’t remove the watermark, the link or publish on another web/post without my consent, thanks♥ ) 

Ps: Thanks for letting me do a inspiration draw from your lineart  @bakudrawssometimes ♡ 



Who else is excited for season two?! :D