If you were blessed enough to open your eyes this morning; there’s still more to see, there’s more to do, more to show, more to live. God has you in His hand, let Him show you the beauty of being alive.

Looking back I realize that Jesus didn’t just save me once all those years ago on the cross. No, He is still saving me, even now.

He saved me when I was struggling with addiction, drowning in sin and shame.
He saved me when I absolutely hated myself and wanted nothing more than to give up and be done with this life.
He saved me when I thought I was too far gone, too wretched to be saved.
He saved me when my heart and soul were as black as the night and cold to Him.
He saved me when I thought He had forsaken me.
He’s saved me, I’m sure, more than I even realize.

Don’t you see? Jesus is Savior, and Jesus is good. He’s the only way to the Father. He’s the only One truly capable of saving us-not our efforts, not our achievements, nor any cheap, temporary thrill this world offers can save us. Only Jesus.

And don’t you know, He’s so, so faithful? He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will never fail you. Even if you’re just that one, little, wandering sheep, He’ll seek you out, because you’re that precious to Him. You may think yourself too sinful, too dirty, too wretched, too far gone, too worthless; too this, too that.

But don’t you realize? He came into this world to save the sinner, the weak, the dirty, the wretched, the lost. He came to save you. Yes, you.

So, won’t you come to Him? Can you hear Him calling?

Come to Me, and be made new.

You are not weak when you choose to love, you are not weak when you’re kind, you are not weak when you forgive, you are not weak when you choose to stay silent, you are not weak when you choose peace instead of war, you are not weak when you cry, you are not weak when you choose to start all over again, you are not weak when you pray, you are not weak when you rely on God, you are not weak. It takes strength to forgive, it takes strength to keep on loving even when you’ve been hurt, it takes strength to be kind, it takes strength to rely on God even when everything seems to be falling apart. Because the things this world says make us weak, are the things that make us stronger.

It’s great to have success, do great things, have kids and be married.. but honestly.. the only thing that is going to matter at the end of your life is going to be whether you surrendered to Jesus. This life is temporary and I hope this life has been great for you, but think on eternity for a moment.. don’t leave this world without accepting Jesus. Please.

Do not be ashamed of your past. You have a story to tell, and a God-ordained obligation to tell it. Your testimony is your proof that God is in the matter of rescuing lives, at all times.
Just because you can’t see it does not mean it’s not real. God has a plan and a purpose for your life, even in those moments when you think there is nothing left to see or do, there is more. The wilderness is a place of growth, not of death. His purpose never ends.