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The Meme and His Tutor

Part 6: The Day The Tutor Died

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What you saw that day had you missing your seat and very distracted.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing, shirtless Kook.

Word Count: 2634 

Length: 6/?

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Woodstock Weekend, another perspective.  

The first three pictures are of amazing people doing amazing things.   @littlerunnergurl and @lesliefindsherstrong along with some other guy crossing the finish line.  The guy embracing his child broke down in tears after he crossed, it was so inspiring.  

The 4th person I dubbed “Robe Jesus”.  He sat around with his robe hanging open most of the day.  Thankfully he had something covering his junk.  Eventually he changed clothes and was dressed like Forest Gump from the running scenes in the movie.  The band was playing and he became “Dancing Jesus”. 

The last shot is our little campsite.  What you can’t see are the thousands of little orange bugs.  

I walked 5 miles.  At 48 years old my body isn’t as thin or fit as everyone else, but I do what I can.  I prefer trails to roads or paths so maybe I have a future as a trail runner, who knows.  I so enjoyed my time with everyone there, my stomach still hurts from laughing with @coffeeandmuscles and @elkay723 at the expense of @trivialbob.  He is such a good sport though and he gave it right back.  

Until next time Woodstock!

Sorry I've been inactive lately: I've been obsessing over

•The Book of Mormon (musical)
•Elder McKinley
•Elder Price
•Elder Cunningham
•Spooky Mormon Hell Dream
•McKinely in SMHD
•"you had the hell Dream didn’t you…? Was I in it?!?!“
•The awkward/long stare after
•McKinley literally trying to kiss Price during “THATS IT I HAVE TO GO SEE THE MISSION PRESIDENT”
•"Africa is NOTHING like lion king. That movie took some serious artistic license.“
• Man Up
•Elder Poptarts
•Starwars backpack
•Turn it off
•The sparkly pink vests
•Price being generally confused when he has a vest
•McKinley just casually brings tap shoes and sparkly pink vests to Africa
•McKinley brings enough sparkly vest to Africa for everyone but Cunningham
•McKinley owns that many sparkly pink vests
•Steve Blade
•Price denying having gay thoughts
•McKinley’s dancing in the Turn it off dance break
•McKinley holding Prices hand on their way to the rooms.
•the tap dance
•McKinley in I Am Africa
•Jesus’ robe LIGHTS UP
•"The police are in kampala! two days drive away!”
•Price holding the baby
•"fuck you god in the mouth, ass and cunt-a” “fuck you in the other eye”
•"such a hot shade of black! like a latte”
•"a little confused” “OOH CONFUSED?” (This translated in my head to: “I’m just a little confused” “Hi I’m Connor McKinley I’m gay too”)
•"A SIX SEVEN EIGHT” (tapdancing to the rooms)
•"i have maggots in my scrotum” “you should probably see the doctor” “i am the doctor”
•"those were CHRISTIAN missionaries, we’re mormons!”
•Price’s breakdancing
•“what the fuck is a stake knife?”
•Elder Thomas ‘accidentally’ read a playboy
•"yes, YES HE DI-ID”
•Price getting the Book Of Mormon shoved up his ass
•Price’s limp
•The coffee bar scene
•literal golden plates
•McKinley’s pink suitcase
•Everything about Elder McKinley.
•Everything about The Book Of Mormon

Steal His Look: Jesus of Nazareth

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I may not have much left but He provides. Ganyan ka amazing ang Lord. Honestly, I don’t have much but God let me feel I lack nothing. Minsan when I’m broke, I just cry out to God and the miracle happens right away. Iniisip ko palang binibigay na niya. The Scriptures say that we should not get scared for tomorrow. The plants grow. The bird doesn’t even worry where to get foods. That’s the illustration Jesus taught us. The “it” don’t worry for tomorrow, how much more to “us” whom He sacrificed His life.


One of the common mistakes people do when problem comes is that they run FIRST to a friend or a close part of the family before they come to God. We may have the attitude na yung PARATI nating unang lalapitan eh si God. He’s the comforter, isn’t He? People may turn their back but our God who’s powerful enough to turn the situations you are in won’t let you down no matter how heavy the circumstances are. People or God? Nah! This should not be asked already. Matic na si Jesus ang pipiliin mo. San ka pa, nasa Kanya na ang lahat.


Feeling mo panget ka? Nako, wag kang mag isip ng ganyan. For the answer is no. He makes all things beautifully. Sabi nga sa Bibliya we are wonderfully and fearfully made. Wonderful ako, fearful ka. Charot. Fearful in a sense as they used to the phrase “Fear of the Lord” as a sign of respect to Him. You are perfectly made. Siya ang nag design sayo, the world’s purpose is to increase the insecurities that in the first place wala naman sa atin. God made you PERFECTLY that even the number of your hairs eh alam Niya ang bilang. Not even contented sa hair? Idagdag mo nadin kilay at eyelashes mo.


Are you in pain? Literally or emotionally? Pwede ding both? Magdiwang ka! God is at His strongest presence in at this very time. God is very powerful that even the dead people can live again. The uncured sickness were healed. Amazing noh? I remember the woman in the Bible who faithfully goes to Jesus just for her to be healed. She was desperate. Siguro she became desperate kasi honestly speaking as a person, we go to doctors or take meds and these options won’t help anymore. Is you were in her shoes, you will also become desperate para lang gumaling. She did not stop until she heard that Jesus is coming and the turn around moment of this woman happen just by touching the tip of the robe of Jesus. God’s power traveled and touched this woman and at an instant this woman was healed. We may have the attitude to become desperate with Him that no matter what we are in, there is this tremendous faith na nagsasabing “God got this.” In Jesus name, if you are in pain, or suffered from sickness, God will heal you and the sickness will go away with you.


This is one of the thing I love about God. That He loves us so very dearly. No man on earth lives the same way as Jesus. So asan ang pagmamahal doon? Nako, it was taught that even elementary kids will know. It was written in the famous John 3:16. Okay, let’s read. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but will have an everlasting life.” Yung love ay ang pang give up sa kanyang trono para sa cross, ang pagtanggal sa koronang nag niningning and be replaced by crown of thorns, and pagbawi ng kanyang buhay just for you to be saved. Dramatic, isn’t it? When I see the cross, I see the love of God. Thank you Lord. ✝ = ❤

“Lord help me that with every single breath, I will lift You high. Sharing God’s Word through blogging”

i hate the concept of symmetra’s devi skin so much like if you’re gonna pull this bs where’s my reaper jesus skin where the robes are slit up his thigh where is the skin for soldier 76 where he’s dressed as a sexy moses oh what you can’t do that because its offensive to treat religious iconography like that??? but when its for an ethnic religion its ok bc we’re exotic and our gods and deitys are some cultural zoo for you????

“Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to you.”
Matthew 7:7, AMPC

In Mark chapter five, there was a woman who had been sick for twelve years. The doctors gave her no hope. But, she heard that Jesus was passing through her town. Something deep down on the inside was saying, “This is your season. This is your time to get well.” In the natural, when she saw all the people around Jesus, she might have thought, “I’ll never get to Him. It’s so crowded and I’m weak.” She could have missed her season. But instead of dwelling on those negative thoughts, instead of looking at her situation, she started reminding herself, “If I can just get to Jesus, I will be whole.” She made the choice to turn her thoughts in the right direction and was empowered to take a leap of faith. She pressed through the crowd until she got just close enough to touch the edge of Jesus’ robe. Instantly, she was made whole.

Jesus said in Mark 5:34, “Daughter, your faith has made you well.” Notice it’s our faith that activates God’s power. We have to press through our thoughts, press through our circumstances, and press through the crowd and obstacles until we touch Him.

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Style is lowkey a Christian song: "you've got that long hair slicked back white [robe]" JESUS "i got that good girl faith" SELF-EXPLANITORY "when we come crashing down we bounce back every time" JESUS ALWAYS BRINGS HER BACK WHEN SHE LOSES HER WAY "we never go out of style" SHE'S A CHRISTIAN 4EVA "take me home" TO HEAVEN

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