jesus robe

i hate episode 32 of taz bc i can’t handle the “ask me a question i don’t know the answer to” thing. god dammit you guys! a VERY KEY PREMISE is only certain people can have some info bc of the voidfish this is an easy thing to come up with ask hodgepodge about the beaureau (that’s the correct spelling, actually, look it up (no it’s not, don’t look that up)) and he won’t know bc he hasn’t been fucking initiated this is what football people felt yelling @ the screen yesterday ASK ABOUT THE RED ROBES JACKASSES JESUS FUCKGING CHRIST))

i hate the concept of symmetra’s devi skin so much like if you’re gonna pull this bs where’s my reaper jesus skin where the robes are slit up his thigh where is the skin for soldier 76 where he’s dressed as a sexy moses oh what you can’t do that because its offensive to treat religious iconography like that??? but when its for an ethnic religion its ok bc we’re exotic and our gods and deitys are some cultural zoo for you????