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The Honey House, Chapter 22

Right Hand Men

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Negan had been up since dawn having spent the night somewhere between sleep and consciousness, his mind constantly turning over ideas and refusing to fully switch off. It was noon now although he hadn’t left his room or even wanted to. He sat watching the clock on his wall, waiting for the second hand to tick to twelve before he turned the cap of the bottle, breaking the seal of the lid and deciding it was five o’clock somewhere.

There was a knock at the door, as expected, and he poured the freshly opened gin into two cut glass tumblers before calling, “come in.”

Simon took a seat in his usual spot, his posture relaxed as he sank into one of the deep set armchairs with a satisfied grunt.

Negan pinched the tumblers together in one hand, in the other he carried the bottle before taking a seat opposite from Simon and passing him his drink. Gin, neat. “How did everything go with the Kingdom?”

“Good,” he raised his glass before taking a sip and sinking even further into the chair. “The drop was full but you know what they can be like…”

Negan chuckled bitterly, taking a sip of his own gin. He knew exactly what Ezekiel’s people could be like. But he could hardly blame them. If someone tried to take just one box of his supplies he would be crazier than a bear with a thorn in its paw. There’s no way he could stand by and watch it happen week after week, even if it cost him his life.

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SON OF A PREACHER MAN // a 4-part mix for amc’s preacher

“Pray for me, preacher.” (Jesse)
well the devil she comes to me, says boy do you wanna go out tonight?
she’s got a 40oz hurricane in her left hand and a .45 in her right

time of the preacher - willie nelson // adam raised a cain - bruce springsteen // the rain - sons of bill // drive - the gaslight anthem //  devil in me - jamie n. commons // holy water - astronautalis // gun street girl - tom waits // with a good criminal heart - the world/inferno friendship society // beat the devil’s tattoo - black rebel motorcycle club // the chain - fleetwood mac

“We are who we are, Jesse Custer.” (Tulip)
tough girl is what i had to be

son of a preacher man - dusty springfield // wait - the kills // how a resurrection really feels - the hold steady // hit me like a man - the pretty reckless // gasoline - the dead weather // freedom at 21 - jack white // only anarchists are pretty - the world/inferno friendship society // daddy lessons - beyonce // me and bobby mcgee - janis joplin // chasing twisters - delta rae

“Jesus, what kind of a preacher are you?” (Cassidy)
a legendary hooligan with a thirst for blood and a taste for booze

i fought the law - dead kennedys // if i should fall from grace with god - the pogues // i’m so bored with the u.s.a. - the clash // blood and whiskey - dropkick murphys // new fang - them crooked vultures // holy roller novocaine - kings of leon // sympathy for the devil - the rolling stones // wolf like me - tv on the radio // die by the drop - the dead weather // whistlin’ past the graveyard - tom waits

“This is why I’ve come home.  To save you.”
the darkness and the light are both alike unto you

they die by dawn - the bullitts // down the road - c2c // sacrilege - yeah yeah yeahs // red right hand - nick cave & the bad seeds // seven devils - florence + the machine // death to my hometown - bruce springsteen // keep the car running - arcade fire // rise to the sun - alabama shakes // if you believe your god is dead (try mine) - the swan silvertones // shine a light - the rolling stones

So Uh … Steampunk Sky-Pirate AU Sickleshipping … yea why NOT.
monozu and I are in deep shit now.

Spaceman // ch.1

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I tagged mostly everyone who liked the post ❤️ here it is guys. I’m terrible at smut. It’ll get better I promise !
I wanted to start off by saying that this fanfic is dedicated to all the My Mad Fat Diary fans out there. Most of us weren’t very happy with the ending of Series 3 so I decided, as a fan and an aspiring author to create this for my favorite fandom ever. So here it is, the first chapter of ‘Spaceman’ which picks up pretty much right after the ending of Series 2. This is a mainly Rinn focused fic and is in the point of view of the real Finn Nelson, we all know and love. I will try my absolute best to capture the actions, emotions and thoughts of him as best as I can and if you have any suggestions, requests or thoughts please do not hesitate to go into my ask box.
Enjoy, yours truly, Kar..

I looked into her eyes as her robe dropped to her feet. My fingers wind themselves in between the strands of her long dark hair. I give her a small reassuring smile as I give her a soft kiss, taking her lips between mine and closing my eyes as I live in this moment with her. Her lips shake as she kisses me and I pull back to rest my forehead onto hers and whisper softly,
“You don’t have to be afraid of me, I know you’re nervous but just remember I think you’re beautiful.” she nods her head slowly and I open my eyes to scan over her body. I don’t know why she hides from me, I think she’s perfect, every curve, birthmark, scar. I place my fingertips on the top of her thigh and look at her raising my eyebrow for permission and she nods slowly. I slide my fingers over every scar and examine them. I can feel pain in my chest knowing that she did this to herself, there’s so much to love about her and I wish she could see it, I want to make her see it.
I grab her hand and lead her to the bed, laying her down slowly.
“You alright?” I ask her quietly.
“Yeah, i’m alright.” she smiles softly and I nod as I kiss her again. I move slowly and gently because I know she’s scared because I can finally see her, all of her, she can no longer hide from me. She puts her hands in my hair as I lean over to kiss the soft skin on her neck, she smells of lotion and vanilla. I hear her inhale slowly as I bite softly and I smirk against her neck. She laughs quietly but pauses suddenly once I rest my hand on her side.
“We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready-” I reassure her, looking in her eyes again. She shakes her head quickly.
“No-no. This is okay, it’s fine yeah? Your hands are just cold.” She responds. I know she’s worried, I don’t wanna make things awkward so I sit up and rub my hands together, breathing onto them to “warm them up” and I put my hand back on the curve of her side and look at her with raised eyebrows.
“Yeah.” she says simply with a closed lip smile. I continue kissing her, her lips, her face, her neck, her chest, her arms as I move my way, gradually down her body. I feel as if she’s given me some kind of gift by letting me see her and touch her, her presence means everything to me and in this moment I don’t think i’ll ever be happier than when i’m with her. My fingers slide down between her thighs as I begin to rub her clit slowly. She doesn’t panic because this is something i’d done many times before. Her fingers tug my hair slightly and I look up at her to make sure she’s enjoying it. Her eyes are closed, chin tilted toward the ceiling and her bottom lip is tucked tightly between her teeth. I feel myself harden against her thigh as I watch her, she’s mine, only mine and she wants me, she likes me. I stop my self reassurance and slide my fingers inside her. She lets out a low, muffled whine as I slowly, but surely pick up the pace. This is everything to me, she is everything to me. The time flies by as I watch her face contort with pleasure, before she covers her mouth and let’s a muffled version of my name roll off her lips. I feel her tighten around my fingers, she came faster than usual but I suppose she’s just thinking about how this isn’t the only thing we’ll be doing tonight. I awkwardly sit up and reach over to pull a condom from my jeans pocket. I’m not facing her but I can feel her eyes watch me with every move I make, for some reason I feel extremely nervous, this is new to me. I rip the condom open with my front teeth and set it’s wrapper on the nightstand. I roll it on slowly, biting my lip slightly. Slowly, slowly. I keep telling myself, you don’t wanna hurt her Finn. I’m extremely scared to turn and face her, i’m not trying to sound conceited or anything but when i’m hard it can be… intimidating, if you get what I mean. I don’t want to scare her or anything. I could turn the lights off- but then I wouldn’t be able to see how beautiful she is and she’d think I don’t want to see her. I turn around slowly and her eyes immediately travel south. Jesus Rae. I clear my throat as her eyes widen. “Is everything okay?” I ask, genuinely concerned. Her eyes meet mine quickly and she gives me a nod.
“I’m gonna go slow and remember we don’t have to do anything you don’t want.”
“I want this Finn.” she says quietly.
“Okay-right,yeah.” I climb on top of her and settle myself gently between her thighs. I look in her eyes and move the hair from her face and kiss her lips softly. “You can tell me to stop if it’s bad, yeah?” I mumble against her lips. She gives me a small ‘Okay’ and I reach down and slowly slide myself into her. She gasps as I do and I have to close my eyes to stay calm. “You alright?” I finally ask opening my eyes and she’s looking at me biting her lip. It’s a sight to see, that’s for damn sure.
“Move.” She demands, breathless. Really?
“Are you sure? You don’t have to rush into this-” I say, I don’t wanna pressure you.
“I’m sure.” She says eagerly. It confuses me, I don’t know what to say, I’ve never taken anyones virginity so I’m not sure if this is normal for her to.. be this ready. I start thrusting into her slowly at a steady pace. She’s so beautiful, she feels so good. Her eyes flutter closed as her fingers pull at my back. Rae. She was moaning quietly in my ear, saying my name. Shit. I like this, I like her this. I wanna stay this close, if possible closer. Everything becomes a blur, it’s me and her and this moment. I feel like I love her. I want to tell her I love her. Her body moves against mine and everything’s moving so quickly. “Finn..Finn.. I think I-” she gasps before letting out a small cry as she comes around me. I groan dipping my head into her neck and pant as I thrust harder. “Fuck-” I cum inside her slowly bringing my hips to a stop. Oh shit. We lay there afterwards for a while, I twirl her hair around my fingers and leave kisses on her face. I hope it felt good. I hope I didn’t hurt her. “Was that okay?” I finally ask, giving in to the urge.
“It was amazing.” She answers, her smile beaming. I love her. I smile at her in return, continuing to play with her hair and touch her in any way I can.
“Your mum will kill me if she finds me here. Right.” I say chuckling.
“I don’t care.” She responds, rolling her eyes.
“I’ll leave in the morning.” I tell her, I’m relieved when she nods, I didn’t want to go, I don’t want to. “You look tired, go to bed girl.”
She moves herself closer to me and closes her eyes. I don’t sleep that night, I just watch her as if I’m protecting her, when really she’s protecting me.

Okay, I’m sorry if that sucked but I do hope you like it. I’d love feedback and tips and stuff. I’ll start my work on chapter 2 Saturday if you guys want it. Let me know. Yours Truly,

Hari Karaoke

The coursing rain was to blame. Rae would have met the gang at the pub earlier. Sadly, her mum decided tonight was the night she and Karim would treat themselves to a movie. Thusly, they were not home to give Rae a ride to The Swan.
Chloe had made her promise to be there. Rae had acquiesced, not sure why. Lately, Chloe had been acting like more of a rival than a mate. Finn Nelson more likely than not had something to do with it. While Rae pined for Finn, she made a point to keep her feelings to herself. Chloe was obviously trying it on with Finn. Rae was certain it was just a matter of time before poor Finn fell victim to Chloe’s schemes. 

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Marketing for Love

Hi all! First I want to apologize for the crappiest of titles for a fic, but I could not come up with one. *shrugs*  The ends was a bit rushed and I gave up on editing ¾ way in.  Enjoy!

Anyways, here is a very long One shot.  Get comfortable for this. It’s just over 21,200 words. 

Warning: Smut

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A Plaid Confused

It was one of those dark cloudless nights, The air was frigid and cold, not even the stars came out to play. Rae grumbled as she shivered cursing that she allowed the gang to pester and persuade her into having pints when she could be warm snuggled up in bed with the latest steamy romance she found tucked away in the dusty charity shop. 

Rae flapped her hands and tucked them under her arms. You think that with this much fat, it would eventually keep me warm. Rae was outside The Swan it was 2 am, Tiff, the barmaid had thrown the gang out telling them to go find beds or a rave she was too old to keep up with them. Rae grumbled as she heard Tiff rattle around inside. She could have at least let us wait inside while the boys went off to find taxis. It was too cold to walk and they were all too pissed to drive, Rae threw a glance over her shoulder Chloe and Izzy were huddled together in the doorway. Chloe in her big pink furry monstrosity and Izzy bundled in up in so much coloured wool it was hard to tell where she ended and the scarf began. Izzy was leaning against Chloe’s shoulder their heads rested on one another and their eyes drooping. ‘Fuck sake where’re the lads, these two will freeze if they fall asleep’.  Rae was tapping her foot impatiently in an effort to shake some blood into her frost bitten extremities.

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Birthday Sex - Luke Hemmings

A/N:  Oh shit!  It’s me again.  Lol.  Let’s see if this one is any better than the last one.  Are you ready?  I don’t think you’re ready.  I’m not ready.  Luke’s birthday was yesterday, but I can’t leave my beautiful anon without filling her request.


This is smut.  Always remember to wrap it up, kids.  Safe sex is best sex (says the virgin)

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You woke up first today.  Luke hung out with the boys last night so he could have the day with you.  Little to your knowledge, he would end up sleeping the whole day away if you didn’t wake him up soon.  It was already noon.

You walked back to your bedroom where Luke was laying down on his stomach, with his face smushed into a pillow.  You made your way over to his side of the bed and carefully lifted one leg over his body and brought your other leg up to the bed too so you were straddling his butt.  You ducked your head down and left a trail of soft kisses along his shoulders.  He stirred a little bit, only to press his face back into the pillow.

“Luke.” You purred into his ear.  Your voice sent chills down his spine. “It’s time to wake up.”

Luke  turned his face to the other side, trying to ignore you.

“Babe,” you whined, “we only have ten more hours until it’s not your birthday anymore.”

You heard him say something into the pillow, but you couldn’t understand.

“What?” You asked.

“Why should I get up?” He groaned.

“Because it’s your birthday, and…” You leaned down to his ear again. “I’m wearing one of your presents.” You added with a whisper.

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For Anon asking for #1

Hi guys! I hope you enjoy another short drabble thanks anon for send in a # I hope you all enjoy :D

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She found herself having déjà vu, here she was once again locked in the cupboard of lust with Finn, at least this time they were proper mates and all the tension of the past was gone. Well, all except the sexual tension, but that was most definitely one sided.

Both shuffled around awkwardly sharing a small smile, “this is stupid..come here.” She said trying to break up the awkwardness.

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Orphan's New Year

Thank you so so much to everyone who read and liked and reblogged Orphan’s Christmas. I am continually astounded at the positive feedback you guys give me. I am thrilled that you liked it and wanted more, and I may yet write an addition to it, but for now, here’s the sequel. Thanks for asking for a sequel! Here’s hoping your New Years is just as wonderful as Finn and Rae’s. :)

Also, be warned, this gets smutty at the end. I’m still very unsure of writing sex scenes, so let me know what you think. 

Orphan’s New Year

Finn stops for a second to straighten his perfectly loosened tie and run his fingers through his fringe to perfect its careful dishevelment. He squares his shoulders, too, and tugs at his blazer, just for good measure. It’s stupid, really. She’s seen him in all sorts of forms and conditions, and still seems to like him for some reason. But still. He wants to look nice tonight. Not just for her. In general.


He makes a face at himself in the mirror. He’s an idiot, mooning over his appearance when she’s outside in the cold. Well, the hall. The hall is chilly this time of year. So, he strides over to the door, intending to swing it open immediately. Instead, he pulls his shoulders back again and takes a deep breath, closing his eyes for just a second. Then he finally opens the door.

It feels a bit like someone has punched him, honestly. He feels winded and choked and flushed, like he should take a step back just to take some of the pressure off. She looks stunning. She’s got her hair half up, all poufy and curled at the ends. Her eyes look massive and alluring, rimmed in black and sparkling as they take him in. She’s got her coat unbuttoned, and he can see the curve of her breasts covered in some kind of sparkly black fabric. And her legs, God her legs. They’re soft and smooth and bare and look a mile long with the short hem of the dress and the pointy black high heels she’s got on. He wants to stand there all night, just looking at her, drinking her in.

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The Punchline Ch. 2/3

Or the one where Maid of Honor Clarke and Best Man Bellamy are the only two single people at Raven and Wick’s wedding. ( fierceespemily, here’s part 2!)

“What exactly do you think you’re doing?” Raven asked, eyes sliding down Clarke’s form, taking in her mussed hair, rumpled dress, and undone shoes.

Clarke sighed.  “I really don’t want to do this right now,” she mumbled.  “Can I take a nap and you can yell at me later?”

Raven crossed her arms.  “No.  And I asked you a question.”

Read it on AO3.
[Chapter One]

Lexa had hardly been Clarke’s first serious breakup and Bellamy had hardly been her first one night stand.  He hadn’t even been her first attempt at getting over Lexa.  She’d had flings with both men and women but all their encounters shared common threads: Clarke never took a conquest back to her place and she never stayed the night.  Ever.

But then, she should have known just from the wedding itself that Bellamy was going to be different.

The sex had been asbolutely mind-blowing.  But she’d been expecting that.  Bellamy Blake was basically sex on legs with a voice to match.  What she hadn’t been expecting was how at home she felt in his arms, how he made her forget that her heart had been torn to shreds and she was nowhere near piecing herself back together, how this touch had felt both familiar and excitingly new at the same time.

He’d traced over her curves like she was something magical, a work of art maybe, or a historical artifact that belonged in a museum.  There was no word for it other than worship and Clarke was drunk and blissful on the feeling.  His fingers were calloused but his hands soft, scholar’s hands, her brain had supplied feebly as he rid her of her bra, and the dual, contrasting sensations had had her shivering.  And she’d never given much thought to guys’ hair but damn, there certainly was something thrilling about the feather-light brush of his bangs against her stomach as he smiled into her hipbone.

He kissed her after, slow and lazy, but still passionate, and the careful swipe of his tongue against hers had her eyes closing and her breath escaping in an uneven sigh.  She was exhausted and boneless and, when he pulled away, she unconsciously curled into his side, tucking her head under his chin, half unaware of what she was doing, chasing his warmth and the careful rise and fall of his chest.

The last thing she felt before she drifted off to sleep was his arm tightening around her waist, pulling her impossibly closer, and the barely-there kiss he dropped onto the crown of her head.

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This is for Anonymous’ prompt about together Rae and Finn, where she’s been in a car accident and he fusses over her. Thanks to everybody who said such nice stuff about this when I wasn’t sure about it. I’m grateful for your kindness.

And thanks to madfatty, who fixed the problem in a single conversation. You’re a wizard, my friend. I’m hopeless without you. Thanks for always fixing all the things!

It’s almost like she can sense him, like she somehow knows he’s in the building even before he comes around the corner and she can see his worried face. She’s already holding up her hands when he enters the room.

“I’m okay.” She protests, anticipating what he’ll say.

“Jesus, Rae.” He says as soon as he sees her. Finn crosses the room in three strides and sits on the edge of her bed to bend over and hug her carefully.

“I’m okay.” She repeats, wrapping her arm around his back, levering up into his embrace. She closes her eyes for a moment; he smells like sweat and dust and his cologne, and she realizes for the first time how scared she’s been all afternoon when her head spins with relief.

He pulls back, a hand gripping either shoulder to gently push her back down to the bed. Then he touches her face, pushes her hair back and cups her cheeks in his hands. He looks at her then, scans her face slowly and then looks into her eyes like he’s trying to make sure she’s still her. She can feel tears prickling, but she swallows and blinks. She’s got to be tough here, because he looks anything but. He tilts her head into one of his hands and carefully traces the bruising down from her forehead to her jaw and along her neck. He makes a soft hissing noise.

“Jesus. How far down does this go?” He tugs at the collar of her hospital gown, exhaling roughly when he sees the mottled skin. He unsnaps the shoulder and peels it down, ignoring her noise of protest. His fingers are cool and gentle as they move over her bare skin and she shivers. Finn makes another noise, a whimper-grunt, so she reaches up to take his hands in hers.

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