jesus poems

As the year comes to its end, keep your eyes on a Him. Not your past, not your worries, and not your doubts. Let Him be the guide through the wilderness of your mind remind you that He is King and He has invited to come and sit at His feet.

So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most. - ‭
Hebrews‬ ‭4:16‬

Things may have turned out differently than what you were expecting, but remember how far you’ve come. Remember the mountains and valleys that gave you the strength you will need to be sustained in the seasons to come. That is all because of God’s grace. And this is what grace does: it plunges deep beneath the surface of what we think makes us good enough and softly whispers to us: we are only who we are because of God’s Love, and not because of our accomplishments or lack thereof.

We are only worthy because God saw fit to give us a better life in Christ; a life unrestricted by the bounds of our regrets. A life free of the worry that we are eternally marked by our failures. A life that is new and wholly in Christ. A life where the events of 2017 do not define our future in Him.

All of this is possible because of grace. Not because of what we’ve done or what this year has done to us, but because of what God is doing within us through our relationship with Christ. Let this be the guiding Light in the wilderness tonight: nothing that happened or did not happen this year can take away from the new mercies God is ever-pouring into your life.

Written by @morganharpernichols for #TheDevoCo

you’re five
and you’re running around making mud pies in your backyard
with your best friend Jesus
and your mother reads you story after story before bed
Jesus cuddles up next to you with his arms behind his head
and you don’t know the feeling of sadness or loneliness
so that smile stretching wide is genuine instead

you’re 25
and you’re running around working 40 hours a week
travel time plus the hour you eat plus chores plus bills plus
you’re exhausted
and your mother is only a phone call away but
she’s busy and you’re busy and you haven’t spoken in a week
and sadness and loneliness are no longer knocking on your door
they’ve clawed their way into your skin and manifest themselves inside you
they’re a part of you
and it’s dark
and the thoughts in your head won’t leave
and you scream
and you cry
and you forget
you forget about your friend
your best friend
from when you were five
and you’re 

but He’s still there
He always was
He was simply waiting
for you to meet Him halfway

but now you’re falling and He’s worried

and you’re worried

you think you’re done
you’re drowning in sadness and loneliness
and anxiety
and depression
and PTSD
but you’ve still got one good fight left in you

so you land on your knees

01.11.2017, 8:43am