jesus pizza

Jennifer Lawrence reminds me of that really popular obnoxious girl at your school that gets by because she’s soooo different and everyone likes her but you :) bc :) annoying af :) and nobody :) sees :) it :) but :) you :)


I wasn’t planning on sharing this, but my school went ahead and put them online, sooo there you gooo =3=

Short stop motion film, where the prompt was to animate a scene based on a famous painting; we were a groupe of 4 working on it. Took a while, but overall a fun experience heyy ♫

Only shared a few gifs from it, specifically the parts I animated myself ! ( if I remembered correctly )

> Watch the whole thing on Vimeo here ! < 

OKAY COOL i ordered a temporary debit card cuz mine had fraud last week and I haven’t even activated my new permanent card yet (just got it last night) and there’s fraud AGAIN so obviously someone knows my bank account info which is way worse. the worst part is they have been using my money to buy cici’s pizza like Jesus fucking love yourself

  • Me: Religion is people following the words of books written a few thousand years ago, centered around sexism, hatred and prejudice as a whole. There's exceedingly little proof to prove that it is real, and anyone who doesn't believe in it gets shut down as hateful and nihilistic.
  • Also Me: Thank our good lord and savior Jesus Christ for pizza

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🍕 the most controversial opinion in pizza.

Oh jesus here we go

🍕 - Opinion on Pineapple on pizza

Dave: Bad, horrible. Dont you fucking dare put that on MY pizza. Pizza aint supposed to be healthy, dont get your piece of shit healthy ass fruit near my greasy, cheesy, meat filled pizza. The name ‘Pineapple’ fucking lies. Theres no ‘Apple’ taste there. Its nasty. Horrible. People who can eat pineapple on pizza are spawns of Satan. They-

Rose: They get it. Dave. I frankly dont care, but I prefer to go without, last time we had pineapple on pizza was when the order got mixed up, I enjoyed it but Dave on the other hand spent twenty minutes on the phone flipping out.