jesus pacampara

Haguluguhin, Hanapin, Hagilapin

Haguluguhin, Hanapin, Hagilapin

Ni Jesus Pacampara

Kapayapaan ay Halughugin

sa bawat ihip ng hangin

Yakap ni Amihan ay salubungin

Mga problema’y itong tatangayin

Kung magdarasal kasagutan ay darating din

Kung pag-asa’y hahanapin

Pumunta sa magagandang tanawin

Masasayang ala-ala’y alalahanin

Sa tuwing may dapat bigyang pansin

Alalahanin na ang maykapal ito’y diringgin

Kung natatakot ma’y ating hagilapin

Apo’y na sumisiklab sa mga puso natin

Itong sinag, ang ilaw ng damdamin

Kahit dilim dulot ng takot di kayang puksain

Bangon na’t mga bagyo  ng buhay ay harapin

Kung ating iisipin

Nasa kapaligaran lang natin

Ang bawat bagay na gumugulo satin

Kung hihinto saglit, kaluluwa’y biglang sasambitin

  “Halughugin, Hanapin, Hagilapin”


I always thought about

What my life would be with you without

All these years I had my doubts

Trying to figure out….

I have opened my eyes 

to all of you lies

Unmasking your disguise

As I break our ties

Thinking of your smiles in the corner of the room,

Captivated, Infatuated, walking towards my doom

Hatred’s fume burying me in gloom

 I know thy love in my hear will  never be exhumed……..

I have opened my eyes 

to all of you lies

Unmasking your disguise

As I break our ties

The kiss of death shall end my tears 

of the sorrow I’ve kept throughout these years

But I promise it will not bring about cheers

Instead more Hatred and fear to you darling Dear….

As we go down the bend

So I bid thee goodbye and so-longs

And once we play that sorrowful song,

All we see is dark; harsh and long

Hermit's Treasure

Bright red as the ember,

fly in groups of valorous splendor;

render thyself in forms of  spinning spinning stellar 

Earthy dwellers, hermit’s treasure.

God’s minute messenger;

Sing unto me hymns of simplest pleasure

Flap your wings in the lowest tremor

humm the hymns of poor man’s leisure.

 If I am a peddlar

of shiny vesper or westward zephyrs

To tie you up in a strand of tether;

Remember thy vow; I won’t do it , NEVER

Cluster unto me, Elune’s specter

and endow diamonds on a poor beggar

Dress me with smooth texture

 Then guide me in the paradise we shall enter