jesus on vinyl

close your eyes and listen
close your eyes and listen

listening to jesus christ by brand new on vinyl with the window open while it’s raining. a muffled voice, the gentle hum of the vinyl static. sounds of the outside world; cars driving by, starting and driving away. people talking while walking by, splashing in puddles. { ear-buds recommended }

Nirvana singles on coloured vinyl:
- Sliver (UK, 1991, limited to 2000 copies)
- Puss / Oh, the Guilt (UK, 1993, split single with The Jesus Lizard)
- Heart-Shaped Box (Germany, 1993)


Beach trip! Daryl didn’t enjoy himself too much (Something, something, fucking sand. Something, something, too damn hot). Paul…mostly enjoyed himself (especially when he buried Daryl in the sand #worthit). Overall, it was a fun trip for the both of them.

Placebo - Jesus’ Son / A Place For Us To Dream

Placebo was the first concert I’ve ever been to and I loved it so much. So happy I could share that experience with my best friend (Zoop, I miss ya). It truly was an experience to never forget.