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andromeda: ryder meme

i saw this ryder meme floating around and no one tagged me but im gonna do it anyway skldfj

name: ulysses scott ryder
gender: male
ethnicity: white
eye color: grey
hair color/description: grey/silver! he has super long hair that extends well to the middle of his back (at least in my hc) and he keeps it tied in a bun or ponytail for missions. sara has always griped that he should cut it, but ulysses is too attached. he often dyes it too, depending on his mood. probably pastel colors. 
skin (color, blemishes, tattoos, etc): he has a scar on mouth where he and sara were goofing around one day and she accidentally shoved him down a ledge that was a bit too high to come out unscathed. also he tends to be a clumsy fuck and sara insists that the incident was his fault, along with the quite nasty scar across his eye that came with another tumble, this time from his motorcycle, of which he’s admittedly a horrible driver and should never be put behind the wheel of anything ever. rip the nomad in advance. top surgery scars are an obv one too. tattoos are undecided as of yet.
misc physical attributes: the motorcycle incident was a big scare. he still has a bit of a problem with his leg, which admittedly is a problem that his family worried about wrt andromeda and whether or not he would be capable of doing missions. he also has issues with nerve damage in his hand, but it was nothing too severe to cut him from the mission itself. 
preferred romance option: unknown rn but i would lov 2 have kallo jath or jaal maybe. we’ll see who goes well with his personality. @ bioware free reyes.
relationship with alec and sibling (do thy get along? etc.): sara was his best friend growing up. they both poked fun at each other and drove each other crazy like siblings tend to do, but in the end theyre each others main support system. sara keeps ulysses from doing dumb shit, and ulysses keeps things lively. every single grey hair on alec ryder’s head is from ulysses, but in reality he doesnt really mind, and at the end of the day theyre a really close family
projected bff (the squad mate who isn’t bae but you always take): i’d say liam or peebee probably! it seems like both he and peebee are wild cards who would get along well, and liam sounds like someone who’d be optimal for goofing off with. 
dreams/hobbies/likes: he has a big interest in archaeology and environmental science. he also likes to sing in his spare time, he’s incredibly good at it! also reads to calm himself down. also dogs.
fears/dislikes: enclosed spaces, due to a bad experience with the cryo. and the dark, a phobia from his younger days that never went away
other (what else should we know about your ryder?): has adhd and the above mentioned nerve damage, which i’d assume is being taken care of by sam. his vision is a bit funky which sam helps with too. 

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Y'know, I find it really ironic that Jesus died to save the human race and everybody loves him but Snape dies to save the wizarding world and the Haters be like "that's nOT ENOUGH"

People forget that Jesus flipped over tables and told greedy rich people they’d go to hell if they kept being such shitty people and hung out with prostitutes as well. 

A lot of people really like to talk shit about all the things Jesus was actually ABOUT while using his name to justify horrifying things, too.

I would, however, argue that Severus didn’t die to save the Wizarding World. He dedicated his life to saving the Wizarding World.


They know what’s up

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Viktor Nikiforov’s heart-shaped mouth is the reason I wake up every morning.

I mean, jesus, who does that? Does he even knows he does that? Is that a russian thing?


… As long as the door on it’s removed.

It’s fine if it doesn’t feel, uh. Too cagey. You know?