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Jesus não foi um simples mestre que veio nos ensinar alguns preceitos morais para podermos tentar seguir os caminhos de Deus. Nem mesmo veio para ser um bom exemplo a ser imitado. Se tivesse feito apenas isso, teria fracassado completamente em sua missão, pois nascemos pecadores. Nascemos dotados de uma natureza corrupta, e a doença está dentro de nós. Um simples exemplo moral não pode reverter essa situação. Portanto, Jesus teve de sofrer e morrer para efetuar a obra de libertação […] Ele sofreu. Pagou o preço que ninguém mais poderia pagar. É como disse Isaías: “Meu servo justo justificará a muitos, e  levará a iniquidade deles” (Is 53:11)
—  Conrad Mbewe

“We keep on being told that religion, whatever its imperfections, at least instills morality. On every side, there is conclusive evidence that the contrary is the case and that faith causes people to be more mean, more selfish, and perhaps above all, more stupid.” - Christopher Hitchens (died: 15 December 2011)

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Our first obstacle with Friedrich Nietzsche is to learn how to pronounce his Surname (Knee-cha) our second obstacle is to try to understan his extraordinary and provocative and to some people offensive statements. 

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find suffering in meaning”

“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed”

“God is dead and we have killed him”

Friedrich Nietzsche was born in 1844 near Saxony, Prussia. He greatly loathed his family. Stating he couldn’t stand to hear his sisters voice. Studyig greek and roman language and became the youngest ever chair of classical Philology at the age of 24. He soon became bored and turned to philosophy. it should be noted he suffered frequently from violent headaches and indegestion. He was so short sighted he could be classed as partially blind. A riding accident in 1868 only made his condition worse. 

Becomig more and more fed up with his work. He moved to the swiss alps. Living off rich family members donations. It was here that he enshrined his name in philosophy. 

Nietzsche thought himself as a champion of Self overcoming and the will to carry on. He described him and people like him as an Ubermensch. A person who stares life in the face and gets on with it no matter what damages them. Nietzche thought you should base your life on principles and morals he outlined in his works. 

Firstly. You should own up to envy aslong as you use it to become better. Envy is often seen as evil and bad and it should be hidden away. This is due to the effects of christianity. Nietzsche thought you should use envy as something to aspire to. Believing any even a shopkeep could someday become a multi millionaire tycoon. 

Secondly. Do not be a christian. Above all Nietzsche had some pretty extreme things to say about christianity. Who at the time had dominated western culture but had begun to fade away due to the rise of ideas born out of the french revolution. Nietzsche believed that christianity had been invented by the slaves of the Roman empire who had been to lazy and weak to get what they wanted and had created a belief that rewarded them for their inability to be an ubermensch. He called this “Sklaven morale” (slave mentality) and labled christians “De herd” (it dosen’t take brackets to work out what that means). Every christian belief is false. Forgiveness is not being able to take revenge. Sexlessness turned into purity. Weakness became goodness. Submission to people one hates became Obeidience. 

His third teaching is never to drink alchohol. Nietzsche only drank water and as a treat. Milk. Nietzsche hated alchohol as it numbed pain. It convinced you that everything is alright as it is. But is infact numbed by alchohol. He labled christianity and alchohol as the two great narcotics of civilisation. 

“How little you know of human happiness you comfortable fools. The secret to a fufilled live is live dangerously! Build your cities on the slopes of mount vesuvuius”

His last and most important Belief was that god is dead. Don’t misunderstand what he is saying. This is not a celebration. Although he hated christianity he knew they were important for a strong society. Churches were places on commune and they were the prime social point for people in the western world. He believed this glue should be replaced by Culture such as Philosophy art and literature. But he was afraid of the way his generation were handing culture. He believed universities were killing subjects off by turning them into dry and boring academic exercises. 

During his lifetime. Nietzsche’s books didn’t sell and he suffered a mental break down at the age of 44 when he saw a horse being beaten by its owner and he ran over screaming “I understand you” he never recovered and died 12 years later. 

“And those who were seen dancing. Were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” - Friedrich Nietzsche

I will not apologize for being too soft in a world where everyone is cold hearted. I will not apologize for being what they call emotional in a world where suppressing your emotions is applauded as bravery for I see it as weakness. I will not apologize for loving with all my heart and soul in a world where true love no longer exists. I will not apologize for being kind and gentle and loving and caring in a world where women feel the need to be crass to fit in. I will not apologize for having my purity intact in a world possessed by sexual idealization.

I will not apologize for being a woman of God who chooses to walk a spiritual walk in a world that seems to be consumed by fleshly desires. I will not apologize for getting on my knees day after day and praying for the ones I love in a world that seems to have forgotten God. I will not apologize for being me because this is who I am. My love has the ferocity of ten tornadoes combined yes is as soft as a new born baby.

I will not apologize for being me or for being the person that I am. This is me and you can either take it or leave it. If you leave it I can assure you that there will be someone else to appreciate what you could not see and if you take it I can promise you that I will love you with all my heart and all of my soul; holding nothing back. If you're incapable of accepting the fact that a woman could love you so much then that’s your problem; not mine.


~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #250


9:05 pm


Summary: Will is a criminal, and Nico is a detective assigned to his case.

Written on request from a lovely anon.

Nico’s always said that if you’re going to sympathize with criminals, being a detective should probably be out as a career path for you.

Investigating crime isn’t a glamorous job. It isn’t like the old black and white movies, all dashing strangers and cigarette smoke and intense violin music reaching a crescendo in the background. It’s gritty, and sad, and surprisingly full of good people with broken pieces and jagged edges.

Nico isn’t a bleeding heart type. He’s usually unmoved by pleas, complaints, excuses. It made him stand out at the academy, and it makes him a good detective now. It makes him effective.

He was never supposed to be tripped up by a petty thief. But fate, they say, is a funny thing.

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Post Christian Angst/Frustration

It is so easy to become aggravated, angry, frustrated, and even belligerent towards Christianity once you’ve moved past religious upbringing into your new spiritual identity.  You feel like you were taken in, bamboozled, controlled, manipulated, and even possibly a victim of toxic patriarchy.  This is too easy - even easier if you start seeing memes and cartoons that make fun of and belittle christian beliefs. 

Let me tell you why this is Toxic: 

1.  While you may not agree with Christian beliefs, it was probably your first exposure to faith, spirituality, and a relationship with the Universe.  This is not a bad thing. 

2. Most Christian families taught a Jesus-oriented moral code.  Jesus, like Buddha, and the Dalai Lama, an enlightened teacher.  He might have been using the lens of Judaism to teach through, but his moral code of forgiveness, love, non-judgement, and forming a personal relationship with the divine was nothing but positive.  Some of his words may have been twisted and re-orchestrated by his disciples later to fit the Judaic belief system, but Jesus’s entire premise was to teach people to love each other and achieve a closeness with the Divine.  You may not NEED Jesus to be “Saved” from a horrific afterlife, but every person can benefit from his teachings. 

3. Christianity, for all of it’s pitfalls, did help transform world religion as a whole from one of barbarism, bloody murder, and conquest, to peaceful goals. Even if many religions fail miserably at carrying it out, the core teachings of all viable world religions are tolerance, peace, co-existence, and love. 

4. For most of us, our spiritual journey began with Christianity. Making fun of others who have yet to set out on their own spiritual quest only belittles your own spiritual journey and experience.  You were there once too. And while having patience with those that are closed minded and steeped in Christian dogma can be frustrating and difficult, please remember to act towards them as you would wish someone to treat you - gently, and with love.  Without being condescending or putting people down. 

5.  Insulting people’s religion is a terrible thing to do.  No matter what your beliefs, getting into the habit of belittling someone else’s is how looking down on people starts, and then we’re no better than the religious oppression we abhor.