jesus lord we need new music

  • Most Artists/Bands: Studio, album release, tour, studio, album release, tour, repeat.
  • Panic! at the Disco: Studio, album release, break, tour, breakup, everyone vanishes, new members, years, world wars, lifetimes, millenniums, the end of the world, even fucking Fall Out Boy makes a new album, new plagues, the apocalypse again, new album rumor, the shutting down of album rumor, the death of our grandchildren....

hey guys, here is my new original song that is very raw. The past month I’ve been very volatile in my faith. One day professing and rejoicing that He is My Lord, the next completely failing to live up to that truth. This is a turning point; a recognition that our promises to God will fail, but He holds up His end. He is more. He is more than enough. This is my declaration of His Lordship once again. We need to remind ourselves every day that He is on The Throne. Let your worries fall away. 

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