jesus look at the time i need to go to bed

Negan - Sick Day

Summary: Your one of Negan’s wives and today was your alone time together. But, your body had other plans. Now your sick, with a bad cold and running a fever. What would Negan do about this?

Warning: Cussing. Fluff. Slight Smut.

Negan-Sick Day

I was laying in bed, with my head pounding and nose stuff up. I was running a fever and was feeling like hammer shit. Why of all days do I need to be sick? I was so annoyed with this. I was finally going to have sometime with Negan,but nope my body had other plans. I can’t be sick, ain’t nobody got time for that.

“Hi doll face.” Negan said, coming into my room. “Are you fucken ready for some…” He rise his eyebrows as he looked down at me. “Jesus you look shitty.” He smirk when I flipped him off. “What? I’m just fucken saying doll face.”

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O, you always know how to make a girl feel better about herself.” I said and then I grabbed a tissue and started sneezing. “Sorry, I don’t think I’m going to be much fun for you today. But do you think… you can still stay with me?”

“Sorry doll face, I was fucken hoping to get some hankie pankie today. Plus your all fucken snotty and shit.” Negan said, going back to the door. “Call me when your fucken hot again doll face.”

“Whatever.” I said, rolling over as he started leaving. “When I’m hot again, all this shit is on lock down.”

I heard him let out a sigh and he slammed the door behind him. I was too sick to pick a fight with him about this. I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

Few Minutes Later…

I don’t know if I was dreaming or the fever was screwing with me, but I felt I was being carried. I tried to open my eyes, but I just saw nothing but a blur. Then I felt I was being put down and then… Was someone taking off my clothes? I felt I was being moved around like a rag doll. 

Then, I got picked up again and carried some more. Next thing I know, I felt I was getting lower down into something. I felt a slight chill and then my body started to feel relax. All the aches started slowing going away, along with my fever. 

I started feeling I was being moved around again. Then I felt my foot was being touch. I opened my eyes up, this time I could finally make out what was a front of me. There he was, laying in the tub with me as he rubbed my foot.

“Hi sleepy head.” Negan said, smiling at me as he kissed my foot “Feeling any fucken better doll face?”

“I thought I was suppose to call you when I’m hot again.” I said, glaring at him.

“Aw, don’t fucken be like that doll face.” Negan said, giving her a pouting face. “I was just fucking with you, that’s all.”

“It’s because I said, this was going to be on lock down, huh?” I said, rising my eyebrows at him.

“Yes.” Negan said, laughing a bit. “But beside that doll, I wasn’t going to fucken leaving my number one wife to fucken suffer alone like that.”

“Number one huh?” I said, smirking at him. “Doubt that.”

“Don’t doll face. After all, your in my fucken room and in my fucken bathtub.” Negan said. I looked around and he was right, I was in his room where none of us where allowed to be. “See doll?” I looked back at him. “It’s cause your my fucken number one wife and my fucken all time favorite.”

“Really?” I said, titling my head to the side.

“Really doll.” Negan said, smiling at me. “If you fucken weren’t I would let you fucken let you suffer like I did with the other wives when they got sick.” He put my foot doll. “Come here doll face and let daddy fucken take care of you.”

I went over to him and turned around, leaning my back against his chest. He started kissing my neck as he rubbed my arms and shoulders. Then, that’s when I felt it.

“Really Negan?” I said, looking up at him.

“What?” Negan said, smirking down at me. “Even though your fucken sick, your still fucken hot doll. Now, like I fucken said, let daddy fucken take care of you.”

He picked me up and pushing me down on to his lap. He pushed himself deep as I lean my head on his shoulders. I let out a moan as he put my legs on each side of the tub. He started moving his hips just the way I like it.  Hmm, maybe I should get sick more often. 

The End

Hope you guys enjoy this one shot I did. It was inspired by a conversation me and @wickednerdery. Some of the lines where from wickednerdey. Can’t wait to see your version of this one. :D

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GOT7 - One-shot - Monsters

Summary: How do you define sin? Is it in the profession of a whore or is it in the form of the 3 horny devils called Jackson, Mark and JB that call on you one night?

AN: No-one asked for this ….but everyone needed it. (I will now go and ask forgiveness from baby jesu- wish me luck!) x

‘Until Next Time, Angel’


You chuckle as you look up to the mirror and the reflection of the man lay on the hotel bed behind you, narrowing your eyes slightly at his smirk, before looking back down at your bag, pulling out the lingerie you’d packed for this visit before turning to look at him properly.

'Okay, but seriously?’

'No, you’re right…its actually Lucifer.’ he answers, his smirk somehow growing bigger and more devilish as he continues to watch you, one leg cocked up as he lays back, his eyes continuing to rake up and down you, despite the fact you were still wearing a dress and not the lingerie.

'So you’re telling me your name is Lucifer?’ you say, quirking an eyebrow up at him in disbelief, and scoffing when he nods slowly, laughter in his eyes, making you roll your own as you make your way towards the ensuite.

'Fine. If you really want to be that way, you can remain Mr.Anonymous, but its not something I would be likely to remember anyway.’ you call over your shoulder, only shutting the door to as you strip out of your dress and begin to strap yourself into the skimpy underwear.

'Dont you believe me?’ he calls, a slight hint of frustration mixed in with his amusement, and you chuckle to yourself as you finish strapping yourself into the corset, evaluating yourself in the mirror as you answer him.

'It doesn’t exactly shout 'trustworthy’ when a guy tells you his name is 'Satan’.’

'But you’d believe me if I told you my name was say…Jackson?’

You roll your eyes as you slowly make your way out of the bathroom, writing your signature smirk onto your face that was advertised on all the company’s websites before turning the corner to show him your outfit.

'Mmmmh, how sinful.’

'Really the hell puns?’ you ask, shimmying over to him and standing beside the bed, excitement flaring in your gut as you look down at him, taking in the lines of his bare torso and the large bulge in his black jeans- which appeared to be the only thing he was wearing- just as he was biting his lip, his eyes raking over you somehow even more lustily than before.

'What do you do?’ he says plainly, hands clasped politely in his lap and the sight contrasts so strongly with the sense of need rolling off of him that you cant help but giggle a little.

'I do everything.’ you answer.

'Mmmh, no, no, angel…I really dont think you do do everything…’ he murmurs, smirking as his eyes finally meet yours and he gestures with a sharp nod of his head for you to come closer, his grin almost unmanageable as you straddle his lap, although you become confused when he stops you from touching him, his hands on your wrists burning into your skin.

'Then tell me some things you want to do and i’ll tell you if I do them or not.’ you whisper to him, leaning in to try and kiss his neck and narrowing your eyes once again when he prevents you from doing so.

'Tut tut, little angel…tonight you play by my rules.’ he says, his eyes gradually drifting over your scantily clad body as he speaks, before landing on your own, a wicked grin pulling at his lips and practically dragging the unholy thoughts from you.

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some Kung Fu Panda 2 things that Get Me every time:

  • the shadow puppet intro
  • shifu doing that shit with the raindrop???  y o,
  • how happy everyone is watching po eat the beanbuns? like they dont even care theyre just cheering him on i love it
  • how in sync they all are when theyre fighting theyre all buddies now aa a
  • the animation w/ shen’s symbol? ?
  • master rhino, , just.., master rhino
  • watching lord shen fight is the coolest shit dont even lie to me?? he’s so fluid now i judge every kfp movie based on how the villain is animated
  • the soothsayers sass
  • lord shen’s over the top villainy
  • seeing rhino’s hammer with ribbon u dont understand
  • monkey’s “…….caw caw? ?”
  • tigress’ very aggresive hug
  • tigress silently crying after monkey’s “it’s what po would want"
  • also po’s flashback with the raindrop, Jesus,
  • po’s little moment where he looks at everyone and just says he loves them like me too buddy me too
  • tigress taking the firework for him more like Bury me,, In THE ground :)))
  • uhm tigress reaching out for po while she’s on the driftwood?? kill me.
  • that animation with po catching the fireworks aaa i lo ve dreamworks animation  /////!
  • lord shen’s face right before he dies? holy shit
Fear of the Dark. (Jonnor )

Connor wouldn’t ever openly admit he had a fear of the dark. It wasn’t that big of a deal since Jesus would often leave the light on until they fell asleep anyway. So naturally Connor saw no need to draw attention to that fear of his that was until tonight. Connor was sleeping over at Jude’s like he usually did but this time Jesus wasn’t there he had said something about the whole wrestling team having this team sleepover or something like that.

That’s how Connor ended up in this particular state of mind he wasn’t really tired but he and Jude had gone upstairs to Jude’s room to go to bed. Connor may not have been tired but Jude looked exhausted and Connor wasn’t going to argue they should stay up because the poor kid looked like if he stayed up any longer he’d pass out in a bowl of cheerios by tomorrow. 

“ So i’m sorry that tonight kind of sucks… “ Jude said as he walked into his room with Connor right behind him. Jude turned around and looked at Connor who looked sympathetic.” S’okay Jude i understand… You really need to go to bed though  otherwise i’m gonna have to be ready to catch you any minute now.” Connor teased. Jude raised an eyebrow and lazily punched Connors arm” Shut up.. I promise i’ll be more awake tomorrow Forgive me?” he asked softly giving Connor the puppy dog pout- Damn that adorable face- Connor thought  he nodded “ I Forgive you now go to sleep.” he said in a semi serious tone before leaning over and kissing Jude on the lips gently. Jude lazily returned the kiss and nodded before sauntering over to his bed before he plopped down he made a face “ Damnnn light switch why do they put them so far away from the beds?” he groaned before walking over to the light switch. 

Connor was getting his pillows and things in order on the floor because since they started dating there was no sharing a bed -like at all- Connor didn’t mind though as long as he could share a room and be close to Jude he was fine.” Maybe the person who placed the bed shoulda placed it closer to the switch if he was gonna be a lazy bum.”  Connor countered Judes remark with a small smirk as he looked up at him.  Jude gave him a level 2 bitch face before flipping the light off and making his way over to his bed. Jude had made it smoothly over to his bed up until he went to climb onto it from the side he had apparently missed the bed and fell on Connor with an “ Ooff “ Connor managed to catch Jude without freaking out or jumping to much at the sudden weight against his body “ Jesus Jude … Did ya miss?” he smirked  and Jude huffed looking up at Connor he could barley make him out in the dark the only light coming in was from an outside streetlight which really made little to no effect on the inside of the room.” Shut up.” he mumbled before pushing himself up he paused and turned before kissing Connor on the lips  “ Now let me go to sleep.” he smiled and proceeded to crawl up onto his twin sized bed leaving Connor just watching as best he could in the dark.” You make it seem like i pulled you down here when you missed the bed admit it.” he replied and after a minute of Jude tossing and turning he replied “ Shhhh or i wont kiss you.” he threatens but there was no heat behind it.

After a few minute Jude was out like a light and Connor laid down on the floor covering himself up and pressing back into the pillows he had. Connor tried closing his eyes, he tried to sleep  but it wasn’t working. Connor rolled onto his side  and kept his eyes open  he couldn’t help the feeling he had gotten he wasn’t sure what caused it all he knew was that he hated the dark and the possibility of what could happen in the dark. It was as if Connor’s mind didn’t want him to sleep because suddenly it wouldn’t shut the hell up. What if someone tries to come through the window ? What if someone tried to kill me”..What if someone tries to kill Jude?-I’d kill them first-  If someone tries to grab me i’ll be safe right ? Cause my blanket is like a shield and nothing can penetrate that right? Jude will be safe he’s got his blanket covering him he’ll be okay. What if someone tries to suffocate you? Okay you need to stop freaking yourself out  you’re fine you’re totally fine - Steffs a cop she wont let any of that go down in her house- But what if she’s asleep?  No NO Stop. Connor turned over and huffed pulling his blanket up higher to shield himself better just to be safe. 

It was about  an hour later after Connors internal fight with himself that he had passed out  but he didn’t sleep long because  he had a nightmare  something or someone was trying to attack him in the dark like in one of those horror movies where it’s mostly dark with maybe lights flickering on and off and Connor was about to get killed he thought and that’s when he shot up freaked out. 

Connor looked around for the time grabbing for his phone in the dark he finally caught the time it was 3:00am  he felt like he hadn’t slept that long at all and as if it were an after thought the time hit him -3:00 am - oh great  he thought to himself it’s 3:00am what if a ghost or something is in the room.. What if it was watching me sleep… Then randomly Connor heard a voice from beside him “ Connor” the voice said sleep heavy and laced with concern- Oh Thank god it was just Jude.- “I’m sorry Jude.” he said softly as he heard shifting noises from the bed and then he felt a hand grabbing for his” S’okay “ the sleepy boy replied “ What time is it?” he asked softly. Connor bit his lip taking a hold of Judes hand “ 3:00am.” he replied slowly.” I’m sorry i woke you..” Connor started as he gripped Judes hand lightly. Jude still wasn’t fully awake his voice still thick with sleep” S’okay babe… Are you okay? you freaked out a little.” he said softly. Connor took in a deep breath “ Yeah … Just a nightmare.” he half lied he was hating the dark at the moment now more than ever. 

It was a minute before there was more shifting sounds on the bed and then Jude replied “ C’mere baby.” he said sleepily gently tugging Connors hand. Connor slowly got up crawling onto Judes bed  he slipped under the covers next to Jude. Once Connor was settled in a place next to Jude he cuddled up to him. Jude wrapped an arm around him gently rubbing his back.”Wanna talk about it?” he asked a little  more awake now. Connor shook his head hiding his face in the crook of Judes neck “No “ he mumbled staying close to Jude.”We aren’t supposed to share a bed “ Connor said softly “Your moms rul-” Jude shook his head “ Screw the rules… i’m not gonna let you freak out down there..” he said softly kissing Connors head.” Nothin’s gonna get you  i promise  You and me are fine it was a bad dream and besides “ he said softly pulling Connor closer.” We have a trusty blanket shield to keep anything from grabbing us .” Jude smiled lazily  as he kept Connor close.

Connor paused and bit his lip it was as if Jude known his inner thoughts from earlier he didn’t say anything but Jude  did. “ Now go sleep or no kisses. “ he said softly cuddling Connor. Connor smiled at Judes threat knowing he wouldn’t keep to it, he cuddled Jude back and suddenly he felt that the dark wasn’t so bad as long as he had Jude beside him telling him they were gonna be okay.