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creep. pt.1

pairing: g-dragon/kwon jiyong x reader
rating: m (language, sexual content)
genre: angst, smut
pt.1, pt.2, pt.3, final


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i don’t care if it hurts. i wanna have control.

“This movie is way too cheesy, Ji.”


“How can you watch this crap? Let alone enjoy it! You already know she’s going to end up with mr. fancy pants from the get go! They already had a slow-mo kiss scene!”

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Jesus cried “It is finished!” so why don’t we? Why are we not living in that proclamation? Beloved, you are loved and set free, the veil is torn and you are allowed to go in Christ’s power to all the corners of this world. Do not let anything in this life keep you from remembering Jesus’ cry from the cross.
—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now

Can straight people stop being so critical of gay and lesbian ships? You don’t get to decide whether our representation is good and I really don’t care if you think the build up is rushed, that’s not your decision to make.

Just Friends? - Jun Smut

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Request: can you do a fluffy smut for jun where he’s your best friend and it turns into something more when he stays over and shares your bed? if you don’t do smut just delete this lol

Genre: Smut

Word Count:1028

Group/Member: Junhui of SEVENTEEN

A/N: This is my first smut so I hope it’s not too bad. Anyway, hope y'all get enjoyment out of my corrupted mind!xx (just kidding but I hope you enjoy reading this)

 “Jun… Jun… JUN. Get off me, asshole!” You screamed as your best friend continued to crush your ribcage using his whole body.

“Excuse me, peasant, did I say you could stop being my chair?”

“No, but if you would like to keep up your chances of being able to have kids one day I suggest you get your butt off me.”

  Jun slipped off of you, and you let out a heave of heavenly air. He stared at you with a sleepy gaze as your chest rose and fell.

 “Okay, now that it’s three in the morning can we please go to bed? We already finished every movie you own, and I’m not willing to sit through any of them again.” Simply nodding your head in agreement, both of you stood up and trudged towards your room. 

 “Crap! Jun, I forgot to set up the air mattress… can we just share a bed instead?” Jun’s eyes tripled in size, but he let out a small ‘sure’ and let himself fall onto the soft sheets. It took a moment, but a few pushes later you both had sectioned out the bed so you could sleep without kicking each other or anything of the sort.

 As you settled down to sleep, you felt the boy next to you begin to shift uncomfortably. As you gently rolled over, you realized Jun was fast asleep, and he seemed to have some sort of problem. You went to shake his arm and wake him up, when a groan escaped his mouth.

 “Aish, (Y/N)… Just like that…” Your eyes nearly burst out of your head; your best friend was having a dirty dream about you! He continued to groan, and then you came up with an idea. You reached your hand under the blanket, and your fingers brushed across a very large tent. You began to palm Jun’s crotch, and his groans grew even louder.

 Pulling back the blanket, you wriggled down the bed and came face to face with Jun’s pelvis. God, am I really doing this?

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CYOSTODA pt. 6: Dean Picks Truth

Characters: Dean, Sam, OFC Leah, and reader

Word Count: 6600-ish (I’m not even sorry this time)

Warnings: SMUT, voyeurism, f/f stuff, oral sex, sex - it’s porn

A/N: Okay, so if you’re following along, you should know that this is the part where all the sex happens. This is the conclusion for this particular thread of the story. So much love to our captain @littlegreenplasticsoldier for making this happen and for her patience while I had stuff going on. Also, love for @kayteonline and @saenalife for beta’ing and keeping me going when I hit the smut wall. What a crew to be a part of. Hope you enjoy!!

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From part 5:

Although you would have loved to keep going, you didn’t think the game was quite done yet. There was no doubt in your mind that you had won this round, so you pulled away with a lingering kiss to the tip of his thumb and looked up at Dean with a tantalizing smile.

“So… truth or dare?”

His eyes focus on your lips for another few seconds, slick and shiny and hanging open a little. When he finally looks you in the eyes, he still wears a glazed-over expression.

“Dean?” you gently prompt, unsure that he’d actually heard you the first time. You start to reach for him, ready to shake him if need be, but with a clench on his jaw he seems to snap himself out of it. Staring you down intensely, he answers without a flinch.


Your eyes remain locked with his, both of you unwilling to break the moment. He’s finally giving you the look, it’s more hungry and needy than you expected, but still exciting. Though he’s still kneeling above you, you’ve got the upper hand, holding his stare with a fierce look of your own; one you’d never tossed his way before, never really had the opportunity, but there’s no reason to back down now.

You close your mouth to swallow, still tasting him on your tongue, before asking, “Have you ever thought of doing anything like that to me before?” You dart your eyes between his, anxious for the honest truth.

He pauses, breathing deeply through his nose as he clenches his jaw, eyes narrowed slightly as he tries to pull back control.

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Speaking of vampires, these are my favorite assholes

“What’s that about anyway?” Jack asks, mouth full of food.

“What, the invitation thing?” I twiddle my cigarette until ash falls off the end.

“Yeah, it sounds like it belongs with the shapeshifting and the sleeping in a coffin shit,” he scoffs. “Sounds like bull. What happens if you go inside without being invited?”

“Violent and unstoppable vomiting.”

Jack sets down his chip bag, expression momentarily frozen into disgusted disbelief. “Are you fucking with me?”

“Nope,” I chuckle. “It’s gross as hell. You just puke until you can’t anymore. And I dunno, I’ve heard if you don’t leave wherever you’re not welcome, you just keep going until you puke up your insides.”

“Jesus,” he frowns. “That’s fucking nasty. And kind of metal. Will that kill you?”

“Don’t think so,” I hold smoke in my lungs for a second while I think. “It would suck to recover from though. I mean…”

“Oh…” Jack’s frown deepens. We both spend a minute trying to picture that. Then he kind of shivers, the way a dog shakes itself when it’s wet. I can’t tell if it’s ‘cause he’s chilled or he wants to not think about how someone could go about swallowing their own organs. Either way he kind of laughs harshly and goes, “Sorry I asked.”

“The more you know.” I waggle my fingers in the air and he gives me this exasperated smile, shaking his head.

“Vampire stuff,” he says. “It’s always gross. I should stop asking about any of it.”

Blind Drunk

Imagine:Being one of Klaus’ hybrids, but you’re dating Damon and Damon randomly chooses Elena over you, so you’re getting yourself drunk and Klaus finds you after you avoid his calls and brings you back to his place to distract you. (Requested ~Smut~)

You slammed your fist back down on the counter for what seemed like the millionth time that night. How could Damon be so cruel? Fooling with your emotions like you were a pile of wood? Kicking you around under his feet. The Grill seemed like the only place you could get comfort, with their endless supply of alcohol. 

Maybe what triggered Damon’s absence lately was how Klaus turned you into one of his hybrids. It was unexpected for the both of you, Damon felt like he didn’t know you anymore. His perfect little Werewolf girlfriend whom he used to help on the full moon each month. After you had become such a creature, he was distant. It started with him not visiting you, it eventually led to you going to his house and asking what was wrong. But Elena was there to answer the door. Elena Gilbert had been with Stefan, Damon’s brother. She had never really answered the door for Damon before, which right then and there you should have known what was going on. But of course, you were blinded by your love for Damon. 

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My Little Friend

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean wants to have some fun after he gets out of the shower.

Word Count:  1289

Warnings:  Smut and Language.  There is zero plot here. 

This is for @kittenofdoomage challenge, “Kitten’s Classic Movie Challenge”. My prompt was the line “Say hello to my little friend” from Scarface.  

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Tags are at the bottom.

My Little Friend

Lying backward on the bed, your head hangs off the edge, hair tumbling down. Dean has been in the motel shower forever and you are bored as fuck. Sam’s off at the library. You and Dean have crossed the name of every suspect off the list today. If you have to do any more research, if you have to open one more book or hack one more database or make one more cold call, you’ll likely scream. Or stab someone. Or both.  

So that led to you hanging off the bed, staring at the bathroom door, waiting for Dean to finish his shower. Click- clack, click-clack. You click your tongue off the roof of your mouth, entertaining yourself. Absentmindedly you think of joining him in the shower. It’s been awhile since you’d done that. Opting for laziness, you roll over onto your stomach, scooching back and propping your chin up, elbows pressed into the mattress. For fuck’s sake, what is taking Dean so long? Bored and hungry. Not a good combination.

The bathroom door opens, steam wafting out as Dean’s frame fills the doorway. A cheap terry cloth motel towel is draped around his waist. Droplets of water bead across his chest, trailing down to his navel. His hair is tousled, not yet groomed. His bowed legs peek out under the towel.  He sees you on the bed and grins, strutting over to stand in front of your face.

Just short of the bed, he drops the towel to reveal his thick erection. He wiggles his hips suggestively and says cockily, “Say hello to my little friend!”

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you are so beautiful the way you are, you don’t need to do anything like that. It’s just a shame that happens to people. So keep going, Jesus loves you so so much, and as do I”

i love you // Christina Grimmie 


A/N: I like him a lot:) 

Pairing: Kai Parker X Reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where Kai Parker surprises/scares Y/N by giving her a back massage when shes home alone and he teases y/n about her liking him kissing her neck? Love u

Warnings: SMUT, swearing, fluff

Word count: 2.1K

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Septic Heathers #5
  • <p> <b>Schneeplestein:</b> No one thinks a superhero has fears. No one gets his own insecurity. I am more than shoulder pads and masks. No one sees the me inside of me.<p/><b>Jackieboy Man:</b> Jesus, you're making me sound like Air Supply.<p/><b>Antisepticeye:</b> Keep going. This has to be good enough to fool Jack and Wiishu.<p/></p>
Hunger - Chapter 24

Hunger master post

It takes nine days.

Behind the scenes, Rafael McCall and Jordan Parrish work their magic, and spin a cohesive, credible story to both the FBI and the Beacon Hills’ Sheriff’s Department. Stiles thinks the FBI is the harder sell. The Sheriff’s Department is in a mess since the news of Sheriff’s Haigh’s arrest, and the news that he framed John Stilinski. The mayor calls in some woman from out of state to run things in the meantime.

“They’re even auditing all the speeding tickets we ever gave out,” Parrish tells everyone one night over pizza. “It’s gonna be a while until things settle down.”

“Do you think anyone else was in on it?” Stiles asks him, his mood darkening. “Apart from Haigh and Kate?”

Parrish is silent for a moment, and then he shakes his head slightly. “I don’t know. I hope not, but I don’t know.”

Derek bumps Stiles gently with his shoulder, and Stiles forces himself to relax.

“I think we’re almost done on our end,” Rafael McCall says. “I’m heading back to Sacramento at the end of the week. Maybe I’ll get lucky with a nice relaxing serial killer.”

“Rafa!” Melissa exclaims.

He raises his eyebrows and steals a piece of pepperoni. “I’m just saying, I’d sleep a lot easier at night knowing it was just the Sacramento Slasher out there, you know?”

Stiles knows.

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A Min Yoongi/Suga Fanfiction

Summary:  Exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by a camera…So why can you only see rainbows when you look at him.

Part 1 Part 2

Part 1


‘So this is the studio space, there are 4 separate recording studios at the moment, however I think Shi Hyuk has planned to add more-’

'And are there rules about when I can use them, or…’

'Well at the moment its just the boys using them, so as long as you book on the sign in here-’ he says indicating the mounted tablet on the wall which held a schedule looking timetable with quite a few squares already filled, 'then you can use it whenever you want! But I will warn you that if you think you’ll be alone at night, these boys tend to stay in pretty late- especially Yoongi.’

'Which one is Yoongi?’ you ask intrigued, moving over to the giant mural on the wall beside the tablet, decorated with the charming faces of seven young guys who were all smiling and happy.

'Ah, he’s this one.’ Seojun, your guide- and executive director of the company, indicates.

The one he’d pointed out had platinum blonde/pretty much white hair in the picture. His face was pale and his features curved softly, his eyes looking like they resembled the sleepy slope of a sloth’s, and his nose resembling a button. You couldn’t particularly imagine him to be into producing or composing so much, but then you thought, 'each to their own’; you weren’t bothered as long as he didn’t get in your way.

'Anyway, onto the actual sound equipment…’

As soon as you’d been shown around the entire building and had had the rules regarding working practise repeated to you a few times, you left Seojun with a polite goodbye and an over the shoulder comment that he’d be able to find you in one of the studio’s that you’d already booked out on your tour earlier.

However, as you found out pretty quickly, there was only downside to the whole 'move to Seoul and help produce music for the bigwigs’ plan that you’d set up, and that was that when it came to working and composing- the thing you loved most- you tended to become a little bit of a hermit. So you shouldn’t have been surprised when you looked up at the clock a little while after getting started with playing and experimenting with the equipment in the studio that evening and you realised the time was 3am.


Your stomach lets out a loud agreement with your exclamation, making you shake your head in disapproval at your own obsessive nature before getting to your feet for the first time in what must have been hours and stretching till you heard your entire back crack.

You knew you were nowhere near finished despite your realisation of the time, however. It was only the knowledge that you had a packed schedule for the rest of the week that urged you to begin to pack up, trying to save all of your progress and becoming confused when the computer wouldn’t respond.

'Trust me to forget this part.’ you murmur to yourself, referring to the detailed explanation that Seojun had given you earlier about how you make sure not to lose your work, before remembering that he’d also pointed out the small office that held all the computer and programme manuals that you could refer to if you forgot.

You down the last of your coffee that was now cold from hours of neglect, before heading for the door, seeing that the small corridor space was abandoned, and shuffling over to the main office. Although you’d been told that you were able to go into the space of your own free will- as long as you didn’t mess it up- you still felt like you should hurry in grabbing the manual and getting out, hating the feeling of being the new girl even more when you browse through the files and cant find the one you’re looking for.

'Who are you?’

You jump half a mile when the guy suddenly appears in the doorway, having to throw your arm out to steady yourself on the wall behind you as you gasp in air to keep your heart going.

'Jesus, don’t scare me like that!’ you snap weakly, your eyes finally adapting to the sudden light that had been flicked on in the corridor, revealing the familiar face at the door- although you couldn’t quite put your finger on who he was.

'Well…who are you?’ he repeats, his eyebrows hanging low over his eyes as he crosses his arms and stands intimidatingly as he watches you, the whole bravado making you feel affronted and immediately bringing out your defensive side.

'I’m Melody. Who are you-’

'What are you doing here?’ he asks, cutting you off in your own question, and his demanding tone makes you stand up properly and cross your own arms over your chest, mirroring his stance almost perfectly as you glare at him.

'I’m working.’ you say shortly, expecting him to quickly question you again, but instead watching him as his eyes graze around the room, seeing the books that you’d been looking at and smirking slightly as he looks back at you momentarily before stepping forward and pulling one of the giant paperbacks from the shelf.

'Page 903.’ is all he says as he hands it to you, trying to suppress a smile before giving you one last look over and turning around to walk out of the room.

'Wait, who are you?’ you ask again, the whole interaction making you beyond confused, before you see him look back over his shoulder with a smirk as he stands in the corridor, the single light above him making him look like God was shining his light down on his head, and the whole image made you want to scoff at the grandeur.

That was until he gave you an answer.

'Yoongi. My name is Yoongi.’

And then he was gone.


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((Do I cease or do I keep going? Anti would probably beg for more, but you said cease first then keep going.... clarification needed.)) -🥀

//please keep going, jesus you sinner//