jesus is my trend

so i gotta add my input here cuz i’ve seen a lot of ppl, shippers or not, claim that steroline switched from platonic to romantic in the last 2-3 eps

and probably the implication here is that stefan is the one just NOW seeing it as romantic


so yall didn’t see any episodes from S3 onward???

like S4 when stefan flirted with her shamelessly, threw her over his shoulder and did not contradict elena when she said they looked good together

how about them dancing at prom and giving each other angsty looks because their friendship had gone past the point of no return

how about stefan being protective of her - almost too protective - when it came to tyler and all the other guys in her life???

and fine, okay, you missed S4, but did you also sleep through S5, when they had the biggest googly eyes for each other???


how about when they slept next to each other and stefan had the biggest grin since 1859

how about badass!stefan sizing up caroline, calling her hot, grabbing her for a dance right in front of her bf

how about those hand-holding scenes

how about stefan waxing poetic about caroline in front of elena because he missed having her around

how about stefan DYING FOR HER when possessed!tyler was about to attack her

there’s a difference between stefan becoming AWARE of his deeper feelings for her, feelings which were ALREADY there, and stefan switching suddenly to romantic mode

like no, it’s the former, guys

and i’m sorry you see this ship only now becoming romantic???

 when tbh it’s been the longest, most drawn-out romance of the show and you’d have to wear horse glasses not to see it