jesus is my dad

I threw away two out of the three hoodies you’ve given me.
I can’t find the third one.
Just kidding, it’s entangled with the blankets on my bed,
exhausted from its debut last night as my favorite pajama.
BUT we aren’t focusing on that.
WE are focusing on the the other two that I DID throw out.
It was surprisingly easy.
Probably as easy as it was for you to quit on me.

You love Rocky Balboa.
My dad’s name is Rocky.
Thanks Jesus, how long have you been waiting for THAT one to play itself out?
What once was a simply ironic and friendly reminder of the messenger of your favorite quote,
is now a smurf bite on my heart…ouch.

A friend of mine and I were talking about math
He says he likes math,
I say that you do too
He asks why and
I tell him because math has a definite answer.
You like definite answers
I tell him maybe that’s why it’s so hard for you to love.

I’m not angry.
I don’t blame you,
but I blame myself.

Dear self,
I am sorry that I did not love you enough
to recognize that his lack of love and affection towards you
was undeserved.
I am sorry that I put him before our worth.

Dear You,
I am sorry for nothing
other than the fact that you will not be getting your sweat pants back,
I know they were your favorite,
But hey, I gave you every favorite piece of me that I had to give,
so lets just call it square.

—  l0velym1stake 

I really like all the boys’ parents (except Nat’s, but I’m sure no one likes them) and I’d like to have an episode where you have dinner with your boyfriend’s parents or just hang out with them or something, where you get to know them and they talk about how they met and they tell you embarrassing stories about your bf as a kid or something. I think that’d just be cute. Not sure what they’d do for Nat in that case, but for everyone else, I’d really like to see it.

That’s It (Kylo Ren x Reader Smut)

Warnings: This is shit, please don’t read. I liked Good Boy better. Semi-violent, dubious consent(??), glove kink. Fucking on top of dead peoples ashes? While grandpa vader watches? Orgasm delay/denial. Other stuff..

Word Count: A lot. 2.7K

A/N: Ok um shit i….  This is a thing i did, idk if anyone’s done this yet.. Why does this shit turn me on??? Why couldn’t I be normal? I’d like to apologize to jesus and my dad. Also, the fucking tub of ashes is in his Vader room bc that makes more sense than a random cell. 

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Prayer Request

My dad got some scary health news this year and continues to suffer anxiety due to it. It’s incurable and impossible to detect how severe it will be in the future. Tomorrow he has to undergo testing for another possible health issue. He’s extremely worried and thinks that he won’t be able to handle any more bad news about his health. Please pray for his strength and healing.

Thank you

You met him on the first day of your daughter’s kindergarten, because he was the only other single parent there in a room full of couples. And ever since then, you and Luke had been close friends, your kids even closer. Your daughter went over to play with Luke’s son at least twice a week, but you never minded because that meant you got to see the man with twinkling blue eyes who made you weak at the knees.

Now, the two of you had decided to forgo the misery together and wait in the never-ending line to see the mall’s Santa, your kids both chattering with excitement. Your daughter was rattling off a list of all the toys she planning on telling Santa she wanted, while Luke’s son was gazing awestruck at all the giant candy canes and wondering aloud how long it would take to eat one of them, apparently unable to realize that they weren’t eatable.

The two of them were about to burst with excitement when you finally reached Santa, both eagerly climbing up onto his lap and posing for the picture. You and Luke exchanged smiles, looking back to see Santa asking your children what they wanted for Christmas.

As you’d seen them do many times before (just not on Santa’s lap) your daughter and Luke’s son looked over at each other and smiled, obviously in agreement about something, before your daughter leaned in and whispered something into the older man’s ear.

His eyes widened for a second before he chuckled, hand stroking his beard in thought.

“Well,” Santa looked up at you and Luke, his mouth turning up in a grin, “it seems that they’ve wished for the two of you to be together this Christmas.”

Luke’s brow furrowed. “Together?”

You blushed. “As in…”

Suddenly, a high voice belonging to Luke’s son piped up, yelling so loud you swore people across the mall would be able to hear it, “I want her to be my mommy, daddy!”

And as you looked at Luke, whose face held a small smile as he halfheartedly shrugged his shoulders, you started to believe that hey, maybe Christmas miracles did exist.

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