jesus in places he shouldnt be

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But they're not doing it because he's a rush youtuber? They're doing it cause they hated seeing such a vile person make money off their game. Like the dev literally said this, "There is a bit of leeway you have to have with the internet when you wake up every day and make video games. There's also a breaking point. I am sick of this child getting more and more chances to make money off of what we make." :/

but that comment they made is absolutely incorrect. felix’s content is his own, he doesnt pirate their games, he doesnt post anything that goes against fair use. the videos he makes are all his own effort, and it’s “good advertisement” not just for youtube which probably makes millions from him, but for every game that he plays. he isnt a harsh critic and fucks around with every game, so like, theres no such thing as “damages” in this scenario - he makes them popular with his own work. the firewatch dude’s comment made it sound like felix doesnt work at all, but like, youtubers make a living off of something entertaining but difficult to maintain, just like any cartoonist or game developer.

now, whether you like the content of his videos and work is a different matter. i certainly dont - it’s really juvenile and he’s, like, 30 now. he shouldnt be saying this shit, calling things slurs. the only people ive EVER heard do that had some kind of cocky malice in their heart, and its clear he doesnt give a shit. like i said, hes fallen out with basically every sponsor he’s had. of course they were probably dumb to go with him in the first place since he has never hid his kind of “humor”. 

as for developers getting to boycott him though…. jesus christ, thats not the way to deal with it. you cant set a precedent for developers taking action against critics, or it’s going to backfire so hard the games industry will implode. why are we weaponizing DMCA NOTICES? why NOW? the firewatch guy is letting so many people record his game, and boy i doubt theyre all very nice, theres probaly a lot of racists and dumb youtubers. why is it suddenly wrong when it’s this ONE GUY, who made a brief offence that wasnt even related to him?

it’s attention-grabby, it’s shady, and it’s very… juvenile. “i dont like you so im going to be THE ONE to FINALLY BOYCOTT UR CAREER”??? fuck off. why dont you act like every other developer with common sense and just say you wont associate with him anymore?

like, anyone who thinks this is a good idea probably doesnt know a lot about whats been going on with youtube and the gaming industry recently. if theres a bad precedent, theyre going to take it.

You know what I like about all this Karukara drama?

All these people are whining and complaining about “heteronormative” roles and that they shouldnt exists/only put in place by hetero people.  Well, here’s what’s up.  My best friend is gay and guess what?  He tops and will only date boys smaller than him that bottom.  They also have to have nice asses and full lips.  

So according to all you assholes getting on karukara case, my friend is in the wrong because of what he genuinely likes?  Y'all need jesus.