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Part 22:

(Warning: Long post!)

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  • ME: Oh, I was never really into it...
  • ME: Oh, okay... Maybe just a little bit...
  • ME: ......Oh...They umm.....Well....
  • Fans: WELL?!?!?!
  • ME: *whispers* I guess they're kinda cute together..
  • Fans: *Ride off into the distance on a magical eyeball with a mustache, yelling about how they converted another person*
brendon’s periscope recap (2/18)
  • brendon has to do a bunch of work in the studio, but he’s gonna do a q&a with us first
  • to himself: “god you’re so dramatic, brendon.”
  • “‘why is your forehead so big?’ i was born this way baby. theres just a lot of forehead.”
  • “i’ve been cleaning my diet. i’ve been getting ready for tour. i’ve got a few weeks that i can drink beer.”
  • favorite song off new album: death of a bachelor.
  • *shrieks*
  • *tunes shrieks*
  • favorite girls scout cookies: thin mint and samoas
  • “do i like sam smith? yeah. i really like his voice. i think he’s talented singer. dude can sing anything.”
  • “do i like demi lovato? yeah. i met her once. she was very sweet. just a sweetheart.”
  • “am i really hawaiian? i’ not haw i’m polynesian. i’m like a quarter, my mom is half.”
  • “do you like kayne west? of course. how fucking entertain has he been lately? personality aside, kanye west’s music is great to me. very original. he seems like a handful.”
  • “am i a feminist? yeah i am. i believe in human rights. i believe everyone should be treated equally.”
  • *reads femenazi in chat* hey fuck you!”
  • *with lisp* “yas queen yas”
  • last tv show watched: walking dead “it was fucking crazy…you can’t be that big of a pussy if it’s the end of the world”
  • favorite disney princess “I had the biggest crush on jasmine. i thought hat was what arabian are. disney white-ifies. everyone. disney makes everyone white. the media makes everyone a little more white. very strange.”
  • “do you shave your legs? no. that’s the hardiest part of my body. trust me. my body is asian and my legs are jewish. what the fuck. what am i saying.”
  • brendon took german for three years in high school
  • “would you ever want to be in a musical? i’d love to be in a musical. it’d be great.”
  • “have you seen hamilton? i haven’t seen it, but i’ve been listening to the soundtrack for the past month. it’s great”
  • “greatness comes from this forehead”
  • “am i a potterhead? no i’m a pothead, but i do enjoy harry potter.”
  • “i saw deadpool. holy shit that was good. i went into it thinking it was gonna be one thing. it’s hilarious. i think i laughed like every ten seconds.”
  • on ryan reynolds dick: “you see a shadow of his dick. yeah i’d pay to see that dick. i did pay to see that dick”
  • “have i seen teens reacts to panic? that was hilarious. i was laughing. i had a good reaction to it.”
  • “how long have i’ve been wearing glasses? since freshmen year of high school. so about fourteen year. half of my life.”
  • “do you like adele? who doesn’t like adele. she’s kind of like un-hateable. she’ so clever and pretty and talented. she’s just amazing.”
  • “people wish they had my forehead. it’s kind of funny people call me forehead.” 
  • *brendon says some offensive stuff that kind of makes it sound like he doesn’t enjoy people making fun of his forehead, but then takes it back*
  • on his weed he’s about to smoke: “it’s called candy land cookie”
  • on filming girls/girls/boys: “it was incredibly awkward. it was fun. but i was naked in front of people i didn’t know.”
  • “ellen is the coolest person. she’s such a positive person to be around.”
  • “i did three months of vocal lessons.” brendon has a vocal doctor and coach now.
  • “i try to smoke weed whenever i get nervous or whenever i go to bed. lately it’s been every day.”
  • “troye sivan: yeah yeah. that’s a talented guy. i like his voice”
  • on pillow talk: “yeah. it’s alright. didn’t blow my mind.”
  • “thoughts on ryan reynolds: i mean come on. he’s the shit. he’s funny, he’s beautiful, he’s talented.”
  • “do i like bernie sanders? yes.”
  • “favorite beatles album? it’s either white album or abbey road”
  • “can i read sheet music? i can, but i can’t sight read. it takes me a while to understand. but i understand theory”
  • “you guys are the best. thanks for watching me be a dick. love you!”
[The Long Overdue Nap Date]

[ ooc // I FINISHED IT OH MY GOD IT’S DONE it’s also completely safe for work, if anyone was worried. they are actually just sleeping, it wasn’t some innuendo. it topped out at 3.2k words so it took a while but it’s pretty… pretty long. praise be for chille tid though it practically doubled the wordcount. i’ve also got a pic i drew of it, but it isn’t quite finished yet – it’ll probs go up sometime tomorrow!! ]

[ OH RIGHT- if you haven’t been following this blog long, this is kind of an “epilogue” to the possession event. pearl has a slightly different appearance from regeneration (one aspect of which was unintentional – her teeth are sharp and she is upset) and honestly if i gave more backstory it’d get way too long so i guess uhhhh enjoy?? idk sobs;; ily ^^’ ]

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