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hello, dear koro, do you happen to have some naegami fic recs? thank you in advance \(^3^)/

You came to the right place, anon. I have a lot of personal favorites because I spend a lot of time on ao3, specially on the naegami tag. So there we go! (If you’d like I can recommend some from as well, but… It’s been really long since I last checked the dr tag there.)


Human Nature (orphan_account) — I don’t think this is ever getting updated, but it works as a one-shot too, so hey. Togami having a long and bad thinking time after Naegi’s execution.

Silence is Golden (Sapphire_Petal) — Post NWP, Naegi having ‘Good Thoughts™’, if you get what I mean. Good if you’re searching for something angsty.

Affected (Laurea) — A very good canon divergent naegami path for DR1. It’s my biggest favorite! The characters and everything is written very in character, imo, and you can see it actually happening. It’s also really long so it’s definitely a must read!


Somnambulism (WolfieChan12) — Naegi starts telling Togami weird dreams [no, not that kind of dreams lmao] and he enjoys it. Not really romantic but it’s very cute and fun.

Night (loveoffluffandangst) — Night Time fluff. Togami being a caring bf. Naegi being adorable. Your classic must read fluff!

Contemplations in a Cage (Justanothersinger) — Naegi goes to the pool at night, Togami shows up, Syo too, chaos happens and Togami and Naegi end up talking on a locker. Has a good mix of sadness and dorks, it’s one of my favorites favorites!

Unexpected (RockinT765) — Pre-Despair. Togami trying to work out how Naegi’s feelings work, mostly. Nice and super enjoyable fluff!

Bulletproof (bowe13579) — There isn’t much context to this, simply… Read it. It’s short angst with Togami trying to enjoy his lasts moments with Naegi. Bittersweet.

Tearstained (WolfieChan12) — Naegi has a breakdown because of the Killing Game stress. Togami has an awkward time trying to comfort people. But Naegi’s smile makes it worth it. Short hurt/comfort, very neat!

Fall (Sapphire_Petal) — Owo what’s this? DR3 Future AU with Togami and Naegi as Munakata and Yukizome! I love how the set up was made and it all works so smoothly. 

Romancing an Heir? (RockinT765) — Pre-Despair or Happy AU, take it as you want. Togami being a mess trying to figure out how to act on his feelings for Naegi, egg being a sweet oblivious boy. One of my favorite fluffs.

Remember Me (Laurea) — Naegi & Co. get their memories back. Feelings come back, too. Amazing AU, please, PLEASE read it. actually just read all of Laurea’s fanfics

Smile (loveoffluffandangst) — Just the summary is enough to describe how good this is. Favorite favorite, I recommend it a lot.

Don’t Look Back (zetsubousei (popnographic)) — AU, set Post-Despair. Again, the summary is far better than anything I can do. Long 27 chapters read, the gang all being supportive friends towards each other [which gives me life, honestly] and just the perfect mix of angsty thoughts and sweet moments makes the length worth it. Favorite favorite.

sour apple (ryuuzaou) — Togami and Naegi have a confession time at a locker. Very nice characterization and not long enough as to be heavy, but not short either! One of my favorite one shots ever.

Well, that was long but I hope you have a good time with these stories! Thanks for coming by!

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Good afternoon! I don't know if you've ever answered this before (sorry if you have) but I wondering if you had any tips for staying productive? I find that I commonly let my insecurities get in the way, and I end up going days (sometimes weeks) without writing anything

Oh my gosh, I already owe you my life for your comments and now here you are asking me writing questions?? You are an absolute earth angel

And actually people asking me writing questions is a very new phenomenon! So no one has asked me this yet and I’d be so happy to answer! <3 It’s something I (obviously) struggled with for many years.

I think all this under the cut is general enough to apply to most people, but if you find anything doesn’t work for you, don’t force it! Some people find motivation in different places and that’s all good. :) It’s just a matter of figuring out your own motivators. 

Also, holy god this got so long. Forgive me I have a lot of feelings and I got a little philosophical but I can’t help it! WRITING!

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Uh¿ can I just.. say something??? Like wtf Voltron fandom? What the actual fuck? I try so so so very hard to just.. enjoy this beautiful show?? And I just want to ship who I ship?? But if someone mentions one thing about klance it’s always “oh would you look at that another over dramatic klance shipper” and if someone mentions sheith it’s always “ew you pedophile! How can you ship them?! They’re like brothers! Blah blah blah” and I don’t ship sheith as much as I ship klance but seriously?? Just let people ship who they ship. Why can’t this fandom learn to respect people’s ships and opinions? And it’s not just those two ships. And might I add again- why have you decided to turn this blessing of a show into this overdramatic, petty, frustrating fight! Like for fucks sake it’s literally turned into a ship war zone. No one respects the characters or voice actors/writers like they should. Just.. please grow up?? I hate all this petty fighting and fucking negativity. This is the crap that keeps me awake at night.

Matt: “Huh?”

Tom: “What the hell is this?! You think I’m the one who’s at fault here?!”

Tom: “I don’t think so!!”

Matt: “Tom…”

Tom: “Tch, look, they’re lying, okay? You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you guys, right?”

Matt: “I know, but why would they say that kind of thing if it’s a lie…?”

Tom: “Ugh, I don’t know. They’re just being assholes, don’t listen to them.”

Tom: “I mean, I’m worried about Edd, but I don’t think that he’s impulsive enough to go wandering around outside alone like me.”

Matt: “Like you?”

Tom: “Oh, yeah, uh, that was another thing that happened in the past month. Let’s not talk about it, it wasn’t my best moment.”

-Mod Matt

I’m Not Sorry

Prompt: Imagine Dean being embarrassed when he gets a boner while you’re straddling him and cleaning up his wounds. (So it sort of took on a life of its own and Dean didn’t end up being embarrassed. I hope that’s ok.)

Reader Gender: Female

Characters / Fandom: Dean Winchester / Supernatural

Word Count: 775

Warnings: Hurt!Dean, making out, language, drinking.

Sighing for the hundredth time since you set about sewing the gash closed on Dean’s shoulder, you stood abruptly, jostling the injured hunter. “This isn’t working.”

“It’s just a few stitches, Y/N. Nothing you haven’t done before.” Dean seized the opportunity to take another pull from the half empty bottle of whiskey.

“No, it’s not that. I just… I can’t get the angle I need to do it right.” And that’s when you figured it out.

Watching you walk around him, Dean shifted uneasily in the chair. “What?”

You stopped in front of him, jean clad knees brushing against his. “Move your legs.”

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brendon’s periscope recap (2/18)
  • brendon has to do a bunch of work in the studio, but he’s gonna do a q&a with us first
  • to himself: “god you’re so dramatic, brendon.”
  • “‘why is your forehead so big?’ i was born this way baby. theres just a lot of forehead.”
  • “i’ve been cleaning my diet. i’ve been getting ready for tour. i’ve got a few weeks that i can drink beer.”
  • favorite song off new album: death of a bachelor.
  • *shrieks*
  • *tunes shrieks*
  • favorite girls scout cookies: thin mint and samoas
  • “do i like sam smith? yeah. i really like his voice. i think he’s talented singer. dude can sing anything.”
  • “do i like demi lovato? yeah. i met her once. she was very sweet. just a sweetheart.”
  • “am i really hawaiian? i’ not haw i’m polynesian. i’m like a quarter, my mom is half.”
  • “do you like kayne west? of course. how fucking entertain has he been lately? personality aside, kanye west’s music is great to me. very original. he seems like a handful.”
  • “am i a feminist? yeah i am. i believe in human rights. i believe everyone should be treated equally.”
  • *reads femenazi in chat* hey fuck you!”
  • *with lisp* “yas queen yas”
  • last tv show watched: walking dead “it was fucking crazy…you can’t be that big of a pussy if it’s the end of the world”
  • favorite disney princess “I had the biggest crush on jasmine. i thought hat was what arabian are. disney white-ifies. everyone. disney makes everyone white. the media makes everyone a little more white. very strange.”
  • “do you shave your legs? no. that’s the hardiest part of my body. trust me. my body is asian and my legs are jewish. what the fuck. what am i saying.”
  • brendon took german for three years in high school
  • “would you ever want to be in a musical? i’d love to be in a musical. it’d be great.”
  • “have you seen hamilton? i haven’t seen it, but i’ve been listening to the soundtrack for the past month. it’s great”
  • “greatness comes from this forehead”
  • “am i a potterhead? no i’m a pothead, but i do enjoy harry potter.”
  • “i saw deadpool. holy shit that was good. i went into it thinking it was gonna be one thing. it’s hilarious. i think i laughed like every ten seconds.”
  • on ryan reynolds dick: “you see a shadow of his dick. yeah i’d pay to see that dick. i did pay to see that dick”
  • “have i seen teens reacts to panic? that was hilarious. i was laughing. i had a good reaction to it.”
  • “how long have i’ve been wearing glasses? since freshmen year of high school. so about fourteen year. half of my life.”
  • “do you like adele? who doesn’t like adele. she’s kind of like un-hateable. she’ so clever and pretty and talented. she’s just amazing.”
  • “people wish they had my forehead. it’s kind of funny people call me forehead.” 
  • *brendon says some offensive stuff that kind of makes it sound like he doesn’t enjoy people making fun of his forehead, but then takes it back*
  • on his weed he’s about to smoke: “it’s called candy land cookie”
  • on filming girls/girls/boys: “it was incredibly awkward. it was fun. but i was naked in front of people i didn’t know.”
  • “ellen is the coolest person. she’s such a positive person to be around.”
  • “i did three months of vocal lessons.” brendon has a vocal doctor and coach now.
  • “i try to smoke weed whenever i get nervous or whenever i go to bed. lately it’s been every day.”
  • “troye sivan: yeah yeah. that’s a talented guy. i like his voice”
  • on pillow talk: “yeah. it’s alright. didn’t blow my mind.”
  • “thoughts on ryan reynolds: i mean come on. he’s the shit. he’s funny, he’s beautiful, he’s talented.”
  • “do i like bernie sanders? yes.”
  • “favorite beatles album? it’s either white album or abbey road”
  • “can i read sheet music? i can, but i can’t sight read. it takes me a while to understand. but i understand theory”
  • “you guys are the best. thanks for watching me be a dick. love you!”

It all seemed to be reasonably alright until

the pool had to be evacuated, everyone fled in panic because the tsunami was real and murasakibara just kind of remained sat in the middle of the empty pool. it was a shitty idea, and they will never try anything other than basketball ever again


Haru is taking none of the Emperor’s shit

I am so sorry about this

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(1/?) I’m starting with the second part of the second verse.
“I’m not free, I asked forgiveness three times,
Same amount that I denied, I three-time mvp'ed this crime,
I’m afraid to tell you who I adore, won’t tell you who I’m singing towards,
Metaphorically I’m a whore, and that’s denial number four.”
“Denial of Peter (or Peter’s Denial) refers to three acts of denial of Jesus by the Apostle Peter as described in all four Gospels of the New Testament.”
St Peter denied knowing Jesus 3 times.

(2/?) Okay now let’s go down to “Metaphorically I’m a whore.”
He’s not actually calling himself a slut.
He is calling himself a whore like the Whore Of Babylon, which ties in to idolatry. But also, Rome is modern day Babylon. Peter is the Rock of Rome or… The Whore of Babylon.

(3/?) “And that’s denial number four”
He’s in denial of what he’s done to himself.
Okay, but now let’s go to the chorus, “the darks not taking prisoners tonight”
The Whore is also tied in to the antichrist or evil. Aka darkness
I don’t think he’s literally talking about dark night time
I think he is talking about Satan.
And he said “I swear I heard demons yelling,
Those crazy words they were spelling”

(4/?) And he said “I will set my soul on fire, what have I become?
I’ll tell them.”
He’s asking what he has become. He’s telling us he turned himself in to an idol.
Now going back to the first verse.
“I don’t want to be the one, be the one who has the sun’s blood on my hands,”

(5/?) As for the story goes of St. Peter,
“All four Canonical Gospels state that during Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, he predicted that Peter would deny knowledge of him, stating that Peter would disown him before the rooster crowed the next morning. Following the arrest of Jesus Peter denied knowing him thrice, but after the third denial, heard the rooster crow and recalled the prediction as Jesus turned to look at him. Peter then began to cry bitterly.”

(6/?) He denied Jesus, Jesus was arrested, Jesus was crucified.
Peter had the sons blood on his hands. The son/sun of God.
Peter repented after this. He begged Jesus and God for forgiveness after he saw what was going to happen.
“I’m pleading please, oh please on my knees repeatedly asking,
Why it’s got to be like this.”

(7/7) Now as for the name Ode To Sleep.
Jesus took them to the Garden Of Gethsemani. While he prayed they fell asleep.
“On the eve of a day that is bigger than us,
But we open our eyes ‘cause we’re told that we must,
And the trees wave their arms and the clouds try to plead”
Jesus told them to wake up. They kept falling asleep though he prayed 3 times. The End. Sorry that was so long.


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 -Part 8 - Part 9 -Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14.1 - Part 14.2  - Part 15 -Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18.1 - Part 18.2 - Part 19.1 - Part 19.2 - Part 20 - Part 21

Part 22:

(Warning: Long post!)

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  • ME: Oh, I was never really into it...
  • ME: Oh, okay... Maybe just a little bit...
  • ME: ......Oh...They umm.....Well....
  • Fans: WELL?!?!?!
  • ME: *whispers* I guess they're kinda cute together..
  • Fans: *Ride off into the distance on a magical eyeball with a mustache, yelling about how they converted another person*
[The Long Overdue Nap Date]

[ ooc // I FINISHED IT OH MY GOD IT’S DONE it’s also completely safe for work, if anyone was worried. they are actually just sleeping, it wasn’t some innuendo. it topped out at 3.2k words so it took a while but it’s pretty… pretty long. praise be for chille tid though it practically doubled the wordcount. i’ve also got a pic i drew of it, but it isn’t quite finished yet – it’ll probs go up sometime tomorrow!! ]

[ OH RIGHT- if you haven’t been following this blog long, this is kind of an “epilogue” to the possession event. pearl has a slightly different appearance from regeneration (one aspect of which was unintentional – her teeth are sharp and she is upset) and honestly if i gave more backstory it’d get way too long so i guess uhhhh enjoy?? idk sobs;; ily ^^’ ]

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How would the Allies, Axis, 2p! Allies, 2p! Axis, and 1p! and 2p! Switzerland, react individually to their S/O falling asleep //on// them, during a world meeting? (I'm sorry for making it so long, but I really love your writing)

Me: My writting? Really? Thanks!


Alfred : *oh god, they’re so adorable. I know, these meetings are boring, right?* *stays still as possible and actually tries to be somewhat quiet; will try to carry them out when meeting’s over*

Allen : *how the fuck did you fall asleep during this?* *kinda leans on them too; will try to carry them out when meeting’s over* 

Matthew : W-What? *They fell asleep on me??* *holds their hand; will wake them when meetings over* 

Matt : ???…huh- *Jesus they’re cute-* *stays still so they can sleep; will try to carry them out when meeting’s over*

Arthur : *How did you fall asleep with all this noise?* *refrains from the fighting this time; will wake them up when meeting’s over*

Oliver : *quietly* oh gee, they’re asleep. How adorable~ *magically leaves meeting to put them in a bed to sleep more*

Francis : *whisper yelling for people to be quieter; will try to carry them out when meeting’s over*

Francois : *honestly probably also asleep, too*

Ivan : *Awe, that’s so adorable* *probably hits anyone who is too loud; will try to  carry them out when meeting’s over*

Ion : *I don’t see how you managed to sleep at all during this-* *refrains from yelling at people; will wake them up when meeting’s over*

Yao : *in between either waking them up or leaving no them because this is way too cute* *will probably try to carry them when meeting’s over*

Xiao : *cant handle the cutness* *Will carry them out of the meeting room*

Kiku : *It’s not a good idea to fall asleep here, although Greece-san does it a lot…* *generally doesn’t know what to do; will wake them up when it’s over*

Kuro : Hah-they fell asleep, someone hand me a marker…*this is cute as fuck though* *leaves them alone and wakes them up when it’s over*

Feliciano : *Awe, you took a siesta! Good idea-* *also falls asleep*

Luciano : *Of course you fell asleep, /great/-* *stays quiet and still; either carries them or wakes them, depends on what’s going on*

Ludwig : *Out of all the other people sleeping here, you too?* *sighs but stays still and quiet; will try to carry them out when it’s over*

Lutz : Same- *also falls asleep*

Gilbert : Awwwe- *thinks it cute as fuck; will carry them out when it’s over*

Gilen : *quietly* How tired do you have to be- *leaves them as they are; wakes them when it’s over*

Romano : *Idiot, you can’t just fall asleep during this-* *leaves them be; wakes them when it’s over* 

Flavio : *thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever, might even take a picture or something; will wake them when it’s over*

Antonio :  *So cute~* *probably hugs them and stays quiet; will try to carry them out when it’s over*

Santiago : … *How even??* *stays still so they can sleep; carries the, out when it’s over*

Roderick : *sighs* Why- *leaves them be; wakes them up when it’s over*

Roland : *quiet happy squeal* *this is so adorable* *will try to carry them out when it’s over*

Basch: *quietly* It’s not the best idea to fall asleep here- *leaves them be; wakes them up when it’s over*

Voss : *Look at this, are you seeing this? This is so cute, Jesus-* *tries to stay still and quiet; will carry them out when it’s over* 


Kevin Costner’s filmography (part 1)

i had an exam today but luckily i scrolled through the chapter before i left and all if have to say is im so happy i could die. i’m so tired i wanna pass out but i’m gonna dump all of my happiness in a very short post

mostly i’m just happy yamaguchi got such a substantial development. like, it was very gradual and his struggles and improvements were so carefully showcased in the margin of the bigger narrative and i’m just so happy because he deserves such a fulfilling development because yamaguchi’s so great

and also, i don’t think i need to highlight the contrast because it’s been so throughly indicated, but i just. i loved it so much. it was so… impactful, visual wise. you could really feel his determination as he stepped into the court and how entirely different the situation was in contrast with his reluctancy and fear the last two times. he wasn’t overwhelmed now, just focused and determined and. g o d


and of course being the tsukkiyama trash i am, i absolutely died with the tsukki comment. it still obviously involves tsukishima developing as a character more than yamaguchi himself, but i’m so glad he’s leveled to a point where he can actually let out those kind of positive feelings, because the situation really called for it and he cared. he cares for yamaguchi a lot and i’m glad he’s slowly trying to show it. of course, this is all from the very intrincate, complicated tsukishima emotion dimension, but the point gets through, i believe. besides i mean come o n, you can tell how much it meant to yamaguchi; boy almost started crying


and just. overall thankful for yamaguchi’s character and development up till this point. as an extremely insecure person myself, seeing him dealing with his issues in such a… real, yet resolute manner is so… inspiring. fulfilling. it genuinely is everything to me and i’m so glad yamaguchi exists. my boy. my son.




Religious Food for Thought

Let’s take a moment to talk about those who have earned themselves a reputation in the most famous religious literature (Holy Bible, Tanakh, Qur'an, [Koran] etc).

And for very obvious examples, try Jesus, or Muhammad.

Many of these men (and women) claimed:

-to be a non-human entity in a human body
-to be able to see, hear, talk to, channel, banish, and invoke/evoke (summon) demons, angels, ghosts, spirits, even GOD etc.
-to be able to develop/strengthen themselves spiritually through faith or other energy work
-to be able to perform miracles such as healing, divination, etc. through their faith and energy work

I mean Hell, look at what Moses unleashed on the Egyptians.

People witnessed the many acts by their religious leaders, and recorded them in the Holy Books listed above.  Many people have indisputable faith in the events depicted in their religion.

They won’t hear a word about how it’s impossible to take a fish and a loaf of bread and make hundreds of multiples out of thin air.  Jesus did it because the Bible says He did it.  It’s absolutely preposterous anyone suggest there’s no physical way Sarah bear Abraham a child at the age of 90 (and let me remind you Abraham was 100 himself).  Why would someone lie about such things?

I could go on and on about the seemingly physically impossible acts people have had recorded in history through the Apostles and other authors of The Bible.

The men that wrote the Bible would have had no reason to lie, right?  They saw with their own eyes the miracles God’s closest followers could procure, and simply recorded them.  No Christian sees any of these events as odd, impossible, or false, regardless of the simple truth that there is no evidence-other than words on paper-to back it.

NOW WAIT - I am not attempting to discredit Christianity or any other religion.  NOT AT ALL.  Quite the contrary; I’m actually fond of Christianity (when people aren’t using it as an excuse to be rude).

Having a religion or belief in spirituality is known to make people feel happier, safer, less stressed, and allow them to find a group of like-minded people to mingle and share their experiences with.

My point of this way too long post is:


So many people in the following categories are bullied, slandered, cursed at, insulted, laughed at, and so many more ATROCIOUS things, simply for having a RELIGIOUS, or SPIRITUAL belief that “they can’t prove” or “isn’t normal.”

-multiple pagan communities (this includes but is not limited to: demonolaters, spirit workers, witches) 
-those who choose not to follow a religion, but instead, work on developing their spiritual self
-SOME otherkin (I understand many are people going through a phase, or TROLLS, or are truly therians going by the wrong term)
-really, anyone who is spiritually active

No one has any right to bash ANYONE for their beliefs, simply for the reasons:

-I’ve never heard of that/this is a recent made up thing
—– I bet most people haven’t heard of many religions, but that doesn’t mean they are made up or “new.”
-You must be mentally ill
—– I am honestly tired of hearing this bigotry.  What does being ill have to do with religion?  PLENTY of people who are a part of “normal” religions also have illnesses.
-You just want attention/it’s just a phase
—– I’m sorry to bust your bubble, but many people who go to church actually do so for those two reasons.  You also 99/100 don’t know the person you are telling this to (so how on earth could you know what they want?).  Even if it is just a phase, why would you go out of your way to HURT SOMEONE, especially if they need the attention that badly?
-You can’t prove it, so you’re lying
—– Alright.  Prove to me with hard evidence that the events in any of the Holy Books are true.  Words on paper doesn’t count.  I could procure that about anything for you. I could literally go print a book about myself and have a dozen men claim I am the antichrist and it could be a religion in a hundred years.
-You’re damned for believing that
—– So are you for saying that.  Please, tell me when God allowed you to be the one exception that could JUDGE IN HIS PLACE.  Anyone who says this makes me sick to my stomach.
-I don’t like your beliefs, so I’m just going to insult you
—–No.  Go the fuck away.  No one insulted you, no one called you out, so stop feeling entitled to hide behind anon and spout nonsense when no one even invited you to the conversation.

In essence, there are a lot of people today who do energy work, or work with entities, or are even a non-human entity (in a physically human body, of course).

Of course we’re nowhere on the scale near the Nazarene (Jesus), and we don’t have books and books dedicated to telling our life story. 

That doesn’t make us liars. 

If you believe the people in your Bible can do it, what is SO HARD about believing it can still occur?

Stop bashing people.