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In regards to your theories about heavenly fire and the parabatai bond, I was wondering if you had any ideas on the water symbolism with Emma's fears, dreams and the art motif for the covers. Do you think something to do with water can balance out the fire?


Wow! This is such an amazing question! Thank you for asking! (Sorry, I get really excited about symbolism in literature, indulge me XD).
First, I’d like to say that all of the following is just speculation, of course, and I don’t claim to be right about anything that I’m going to say, it will be just a bunch of thoughts I developted thanks to my studies, so take it as it is and feel free to add whatever you want!

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hello, dear koro, do you happen to have some naegami fic recs? thank you in advance \(^3^)/

You came to the right place, anon. I have a lot of personal favorites because I spend a lot of time on ao3, specially on the naegami tag. So there we go! (If you’d like I can recommend some from as well, but… It’s been really long since I last checked the dr tag there.)


Human Nature (orphan_account) — I don’t think this is ever getting updated, but it works as a one-shot too, so hey. Togami having a long and bad thinking time after Naegi’s execution.

Silence is Golden (Sapphire_Petal) — Post NWP, Naegi having ‘Good Thoughts™’, if you get what I mean. Good if you’re searching for something angsty.

Affected (Laurea) — A very good canon divergent naegami path for DR1. It’s my biggest favorite! The characters and everything is written very in character, imo, and you can see it actually happening. It’s also really long so it’s definitely a must read!


Somnambulism (WolfieChan12) — Naegi starts telling Togami weird dreams [no, not that kind of dreams lmao] and he enjoys it. Not really romantic but it’s very cute and fun.

Night (loveoffluffandangst) — Night Time fluff. Togami being a caring bf. Naegi being adorable. Your classic must read fluff!

Contemplations in a Cage (Justanothersinger) — Naegi goes to the pool at night, Togami shows up, Syo too, chaos happens and Togami and Naegi end up talking on a locker. Has a good mix of sadness and dorks, it’s one of my favorites favorites!

Unexpected (RockinT765) — Pre-Despair. Togami trying to work out how Naegi’s feelings work, mostly. Nice and super enjoyable fluff!

Bulletproof (bowe13579) — There isn’t much context to this, simply… Read it. It’s short angst with Togami trying to enjoy his lasts moments with Naegi. Bittersweet.

Tearstained (WolfieChan12) — Naegi has a breakdown because of the Killing Game stress. Togami has an awkward time trying to comfort people. But Naegi’s smile makes it worth it. Short hurt/comfort, very neat!

Fall (Sapphire_Petal) — Owo what’s this? DR3 Future AU with Togami and Naegi as Munakata and Yukizome! I love how the set up was made and it all works so smoothly. 

Romancing an Heir? (RockinT765) — Pre-Despair or Happy AU, take it as you want. Togami being a mess trying to figure out how to act on his feelings for Naegi, egg being a sweet oblivious boy. One of my favorite fluffs.

Remember Me (Laurea) — Naegi & Co. get their memories back. Feelings come back, too. Amazing AU, please, PLEASE read it. actually just read all of Laurea’s fanfics

Smile (loveoffluffandangst) — Just the summary is enough to describe how good this is. Favorite favorite, I recommend it a lot.

Don’t Look Back (zetsubousei (popnographic)) — AU, set Post-Despair. Again, the summary is far better than anything I can do. Long 27 chapters read, the gang all being supportive friends towards each other [which gives me life, honestly] and just the perfect mix of angsty thoughts and sweet moments makes the length worth it. Favorite favorite.

sour apple (ryuuzaou) — Togami and Naegi have a confession time at a locker. Very nice characterization and not long enough as to be heavy, but not short either! One of my favorite one shots ever.

Well, that was long but I hope you have a good time with these stories! Thanks for coming by!

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Matt: “Huh?”

Tom: “What the hell is this?! You think I’m the one who’s at fault here?!”

Tom: “I don’t think so!!”

Matt: “Tom…”

Tom: “Tch, look, they’re lying, okay? You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you guys, right?”

Matt: “I know, but why would they say that kind of thing if it’s a lie…?”

Tom: “Ugh, I don’t know. They’re just being assholes, don’t listen to them.”

Tom: “I mean, I’m worried about Edd, but I don’t think that he’s impulsive enough to go wandering around outside alone like me.”

Matt: “Like you?”

Tom: “Oh, yeah, uh, that was another thing that happened in the past month. Let’s not talk about it, it wasn’t my best moment.”

-Mod Matt

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Hi! Can i request an angsty fight between ignis and his s/o? also idk if you do nsfw or not but if you do feel free to include it! thanks so much!

Hey, anon! I’m so sorry for taking so long to get to your request, but I hope you still like what I’ve come up with so far.

This is going to have a few parts, probably (kind of like a mini fic). I’ll try to be more active from here on out! Again, sorry for being away for so long!

(also quick note: i don’t do nsfw. i’m trying my darndest to keep up a clean, safe blog for anyone who might be uncomfortable with nsfw stuff. god bless the talented writers who provide us with content for our thirst, though. what would we do without ‘em?)

(mini) fic: Ignis x reader
type: angst

word count: 274

day: 00 ; 01

Your favorite vase was on the floor.

“It’s never good enough for you, is it?”

Shards of painted glass cut into your toes.

“No matter what I do, I’ll never pass any of your little tests.”

You gripped the remains of your dignity in your fists, wincing as your fingernails dug into your flesh. Stray tears kissed your cheeks, and you turned away before he would get a chance to catch you crying again.

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Murdoc and advice

Head-cannon that Murdoc is actually so so so good at listening to others and giving advice from past experiences
• 2D has a depression episode that lasts for like a week
• He kind of stops eating and seems distant from everyone in the band
• Murdoc notices right away (the others do as well) but they all decide to leave him to himself
• One night Murdoc stares at his ceiling and groans, then gets up and walks to 2D’s room
• This motherfucker just let’s himself in and sees that 2D is doing exactly what Murdoc was moments before
• “Alright ’D. What’s up? You’re not yourself and it’s freaking everyone out.”
• *cue silent tears running down 2D’s cheeks*
• “I-I don’ know, Mudz…”
• Murdoc just sits down and lets 2D cry it all out, awkwardly sitting there because Murdoc’s only good at advice, not comfort
• 2D finally stops crying and Murdoc just pats his back awkwardly
• While 2D is apologizing, Murdoc cuts in
•"There’s no reason to apologize. Sometimes people just got to let it all out, ya know?“
• Murdoc offers 2D a cigarette and as things build up, Murdoc confesses that he’s sorry for how he treated 2D in the past and that he actually cares about him and the whole band, for that matter
• After 2D calms down completely and starts yawning, Murdoc says a gruff goodnight, not forgetting to add "don’t tell the others about this, okay?”
• (Jesus Christ, it’s not like you two had sex Mudz)
• Next morning, 2D walks out all hunky-dory and the whole band is relieved, but Noodle and Russel are a bit confused at the overnight change, while Murdoc smiles just a tiny-weeny bit behind the newspaper


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ok, I'm confused about something, wasn't Jesus jewish? so why do christians hate jewish people? Jesus lived his life following jewish law, so shouldn't they respect the jewish people? because that's the religion Jesus was before Christiananity was even there.. sorry if I'm not making ant sense...

it’s a long and involved story but let’s start by saying Hitler definitely used the church and a long tradition of christian antisemitism to justify genocide. Not all Christians hate Jews, but many divisions of Christianity (I’m not sure if it’s most) believe in converting people. That’s an enormous difference between Christians and Jews right there–we don’t seek converts. Like if we get converts, great. But we’re not knocking on their door on shabbat asking if they want scripture–sorry, that’s really specific, but I’m still bitter about an incident last week. Anyway. 

“The most widely held explanation was that Jews had been the chosen people but broke the covenant with God and therefore bore the mark of Cain, and were condemned to spend the rest of eternity suffering on earth, a symbol of degradation and sub-humanity.” That’s a quote from wiki (I know, not a super great source, but the quote comes from a different source and it tracks with what I’ve heard/experienced) and I think it’s at least partially accurate for why christians don’t like us. 

Blood libel plays a big role–they think we use the blood of Christian children for ritual purposes, that we killed Jesus–all sorts of weird shit that isn’t based in reality. 

Messianics are a really antisemitic offshoot of Christianity–they actually claim to be Jews, and get very vicious if you tell them they aren’t. 

Christians are very possessive about Jesus, but something they don’t seem to comprehend is if he did actually come back, he’d go to a synagogue, not their church. BECAUSE. HE. WAS. JEWISH. 

anyway. Christianity has appropriated a ton of shit from us and we’re pissed about it (did you hear about them celebrating Yom Kippur???) but somehow…they’re the ones calling us evil and damned. That’s antisemitism for ya. 

I’m Not Sorry

Prompt: Imagine Dean being embarrassed when he gets a boner while you’re straddling him and cleaning up his wounds. (So it sort of took on a life of its own and Dean didn’t end up being embarrassed. I hope that’s ok.)

Reader Gender: Female

Characters / Fandom: Dean Winchester / Supernatural

Word Count: 775

Warnings: Hurt!Dean, making out, language, drinking.

Sighing for the hundredth time since you set about sewing the gash closed on Dean’s shoulder, you stood abruptly, jostling the injured hunter. “This isn’t working.”

“It’s just a few stitches, Y/N. Nothing you haven’t done before.” Dean seized the opportunity to take another pull from the half empty bottle of whiskey.

“No, it’s not that. I just… I can’t get the angle I need to do it right.” And that’s when you figured it out.

Watching you walk around him, Dean shifted uneasily in the chair. “What?”

You stopped in front of him, jean clad knees brushing against his. “Move your legs.”

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Part 22:

(Warning: Long post!)

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brendon’s periscope recap (2/18)
  • brendon has to do a bunch of work in the studio, but he’s gonna do a q&a with us first
  • to himself: “god you’re so dramatic, brendon.”
  • “‘why is your forehead so big?’ i was born this way baby. theres just a lot of forehead.”
  • “i’ve been cleaning my diet. i’ve been getting ready for tour. i’ve got a few weeks that i can drink beer.”
  • favorite song off new album: death of a bachelor.
  • *shrieks*
  • *tunes shrieks*
  • favorite girls scout cookies: thin mint and samoas
  • “do i like sam smith? yeah. i really like his voice. i think he’s talented singer. dude can sing anything.”
  • “do i like demi lovato? yeah. i met her once. she was very sweet. just a sweetheart.”
  • “am i really hawaiian? i’ not haw i’m polynesian. i’m like a quarter, my mom is half.”
  • “do you like kayne west? of course. how fucking entertain has he been lately? personality aside, kanye west’s music is great to me. very original. he seems like a handful.”
  • “am i a feminist? yeah i am. i believe in human rights. i believe everyone should be treated equally.”
  • *reads femenazi in chat* hey fuck you!”
  • *with lisp* “yas queen yas”
  • last tv show watched: walking dead “it was fucking crazy…you can’t be that big of a pussy if it’s the end of the world”
  • favorite disney princess “I had the biggest crush on jasmine. i thought hat was what arabian are. disney white-ifies. everyone. disney makes everyone white. the media makes everyone a little more white. very strange.”
  • “do you shave your legs? no. that’s the hardiest part of my body. trust me. my body is asian and my legs are jewish. what the fuck. what am i saying.”
  • brendon took german for three years in high school
  • “would you ever want to be in a musical? i’d love to be in a musical. it’d be great.”
  • “have you seen hamilton? i haven’t seen it, but i’ve been listening to the soundtrack for the past month. it’s great”
  • “greatness comes from this forehead”
  • “am i a potterhead? no i’m a pothead, but i do enjoy harry potter.”
  • “i saw deadpool. holy shit that was good. i went into it thinking it was gonna be one thing. it’s hilarious. i think i laughed like every ten seconds.”
  • on ryan reynolds dick: “you see a shadow of his dick. yeah i’d pay to see that dick. i did pay to see that dick”
  • “have i seen teens reacts to panic? that was hilarious. i was laughing. i had a good reaction to it.”
  • “how long have i’ve been wearing glasses? since freshmen year of high school. so about fourteen year. half of my life.”
  • “do you like adele? who doesn’t like adele. she’s kind of like un-hateable. she’ so clever and pretty and talented. she’s just amazing.”
  • “people wish they had my forehead. it’s kind of funny people call me forehead.” 
  • *brendon says some offensive stuff that kind of makes it sound like he doesn’t enjoy people making fun of his forehead, but then takes it back*
  • on his weed he’s about to smoke: “it’s called candy land cookie”
  • on filming girls/girls/boys: “it was incredibly awkward. it was fun. but i was naked in front of people i didn’t know.”
  • “ellen is the coolest person. she’s such a positive person to be around.”
  • “i did three months of vocal lessons.” brendon has a vocal doctor and coach now.
  • “i try to smoke weed whenever i get nervous or whenever i go to bed. lately it’s been every day.”
  • “troye sivan: yeah yeah. that’s a talented guy. i like his voice”
  • on pillow talk: “yeah. it’s alright. didn’t blow my mind.”
  • “thoughts on ryan reynolds: i mean come on. he’s the shit. he’s funny, he’s beautiful, he’s talented.”
  • “do i like bernie sanders? yes.”
  • “favorite beatles album? it’s either white album or abbey road”
  • “can i read sheet music? i can, but i can’t sight read. it takes me a while to understand. but i understand theory”
  • “you guys are the best. thanks for watching me be a dick. love you!”

It all seemed to be reasonably alright until

the pool had to be evacuated, everyone fled in panic because the tsunami was real and murasakibara just kind of remained sat in the middle of the empty pool. it was a shitty idea, and they will never try anything other than basketball ever again


Haru is taking none of the Emperor’s shit

I am so sorry about this

anonymous asked:

(1/?) I’m starting with the second part of the second verse.
“I’m not free, I asked forgiveness three times,
Same amount that I denied, I three-time mvp'ed this crime,
I’m afraid to tell you who I adore, won’t tell you who I’m singing towards,
Metaphorically I’m a whore, and that’s denial number four.”
“Denial of Peter (or Peter’s Denial) refers to three acts of denial of Jesus by the Apostle Peter as described in all four Gospels of the New Testament.”
St Peter denied knowing Jesus 3 times.

(2/?) Okay now let’s go down to “Metaphorically I’m a whore.”
He’s not actually calling himself a slut.
He is calling himself a whore like the Whore Of Babylon, which ties in to idolatry. But also, Rome is modern day Babylon. Peter is the Rock of Rome or… The Whore of Babylon.

(3/?) “And that’s denial number four”
He’s in denial of what he’s done to himself.
Okay, but now let’s go to the chorus, “the darks not taking prisoners tonight”
The Whore is also tied in to the antichrist or evil. Aka darkness
I don’t think he’s literally talking about dark night time
I think he is talking about Satan.
And he said “I swear I heard demons yelling,
Those crazy words they were spelling”

(4/?) And he said “I will set my soul on fire, what have I become?
I’ll tell them.”
He’s asking what he has become. He’s telling us he turned himself in to an idol.
Now going back to the first verse.
“I don’t want to be the one, be the one who has the sun’s blood on my hands,”

(5/?) As for the story goes of St. Peter,
“All four Canonical Gospels state that during Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, he predicted that Peter would deny knowledge of him, stating that Peter would disown him before the rooster crowed the next morning. Following the arrest of Jesus Peter denied knowing him thrice, but after the third denial, heard the rooster crow and recalled the prediction as Jesus turned to look at him. Peter then began to cry bitterly.”

(6/?) He denied Jesus, Jesus was arrested, Jesus was crucified.
Peter had the sons blood on his hands. The son/sun of God.
Peter repented after this. He begged Jesus and God for forgiveness after he saw what was going to happen.
“I’m pleading please, oh please on my knees repeatedly asking,
Why it’s got to be like this.”

(7/7) Now as for the name Ode To Sleep.
Jesus took them to the Garden Of Gethsemani. While he prayed they fell asleep.
“On the eve of a day that is bigger than us,
But we open our eyes ‘cause we’re told that we must,
And the trees wave their arms and the clouds try to plead”
Jesus told them to wake up. They kept falling asleep though he prayed 3 times. The End. Sorry that was so long.



Kevin Costner’s filmography (part 1)