jesus i'm excited for this


sorry, forgot to introduce myself. call me jesus. (x)

Hesokuri Wars takes to the sky in this next update!

Version 2.0 is here with new stages, BGM and new play mechanics. It’s gonna be the biggest update yet so get ready for the game to completely change!

Praise Report!!

I just want to give a huge shoutout to Christ for giving me a job that I could never have imagine getting! I want to thank everyone on here who prayed for me in my struggle of figuring things out. I may not have things figured out at all but I’m so thankful that God once again has provided. By no means was it my own doing! Thank you Jesus and to all those who prayed!

Hi there :DDD !

I’m still packing ma suitcase for the EnglandTrip tho I gotta go in a few hours and I still need a shower and stuff, haha x'DD
so, you already know that, but I’ll be gone for a week T^T ! with probably no ( good ) Internet :’D aahhh…damn… We will be traveling a lot, so i won’t have time to stalk the Internet anyway >w>)“

you gotta enjoy the 6th Episode without me v.v) ! have Fun <3 <3 ~ I’ll be excited for the Spam under the Servamp-Hashtag once I return home xD
and of course for the Spam for my 18th birthdaaaaaaaaaaay ! 8(>///////<)8 NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <3 I can’t wait, Jesus Christ HELP XDDDDD
yeah, I’ll arrive on the 13th of August, in the morning xD
It’s like : the last day of the trip in London - driving with the bus in the evening - through the night - BIRTHDAY - PARTY in the BUS - back home x'DDD

anyway, enjoy dat little SakkunChibi ~ I really adore his Animedia-style *^* and those shoes were perfect for my trip x'DD haha <3 ( ok those shoes looked like the flag of the UK, but now in higher Quality one can see that those are mostly random stripes which look like the flag…. xD ? who cares =////=) )
I hope to get the original Image of this sooooon *3*)~ <3 SummerMelancholyyyyyy ~

So, see you soon :DDD !


SUPER EXCITED for Ghost Racers tomorrow! I was supposed to work on a really big piece, but I also felt like revisiting my patterns. 

Under a cut because this is sort of grumpy and overly pedantic and I’m sorry.

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Wirt Cosplay ready to go for Salt Lake Comic Con!! 

I made this with my own bare hands (and a sewing machine and also the DI) so I guess this deserves to go on my art blog idk