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Dating a BTS Member Would Include: Rap Monster

Dating BTS Series

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  • “Y/N, you got no jams” “Shut the fuck up  NamNams™, neither do you”
  • Movie nighhhttsss !!
  • Giving him probably a rubber ball and hoping it won’t break too
  • “We can’t have nice things because of you”
  • “Are you trying to kill me”
  • *does seaweed dance* “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS NAMJOON ??”
  • “I love you so much but right now I am just picturing how I will kill you”
  • Neck kisses

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imagine based on shitmike‘s text post because it was sent from the gods and needed an imagine to let it be lived in all its glory

I hope this is good, because I wrote it and like 1am because I loved the idea so much

“Michael was it really that much of an effort just to put way the bloody dishes back? Oh wait yes it was because you were too busy playing video games and oh then you forgot to feed the cat. Michael seriously I ask you to do two things and you can’t even be bothered to do them.” you yell annoyed at your boyfriend who sits on the sofa rolling his eyes at you.

“Jesus do you ever shut that gob of yours?” he yelled back, causing you to glare at him.

“Maybe I would if you actually did the things I asked you to.” you said, becoming beyond irritated at your boyfriend who wouldn’t even apologise and the fact you were having this argument at 1 in the morning was not helping.

“You are not my fucking mother y/n so do me a favour and shut the fuck up and stop acting like it.” He yelled back, you were beyond annoyed now.

“Fine, your girlfriend is kicking you out the bed tonight. You can sleep on the sofa tonight. Good-night Michael.” you said, slamming the living room door shut making Michael flinch. 

He rested his head in his hands and sighed loudly, ‘well done Michael you fucked that up.’ He said to himself quietly before going into the kitchen and putting the dishes away and giving Oscar a little more food, since you had already given him some.

He left the kitchen and went into the hallway grabbing the notepad and pen that were left on the sideboard and he quietly made his way up the stairs. He pushed the door to your bedroom, he sighed quietly it was locked. He slid down the door and opened the notepad and also took the lid off the pen.

He wrote on the paper ‘if you were a triangle you’d be acute one’ he tore the paper off and shoved it under the door. He then wrote ‘why is Peter Pan always flying? because he Neverlands’ and he shoved it under the door.

He repeated this process a couple more times until he wrote ‘you like sleeping? me too! maybe we should do it together?’ He knew you had seen the rest and when he slid this one under the door, after a moment if dead silence he heard the latch of the door click. He watched the door open slowly, to see you stood in front of him in his Metallica vest, he smiled at you.

“I’m sorry for being a dick babe, you should know by now it takes me ages to admit I’m wrong, but I was and I put the dishes away for you. Can you forgive me, please?” Michael asked in a hopeful tone.

You sighed and opened your arms, Michael jumped happily before hugging you tightly. He leaned down and whispered “I love you, I hope you know that. I never want you to forget it.”

He pulled away and rested his right hand on your right cheek, rubbing it softly with his thumb. “I know Mikey and I love you too. Never forget it, now can we sleep because I’m tired.”

shipping supercat is such a nice breath of fresh air in a pool-filled of my dead wlw ships. you set very low expectations for it at the very beginning and you don’t really expect it to be canon (because duh, age gap) but the writers of the show just gives you so much shippy material to work with. if you think about it, kara has shared more intimate moments with cat than with her main het love interest so far. honestly, i just feel so blessed. thank you @ rao (& supergirl writers).

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