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➵ characters: g-dragon x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 5140
➵ summary: jiyong shows up with a new hair colour and you’re happy. really happy.
➵ author’s note:this came purely from the weakness i felt when jiyong coloured his hair black after the fxxk it promotions. something about it every time he does has me putty. and this is my first post after at least four months. wow i’m really terrible, if you guys hate me now i don’t blame. but i hope this makes you hate me less. enjoy!

JiJi: You’re not at the studio anymore. Where did you go?

You: YG called me in to his office.

JiJi: Is everything okay?

You: Yeah, everything’s fine. Give me a couple more minutes.

From behind you, the door to Hyunsuk’s office creaked open as he entered the room once more after having taken an important call. You scurried to return your phone in your bag just beneath you, watching the man go around his large desk and settle in his seat.

“Sorry about that. So,” he sighed. “Will you be able to just keep Chaerin company on her US tour? You know, just so that she has someone there with her that she trusts.”

“Of course. She’ll be safe with me,” you smiled enthusiastically.

“Great. We’re still deciding on dates, but it’ll be within the next two or three months. We’ll keep you posted.”

You smiled again, nodding respectfully. As Hyunsuk rose from his seat, you quickly followed suit. You said your farewell, ensuring him once more that Chaerin is in secure hands.

“Oh, by any chance, are you going to see Jiyong?”

“Um,” you chuckled nervously, “yes, I believe so.”

“Do tell him he still owes me a dinner for losing that bet… he’ll know what I’m talking about.”

“Yes… sir, I will.”

With one last polite goodbye, you left Hyunsuk be in his office and back to his work. The journey from the grand office back to the floor where most studios were did not take that long, taking just a minute or two to arrive at your destination. You had expected Jiyong to already be there, either waiting for you or deep into his work, but the studio was just as you had left it, empty.

You plonked your bag on the spacious leather in the corner of the room, sitting beside it, allowing one leg to cross over the other. A long sigh was exuded before you let your head fall back onto the sofa’s top, closing your eyes, relishing in the silence. However, it was short lived, as you heard the glass door you had closed reopen, hearing a familiar voice.

“Hmph, that didn’t take long,” Jiyong commented.

“It wasn’t supposed to,” your eyes remained closed. “And YG said something about a bet?” Your head was lifted so you sat up straight, and even though your eyes were now open they still faced downwards to your lap. “That you still owe him dinner?”

“Ha, he’s still going on about that?” he chuckled. “Soon.”

“He called me to ask to go on tour with Chaerin,” your head snapped up. “You know, just to— “

Your facial expression which was once aloof and calm was now very much alert, with surprise becoming the new emotion, and it rendered you speechless.

Jiyong waited for you to complete your sentence, but when you didn’t he scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. “Just to what?”

“You coloured your hair?”

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Because we all know what state JiKook were in when this masterpiece was created…

All Manner of Thing - A Call the Midwife Fanfic

Soooooo I wrote a fic based on the lovely @deliabusbys‘ excellent headcanon. It’s my first ever fic, just a fluffy Patsy and Delia one-shot. And please, bear in mind that I haven’t written for fun since I left school, a long long time ago. Enjoy!!

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It was just about midnight when Dean got home and he could smell the weed from the sidewalk. By the time he got in the screenless side door he was smiling a little, amused, ready to make a joke about getting a contact high. Dad would be pissed, not at the weed itself but on principle (can’t really be alert, boys, if you’re strung out higher ‘n a kite). But Dad had been away awhile and it wasn’t like Dean needed to ride Sam about doing his homework. He was a good kid. A good kid who’d recently discovered the joys of pot.

Dean was still smiling when he came into the living room and found Sam slouched against the back of the sofa, legs sprawled out wide in front of him and pupils blown wide. He was palming himself through his jeans - too spaced to even jerk off, Dean thought with an affectionate twitch of his lips. He threw Sam a piece of pizza and perched on the end of the couch.

‘Hand off your dick, you perv,’ he said cheerfully, plucking the joint from between Sam’s fingers and taking a long drag. ‘What’s up?’

Sam slowly focused on him - or, rather, on something a little below his eyes, which was kind of weird. Mind you the kid was so baked Dean was surprised he could even look in the right direction.

‘Your - mouth,’ said Sam, unexpectedly. ‘It’s so soft Dean.’

Dean rubbed at his lower lip self-consciously and Sam actually groaned, which was unsettling.

‘Dude,’ Dean said, ‘it’s a regular mouth,’ and Sam stared at him as if he’d casually mentioned that the sky was usually lime green.

‘It’s not,’ he said, breathily, and Dean shifted because his kid brother’s voice should not make him feel like that. ‘Dean it’s like - it’s so -’ he trailed off, still staring, and Dean had nearly decided to get up and go to bed and definitely not mention this in the morning when Sam spoke again, the colour up now over his cheekbones. ‘Makes me wanna - put my fingers in it and -’

‘Jesus, Sam,’ said Dean, and went to bed; but he was shaking a little, and while he shucked off his jeans and watched the rest of the pizza congeal in its box he could hear Sam grunting and panting back in the other room.

Took Dean a long time to get to sleep that night.


A little domestic at the Temple

i’ve never really understood how a celebrity could save a fan’s life.

until now.

until jared padalecki.

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The dads... and their Dad Jokes!


“Are we clear, dad?”

“No, I’m Noiz dad, he’s Clear dad”

“Jesus Christ dad”

“Nah, just call me Noiz”

“DAD, daddy Noiz is bothering me”

“Oh Hi bothering me, I’m daddy Mink an this is my child”

“Are you serious??”

“No? I’m daddy Mink?”


*Collective answer from all of the dads regardless of where they are in the house* “HI MOVING OUT, IM DAD”


Today I learned a funny thing.

In the original Halloween movie, the wardrobe team needed a cheap, simple solution to use for the main villain mask, so they just ran to the closest costume store and bought whatever they had. Then they cut it up and painted it white to create the now famous Michael Myers character mask that we all know and love to fear.

The mask they used was a Star Trek Captain Kirk mask.


Beneath the white pale face of Michael Myers, is our own beloved WILLIAM SHATNER.


Guys. I worked in a haunted house for 5 YEARS AND NEVER KNEW THIS. I have seen that stupid Michael Myers mask more times than I can count. i’M. DYING. 

BONUS pic of a vintage advertisement for the actual Captain Kirk mask which is gODAWFUL xDDDDDD halp i’m dying i’m ded

follow me through the night // a witchy playlist // listen

fithos lusec wecos vinosec (orchestral) - nobuo uematsu // charmed (again) - nebelhexe // sisters of the light - xandria // another witch is dead - the eccentronic research council // under the earth - yeah yeah yeahs // ritual - hexperos // let yourself go wild - jasmin tabatabai // razor sharp - collide // pulse of the earth - ava inferi // sisters of the moon - fleetwood mac // the earth is my witness - the gathering // drumming song - florence + the machine // ritual - ellie goulding // witchdrums - nightwish // the coven - autumn // threefold law - nemesea // vessel - zola jesus // the pagan way - trobar de morte // my book of shadows - domina noctis // the dance - within temptation // cursive eve - i:scintilla // senses capture - leaves’ eyes // goddesses - the dreamside // earthlore - aenima

How have I not seen this anywhere until now?!


Baby seasons change but people don’t

Imagine that Ken out of nowhere acquires a superpower that makes him speak out loud the thoughts of anyone he touches. He wants to use his power for good so what he comes up with is being a Leo translator. The earliest occasion is during practice, they’re learning a specially hard choreography and everyone’s frustrated, Leo is known for his determination so Ken goes to touch him to get some words of inspiration; the moment they come in contact his mouth goes by itself, loudly and uncontrollably: WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! ONCE WE KNOW! THAT WE ARE! WE’RE ALL STARS! AND WE SEE THAT!!!

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I was wondering if there is a way to celebrate nature while still following Jesus? I feel connected with certain animals & other elements of nature, & I've felt this way for a long, long time; but I don't know how God fits into these connections positively. I've looked into Christopaganism, which is the blending of Christianity & Neopaganism, as a possible solution. Any thoughts? (If you could please tag your answer with my username, so then I can find it, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!)

Boy, I’ve never met a religion with the word “pagan” in the title that I liked. 

Start with the Bible. Start with what’s true. Genesis 1:1. God created the heavens and the earth. All of nature, all of science and beauty and art. It all has its origins in God. 

Nature is a created thing just like we are. Worshipping nature is a bad idea. I think of God’s people in the Old Testament. They were always making idols for themselves that resembled different animals. God hated that. In fact, the first 2 of the 10 Commandments deal with worshipping nothing and nobody but God Himself. 

God is described as a lion in scripture, but that doesn’t mean that lions are gods. 

Now that doesn’t mean that nature doesn’t point to God. You can see His power in the vastness of space and His handiwork in the sunrise or the patterns on animals or plants. You can see His love for diversity and order in the way everything is laid out.

God bless you!