jesus he's so cute in this

Parabatai Lost Review aka Shut Up Raj

-Real Jesus tears over Jalec scenes, especially the first one, it was so cute
-Maia, sweetheart, I love you but you gotta chill out 😩 killing me and Jace here
-Can Aldertree just go fuck off please
-Thank god they let Jace show weakness, I love it
-“Shut up Raj” ICONIC. I can’t honestly hate him as much because of the upbringing he had but damn, big mistake fucking with Magnus
-Okay I’m sorry but y'all, the writers are looking at our fanfic because the Raphael/Elaine convo was so out of the classic “be my roommate/boyfriend” cliche IT HURT
-Seriously, the Saphael was heavy this episode!
-What does Jocelyn do in the Institute? Just paint? I’m just curious
-Clary’s outfits in this episode were so good like wow I’m shook

Very good episode, just annoyed at the miscommunications. Poor Jace can’t catch a break from being put through hell. Can’t wait for the next episode!

“Wouldn’t Maggie and Jesus be such a good couple. Like I know he is gay in the comics but they could make him straight in the show!!!”

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“Maggie and Aaron should be a couple when Eric dies”

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“Rosita and Jesus would be a cute couple!”

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(Aaron and Jesus are canonically gay. Stop forcing them into hetero pairings it’s wrong. Aaron has a boyfriend, Eric, for crying out loud. Also stop pairing up Maggie so f’ing soon. Glenn, her one true love is dead, she won’t want anyone else not now and probably not even in the future)

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side note you guys can hmu if u need translations to some obscure video that’s in korean bc ive slipping into the bilingual life™ - mod kimchi

S. Coups

  • this boy can’t stop smiling
  • would laugh but in a good way
  • does that thing where he holds the fans hand and swings it around and repeats it slowly and if you keep struggling he’ll be like its okay

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  • call the ambulance this boy has been SHOT
  • can’t take the cuteness and he’d want to squeeze ur cheeks and hug you
  • would get joshua to translate that it’s okay bc joshua is his personal translator and literally with jeonghan 24/7

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  • he’d be such a sweatheart about it and slowly talk you through it and compare pronunciation to words in english like “say ji the way you say je in jesus and soo the way you say soon!”
  • would have a conversation w you afterwards
  • cutie would hold ur hand

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  • he find it so endearing how determined you are and how you mumble the pronunciation under your breath afterwards too
  • he would want you to get it right and when you do he’d do a happy dance
  • would go back to dorms that night and brag about you to the boys “a foreigner knows how to say my name!!!” congrats jun now shut up we want to sleep

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  • gets overexcited
  • might even hit you in the “ohmygosh” way that wonwoo does with his disturbing aegyo sound that goes like “aing” yeah details man details
  • i feel like being the person he is he would probably call you his wife straight after you get it right

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  • he gets sooo flustered when you pronounce it right
  • most say won-woo but you finally got it!! won-oo!! he’s psyched!! but keeps it hidden bc he’s a cool kid. but he’ll be smiley and blushy especially cause u cute 
  • would try to pronounce your name as well :’) considerate Home Boy

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  • he would almost seem? uninterested?
  • until you frown a little and his breath gets caught in his throat because u r C U T E
  • wouldn’t actually mind if you can’t pronounce he’d actually think it was cuter when you couldn’t

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  • he would be like scoups laughing but 10x harder and would be like jun doing a happy dance but 100x harder
  • actual sunshine that finds everything you do so cute
  • would want you to say his name over and over again regardless of correct pronunciation

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  • lmao what a nerd he’s grinning so hard thughao is concerned/roasting
  • “my name is mingyu. i love my carats. do you know it?”
  • really happy that you can say his name, lowkey doesn’t want you to learn other member’s name hahaha

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  • myung ho myung ho myung ho myung ho
  • would repeat it a lot with you like as soon as you start “mi - “ “myung ho” “okay so myung -” “- ho, myung ho”
  • but its all good intention he just wants to help you + would be really shy and sorry about cutting you off afterwards

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minghao is so precious he can shoot me and id thank him


  • he’d one up you bye pronouncing your name right first and you know it
  • “my english is best quality” understand he’s gotta keep up the divaboo concept
  • would actually be so touched? that you are trying? in the first place like hhhhh

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  • at first he’d do his ‘help me what’s happening’ fish face
  • and then he’d crack a grin and clap like a seal start barking and flopping
  • turns out he is a sea creature
  • LMAO I’M SORRY I GOT CARRIED AWAY no but he’d be really happy and like seungkwan so touched
  • “seungkwan you’re english is very low quality”

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  • you get it right in one try his name is literally chan (chahn) what did you except
  • doesn’t have the satisfaction that other memebers got so he tries to make you say something else like
  • “chan jjang e yah” “chan saranghae”

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lmao w love

mod kimchi

We all know Alicia was a very famous model and it kinda made me think… if you hang out with someone who knows about make-up, you end up knowing about make-up. You talk to your friends about work, so they know what happened at the office. 

Enter Bob. Hockey-mad Bob who meets Alicia at a party where he’s being introduced to one of her friends and who is just… floored… by this woman. It’s obvious. He’s head over heels before he even knows it - Alicia? Not so much. 

I mean, sure, he’s cute and he’s got a butt that just will not quit, but he’s also clueless about the things she’s interested in. He knows nothing about clothes, designers, photographers - nothing. He wears what he’s told. Jesus - he’s got a mullet. She’s not interested. 

I want Bob being very aware that Alicia is out of his league. He makes an effort. He gets his hair cut into something more fashionable - he thinks he looks a little like Tom Selleck, and suddenly he’s ‘the good looking one’ on the team. He starts to look at what famous pop stars and actors wear. 

Bad Bob is learning that he’s not going to be David Bowie but maybe he can get a suit that’s a little different, right? 

He learns about what's ‘hot’ and not from his sister, his friends girlfriends and wives - he has a few well meaning 80′s disaster fashion moments, but he gets through it. He reads fashion magazines and rolls his eyes at the chirps. He tries to remember who took the photograph. He may have a notebook. Jack gets his dorky nature from somewhere. 

The next time he meets Alicia he’s able to hold a decent conversation about her time in Milan. He knows who she worked with, he’s able to ask about things SHE LIKES.

She’s impressed. And after they’ve been dating a few months, she stays the night. 

Only to find that Bob has converted the bedroom next to his into a walk in closet fit for a queen.

“Well, I just thought… you know…” He shrugs. “You might want to hang some of your things up if you come over.”

So when she’s standing in Jack’s new apartment and sees the state of the art kitchen, the brand new appliances… 

“Who cooks, Bob?”


“Who does Jack know that cooks?”

“No one.” He says, stretching out on the couch so that his arm falls over her shoulders. “I think that the Bittle kid bakes - remember the cookies?” He kisses her on the cheek because he can. God, she does love this man. “Why?”

“No reason.”

Yeah this was not a good idea from the beginning

I doubt Steven can understand the idea of fusion yet.

To him Garnet just disappeared.



Okay this is really cute, they don’t even need to dance to fuse anymore.

Jesus, Garnet sounds so… unsure.

She sounds like she’s about to cry.

Yeah… Greg should be fucking sick by the time he reaches the van.

Poor guy.





The 13:06 convo on Christmas Day is killing me I’m laughing so hard

  1. Zen bringing up Jumin Han all by himself AGAIN (I swear EVERY time he’s in the chat he does this)
  2. Zen trying to understand Jumin and failing
  3. Jumin calling them heaven and earth is kinda cute?
  4. “I hate talking to you” “WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME” jesus Zen your tsundere is showing so bad
  5. And bickering like an old married couple kekekekeke

these dorks keep activating my shipping heart help I can’t calm

who you should fight: gamer edition
  • MARKIPLIER: Why would you fight Mark???? like seriously he's just a short man with a big golden heart who - you know what nevermind i don't know what markiplier is capable of he can probably kill u
  • JACKSEPTICEYE: LITTLE ENERGETIC BALL OF SCREAMING WHo's giggles can stop a child from crying and make them laugh with them and he's so cute???? what the fuck don't fight jack he's just having a good time
  • LORDMINION777: i mean go ahead fight wade but mark will give you a serious lecture afterwards
  • EGORAPTOR: arin can fucking kill you do not fight arin no bueno
  • MORTEM3R: she will team up with arin to kill you dont fight suzy
  • RUBBERNINJA: ross is satan. do not fight
  • CR1TIKAL: he can kill you with his eyebrows jesus christ how are his eyebrows natural #goals
  • DANNY SEXBANG: you can fight danny if you want but ninja brian will get revenge
  • PEWDIEPIE: you're gonna have a bad time

Dennis confronts his father.


“She’s cute, what’s her name?”