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Tony Perry #16


Tony and I had just gotten back from his band practice. He played in Pierce The Veil, so whenever they’d practice, he’d let me go with him to have a ‘special viewing’, as he phrased it. We raced up the stairs to my apartment, me beating him by a long shot. He and I have been friends for… how long again? I think it was around second grade? All I know is that he’s stuck with me for a ludicrous amount of time.

“Hey Y/n! You’re looking even more beautiful than usual, if that’s even possible.” The voice called out from the end of the hall. I sighed, it was Graham approaching me; presumably headed out.

Graham used to have a not-so-obvious crush on me ever when he’d moved down the hallway. Yeah, he was a nice guy, cute and polite but I didn’t like him that way.

It didn’t matter though, because I’ve always had my eyes out for someone else. That someone else, was who Graham feared. He never tried anything when Tony was around, probably out of fear of getting his ass kicked. Tony was actually a fluffy cute little button, but I understand why his tattoos and former piercings could be taken otherwise.

Speaking of Tony, he’d caught up to me and stood by my side as Graham widened his eyes. His pace quickened, head down, afraid to make eye contact with Tony. Tony quietly growled as Graham walked past, only making the lanky blond walk even faster. His fist clenched about to strike, when I’d stopped him telling him that Graham just wasn’t worth it. Tony just grumbled and slung his arm over me protectively. I’d unlocked the door, and Tony threw himself stomach first onto the couch. I could feel the irritance radiate off of him, so I flipped him over so he’d lay on his back. I sat down on the armrest, as I stared at him.

His face was still slightly scrunched in frustration, and didn’t ease up when our eyes met. “Tony, what’s wrong?” I leant forward, so that I’d fall on him. He wheezed slightly with the sudden weight on him, as my head laid on his chest. He grumbled something under his breath, which I couldn’t hear properly. “Come again?” He sighed deeply, “I don’t know, why don’t you just ask Graham.” I just giggled, “C'mon Tony, is that what this is about? You and I both know that I don’t harbour any feeling towards Graham.”

“Yeah whatever. Tell that to him next time you go on a date.“ He gently pushed me off of him. He didn’t want me to be on him, but he didn’t want to hurt me. “You know that it’s all one sided, right? What’s this really about?” He groaned, “Everytime he opens his bitch ass mouth, my stomach boils and I can barely control myself.” My eyes widened, “What are you trying to say, Tony? Are you jealous?” “Well shit, Y/n. I don’t know. It’s totally not like I’ve been in love with you since 8th grade or whatever. I’ve definitely not tried to drop hints, then refute them because I’m too fucking shy.” The corners of my mouth rose, as he buried his face in his hands out of shame. I slowly crawled onto his lap, and as he looked up, I kissed him.

Although he hadn’t responded at first out of shock, he slowly eased into the kiss. His soft lips merged with mine, and as his tongue traced my bottom lip, I gladly gave him entrance. His tongue darted in my mouth, exploring the uncharted territory. I moaned, as his hands cupped my ass and my arms wrapped around his neck. He stood up, my legs now wrapped themselves around his waist as he carried us to my bedroom. He layed me down on my bed, and broke the kiss.

He scavenged through his wallet, and threw a foil packet on the bed, then meeting my lips once more. Midway through our kiss, his lips wandered down, tracing my jawline, and down my neck. He did everything he could to mark me, biting, sucking and everything inbetween. He smirked against my skin, but it quickly faded as he realized my shirt was still on. He pulled away, and peeled the irritating cotton fabric off. He eyed my bra, before slowly unclasping it and throwing it away.

With a smile, he’d gently bit on my nipple, as his hand had begun to give a similar stimulation to the other. As if that hadn’t driven me crazy enough, with my upper half being indulged in pleasure I hadn’t realized that he’d unbuckled my jeans until his fingers teased my clit through my cotton panties.

His name lavishly rolled off my tongue, as his fingers entered me and his mouth was working magic on my chest. I was a panting mess under his touch. “Tony, please… I need you.” I moaned. Although I knew he’d comply, I couldn’t help but give out a little whine of disappointment when he’d detached from my body.

He removed the rest of our clothes and tore open the foil packet that he’d thrown on the bed earlier. He slid the latex down his hardened shaft, and readied himself at my entrance. “Are you sure you want to do this, Y/n?” He asked, wanting my confirmation before we did something we couldn’t undo. I looked up at him, with more bliss than I could’ve possibly described, and answered, “Of course, Tony.”

He pushed in slowly, not wanting to hurt me. His groans were cut off, as he’d begun to suck at my neck. My moans, his name and profanity were all that could roll of my tongue as he kept thrusting. He went slow at first, but once we’d become more comfortable, the moment took hold of us. What could only be described as animalistic lust had flushed over us, as his relentless thrusts kept hitting my sweet spot over and over again. All that mattered in that moment, was us. He and I. Me and him. It was more perfect than what words could offer.

My mind, body and heart were pushed to the brink as we became one; and that thought, as well as with my current situation, I’d begun to reach my peak once more.

“F-Fuck Tony. I’m close.” I atutrered out. My mind was in such a flurry, I doubt I could form comprehensible speech. “Shit, me too, Y/n.” He groaned out, his hot breath hitting my neck which at this point was undoubtedly covered in dozens of different shades of red, blue, and purple.

I could feel his cock begin to throb within me, I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. My body quivered as I came, and I tightened around Tony triggering his climax as well. He didn’t stop thrusting though, he rode out our afterglow before pulling out.

When he did pull out, he stood up and disposed of the condom. He came back, and threw a blanket over us as we cuddled.

“You know Y/n, to think it’s taken me so many years to do this.” He chuckled, as I raised my eyebrow at him. “You’ve wanted to have sex with me since 8th grade?” He blushed, and shook his head. “No, I’ve wanted to love you since 8th grade. To be able to love you, tell you and cherish you for the goddess you are.” This time, it was my turn to blush.

He just laughed at my reaction, “I love you. Goodnight, baby girl.” I rest my head on his chest, listening to the beat of his heart sync with my own. “I love you too, Turtle. Goodnight.”