jesus fuentes


“Brittany, do you have a celebrity crush, other than Anna Kendrick?” “Nope, that’s it.”

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I’m totally down for riding Mike’s face tbh. He would probably slap your ass as you grind against him and he would moan, sending you into pure bliss and you would close your eyes and arch your back and bring your hand (that was tangled in Mike’s hair) on his bulge and palm him through his boxers and he would probably be like ‘no’ because this was for you and Mike Fuentes does NOT seem like a selfish lover, but you wouldn’t budge so he would spank you and moan again against you so you wouldn’t focus on anything else, just the pleasure, and WOW, I really need to go to bed but it’s hard when you want to sit on a certain Mexican drummer’s face:)

One hundred and ten percent sure vic has a daddy kink, and not just any daddy kink, a papi kink. JFC imagine him relentlessly pounding into you, king for a day playing in the background, and then you pull his hair and bring your lips up to suck on his neck and whimper a small ‘papi’ and him completely losing his shit and his voice cracking as he moans out ‘say it again’ OH MY GOD