jesus comic


New seasons this summer/fall :
Steven Universe
Miraculous ladybug
Young justice
Hopefully haikyuu!!
Free! movie
Yuri on ice movie!!!
Killing stalking

Plus a new batman movie with Harley Quinn

my favorite thing about jesus is he’s so cocky and intense when we first meet him but really he’s just a smol gay mom-friend who worries about everyone and everything always


My oc Naya hates flowers but she actually likes a few of them!! Buttercups, Rose and Lycoris are her favs!!!!!!!!


sanspar following me already gave me a heart attack but this is too much.

So many people that I admire is following me and I’m dying?

Thank you so much @blinddetermination for following someone like me I hope you like this thing I had in mind ahhhhh ;;

I remember when I created my account!!! @sanspar was one of the first accounts I found about undertale and and nnnghh I was so stupid I didn’t know I could follow people lol please forgive me I am so lame jfc, but I finally learnt to follow people!!!!

And I can’t believe that two of my idols are actually following me lol, I just don’t know how to thank you guys ;; just-

Thank you so much!!!