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Dean Winchester is a Disney princess, Castiel is sure of it. He has Evidence.

  1. he’s got a chiseled jaw sharp enough to kill a man
  2. horribly clear skin
  3. entirely infuriating dimples
  4. he’s blond, but not too blond
  5. his eyes are a shade of green that does not exist in nature. The first time he saw them, Castiel was sure they were contacts
  6. this boy has fucking muscles for days, arms like tiny trees that bulge out of his t-shirts all over the place. And yet, Castiel has never seen him work out. More evidence to be gathered.
  7. He can sing like fucking Beyonce. It’s a secret, but one time castiel heard him singing in the locker room and he almost passed out
  8. he honest to god always has, like, woodland creatures coming up to him. Butterflies will land on him. On more than one occasion castiel has seem him trailed by kittens
  9. his smile could melt the polar ice caps
  10. he is, hands down, the nicest person Castiel has ever met. He’s kind to everyone.
  11. going with that, everyone likes dean. No one has a bad thing to say about him, his popularity spans all social circles and cliques and it doesn’t get to his head. He’s genuinely a sweetheart

 All that said, it’s pretty clear that he shouldn’t be anywhere near Certified Punk Loser Castiel Novak. Like sure, Castiel expects a friendly smile in passing here and there because Dean is an actual angel as well as his next door neighbor, but the guy has better things to do than hang out with a grungy weirdo.

 And yet,

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Hello! If it isn't too much trouble, may I have some prompts in which the main character is basically the king of bad decisions and his guardian angel/love interest is constantly ticked at him?

1) “What the Hell are you?”

“I am afraid that Hell has nothing to do with me. I am from Heaven. Your stupidity seems to have drawn me here.”

“Good God…”

“Sorry, but God would not bother himself with the likes of you.”

“Jesus Christ…”

“Try again.”

2) “How many bad decisions can one make?”

“Give me two days, a stick of gum, and a skipping rope.”

“It was a rhetorical question.”

3) “I am beginning to understand why Lucifer decided not to bow down to humanity.”


4) “I am your Guardian Angel.”

“And you’ve let me do all this stupid shit for all my life? You should be demoted!”

“I am a superior being, human. Do not take that tone with me.”

“You’re superior at being stupid.”

5) “Why are you crying, mortal?”

“Because I have the worst luck.”

“Luck does not exist. I believe that your scientists have already established th-”

“Oh great, my Angel is a science geek.”

6) “Why did you do that?”

“It was a spot of bad judgement.”

“You seem to have a lot of bad judgement.”

7) “Oh finally, you’re here- Wait. You’re not Raphael.”

“I am Safael. I am his sister. He said, and I quote, that you are too idiotic for your own good. I have come to save you.”

“Why are all you angels so passive aggressive?”

8) “Why are you even here?”

“I do not understand-”

“You just fly in and insult my choices, before telling me absolutely nothing about how to make the right ones. Is this a test? Is this some sort of sick divine joke? Because I don’t care anymore. I. Am. Over. It.”

“You cannot be serious-”


9) “Your decisions are… questionable, at best.”

“I’m aware.”

cute war syndisparklez things from mianite s1

- “i suggest starlight. suits you”

- “everyone’s telling me to kill sparklez nah we’ve got no beef”

- “daddy doesn’t want to play with me”

- “if i see you again, i’ll kill you” doesn’t kill jordan despite seeing him multiple times

- “i like how i’ve got him running, it’s so cute. it’s just like no daddy no don’t do it”

- “i like you. you’re a good guy”

More Things You've Heard At Fencing

•"Wanna fence?“
“Sorry I’m fencing ________ after they’re done fencing __________”

•"you guys wanna hear something funny that happened”
(20 mins later continues talking in a whole new topic until coach yells at you)

•"guys you know _________ who stopped fencing close to a year ago, their stuffs still in the back"
“I call their body cords!”
“Dibs on the knickers”

•"I forgot my fencing shoes*
“Just borrow ________”

•"hey so what time are you staying till?…“
“Want me to drive you home?”

•"you know why class today feels so great?“
"Cuz ______ isn’t here”
“That is so true!”

•"wanna fence?“
"Sorry they want me to ref their bout”

•"guys it’s past _____ we should probably start warming up”
“Nah it’s ok coach hasn’t noticed yet so-”
“Why aren’t you guys warming up”

•"shit coach is coming act like your doing something"

•"what’s the score?“
“I have no idea”

•"wanna go to 15?“
"Can we actually go to five?”
“….sure” *internally* you lazy mother fucker

•*tip flys out of barrel*
“Everyone on the ground, start searching”

•"you forgot to connect your mask clip”
“Whoops my bad”

•"yea I can eat this pizza before practice it’ll be fine"

•"why do you wear your long socks during practice?“

•*comes home from fencing*
Parent: “Jesus Christ you smell like club”

•"wait why are you hooking up with ________ you said you were gonna fence me!“
"Oh yea my bad”

•"wait what was the score again?“
“Should we start over?”
“Ugh yea, I guess”

Castiel Joseph Novak’s epic lack of romantic history has never been something he’s really worried over. Pondered, maybe. Contemplated, surely. Worried about, no.

He thinks about it sometimes, in a backhand sort of way, the way that one might think about the kitchen sink or the peeling paint on the front porch, as a sort of fixture in his life that doesn’t really mean anything to him, one way or the other.

At sixteen, he doesn’t deem it especially important. He thinks about sex a lot, because he’s sixteen and his hormones are galloping ahead of him, and he thinks about things like kissing with vague interest, but never in reference to himself. The problem, perhaps, is that he just can’t imagine anyone else finding him particularly attractive. He knows what he looks like, the way that puberty has covered his face in unappealing acne and made him grow taller than his parents can currently afford, so that he’s always going around in pants that are a little too short.

That too, doesn’t bother him as much as it probably should.

Castiel has always been serious - too serious if you ask his mother -, he does what he can and he recognizes situations that can’t be helped with surprising accuracy for someone in his teens. He knows that puberty is a river that must be swum through if he’s to reach the shores of adulthood on the other side. He knows that his parents don’t have the money to buy him new clothes that fit. He knows that, probably, no one will want to kiss him for a very long time.
He bares it, also knowing that things change, people change, and he will too. In time, someone somewhere will want to kiss him, he’s sure. These things happen. He’s content to wait.

He thinks.

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19th Advent Joker Imagine

Originally posted by jokerish-darkish-mindish

Your P.O.V.

Sometimes having a cat could be a pain in the ass. Living in Gotham city in a building’s first floor was another pain in the ass as well. I left the window open and the damn cat was gone! I came home only to realize he was gone. So I had to go outside at night to go and look for Pepper.

It was winter so it was getting really cold. Thank god I had my coat on me. I walked around the streets and decided to check the park, a place I’d imagine cats being. ‘’Pepper! Hello?’’ I called out for the damn cat and ignored the looks I received from other people. It was cold, I was tired and hungry but I had to find him. I’d probably bawl my eyes out if I never found him again!

After probably an hour of walking around I had to go back home with no success. I sighed as I stepped inside. It was actually sad. My eyes stung as I put my shoes and outwear off to hang. Then I walked further inside my apartment, disappointed that Pepper was gone. I loved that cat.

‘’What took you so long?’’ A man asked me, startling the living hell out of me. I grabbed a frying pan and stepped a few steps back, my heart jolting my throat in surprise.My eyes got used to the dim lighting and then I saw him.

Out of all people I could imagine the Gotham villain himself sat on my couch. The Joker was in my apartment! ‘’What the fuck are you doing here?’’ I growled, trying to act tough so he’d leave. But what would the odds be? I’m dead! His red lips curved into a wicked smile and that’s when I saw he was doing something with his hands. I looked down to his lap where I saw a black furball.


‘’Let him go’’ I demanded angrily, feeling protective over my cat. Then I grabbed a knife with my other hand, feeling a need to be armed. I was scared as heck, ready to fight as he just sat there, petting my cat. ‘’Oh chill girl’’ Joker rolled his eyes and sighed, like he was tired of my behaviour. My mind was running in circled as I tried to process what the fuck was going on. Why did this happen to me?

‘’Pepper come here..he’s a bad man’’ I told the car, but of course he ignored me. Pepper flicked his poofy tail and I heard him purring. ‘’See? Even the cat likes me. Lower your weapons Y/N’’ Joker smirked and looked at me. My cheeks flushed and my eyes widened. ‘’How do you know my name?’’ I tried to ask confidently, but fear was obvious in my voice. Joker put the cat on the couch and stood up, walking closer to me. He completely ignored my knife. My body froze and I tried to do something, but nothing popped into my mind.

‘’G-Go away!’’ I yelled at Joker and backed away a little bit. He looked deep into my eyes and he clenched his jaw, looking angry and it really scared me. My body started trembling a little bit and my breathing paced up. Joker grabbed the frying pan and took it out of my hand, almost too easily. His eyes hypnotized me and I just let him take it without fighting back. Before he could take my knife, I pulled my hand back.

‘’No! leave me alone! Go away Joker’’ I tried to sound harsh and angry, but I was at the verge of tears. Suddenly that angry look softened on his face and he gave me a pitying look. ‘’Oh I’m so scared! It’s to he threatened by a girl who actually can hold a knife’’ he mocked me and it made my blood boil. I pointed at him with the knife, making him step back.

All the anger came back on his face and I regretted my decision immediately. ‘’Wow..I..uh I didn’t mean to..I’m sorry’’ I whimpered and the fear came crippling back. Joker looked like he was ready to murder me. Suddenly he grabbed my wrist with lighting speed and squeezed my nerves so hard it made me drop the knife. I squelaed in pain until he let go. I pulled my hand back and kept it close to my face.
‘’Don’t try to do that again kitten or else you might end up in a bad bad position’’ He warned me darkly, putting his hand on my shoulder. Then he pushed me against the wall and towered above me, making me feel small. ‘’You see..You wouldn’t want me to pull out my belt’’ He whispered darkly, sending a shiver down my spine. Although my heart was beating hard, I couldn’t control my breath and I was trembling like I was naked in the Atlantic ocean, I found this interesting. From close he was even hotter, but it didn’t make me less scared!

‘’Why are you here?’’ I whispered, trying to stop shaking but I couldn’t. Joker’s face was so close to mine now. ‘’I saw you looking for that cat of yours..I recognized you baby’’ He purred and made me hold my breath. How the fuck? ‘’I have seen you dancing at my club oh so many times. Do you know how much I have wanted you? Hm?’’ Joker asked me with a deep and raspy voice. It made my knees weak, this time I was unsure whether it was of fear or simply the hotness in his voice.

Why was I attracted by a psychopath?!

Joker’s finger touched my jaw and he forced me to look up to him. ‘’How about we get closer? Does that sound good?’’ Joker grinned and seemed to come even closer. My awkward side tried to step in between, but I tried to hold any odd words back. It ended up with me being quiet. I just nodded to him, making a pleased smile appear on that slick face.

Joker came so close that his face was right next to mine. Then I felt his lips by my ear, his hot breath landing on my skin. ‘’Why so serious? Just relax Y/N’’ He whispered into my ear and then touched my hips with his hands. Jesus Christ. ‘’I just..I don’t want you to kill me out of the blue’’ I admitted a little shyly. Suddenly Joker chuckled.

‘’Oh why would I do that? I’m kinda keen to that cat of yours. Wouldn’t want to mess with it’s owner’’ He joked a little and looked into my eyes again. ‘’He’s a real sweetheart’’ I smiled and tried to relax. So far so good, he didn’t seem like he was here to kill me. Maybe I would get out of this alive?

But the real question is, do I want to get out of this situation with him?

Never Be The Same: Alt Ending

Part 1

(( OOC: I had planned out an entirely different ending for Never Be The Same, but when I got close to finishing the thread I went… Naaahhh, I like THIS one way better. 

The original ending was going to be a lot more shippy, this was just going to be an AU thread, but then I decided to try and make it more canon. 

So, for kicks and giggles, here’s how it was originally going to end (for those of you that asked for “deleted scenes”). ;) )) 

Sirius: I can’t… breathe.

Remus: *softly* We can’t go outside Sirius.

Sirius: *chokes* I can’t be here anymore… *tries to pull his arm out of Remus’s grip* 

Sirius: *Dangerously* Let go of me.

Remus: *tightens his grip* You’re out Sirius. You’re free. You’re never going back. Please, let me help you.

Sirius: ……. Help me?

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flower crowns and pastel boots- chapter thirteen

pastel punk au

chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, chapter fivechapter six, chapter seven, chapter eight, chapter nine, chapter tenchapter eleven, chapter twelve, chapter thirteen, chapter fourteen, chapter fifteen, chapter sixteen, chapter seventeen, chapter eighteen, chapter nineteenepilogue

buzz. buzz. buzz. buzz.

hey, baz

what’s up



are u ignoring me



baz turns his phone off.

he never liked you back, he tells himself. never. delusional, stupid idiot.

he sees them walking through school, hand and hand, hears whispers everywhere- “i hear they skived off history to snog”, and “aren’t they just the best couple?” over and over and over again.

he hates it. he hates him. (he hates himself.)

not good enough.

he had thought- maybe- the way simon looked at him, sometimes. what he said. what he did.


“baz isn’t talking to me.”

agatha sighs. “simon-”

“okay, you don’t like hearing about him, but- it’s been, like, a few weeks. and he’s not talking to me.”

she turns to look at him. “so?”

“well-” he hesitates. “well, he used to ignore me, but he doesn’t anymore. i mean, he didn’t. i just- i’m worried… that he’ll never talk to me. again.”

“simon,” she says, brushing the hair out of her eyes impatiently. “i don’t care about pitch.”

“but i do!”

his face is flushed and his eyebrows are furrowed. she sighs.

“simon, you’re his bully.”

he jerks back like she’s slapped him. “i’m not-”

“well, fine- you were his bully.” agatha looks at simon pityingly. “simon, you called him some pretty terrible things. you did bad things to him. and then you tried to make it up to him, for whatever reason… i think we all knew it wasn’t going to last.”

“but i still want to talk to him! he’s the one not talking to me!”

i know that,” snaps agatha. “you’ve been talking of nothing but him for the past week. he’s the one who doesn’t know it, simon! he’s the one that shutting himself off from you so what’s happened since fucking primary school doesn’t start up again!”

“i wouldn’t! i- he- i just- why now? what did i do? we were good. like, we were fine. then he just… stopped.” he looks lost.

“a couple weeks ago, right?”


“what happened a couple weeks ago?”

he just blinks at her, and she huffs, stands up. “you’re so thick, simon, jesus christ- whatever, figure this out on your own.”

“agatha, please-”

she pauses, looking back at him. “okay, you care about him. show him that. really show him that. and-” she stops, smiles wryly. “i won’t blame you for what you find out.”

“what’s that supposed to mean?”

but she’s already at the door.


baz cmon i need to talk to you


stop ignoring me

right im coming up to ur house

there’s a knock on his window.

baz groans, pulls his duvet up over his head- he knows it’s simon anyway. he can just sit out there for all he cares.

but he’s left the window open- apparently the knock was just a formality- and simon’s climbing in. he wonders if he could just fake sleep.


he sounds unusually tentative.

“go away, snow.”

“stop it,” he whispers, voice pained. “stop it, baz- i don’t know what i did.

the end of his bed dips- simon’s sat down. baz draws his feet closer to himself, even though he knows it’s petty. simon inhales softly.

“baz, please- tell me what’s wrong, yell at me, i don’t care, just- please don’t ignore me.” his voice is quiet and vulnerable and tinged faintly with panic. “i don’t know what i did wrong, baz, i promise- i won’t do it again, i swear, i-”

he breaks off as he notices baz’s eyes peeking over the top of his blanket. simon’s cheeks are painted red and his breathing is strained.


“snow,” he says warily. he chose agatha.

it wasn’t a choice, idiot. you weren’t even an option.

his palms are slick.

he wipes them on his jeans, swallowing dryly and casting his eyes to his shoes.

“why’re you mad at me?”

he curses his voice for cracking- damn it, he really is fucking pathetic, isn’t he?

“i’m not,” says baz impassively, and simon wants to scream.

“you are! you’ve been ignoring me for weeks, baz, i don’t- i don’t know what i did wrong,” he repeats, desperately. baz has to understand- that he didn’t mean it, that he’s trying to change, that he’s sorry-

he’s been ignoring him for weeks.

it all thuds into place, hard enough that simon actually jerks backwards.

agatha,” he breaths, and watches baz’s face ice over.

“what about her?”

he’s never liked agatha. his face when he said he had a date with her. ignored texts, missed calls-

“you- baz?”

baz’s composure is flickering- his eyes are wide and panicked over his sneer. “what, snow?”

“it was because of that, wasn’t it?”

“i don’t know what you’re talking about-”

simon’s inching forward, baz is pressing himself back. “because i went to dinner with her. because we-”

“snow, get off-”

simon’s arms are caging baz in against his headboard- his eyes are darting around frantically. “you’re jealous of her,” he whispers.

“i’m not-”

“you like me.”

no! no-”

i like you,” he breathes, wonderingly, and then he lunges forward, capturing baz’s lips in his own.

he’s everything.

my parents: don’t worry we understand that sometimes your illness effects how you act/react to certain things but we know that you’re a good person and that you’re trying to control yourself as best you can and we’ll be supportive of you in recovery and understand when you slip up or have bad days
me: has an occasional slip up or a bad day
my parents: what the fuck is wrong with you
my parents: you’re a psycho
my parents: learn to control yourself and stop being such a bitch about every little thing all the time
my parents: what is your problem you’re not even sick your life is great why don’t you go talk to people at the homeless shelter about how bad your life is and then come talk to me
my parents: grow the fuck up you’re such a spoiled little brat
my parents: all you do is overreact jesus christ you’re such a baby
my parents: if you ever act like this again you can go get your own place and pay your own bills because when you’re 18 we don’t legally have to deal with you anymore
me: falls back into depression and locks myself in my room
my parents: remember sweetie you can always trust us :-)

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Pasty white anon again,,,, people, we can't tell POC that something they say is hurtful.... isn't hurtful because WE'RE WHITE. Jesus Christ I'm just like ?¿? We're not POC therefore we aren't part of that community therefore we can't just go "oh no that thing you're saying is hurtful and erases POC isn't doing that". wHY

I know. Trust me. I know. I’m reading all of these people backing up the person that supported who I was having a conversation with and im just like???

But it’s fine. Honestly, being a poc i’m used to this lol. White people love to say that they understand poc problems and I’m completely aghast. And you know what? I would have left it alone if people werent messaging me expressing that the comments that were said hurt them. This fandom is filled with a lot of young people and something as problematic, and what I quite frankly feel was dangerous (the definition of whitewashing), as that, then yeah, I’m going to correct some people to prevent misinformation from spreading. We already feel so alienated, and many people here don’t make it any easier for us by allowing us to be erased. 

*yes. closed minded. because refusing to understand that something that hurts pocs, as stated by a poc, is a problematic way of thinking.

but say it louder for the people in the back anon. seriously. 

Liar Liar~Chapter 18

Genre: Mafia AU

Pairing: I don’t even know anymore

Others Characters in Chapter: Yoongi, Jimin

Length: 3495 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be

Part: 18/?

His grip started to loosen on one arm (the one holding the gun) and his hand travelled down to my hip. “Do anything else, and I’ll scream”, I threatened.

“Do it”, he challenged. But we both knew I wouldn’t. I didn’t see Taehyung as big a threat as I did Jungkook.

“Or I could just…”, I cocked the gun one handed, and Taehyung let out a small gasp “…shoot you.”

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Birthdays Aren't Important, But You Are

Fandom:  방탄소년단 | Bangtan Sonyeondan | BTS

Pairing: namjin (Namjoon | Seokjin)

Language: English

Trigger Warning: None

Rating: General

Word count: 5k


Seokjin wasn’t really the jealous type. He had a lot of trust in Namjoon and his friends and the idea of being cheated on had never really crossed his mind throughout his entire relationship with the younger. Jealousy was a foreign feeling, but curiosity tended to overpower him more often than not.

But when Namjoon took awhile to answer, accidentally knocking his head with the cupboard door, Seokjin paused to stare at his boyfriend. A small inkling of doubt began to prickle his mind when Namjoon answered him without meeting his eyes.


Or, when Seokjin thought Namjoon was cheating on him when he tried to keep a secret.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In the span of one ace attorney game Klavier's brother was convicted of two murders and his best friend/band mate was convicted of one as well. This all happened in the span of seven months. Not to mention discovering that his older brother essentially used him to take Phoenix's badge away. Kristoph likely got a death sentence. Daryan possibly as well. Klavier's band probably fell apart, effectively ending his music career. The game never explains how close Klavier was to his brother either. Klavier seems chill with all this but is it just an act? Is he actually slowly dying inside because two people he loved and trusted turned out to be criminals? Does he have like any other actual close friends? Is there anyone who can help him deal with how much loss and betrayal he had to face? Why does the game literally never even address this? Why do the protags just act like Klavier never had to deal with this shit? Not even a "Hey Klavier how are you holding up since your brother was convicted for two murders?" Jesus fucking christ.

sweet-fiber-flips  asked:

I just wanted to thank you for your "ah yes these chucklefucks" Lucretia post it is brilliant and perfect and i just remember it randomly and feel so so deliriously happy because Lucretia deserves the world

nsjdfjnfdj thank you!! iwas actually just relistening to moonlighting and i know she mustve been psyched to see the boys again but like. you miss someone so much you kind of forget all the annoying shit they do so when you see them again theres always that “jesus christ why”

Several things:

I accidentally ate my cousin’s biscuit (my brain wasn’t thinking) and right when I was going to go apologize, I heard her complain about how selfish I am and I’m a shitty person and how dare I since I didn’t pay (I tried to give her money, plus, she owes me $50). So I suck.

I had a nice date the other day that had indications that it went well (like him saying I should show him more places and let’s get together la di da) and then he ignored me (like I snap chatted him and he never opened it but posted stories) so okay I can take a hint but Jesus Christ why do people do that shit. If you don’t want to see me again, that’s fine, have some balls for christsakes.

I feel like I have no purpose in my life again and everyone is mad at me for accidentally taking a Xanax, ambien, Benadryl, and excedrine all in one night (sure, I apparently could have died but I didn’t and it wasn’t on purpose) and now I feel like everyone has me on an informal suicide watch and yeah, I don’t love my life but I don’t actually want to die I just want to have meaning.


Ok firstly, thank you guys. Secondly, I’m so sorry it took me so long to write this. Thirdly, yes I have combined these prompts and no it doesn’t quite go as far as nsfw but I hope you all like what I’ve done with it :)

“You didn’t have to carry me home. I’ve still got use of my legs you know,” Spider-man tried lightheartedly.

The only response he got from Deadpool was a slight twitch of his narrowed eyes, the rest of his masked face still furrowed in a scowl.

Peter had to bite his tongue to stop the sharp quip he wanted to say.

So maybe he had been a little reckless. So maybe he had come off worse for ware from his clash with the Rhino. So maybe he had been very lucky that Deadpool had been passing by to pull his ass out of there.

But he couldn’t work out why Wade was taking it so badly. This wasn’t the first time Wade had seen him take a beating from a bad guy. This definitely wasn’t the first time Wade had made sure he got home safely after a fight. But for some reason this time was different and Wade’s stoic silence was unnerving.

Deadpool had carried him up the fire escape and was manuvering him through the window of his apartment with a gentleness that clashed with his angry expression.

Peter could feel almost every muscle ache in protest as he curled into Wade slightly to make the man’s job easier, and when Wade rested him on the couch, it was all he could do to not cry out in pain.

He grit his teeth and worked himself into a comfortable sitting position. Deadpool had paused to watch him for a moment, his already knitted brow furrowing even deeper, then he disappeared into the bathroom to find the first aid kit.

Peter could hear him muttering and could pick out a few words like “idiot,” and “reckless,” and “could have died.”

Peter tried not to think about Wade’s familiarity with his apartment as he watched the Merc stop in the kitchen to dampen a few cloths before coming to kneel down in front him.

This wasn’t the first time.

He had lost count of how many times Wade had helped to patch him up. He never questioned why the man did it, he was just glad he was there. He had come to enjoy the Merc’s company and the nursing sessions were usually as banterful as the patrols and fights. But not tonight.

Tonight, Wade was silent as he set up the first aid kit and laid out the cloths. Tonight, Peter could feel the frustration and the anger and the concern and the fear emitting from him like a toxic fog. Tonight, guilt clawed at Peter’s gut in a way it never had before.

The last thing he wanted was to worry or upset Wade and he had managed to do both.

Peter cleared his throat slightly as Wade finally looked up to meet his steady gaze.

Peter’s heart clenched in his chest. The scowl was gone and through the mask, Wade just looked defeated.

“What’s worse?” Wade’s rumbling voice made his skin tingle.

Peter prodded at his ribs and winced.

“Probably here,” he said.

Wade blinked slowly as Peter tucked his gloved fingers under the hem of his shirt. The spandex was tight to his skin and he wiggled it slowly up his bruised torso.

He didn’t miss Wade’s gasp and he bit his lip as he thought how damaged he must look.

He tried pulling the shirt over his head but a twinge in his shoulder locked his arm and he couldn’t get the garment off. He struggled for a moment, trying desperately to see anything other than the Spider-Man logo pressed to his face, but quickly gave up and flexed his fingers frustratedly then said, “Wade can you uh, can you help me get this off? I’m uh, kinda stuck.”

Usually he would expect a joke or quip from the Merc but all he could hear was Wade move to reach him.

He felt the tension in the fabric as Wade closed his fingers around it and he held his breath as it was slid over his head. The nape of the neck caught on the hem of his mask and he could feel the mask riding up his face.

Panic gripped his chest and he tried to call out to Wade to stop but it was too late. The shirt was off and his mask lay on top of it.

He felt Wade freeze and he dared to lift his eyes.

Wade was stock still, mouth hanging open, white-lensed eyes wide.

“Uh I um,” Peter flustered. He could feel the heat rising in his cheeks.

This wasn’t how he had planned to reveal his identity to Wade but he guessed now was a good a time as any.

“Um,” he licked his lips, “hi. I’m Peter Parker?”

Wade seemed to shake himself out of his trance and he growled as he pushed himself to his feet and marched over to the window.

“Wait! Where are you going?” panic and confusion tainted every word. Peter tried to get up to follow him but grunted in pain and collapsed on the couch instead.

“For fuck sake,” Wade grumbled over his shoulder.

He turned back to Peter, still poised by the window but looking less likely to jump out of it.

“Why?” he thumbed his temples, “why do you have to look… Like that and then there’s me. Why couldn’t you be some gnarly ugly motherfucker so I’d at least stand a chance instead of, Jesus fucking Christ, instead of you looking like… Like that!”

Wade’s outburst took Peter by surprise and he was struggling to form words.

“Of course Spider-Man is some adorable freaking nerd,” Wade wrapped his arms around himself, “Deserves more. Deserves better.”

“Wade I…” Peter tried to get up again but crumpled in pain.

Wade seemed to deflate and he was down in front of Peter and fumbling with a damp cloth.

“You need to be more careful,” Wade huffed, “what the hell would I do if you got yourself killed out there.”

“Sorry,” Peter was trying to wrap his head around what Wade had just said.

He felt the cool damp cloth press onto his injured skin.

Peter was suddenly very aware of the fact he was half naked and mask-less in front of the man he considered a good friend, the man whom he knew had a crush on him. But Peter couldn’t bring himself to care. Having Wade here and now, it just felt so right and perfect.

He didn’t say anything else as Wade dabbed tentatively at his scratches and bruises. He just watched how so very gentle and careful Wade was with him. How his fingers barley ghosted over his skin as he applied gauze and bandages. How he never made Peter feel uncomfortable or awkward.

He watched Wade work as if he were seeing him for the first time, as if he were noticing every little detail for the first time.

Wade picked up a clean cloth and brought it up to Peter’s face. Peter let his eyes flutter shut as Wade pressed the damp cloth to the bruise on his cheek. He could feel Wade’s heat and feel his eyes searching his face.

He sighed softly, but then his breath hitched in his chest and his eyes flew open and Wade’s thumb brushed his cheek.

Wade jerked back with an embarrassed twitch.

Peter could feel his pulse quickening as he caught Wade’s gaze again.

He reached out and cupped Wade’s cheek. Wade flinched at the contact but didn’t pull away.

Peter shuffled closer until his nose almost bumped with Wade’s and he felt Wade’s entire body shift under his touch.

“Wade. Thank you. For everything you’ve done tonight, and for everything you’ve ever done for me,” Peter breathed.

“You don’t owe me anything,” Wade’s rough voice quivered. He looked apprehensive, almost scared, as if he thought Peter was doing this as some sort of favour.

“I owe you my life,” Peter smiled at him, tone and eyes serious, “and not just for tonight. Wade.”

Peter curled his fingers under the hem of Wade’s mask and pushed it up to Wade’s nose.

He could feel the tremors shaking Wade’s body and he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss to Wade’s chapped lips. His heart leaped in his chest, skin tingling with warmth.

He drew back, trying to control his breathing.

As soon as there was space between them, Wade whimpered and closed the gap again, crashing his mouth against Peter’s, hands coming up to thread through his hair, pulling him flush against him.

Peter moaned into Wade’s mouth, arms snaking around the Merc’s shoulders. He could feel the heat radiating from Wade. He could hear the thundering of his pulse under his marred skin.

The kiss was getting wetter and Peter pressed his tongue to Wade’s lower lip. Wade’s lips parted slightly and Peter dipped his tongue into Wade’s warmth.

Wade was hot and tasted of Mexican food. His tongue flexed under the attack and Peter groaned with need.

He eventually broke the kiss and pulled Wade into a tight embrace. Wade’s entire body was shuddering and he felt Wade burry his face into his shoulder.

As his breathing evened out and his heart calmed down, he pulled away from Wade and tucked his fingers under his scarred chin, lifting his head up so their eyes met.

Wade blinked at him, mouth twisted in a wary smile. His body had tensed and Peter realised he was waiting for Peter to dismiss him. Peter had taken what he wanted and now was done with him.

Peter’s heart broke in his chest and to Wade’s surprise, he planted a firm kiss to his wet lips.

Wade’s little squeak had Peter grinning into his mouth and he pressed soft gentle kisses to his lips and cheeks.

“Peter?” hearing Wade say his name, his real name, even in that raspy, unsure tone, had his stomach doing flips.

“What…what just happened?” Wade asked.

“I kissed you. And it was really really nice,” Peter rubbed noses with Wade, “and I’m about to do it again.”

Rich!Dex/Scottish!Dex continuation from this

Dex watched as Nursey’s eyes travelled up his body, get to his face, and then go wide eyed and shocked.

“Dex, what are you doing here?” Nursey asked somewhat shakily as he slowly stepped into the elevator. He was clearly uncomfortable about being in the lift with Dex. It pissed Dex off.

“Well Nurse, my family owns the joint so I guess it’s more a question of what you are doing here.” Dex bit back. He was annoyed. Now not only was he stuck with his crush. He was stuck with his crush who hated the idea of being around him, but Nursey had clearly been checking him out before he realised who he was, so you can bet damn well that Dex is going to stay slouching against the wall looking like a model out of a Clive Christian Cologne ad.

“Wait what, I though your parents were tight with money and stuff?” Nursey asked, sounding more confused and more uncomfortable every second.

“You just assumed.”

“But that grey and white top you always wear, it doesn’t even have a label.” Nursey was even starting to sound desperate.

The elevator began to slow down and honestly at this point Dex couldn’t decide if he wanted to punch Nursey in the face with his fist or his mouth. It didn’t help that he was standing there in a deep maroon suit with a black shirt and black shoes, with his facing looking all good and everything.

“That top is Gucci, I had a tailor remove the tag because it was scratchy and annoying.” And with that Dex shouldered past Nursey and walked out into the long corridor, he could hear Nursey leave it as well, mainly because he could hear Nursey trip as he left it.

“Heya.” Dex looked down to see his sister, dressed in gold gown that trailed behind her a little.

She leaned against him as they walked to the large dining hall where very loud chatter could already be heard.

“You’re not wearing heels are you?” Dex asked his sister without looking down.

“Maybe.” She replied.

“Were they ugly.” Dex asked. It had only happened once before, one of Dex’s cousins had been given some weird pair of feather heels that looked like a kids craft project.

“No, they were pretty, a pair of strappy gold Louboutin’s.” She mumbled back. Dex heard Nursey gasp, for a second he had forgotten the he was there.

“Is it because of your ankle?” Dex asked back.



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Part 7 - Here to Collect

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.545


Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

PART 1 ●○ PART 2 ○● PART 3 ●○ PART 4 ○● PART 5 ●○ PART 6

“You know what they will do to you?” Dylan screamed putting his hands on his head.

“I’ve heard somethings…” I whispered.

“Jesus Christ Y/N. You have no idea where you’re getting into.” He said more softly.

“I really don’t…” I whispered again.

“You know, you’re the first girl I ever liked for real.” He said seriously.

“Dylan I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you. It just happen I-” I felt bad as shit.

Everything was great before Blondie appeared. Dylan was what I wanted! Why did that change so fast?

“No it’s ok. I guess I deserve it for what I’ve done to other girls.” He breathed out.

“Dylan…” I breathed. “I’m sorry… You’re amazing but-”

“He’s better.” He cut me out.

“What? No! I didn’t say that. Dylan you can’t compare yourself to someone, like that. You have everything that I want in a guy. He… he hasn’t. I think that was what caught me off guard. I- I can’t exactly explain it.” And I really couldn’t. Everything happen no fast. I’m not sure of what I’m feeling anymore.

“I get it. He’s the town’s bad boy. Danger is exiting.” He said with a bored tone rolling his eyes.

“I don’t get why everyone says he’s from town but he actually isn’t.” This was always happening.

“He just ran off to his parents other house but he leaves here. I mean he’s not here but he grew up here he’s just being rebel.” He explained fast like that didn’t matter.

“So the big house… it’s not theirs?” I asked trying to figure out Luke.

“Nop. But can we focus on you? How the hell are you going to hide this?” He started to scream again.

“There’s no ‘this’ Dylan.” I don’t know anything about Luke. I know what people tell me. Are his parents rich? Cause that was a big ass house. Does he as siblings?

“Yeah but if they see you with him… Sabrina already went to talk to you.” I know he is concerned about me and that just makes him sweeter but why can’t I feel what I felt for him before?

“I don’t know. I need to think this out. I don’t know what I want anymore.” I’m so confused.

“If you stayed with me Y/N no one would harm you. He’s just going to bring bad stuff to your life.” He said coming closer to me his voice calm and sweet.

“He promised he would take care of me.” I whispered.

“How is he going to do that? He’s not here!! He’s not in our school!! How is he going to protect you?” He started screaming again.

“I need to go.” My voice was weak. I turned around and went to the door.

“Y/N I’m sorry.” He said as I closed the door.

“Hello?” I said as I picked up my phone.

“Hey princess.” His low voice was unmistakable.

“How did you get my number?” I stood up from my bed.

“I already had it since you got into town.” He said I could swear he was smirking right now.

“How did you get it?” I repeated.

“You’re new, this town is like mine, I had to have you.” He sassed.

“This town? Are you here?” I don’t know why I was smiling.

“Look through your window.” I ran to it and opened it looking down to a Blondie, back against a tree with a smirk on his face waving at me.

“Are you crazy? Someone could see us!!” I scream whispered through the phone.

“Come with me.” He whispered through the phone a smile now on his face.

“Where?” I chuckled a little.

“Trust me.” He responded looking at me.

“No you’re crazy.” I really don’t know why I’m whispering my mom was downstairs she wouldn’t hear me.

He chuckled. “Come on princess.”

“Ok… See you in a few.” His smile grew wider as mine did.

I manage to get out of my house without my mothers knowledge.

I ran to the tree I saw him against but he wasn’t there anymore.

“Blondie?” I whispered.

I felt two arms surround me from behind.

“Hey princess.” He hummed in my neck. “I missed the way you smell.” He said breathing me in.

I turned around in his embrace and pushed our foreheads together.

“I missed you.” I whispered and he smiled bumping our noses together.

“Come on I’m going to show you around.” He interlaced our fingers.

“Dylan already did that.” I said. I meant no harm but is facial expression changed at the mention of his name.

“Well I’m going to show you the best part of the town that I’m sure he didn’t show you.” He said as he opened his car door to let me in.

We drove in silence, a comfort silence. Sometimes he would look at me and smile. How can he be a bad boy and be so sweet?

“Did you talk to him?” He asked and I knew exactly what he was referring to.

“Kind of. He knew already something was up whit us.” A smirk made its way to his face.

“It’s over then?” He asked looking at me for a few seconds before looking back at the road.

“I suppose… We didn’t actually have something and we didn’t actually end it. But yeah…”

“Y/N you have to tell him it’s over.” He knitted his eyebrows.

“Why does it matter so much that I have to actually say it. He got the idea.” I crossed my arms.

“It matters because he has to know that you’re mine.” His eyes stayed on the road.

“I’m not an object.” I mumbled and frowned.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that princess.” He looked at me.

“That’s the thing. I don’t because I don’t know you.” I stated.

“What did he say to you?” I could hear the anger on his voice. Why didn’t they like each other?

“He didn’t say anything. I just- I don’t know anything of your life.” I tried to explain.

There was silence for a few moments until he started talking.

“I’m Luke Robert Hemmings, I’m 19. I sell drugs for living got out of home cause my parents are a pain in the ass. I have two older brothers, they don’t live here anymore. My family is the most rich in this town and that’s one of the reasons everyone knows me cause I’m a rebel…” He scoffed. “Just because I didn’t followed my family steps…” He shook his head. “Anyway I like rock and puck music, penguins and pizza. And I may have a crush on the new girl in town.”

I chuckled. “Should I do the same?”

“I know everything that I need about you princess.” He smiled sweetly at me.

“You like penguins?” I smirked.

“Seriously? That’s what you picked up?” We both laughed. “We’re here.”

“What’s this?” I asked confused. There was nothing here just trees.

“Come on.” He said holding my hand and bringing me with him.

We ran a little until he stopped in front of a tree and looked at me.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Climb.” He said motioning with his head to the tree.

I looked at it and when my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see some kind of ladders made of wood. I looked up, it was one big tree, I could see something.

I started to climb, Blondie fallowing behind.

A tree house.

“I always wanted to have one of these.” I breathed when we got in.

“Now you have.” He smiled at me.

“Is this yours?” I asked looking around.

“Me and my bothers made it when we were younger so yeah it is.” He said scratching the back of his neck.

“Oh my God…” I breathed out when I got to the window. “You can see all of the town from here.”

“I’m glad you like it.” He said embracing me from behind staring with me to our town.

“This is amazing Luke.” I whispered and he kissed my cheek.

“You didn’t even see the best part.” He whispered in my ear.

“Which is?” I asked moving on his embrace so I was face to face whit him.

He brought one arm up and moved back taking some kind of curtain with him.

My moth fell open. It was a skylight which meant we could see the stars.

“Blondie…” I breathed out.

He chuckled a little at my reaction.

“Lay down.” He whispered.

I did as he said staring up at the stars. He laid down next to me nuzzling into me.

One arm around my waist bringing me close to him. The other above my head messing with the strands of my hair. Nose running up and down my neck while I was facing up staring at the stars.

“Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?” I chuckled.

“I don’t know did you?” I joked looking his way.

He smiled and looked me in the eyes. “You’re beautiful.” He whispered bumping our noses before kissing me.

“How can you be a bad boy if you are so sweet?” I said as we broke the kiss.

“You make me like this. You change me.” He whispered.

Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

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A Wish Is A Dream Your Heart Makes - Part 3

Word Count: 2468

Warnings: Angst, arguing, infertility issues

Written by: @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms and @atc74

Italics will indicate a flashback or internal thoughts

Part 1

Part 2

“Dean?” I spoke hesitantly when he answered.

“You better have good fucking news, Y/N.” Dean cursed.

“Well, I do, but I also have bad news I think.” I confessed, closing my eyes., waiting for the inevitable blast from him.

“Talk.” One simple word, but a demand nonetheless.

“So I found the witch and she confirmed what I originally told you about the spell. It can’t make love out of thin air, it can only bring to light what is already there. “ I revealed.

“So I guess that is the good news. Now finish.” Dean sighed loudly, like he does when he is done.

“The problem is the words that I used. I didn’t really think about…” He cut me off.

“That is the whole problem, Y/N! You didn’t think. Like at all. You never have been one to think about the consequences of your actions. It has been that way from the fucking get-go with you.” Dean was now yelling so loudly I had to hold the phone away from my ear and I could still hear him just fine.

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