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So it's not only that ks has a beautiful thighs and butt. He also cute without even trying, he likes to be pampered, and also he is clingy. Yet people complain when fic writers write ks this way. They want the "manly and buff daddy u.u" ks. Which is probably something ks isn't.

LOLz that’s why i’ve been calling them hypocrites. these people are too obsessed with ks masculinity to the point they would use arguments that contain bottom shaming or basically putting feminine boys in bad light. it’s ughlee and really detestable.

imo, ks has certain traits that can be considered to be ~traditionally feminine~ (mm bet some of y’all are triggered right after your brain decipher ks + ‘feminine’ being associated together, better read it ‘til the end) such as;  

- he likes/is good at cooking* (remember when he cooked for the entire filming staffs in 2015? remember how he cooked in vlive?),

- good at cleaning* (ji said in radio interview ks folded his shirts before and jd admitted ks nags a lot about hygiene/cleanliness in their dorm),

*cooking and cleaning are basic requirements to stay alive tbh, don’t get why these stuffs are considered ~feminine~ but i include them here to match the current society standard™

- many people have said he’s caring, as in “mother-like” (remember he used to be referred as the “mom” of the group during 2012~2013? even ji called ks “mama” before. funny that thing suddenly stopped after some rumors surfaced… also, remember that japanese dance group talked about meeting exo backstage and how caring ks is cuz ks basically handed them lunch boxes?),

Q: “how does ji call you (ks)?”

A: “ks-hyung” and “mama*”

i know mama in kr means “your highness” but during this period ks was often being called as the “mom of the group (e x o - k)”, so it makes more sense to interpret mama as mother. 

- he does pilates which is an exercise that’s popular among women instead of men, because it tones your lower limbs (such as thighs and buttocks) and increases your flexibility. plus it’s kinda similar to yoga and we know yoga is also popular among women. 

some might argue that he does this for comeback (like bbh has said in their vlive, but then again, if so, why others aren’t doing it?) or for his upcoming movie (the movie is gonna be filmed in sept.. it’s too early to prepare. ks started training for hyung when the filming began.) imo he’s doing this for personal reason.

- he once helped around at his mom’s salon (he even said he had thought of becoming a stylist. there’s pic of him styling osh hair) which means he has some skills/knowledge about stuffs like this. he often carries that vaseline lipbalm as well. anyway, this one isn’t necessarily traditionally feminine trait/character imo, but ppl who deal/care about things like this are mostly women (it’s just like the pilates thingy).

- like you’ve mentioned; he likes to be pampered (his boyfriend ji said it himself that ks is “駄々っ子” (read: dadakko) which literally means “spoiled child” or “pampered child” and if it’s translated to korean it has similar meaning to aegyo–as in someone who behaves cutely like a child), contrasting the ~traditional masculine~ trait where men are expected to pamper their partner.

- and he’s clingy (which he had admitted by himself during pure love interview and even ji kinda confirmed this one by saying ks is similar to koala bc ks clings on ji)

all of these traits do not make ks less than a man. im really tired of these people (particularly his stans–and this is coming from a ks biased person. although there are some of ji stans who are like this too because “ji is the cute one!! uwu”, not saying ji isn’t cute ofc, he can be adorable as well just like ks.. still, it’s not a valid reason to argue/get mad about ks being portrayed as a soft & smol boy™ bc it has no correlation. you know what’s funny? ks has never called ji cute. it’s always ji who calls/compliments him with that word. ks has called/complimented ji as “cool”, “handsome”, “sexy”, “has the best body”, “most mature member” but never cute. anyways.)

it’s really aggravating seeing them bitching about ks being portrayed in the ways that have been mentioned above because it ~effeminate~ him!! uwu, even though those things are still part of him. it makes me questioning them tbh; are they ashamed that their fave has those particular traits?

also, his body description. i rmmber back then in 2015~2016 some people were legit triggered if you say ks is smol or tiny or short or has narrow shoulders. this makes no sense whatsoever…. bc that’s just basically how his body is. why people are getting mad over this shit? jesus christ. 

i still remember people argued over his and ji’s hand sizes. it’s obvious ks’ hand is slightly smaller (pics)…. honestly, why ppl even fought over this dumbshit. god. 

if we compare him with those tall members ks is smaller/shorter (and he’s def shorter than the official height SM published + he often wears shoes with thick soles that prob elevate his height to become 5~7 cm taller), and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

there’s nothing wrong with a guy being small or undersize (he even admitted this by himself during ‘hyung’ interview; “im undersized so i had to exercise to fit the role, although now the muscles are gone”). and there’s nothing wrong for a guy liking/doing stuffs that are considered to be ~traditionally feminine~.  

if you find such thing to be offensive, it’s your problem. if you dislike there’s a possibility for your faves to not be able to fulfill your macho/masc/hetero bs standard, you’re the problematic one. 

honestly, this topic reminds me of the phrase; “masculinity is such a fragile concept”. i thought it’s only str8 men who get triggered when their masculinity is endangered but turns out some girlies have this sorta mindset too. sad. 

it’s kinda ironic cuz ks once wore that shirt with “gender equality” written on the front area (which i assume he supports the idea behind the mssg) yet some of his stans love to spew out words that are basically bottomshaming and/or degrading fem! boy. they also seem to be so overly crazy (and highly aggressive) with the idea of ks being masculine/dom. it’s a bit…..yikes. no wonder ks only shows his aegyo/soft side to his closest ones lulz.

anyways, y’all who think “men being associated with femininity (such as being complimented as pretty/beautiful/soft/curvy) = insult” are just plain bizarre to me….and unlikable. if you’re one of those people, please stay away from me and my blog. just pretend that im dead or something. block me.

p.s: im not proud that i remember all of those stuffs (the interviews etc)… they just… sorta…. stuck in my head.  also, wow this is a long answer. somehow i feel like im gonna regret answering this cuz the topic seems to be sensitive… oh well. 

p.p.s: dks is a beautiful, adorable, smol and clingy soft boy who loves to be pampered/spoiled by his boyfie (kji) and there’s nothing your crusty ass can do to change it. literally not-a-thing. not even sending h8 anons to my inbox can change it. 

if your feelings are scratched by my words, please contact my lawyer here;

Masquerade, Chapter 20

TITLE: Masquerade


AUTHOR: Losille2000


GENRE: Romance

FIC SUMMARY: It started with a sly glance across a Venetian ballroom during Carnivale, even though both parties should have ignored it.  However, it most certainly cannot go beyond the confines of anonymous, masked revelry… or can it?

RATING: Mature (sexual situations, language)

AUTHORS NOTES: Thank you all!  You are amazing.

Previous Chapter

Chapter 20

The early morning sun woke me up before the alarm beeped on my mobile. A chilly breeze blew in through the windows, sending the sheer curtains up into the air, giving me a clear view of the serene outdoors for a the briefest of moments. I buried deeper into the wildly flung bedclothes when the cool air kissed my nakedness and coaxed gooseflesh to the surface, but I ended up hitting a hard, warm body stretched out behind me.

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Roy wants to use Angus’ phone to ring Sonia and interrogate her about the Morning After Pill packet he found in the car. He stands near Joël while Joël is talking to Mia and keeps mouthing ‘HURRY UP. Joël turns his back on him. Anyway, It’s difficult for Joël to interrupt Mia. She is in raptures about the snow, about how she’d never ever seen snow in her life before yesterday, about how she was so excited that she might have acted a wee bit impulsively and done something a wee bit foolish…
Joël: Oh, shit. What? What did you do?

Jared tears past, chasing Angus, Brutus loping along beside them.   

Mia: Well, I invited Monica around to play. In the snow. 
Joël: You invited Monica? My boss Monica? Monica-who-has-the-hots-for-you Monica? Jesus Christ. Mia, What the hell-
Mia: I knew you’d be mad. Ugh. You’re impossible, Joël. You tell me that you don’t want us to have secrets but when I do the right thing and confess something to you, you freak. It makes me not want to tell you anything.
Joël: Okay, alright, I’m sorry. I just don’t know what you could have been thinking, that’s all.  
Mia: I think we’d better get off the phone. Roy sounds a bit stressed-
Joël: Roy can go suck a dick. I want to know what you did with Monica that was foolish.
Mia: It’s nothing, really. I’d better go. I don’t want Roy to burst a blood vessel-
Joël: No secrets, remember?
Mia: Okay, okay.

She heaves a theatrical sigh and tells him about inviting Monica over and Monica getting the wrong idea and then about how Monica texted her afterwards and accused her of being a tease and a bitch. 

Roy: if that phone dies before I get to ring Sonia I will rip out your spleen and feed it to your dog, do you hear me?

Mia: And she said I could rot in Hell. So um, yeah. She might be over her crush on me. So that’s a good thing. Right?
Joël: Jesus Christ. Why the hell did you invite her round? What about my job? Do I even have a job anymore?
Mia: I’m sorry, babe! I was just a bit overexcited. All I I wanted was someone to play in the snow with me. Babe? Can you forgive me?

Before Joël can answer the phone goes dead.  

“As a women, you’re frustrated that nobody takes you seriously unless you go out of your way to establish your point and even then, the only people who can usually have empathy for your point also women, or just dudes that wanna get in your pants.”
jesus fucking christ that post makes me so mad like did you know that it’s not the fucking 40s anymore and women are governors and mayors and the leaders of entire fucking nations but in your eyes, since no girl wants to date you, they’re all friendzoning whores and lesser than you like nah man you’re a piece of shit

the ‘jesus christ don’t you fact check what you reblog’ sentiment ignores

1) reblogging on mobile while you’re waiting for the train and don’t have time to search for the truth x-files style

2) reblogging to read later people

3) reblogging from mutuals who you trust so you don’t necessarily fact check everything that everyone fucking posts

like seriously, the number of times that i’ve reblogged something to find out more later, or assumed that ‘since this is that person’s shit’ they must be on it with the info only to get a snappy response from someone MAD at me (therefore making me cease to care) is astounding

when I think about that one ‘healthy eating IS LITERALLY THE MOST EXPENSIVE AND IMPOSSIBLE *picture of eight pounds of grapes and a fucking bottle of sprite zero turned around*’ it still REALLY ANNOYS THE FUCKING SHIT OUT OF ME

seriously who fucking taught that person how to shop bc THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE

jesus christ I’ve had that post blocked since it started popping up on my dash AND IT STILL POPS UP IN MY HEAD AND MAKES ME MAD