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college au 

pairing: jinyoung | reader 

genre: fluff + slight angst

word count: 4.658

requested by anon 

description: you should’ve known that asking your best friend turned ex-boyfriend for a favor would never turn out the way you expected. 

The moment you come to a stop outside the clandestine coffee shop that sits a few meters away from the Engineering Research Building, you know you have screwed up. 

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Being Harry Styles’ assistant might’ve been tough, but it was just as rewarding. An advantage: being able to go to all the red-carpet events. Being able to walk into a high-end store and not getting looks as if you didn’t belong there because everyone knew you worked for Harry. Everyone respected you much more, which wasn’t easy in most of the industries. Sure, you might’ve been living off four hours of sleep a night and a gallon of coffee every day to keep up with his hectic life, and you pretty much barely had any time to sit down and relax, but still! The job was great and your pay cheque was even better. (You weren’t solely doing it for the money because you could honestly say you loved Harry to death, but the fantasy of being able to move out of your dinky little apartment one day becoming a reality was definitely a motivation.) 

Being Harry Styles’ assistant might’ve been tough, but being his assistant while having a huge crush on him was even tougher. As dramatic as it sounded, it absolutely devastated you when he was seen skipping around town with some tall, blonde, leggy Victoria’s Secret model. (He claimed he didn’t have a type, but he definitely had a type.) Having to send the girl off with a care basket after her frisky night spent with Harry just felt like he was rubbing salt deeper into your wound. It wasn’t fair, that was all. You had been working with him since the Take Me Home tour, and for him to not notice you at all in the five-ish years that you had been together wasn’t a great feeling. Now that you were working for him and seeing him 24/7, he still didn’t notice you and didn’t see you in that way. Going out on a date and having Harry see you in a romantic light was merely an impossible dream! One time, he told you that you were a wonderful friend and he was glad that you were ‘like, one of the lads, y’know? I like tha’ about you’. 

So, imagine your surprise when Harry asked you out to dinner. It turns out you had been completely oblivious this whole time to Harry’s feelings because according to literally everyone else on the planet it was pretty clear he was completely smitten with you. You were just the only one who hadn’t realized it. 

“Wha… What?” You felt like your heart had stopped beating for a proper minute when the question slipped out from his mouth in the middle of your guys’ conversation. You were talking about how you were planning to binge watch documentaries on National Geographic for the night because you didn’t have anything better to do, and Harry just casually… asked you out? 

“Dinner. I’d like t’ take you out for dinner, Y/N.” Harry smiled softly, tilting his head slightly as he tried to pick apart what exactly your reaction meant. You couldn’t help but look around the room, feeling as though there were hidden cameras somewhere. “I’m not pranking you, you silly goose.”  

“But… why?” It was clear you were still in a state of shock and unable to form a proper sentence because did Harry seriously just ask me out on a date? 

“Because I like you,” Harry replied simply, glancing over at his phone when it buzzed. He reached over and locked it, focusing all his attention on you. “I think you’re sweet, funny, talented, and awfully cute. I figured I had to snatch you up before someone else did.” Oh. Oh.  

“Oh.” You cleared your throat, feeling your cheeks heat up slightly. Unsurprisingly, it was very hard trying to contain your screams of excitement at the fact that Harry had been interested in you this entire time. You had to play it cool, though. Now that you knew Harry liked you, you had to act like you had your emotions under control, which wasn’t the case at all. I’m cool. I’m as cool as a cucumber. 

“I’ll pick you up at eight tonight, yeah?” Remember, Y/N. Stay cool. 

“Eight… is a great time to pick me up.” Your fingers seemed to automatically form into guns when you made the unintentional rhyme, Harry’s lips twitching as he tried to contain a laugh. “But, like, I’m cool with whatever time. I’m super chill like that.” You shrugged casually, getting up from your seat and nearly knocking the chair over. Jesus Christ. 

“Eight it is.” Harry beamed, watching as you collected your things and zipped up your backpack. (You were actually running late for an outfit pickup but you couldn’t care less at this point.) “Do you like French?” 

“I like anything! Hon hon baguette and omelette du fromage and all that.” Oh my god. Harry couldn’t help but chuckle to himself, rolling his eyes playfully. Your awkwardness was too darn endearing and was definitely one of the reasons why he liked you so much. 

“Alright. Au revoir, mon amour.” Oh, god. What did he say? What’s a mon amour?? Since when did Harry speak French? Your brain was now in a mild panic mode, and you blurted out the first relatively French-sounding words you could remember from your high school classes. 

“…Ç'est la vie, señor.” 

Close enough. 


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Outed by the Music

Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: While cleaning your shared apartment one day, you and Tom are listening to music and it has a mind of it own when it comes to what it should play. (Definitely an added bonus to listen to the songs in the imagine so you can imagine the bits I didn’t write out fully. Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid; Moments in the Woods – Into the Woods; Won’t Say I’m in Love – Hercules; Bad Liar – Selena Gomez) 

Warnings: Language, Fluff

A/N: So this is the first imagine I’ve written in like 5 years so please, bare with me. Also, I understand “outed” isn’t exactly a word but I use in language so it counts…right? Anyway…I had this idea after I was cleaning the house listening to some music and these four songs came on in a row and I figured it was obviously fate.(;

Note: I don’t do smut but if you have an idea my messages are always open!

Word Count: 1,020

*Wonder Woman theme plays in background*

“Every time I listen to this song it makes me feel like such a badass!” you shout over the blaring music. Tom chuckles and continues to sweep the rosewood floor in the kitchen. By the time that song has gone off, he has moved onto the floor in the living room.

“Percussion…strings…winds…” the song starts off.

“‘Words’” you speak along with the song, smirking at Tom.

He just rolls his eyes, laughing he watches you act along with the song. “Do you know where the dustpan is, Princess?” You shrug innocently as you continue to sing along. “Oh, come on. You were just using it!” he laughs.

You shrug again, “‘You don’t know why but you’re dying to try, you wanna kiss the girl.’”

He lets out a chuckle and looks up at the ceiling. After a moment he looks back to you, “y/n, you were the one who was insistent that we finish cleaning the apartment today.”

“‘My, oh, my, look at the boy too shy. He ain’t gonna kiss the girl…’” you turn back to dusting as you fake sadness. Hearing him come up behind you, you turn and give him a side eye, “‘Ain’t that sad, ain’t it shame, too bad. You gonna miss the girl.’”

As the song continues to play he pulls you close, studying your eyes. You bat your eyelashes innocently.

* Now’s your moment. *

* Floating in a blue lagoon. *

* Boy, you better do it soon, no time will be better* 

* She don’t say a word *

* And she won’t say a word *

* Until you kiss the girl *

Agreeing with the song, he leans in for the kiss. You smile into him before pulling away and whispering sarcastically. “Would you look at that. My voice is back! Wow, that really does work!” Laughing he pulls you into a hug as you look at all the work you’ve done together. “It’s in the hall in front of the closet, by the way.”

* Moments in the Woods from Into the Woods begins to play *

You both laugh out loud before Tom looks you dead in the eyes, “‘And how alive you made me feel.’” Then spins out of your reach and goes to retrieve the dustpan. On his way out the door he gives you a little bow.

“‘What was that?’” you state along with the song, giggling to yourself.

* Was that me? *

* Was that him? *

* Did a Prince really kiss me? *

* And kiss me? *

* And kiss me? *

* And did I kiss him back? *

You’d moved onto cleaning the windows but were slowly brought back into the song. It was just so natural for you to prance about while singing along. You were so entranced into it that you hadn’t noticed Tom come back into the room. He was leaning against the entryway watching you dance around before shouting “‘Wake up! Stop dreaming, stop prancing about the’ living room!”

Jumping about a foot in the air, you managed to knock over the cleaning supplies scattered about. “Jesus Christ! You about gave me a heart attack!”

“Why?” he chuckled, “you knew I was coming back?”

Scowling at him, you stood up. “Yes, I knew you were coming back. I just didn’t realize you were going to come in screaming at me.”

“I couldn’t resist! I came back at the perfect moment to jump into the song!”

“Touché. Now help me clean up the mess you’ve made!”

“The mess I’ve made?!” he laughed coming around the couch. “You’re the one who knocked it all over!”

“Yes because you scared me!” you said poking him in the chest.

“Alright, come on.”

The mess wasn’t that big so it didn’t take long to clean. By the time it was all picked up, the song was just about to go off. Tom flopped onto the couch and closed his eyes. Sitting on the floor, you turned to lean your arms on the couch next to Tom’s head. You were admiring the way the evening light hit his face when the song continued.

*Let the moment go.*

*Don’t forget it for a moment, though.*

Letting out a breath of laughter you say, “I guess I better go finish that window.”

He turned his face towards you. “Or…you could climb up here and we could watch a movie and relax for once?”

“As tempting as that sounds…I only have two more windows to do and then everything will be done. Then we can watch something, okay?”

“Fine.” He grumbles.

You manage to pry yourself off of the floor when the song ends.

“If there’s a prize for rotten judgment.”

“‘I guess I’ve already won that.’” You sing along. Tom let’s out a snort, knowing you’re referring to him.

“‘Who d’you think you’re kiddin’? I’m the earth and heaven to ya!’” Tom sings, filling in the Muses part.

Laughing you state, “I’m never going to get these windows clean with Spotify picking the music we’re listening to.”

“‘I know how you feel and who you’re thinking of!’” he sings sitting up.

Shaking your head. “‘No chance, no way. I won’t say it, no, no.’”

Standing up he continues, “‘You swoon, you sigh. Why deny it? Uh oh.’”

“‘It’s too cliché, I won’t say I’m in love!’”

Being the two Broadway lovers that you are, you continue acting out the song together.

“‘At least out loud,’” you continue as you lean into Tom. “‘I won’t say I’m in love.’”

* Bad Liar begins to play *

Tom raises an eyebrow at you. “Damn, outed by the music.” 

“I swear our phones are listening in on us and know exactly what to play next.” You say rolling your eyes.

“Maybe it’s just fate?”

You tap your chin as if you were thinking. “Nah, definitely the phone thing. The government’s totally watching us.”

You laugh as he leans in to give you another kiss. “I love you.”

“I know.” He stops and begins to turn away. “Hey! Fine, fine! I love you too, loser.”


I hope you enjoyed this! Sorry if it actually sucks, like I said. First time writing something like this in somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years.

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A grown-ass woman asked her INFANT SON if he was 'being flirty' with me when he laughed at the silly faces I made. NO, YOUR LITERAL BABY IS NOT FLIRTING WITH THE 23 YEAR-OLD CASHIER, JESUS CHRIST. Thanks for ruining one of the purest interactions I had all day. Straight parents, I swear to god.

Imagine... Dean finding you wearing a facemask

“Ah!” Dean screamed “Jesus Christ, woman!”

You glared at him. “What?”

“What… Wh- What’s that thing on your face?” he grimaced at you.

“It’s a facemask,” you said calmly.

“Face- you look like the woman for Goodnight, Mommy, Y/N!” he exclaimed. “You scared the hell out of me!”

“Oh, shut up,” you rolled your eyes. “You’re exaggerating, baby. And also, my face is going to be so smooth after this you’ll love it and will want to use one.”

“Yeah, doubt it,” he smiled. “So… does it work?” he asked hesitantly.

“Wanna try it?”

“Yea- no!” he made a scowl and left the room.

You just laughed and shook your head.

“Don’t make this sentimental.”

Previous parts: “Someone like me doesn’t get happy endings.” | “I can take care of myself.”

Word count: 1712

Warnings: none

A/N: The final part to this Bucky x reader series! Hope you guys like it.

Mood music: At Last by Martin Landh

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It’s three in the morning and you’re still awake, staring at the man who shared your bed. His head rests in his hands as he sleeps peacefully for the first time in seventy years and you smile as you think about how much you truly loved him. The pain he’d suffered melted away when he was with you and he looked entirely at peace and content as he slept, a welcome change to the guilt ridden hours he spent awake.

You shift against him, leaning into him as he sleeps and you curl your fingers in his soft hair; it was shorter since he cut it a few weeks ago. It suits him, you think as you study the face you fell in love with. You trace the contour of his cheek before traveling down to caress the hard edge of his jaw. You move down to his left shoulder and stroked the scars that joined his flesh to metal. Your fingers continue down to the curve of back, stroking down his spine. Then, as if a spell is broken, his eyes open to find yours gazing into them.

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Hail Mary, Part VIII

Premise: What if Jamie and Claire had 1) been more openly affectionate in those early days, and 2) not *had* to get married?

Part I  Part II  Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII

“Betrothed,” Jamie rasped as the clockwork wheels thudded into place in his mind. 

The Grants.

The delegation of Grants that Colum had been—

Colum nodded, smiling calmly, but his eyes were still narrowed in razor-sharp suspicion. “All settled, save the vows, and that comes tomorrow.” 


Colum had arranged for—

Fury. Raging, blistering fury tore through Jamie, and he had to grip the arm of his chair to keep from letting it explode from him. “Might I ask, uncle,” he said, with what he hoped was a good approximation of cordiality, “why ye didna think to seek my counsel on this before matters were ‘settled.’”  

The laird paused only a moment before answering, cool and collected. “Ye should be thanking me, wee Jamie. This is a good match. An important match.” 

“Important enough that it didna occur to ye to even ask my leave before selecting a wife for me?” Jamie tried to keep his voice steady but the waves of anger lurked barely below the surface. “Before determining the course of the remainder of my life?”

Colum’s words were still quiet, but as sharp as a knife blade through the still of the room. “You’re to be laird, Sheumais MacBrian. If it’s the remainder of your life, it’s the next life of the clan as well. As future leader of the MacKenzies, your life is not your own, anymore.”

Jamie snapped. 

“I’ve no intention to be laird, and my life is no one’s save my own, God’s, and those who have claim to my protection. I came here today only to inform ye that I’ve proposed marriage to Claire Beauchamp and she’s accepted.”

The silence before Colum spoke was excruciating. “Explain yourself,” he said delicately. “…boy.” 

“’Boy,’ it is?” Jamie couldn’t help a wry, scornful laugh. “A moment ago, I’m to be laird, and now –“

“And now,” Colum interrupted, his voice still alarmingly controlled, but the eyes showing the fire about to pour forth, “like a child, you’ll answer to your elders for your actions.”

Jamie bit back a retort that would certainly have sounded childish, and instead chose to remain silent.

Colum’s eyebrows were knitted hard. “She’s wi’ child, then?”  

“No! Christ—God in Heaven, no!” Jamie’s shock and embarrassment made his voice squeak like a wee lad. “I’ve no’ lain wi’ her. I swear it on my mother’s grave,” he said more sharply. 

“Doesna matter to me if you’ve swived a hundred lassies,” Colum said. “What matters is that ye deliberately deceived me here in this room three weeks ago in implying that your allegiance to the clan outweighed any liaison between you and Mistress Beauchamp.”  

Jamie couldn’t remain stoic in the face of Colum’s quietly seething wrath. “Aye, I did deceive ye, uncle, though wi’ no malice in my heart. See, it—” He took a deep breath. Everything, then. “I said those words in anger, but the feelings between Mistress Beauchamp and me are mutual, and have been growing for some time. On the road wi’ the rent party, we had a misunderstanding, and she left—then had a change of heart and chose to come back to see if the two of us might set things right. My heart was hard against her, that day here in the study wi’ Dougal, as you certainly will have seen, and I said what I did only so you and Dougal would understand the true reason why she left, and that there was no cause to suspect her of treachery.” He met his uncle’s eye directly. “But two days ago, Claire and I did set things right—more than right—and she agreed to become my wife.”

Colum nodded and reached for a quill. “An agreement that can easily be broken.”

Jesus, the calm and heartlessness of that statement. He all but snarled at his uncle,  “Absolutely not.”

“We’ll provide her wi’ a pension, if we must, to see that she’s—”

“No.” He was practically shouting, barely able to keep his seat. “I love her, uncle. I love Claire—and I came to speak wi’ ye today to tell ye so, and tell ye of my intention to marry her. I had no inkling of your designs for an alliance wi’ the Grants, and I’m sorry for the ill timing, but I’d never have consented even if Mistress Beauchamp were no’ involved. I’ll not be swayed—not for any price.”

Colum’s steely calm snapped and he snarled, leaning forward, white with rage, his finger pointed in accusation at Jamie’s face. “I got you your freedom—”

“Uncle, ye must—”

“—saved you from the noose, from rotting in prison,” he snarled, shaking his head slowly, like a beast about to charge, “and this, THIS is how ye repay me?”

“And I’m verra grateful,” Jamie said, marshaling his voice into calm, “but I didna—”

“Did ye think that I would risk my neck and clan and name only out of the goodness of my heart? Did ye think there would be no obligation expected of ye in return, boy?”

“If I deigned to presume,” Jamie hissed between teeth clenched so hard as to be painful, “the love for your own flesh and blood was enough to prompt such a kind deed, I do most humbly beg your pardon.”

“Love without duty is pure fancy,” Colum said bluntly. “Which is why ye will not be marrying Mistress Beauchamp.”

“I will be. You have my word on it.”

Colum’s mouth quirked up into a wry smile, the steely calm controlling his features once more. “Ye truly think ye can do this to me again wi’ no consequences?”

Again?” Jamie laughed mirthlessly. “To my knowledge, I’ve never turned down a marriage arrangement from ye before.”

“But your mother did.”

Jamie stepped back and pressed his lips together. Jesus, he hadn’t stopped to think on it, but she’d—

“Aye, you’ll ken the story,” Colum said, his eyes alight with a near-maniacal gleam. “Betrothed to one Malcolm Grant, and then up and decides she’d prefer to sneak off and swive in the heather wi’ your bastard father. And what your *bastard* father may not have told you bairns round the fireside—“

“Do NOT use that word in my presence.”

“—is that her actions, her heedlessness and SELFISHNESS nearly started an all-out war wi’ the Grants.” Colum thudded his fist onto the table. “This alliance is the reparation for that VERY slight, boy, and an end to the thirty years of bad blood between our clans that came of it. All that and more will be mended when you join wi’ Malcolm Grant’s daughter. I’ll no’ have it ruined because some Sassenach happened to walk her fine arse in front of ye.”

Jamie was already on his feet and gripping his dirk before realizing what he was doing. Colum’s look was defiant, as though daring Jamie to make him summon the guards. He couldn’t very well fight for Claire in a dungeon cell, and they both knew it fine.

Jamie clenched his hands behind his back and stared down at the MacKenzie across the wide desk. “If the marriage alliance was of such great importance, and ye esteem my leadership highly enough to have wished me to be laird one day, then ye ought to have spoken to me of Miss Grant previously, and no’ just have assumed I’d agree to throw my life away by wedding a stranger.” Jamie’s voice was calm. “But it doesn’t matter. I’m no’ your son, Colum; nor am I your logical successor, nor a ward, that ye might command me to bow to your will. I canna take responsibility for the choices of my departed mother—” Colum scoffed, and Jamie raised his voice, “—NOR will I be bound by an obligation I learned of scarce FIVE MINUTES ago. I SHALL go to Lallybroch with Mistress Beauchamp, where I’ll make her my wife and nothing you or Dougal can say shall—”

“Then it’s a good thing I sent word to the English garrison yesterday.”

Jamie’s blood froze. “What?”

Colum steepled his fingers, such a casual gesture Jamie wanted to reach across the desk and throttle him. “Oh, aye. About our mysterious Mistress Beauchamp, indicating my suspicions as to her character and purpose on my lands, and asking that they come and collect her, she being an English citizen, after all.” 

How could ye— how could—?“ His words choked off in rage. Claire, dragged to Fort William. Claire, in the hands of that monster, Randall. “How could ye have done such a thing, uncle?”

“Claire Beauchamp is nothing to me, to this clan, to you, save a liability. And while ye may not be my son, ye pledged me an oath, and you’ll honor it by arriving in the great hall tomorrow noon to make the formal oath to your betrothed in front of her father and the clans so that the wedding plans might commence, else…” He trailed off, leaving Jamie to imagine what the consequences for disobedience might be.

It hadn’t been an oath that Jamie swore those weeks ago, and Colum MacKenzie knew it just fine. A pledge to obey while on MacKenzie lands: Colum KNEW it was no more than that, and yet here he was, manipulating Jamie with such precision, to have him bound and trussed with no more than a word. Christ, that he should ever have been thought fit to take over the clan from this conniving man.

“Promise me you’ll not turn her over to the English,” Jamie demanded, his head was spinning. “Swear to me that you’ll send another message, telling them it was a misunderstanding— that Mistress Beauchamp is no longer under suspicion.”

Colum considered, then nodded. “I’ll send it by rider tomorrow. After you’ve made your formal vow to Edina.”

Jamie breathed. Just breathed, focusing on the filling of his chest. 

He rose and bowed to his uncle. 

“Then, I’ll abide by my word, my chieftain.”

Jamie was kissing me and it wasn’t a dream. Thank the bloody Lord: I’d had it up to here with dreaming. I reached up and twined my fingers in his hair, moving my hips up against him. He moaned into my mouth and slipped his hand under my head. When I grappled for him, though, he laughed and pulled back. “Oh Jesus fucking Christ, Jamie!” 

 He laughed again, landed one more good one, and then jumped off the bed.

I threw myself back hard onto the pillow. “You can’t just wake a girl up all sexy-like and then saunter off.” 

 “How’s about you saunter off along wi’ me?” 

His tone was playful, but there was an urgency in his movements that made me sit back up at once. “What do you mean?” 

He was moving across the room, gathering things into a satchel. “We must leave the castle— tonight.”

“We must—What???” But it all made sense: how I’d heard not a word from him since the garret, hadn’t seen him in the great hall. Something had happened in the session with Colum, and it wasn’t good.

 “I’m sorry for the suddenness, Sassenach, truly,” he said, placing the bag on the bed. “I’ll explain everything in full, I swear it, but we must leave, now.” 

Under his forced calm, I could sense the very real fear. “Jamie—are we in danger?” 


 Honesty. The blatant, quiet honesty in him; yet another reason I felt so sure in him, in us. He would give his life to protect me, would tease and joke to put my mind at ease, but when directly asked, he would not lie to me. I’d lied to Jamie, I realized with a pang, but no more. There were no lies between us, nor secrets, and as ridiculous as it might have once seemed to me, I felt this man as an extension of my own mind. It was almost laughable, in fact, when he sat next to me on bed, a face on my palm and asked, “Do ye trust me?”

And I didn’t hesitate for a moment in replying. “Yes, I trust you.” 

He grinned. “And ye still wish to marry me, aye?” 

 *I* grinned. “Aye, I do, my bonny lad.” 

He kissed me. “Good. Then the greatest measure of our safety rests upon us being able to get off of MacKenzie lands. Only elsewhere am I in honor free of obedience to Colum. Only Colum’s no fool, so likely we’ll have to fight our way out of Leoch, this night.“ His control wavered, and for a moment, he looked truly distraught. “I’m sorry for putting this upon ye.”

“Just tell me what to do,” I said, running my hand down his face. “I trust you.” I kissed him back, though fear and exhilaration coursed through me. “And what’s the other measure?” 

The grin was back. “Making ye my wife as soon as humanly possible and taking ye to my bed to make things official.”

Taking the gift of his ease and humor against the fear of the night, I gave it back to him in kind, throwing up my hands in mock bewilderment. “How EVER will we bring ourselves to do it?”

He pulled a long-suffering kind of face as he pressed me rather scandalously back into the pillows. “‘Tis a grave task,” he said, nipping at the neck of my shift. “but I have a suspicion we’ll manage it somehow. Here,“ he said, dropping a pile of fabric at my shoulder, “put these breeks on and let’s get down to our business.“ 

Ah yes, just typical fighting-our-way-out-of-the-castle banter.

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Prompt idea : Even calling Isak "My Prince" and being extra and in love

hahaha awww Even being extra and in love….isn’t that all the time tho? 🙊  Okay slight warning - this somehow turned into a sick Isak drabble i’m so sorry. it just happened. 

“Baby what’s the matter?” Even asked walking into the bedroom and seeing Isak completely consumed by the covers. All that was left of Isak, was the little vague shape of a beautiful goofy teenage boy under the quilt. 

he sat himself on the bed and gently rubbed Isak’s back through the covers. 
“I made you breakfast baby.” 

Isak slowly lifted his head just a tad out from under the cover, so Even cold see his red nose, his puffy eyes, and his messy blonde fluffy hair. 

“I’m sick” he whined. stating the obvious. 

Even smiled down at his adorable boyfriend. The fact that he could still make Even’s heart twinge just from the mere sight of him when he was the shade of death, and covered in snot, was remarkable. 

Even was so gone for this boy. 

He pulled the corner of the cover up and swung his legs underneath, immediately intertwining them with Isak’s as he pulled the tired boy in his arms, so he was laying on top of Even’s chest. Isak’s torso agains’t his. Isak’s clammy forehead resting gently on Even’s neck. 

Isak sighed at the cool feeling of Even’s skin. 

Even pressed his hand against Isak’s cheek. “jesus baby, you’re so hot.” 

“thank you” Isak mumbled weakly 

Even was worried but he chuckled lightly anyway. “no baby. not that kind of hot - although you know you are, but-” he broke off to run his hand through Isak’s hair. “you’re really sick angel.” 

Isak didn’t listen, he just pressed his warm sweaty hand against Even’s cool cheek, and smiled satisfyingly with his eyes closed. 

Even looked down at the warm golden light sprawled out on his chest. His entire world was right on top of him, wrapped in his arms. 

He felt his heart melt at the sight of Isak. He was his everything. 

He had never loved anything as much as he loved the way Isak smiled at him, the way he giggled and shook his head every time Even did or said something mind bogglingly ridiculous, the small kisses on his cheekbones Isak wakes him up with every morning, the way the entire world opened up and enveloped him in love every single time Isak looked at him. 

This, this was everything. 

This was what loving Isak Valtersen was like. 

Once he felt the deep heavy breath of Isak sleeping against his neck, he gently and very carefully moved Isak so he was sleeping on the mattress and not Even. He shifted restlessly a little, but continued to sleep, as he wrapped his arms around a pillow as an Even substitute. 

he took Isak’s socks off and pulled the heavy quilt off and replaced it with a light cotton sheet, to try and cool down Isak’s fever. 

he looked down at his sleeping prince for a moment, his fingers brushing against his cheek, his lips, the spot between his eyebrows, his lashes. This was it. This was his entire world. 

He kissed Isak’s forehead deeply, and watched as Isak smiled happily in his sleep because of it, before getting up and going to the kitchen to make his boyfriend some god damn soup. 

When Isak woke up, besides his body feeling like he had just been hit by a bus, all else he could feel, were arms wrapped around him, his back supported by Even’s comforting chest. He squirmed around a little to make himself get as close to Even as possible. 

Even’s arms wrapped tighter around him before he felt his lips tickle Isak’s cheek. 

“welcome back my prince” he breathed softly, making Isak’s skin light more on fire than it already was - if that was possible. 

“hi” he smiled dazed. 

Even turned him around so Isak could see his soft warm comforting smile.

“Will you do a favour for me?” he asked, his eyes focused so deeply on Isak. 

Isak felt his eyes threatening to close again but he forced them open to look at Even. “anything” he breathed.

Even smiled and then reached over to pick up a glass of orange juice and a little container with a mix of pills. 

“Take these for me baby” 

Isak pouted “too many” 

Even helped Isak sit up before handing him the orange juice. “they will make you feel better. Vitamin C, panadol, this magic flu tablet my mum recommended and then you can have some soup afterwards, Okay?”

Isak rolled his eyes “since when did you become a nurse.” 

“I can wear the outfit if you want me to baby” 

Isak laughed, and it made Even’s chest combust. 

“okay fine, i’ll let you medicate me, jesus christ.” 

“I knew the sexy nurse outfit would convince you” 

he smiled a big toothy grin at Even before swallowing down the pills, wincing as they hit his sore throat. 

Even brushed his hair back comfortingly and kissed his cheek. 

“good job baby. Now will you eat some soup for me?”

“Only if you feed me.” 

Even raised his eyebrows, and smiled suggestively “really?” 

Isak giggled “i’m kidding! jesus.” 

Even felt himself relax at seeing Isak’s cheeky sassy self come back to him. He could tell he was already feeling a little better. 

Isak finished the bowl in 2 minutes. 

Even laughed “good?” 

the boy smiled “always good.” 

“you’re so beautiful you know?” Even said pulling Isak close against him. 

“yeah they say the flu does wonders for your looks.” 

Even turned Isak’s face up to him and leant down “always beautiful” 

“Even don’t your gonna get sick.” 

he shook his head, “I don’t care.”  before pressing his lips against Isak’s and letting his world combust again and again. 

3 days later Even is lying in bed surrounded by tissues as Isak shoves a bunch of pills in his hand. 

he smiles up weakly at Isak who is trying to get the damn thermometer to work.

“Worth it.” he says before sneezing.  

Home, Part Ten

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N:  The end is nearing.

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?   

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10    Part 11  Part 12 Epilogue

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Joker Imagine - You’re a cop but also his girlfriend

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Your P.O.V.

Gotham city was full of criminals and it just got worse during night. I was a cop at GCPD (Gotham City Police Department). I fought against the criminals every day, proudly with a strong will to help my city. That’s before I met my boyfriend, the Joker. Yes, the clown prince of crime, Batman’s arch enemy and so much more. How could he fall for a cop? 


I met him when I was off duty. He didn’t even know I was a cop then. We were at his club and we seemed to get along very well, considering we were devouring each other’s lips the night we met. Long story short, he didn’t want to let go of me. Once he found out I was a cop, he wasn’t even mad. Joker knew it was a good source of information.  So here I was in my uniform, drinking coffee and filling paper sheets. I knew more of Gotham than regular people and Joker loved what I could tell him. I loved helping him.

‘‘Y/N!’‘ I heard someone yelling my name. I looked up from my desk and met the eyes of James Gordon, shortly known as Jim. ‘‘Yes?’‘ I raised my eyebrow and fixed my hair. Jim was a very good cop that everyone knew. He was my inspiration when I was younger. ‘‘There’s been an explosion by the bay.Batman was seen and so was Joker. We need to go’‘ Jim told me in a rush. My eyes widened and I felt adrenaline already pulsing through my system. Without words, I stood up and grabbed my coat. Then I followed Jim and I saw his partner coming as well.

We and a few other cops rushed to our cars and started following Jim. I was alone because my partner was sick. He was a dick anyway so I didn’t mind. I turned on the sirens and hit the gas pedal. I’d make sure I was the one to take Joker to Arkham or GCPD. We slowed down at a closed area. I parked my car behind Jim’s and then I got out. I grabbed my gun and loaded it. As I looked around, I saw that all cops were hiding behind something, either their car doors or the edge of a building. I just stood there. Fools.

I heard laughter. I nearly smiled because I recognized the person laughing, Joker. My eyes scanned the dark area but I found my green haired prince quickly. He was standing by a car filled with people. The area smelled like gasoline and Joker had matches. Old tricks seemed to work for him. 

‘‘If you shoot, the car goes boom!’‘ Joker warned everyone. Batman couldn’t do much either because Joker could light the car on fire. I saw Batman’s cape and then I saw the dark knight further away. He stood near Jim. ‘‘Joker give up!’‘ I yelled, shocking everyone because they never believed in me. One of my co-workers told me to shut up but I ignored it. I just wanted my boyfriend’s attention, and it worked.

Joker turned to look at me and then he gave me an evil smile. ‘’Oh what do we have here?’’ He laughed. This was fun, acting like we didn’t know each other. I played the good cop and he played the bad criminal. This was our plan after all. I just didn’t know he’d streak tonight. We both knew if I got promoted, I’d know more secrets of this city. It was a win win for both of us. So we agreed to do something that made me look like a hero and then I’d get the promotion I needed.

The wind made my hair flow a bit. I kept an angry gaze as I looked at J. ‘’Let them go’’ I told him as calmly as I could. Then I stepped closer to Joker very slowly. ‘’Oh where’s the fun in that?’’ Joker pouted and played with the matches. The other cops got nervous now. They thought I would kill these people by my behaviour. Honestly I wouldn’t mind but tonight they had to stay alive.

‘‘You do realize that the second you light that car on fire, 20 cops will put a bullet though you, right?’‘ I asked J and then I held back a laugh. This was too fun to take so seriously but I forced myself to keep my cool. ‘‘Hm,you dare speak to me like that missy. Why?’‘ Joker asked with an angry growl.  I felt Jim’s eyes on me and it made me a bit nervous as well.

‘‘Joker I’m giving you a chance. Hands up’‘ I barked at him. He rolled his eyes and seemed to get mad. He didn’t even bug. ‘‘Y/N back off’‘ Another cop whispered to me as I passed them. Jesus Christ these people were idiots. ‘‘How about we make a deal? I’ll put my gun down and you put the matches down. That way, you won’t get shot’‘ I suggested one of our plans. Joker sighed tiredly. 

‘‘That’s boriiing’‘ He yelled. Batman tried to get closer silently but man I wouldn’t let him take Joker away. I used my other hand to grab a smoke bomb, one that we made at his hideout of course. Everyone thought it was a gas that made it hard to breathe but we changed it a bit. It just looked thick but that’s it. As the bomb hit the ground, a thick cloud of smoke spread across the area. It smelled bad which made people near us cough. I ran towards Joker although I didn’t see him well.

‘‘We should do this during foreplay kitten’‘He whispered as he willingly let me cuff him. ‘‘We’ll see about that’‘ I giggled with a smile. Then he got down on the ground and I just sat on his back for a while, waiting for the smoke to clear. I heard heavy footsteps coming closer and a few seconds later I recognized Batman. He saw that I got Joker down.  No words were changed between me and the dark knight. Then he hurried to the car and let the people out.

‘‘Pretend to be hurt baby. I’ll drive you to the police department and break you out later’‘ I leaned down and whispered into his ear.Then I cuffed his wrists together. Only a couple moments later Jim ran towards us. He seemed shocked once he saw us. Me on top of Joker who was ‘hurt’. Joker growled and tried to wiggle away but of course he wouldn’t really escape yet.

‘‘A bit help here? I can’t pick him up by myself’‘ I asked Jim with a small smile. ‘‘Yeah’‘ He breathed out and put his gun away. Together we pulled J on his feet. ‘‘Jimbo, we meet again’‘ Joker spoke tiredly.  ‘‘I hope it’s the last time’‘ Jim answered and roughly pulled my boyfriend towards my car. My arrest, my car, that’s the rule.

‘‘Good job Y/N’‘ Jim told me as we got Joker inside my car. He pretended to sleep now. ‘‘Thanks Jim’‘ I nodded and then put my gun away. ‘‘I’ll come with you. It’s not safe to drive alone with Joker’‘ Jim offered me kindly. Whatever, it’s not like it would hurt. ‘‘Okay-’‘ I started my sentence but I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and almost gasped once I saw Batman. Did he find out?!

‘‘Jim has taught you well’‘ Batman told me with his very deep voice. I looked in shock as Batman left the scene. I changed looks with Jim who offered me a smile. ‘‘Let’s get going’‘ I broke the silence and got inside my car. Joker laughed a little bit back there but he didn’t try to do anything. Jim got in and then I started the engine, driving back to the police department.

‘‘Pretty girl, what’s your name?’‘ Joker asked after a while. Jim tried to tell him to shut up, but I was quicker. ‘‘I’m Y/N’‘ I replied shortly while keeping my eyes on the road. ‘‘Y/N..’‘ Joker said my name softly. ‘‘So you’re what now? The Jimbo number 2 or his good little student? Huh?’‘ Joker asked me in a mocking way. I didn’t take it personally tho.

‘‘She’s a good cop, Joker’‘ Jim answered since I didn’t. Good cop, yeah yeah. Little did he know. I just smirked as I drove towards the police department. In a few hours I would be the one to help Joker escape, but of course no one would know. Not for now. One day I would leave this job and join the world of crazy criminality and fun with J, but not today.

/Sorry this sucks, I just wanted to write something quickly since I haven’t written in a while. Better stuff will come up soon.

Sleepless Nights (Sherlock x Reader)

Title: Sleepless Nights

Pairing: Sherlock x reader
Author: @whatthehellisacastiel (Kat)
Words: 827
Warnings: Nothing? Some fluff

Author’s note: Apologies for it being late, I’ve had some things to take care of irl. I hope the story is to your satisfaction.

Request: Hi could you do a Sherlock x reader where she terrified there’s a ghost in 221C because of stuff moving or of thunderstorms. So She goes up to 221B to get away and find Sher, he notices her upset and asks her what wrong but find and turns out fluffy.
- @alex-awesome1023

Summary: After being invited for a movie night, you encounter the side effects of watching a horror movie before going to bed.


Horror movies were not your favourite thing in the world, but obviously your friend, and fellow tenant at Baker Street, John Watson, loved them. So much so, that he invited you to a movie night right after he and Sherlock finished their latest case involving a greedy stepfather and his stepdaughter’s inheritance. You didn’t want to diminish John’s happy attitude. He was usually exhausted but in high spirits right after a case, so you accepted his invitation and immediately regretted it after John had picked out the Conjuring to watch. Sherlock wasn’t present during the movie experience due to Lestrade pestering him about giving his and John’s testimonies right after a case. You cursed him for giving a solid excuse to not be there but quickly got over it. Sherlock didn’t like movies in general so you shouldn’t be surprised about him skipping it. When Sherlock returned to 221B, the movie had just ended and you looked like you were about scream at the sight of him bursting in the flat unexpectedly. He shouldn’t have laughed, but he did and he carefully stored the memory of you in the wing he had made for you in his mind palace.

“Jesus Christ, Sherlock! You almost gave me a heart attack!” You playfully smacked your boyfriend’s arm as he swooped down and pecked your lips after letting out a small chuckle.

“I guess movie night was a success then.” Sherlock gave your shoulders a small squeeze as John snickered and nodded while telling the consulting detective the number of times you’ve jumped or covered your eyes during the movie. Both men shared a laugh and a slight blush rose up on your cheeks. You stood up and made your way to the door after grabbing your phone and charger from the wall.

“Ha-ha, very funny. Just for that, Watson, I’m not going to help you clean up.” You waved at the two men after giving Sherlock another quick kiss and trudged down the stairs to your flat, 221C, before you could be humiliated any further.

You tossed and turned in bed for what felt like hours but in reality was only one, and it was all because of John Watson and his stupid movie. You couldn’t shake off the feeling that someone was watching you and you didn’t dare look in the dark corners of your room in fear that you would see something you shouldn’t see. It also didn’t help that there was a raging storm outside causing the lightning to flash and create terrifying shadows from ordinary objects that gave your heart a kick start. Many attempts were made to fall asleep but every time you managed to doze off, the sound of thunder would rumble the building causing you to jump return to square one. After giving up on sleep completely, you decided to head upstairs. You didn’t know if Sherlock was awake or not. He usually slept right after a case to make up for the nights he stayed awake trying to solve it, but he also stayed up for the heck of it.

Quietly, you kept up the seventeen steps that led you to 221B. As you expected, the living room was void of the six foot detective. Another flash of lightning and crack of thunder caused you to jump, causing you to knock over the coat rack, making it to crash onto the hardwood floor with a loud thump. You cursed at your clumsiness and hoped no one had heard it. Sherlock did, however, and emerged from his bedroom a few seconds later, barefoot and waving a baseball bat. He was dressed in his striped blue pajama bottoms and his light gray t-shirt.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” You whispered as you frantically lifted up the coat rack. Sherlock lowered the baseball bat and looked at you with confusion. You avoided eye contact with him, trying to hide the blush of embarrassment that was present on your cheeks. Before he was able to ask you anything, another clap of thunder broke the silence and caused you to jump again. Everything clicked. You were never jumpy during thunderstorms, quite the opposite. You loved them.

“Did the movie give you nightmares?” The silence you gave Sherlock answered his question. His gaze softened at the realization that you were having trouble sleeping and therefore, was looking for him for comfort. Placing the bat down, he grabbed your hand and lead you to his room. Unlike the rest of the flat, Sherlock’s room was always clean and well organized much to your liking. His bed looked warm and inviting, so you didn’t bother to hesitate to pull back the sheets, happily sinking onto the bed.

After Sherlock put his “weapon” away, he turned around to see you already snuggling into a pillow with a small smile on your face. His heart thumped quickly as a cloud of warmth spread over his body at the sight of you. Boy, was he in trouble. Sherlock quickly slipped into the bed and gathered you in his arms before pulling you close to his body. Your head lied on his chest and the sound of his steady heartbeat chased away any remains of the nightmares you had. This Sherlock was only reserved for you, making you believe how lucky you were to have him. The storm outside was a million miles away. All you thought of was how perfect it felt just to be in his arms.

“Thank you, Sherlock. I love you.” You mumbled into his t-shirt before closing your eyes and falling fast asleep. Sherlock froze at your confession. He looked down at your peaceful face and admired your beauty before kissing your forehead.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”


“Heath can you please just calm down and explain what has happened. Heath, it’s gonna be fine, I love you and you know that,” you called out from outside of the bathroom door. Heath had come home, seen the look on your face and high tailed it to your upstairs bedroom, putting the door between you. To say it had been a rough week would be an understatement. Heath had just gotten home from filming for a few months and you were both still adjusting to being so close to each other all the time.

“Yeah, but I screwed up,” Heath replied, opening the door so that you could see him leaned against the doorway.

“What do you mean?”

“I just. I haven’t had to do stuff like clean up thr kitchen or wash the sink for the past four months. But I saw the sink was full and I knee you wouldn’t want to come home and deal with that so I tried to tidy up and I don’t know how but the plates ended up dropping and I know they were your mums and you really loved them and I just felt horrible and I ended up cutting my foot with some of the broken shards and-” he blabbered on and on, but you were judt staring at him. Finally you interrupted his ranting, grabbing him by the shoulders and throwing your self into his chest before wrapping your arms around him tight.

“Shut up Heath,” you whispered, feeling his heartbeat against your ear. “I don’t care about the plates. They aren’t that important,” you said, leaning yout head back to look up at him. He stared down at you with the faintest of smiles on his lips, his hand reaching up to brush a piece of hair from your face. “I do care about your foot though, did you get it out babe?” you asked, pulling back from him and glancing down at his feet.

“Oh, um. Now that you mention it,” Heath began, laughing as you looked up at him with eyes with in concern.

“Are you kidding me Heath?! Jesus Christ, come on you idiot. Back one day and I have to take you to the hospital,” you sighed, putting yourself under one of Heath’s arms and beginning to your way to the stairs.

“You know I love you right?” Heath laughed, leaning down to press a kiss against your head.

You couldn’t help the small smile that made it’s way onto your mouth but kept your head down. “Oh shut up you loon.”


Do I know this was shitty? Yes. Do I care enough to delete it and start again? No.

lindseyylu17  asked:

This would totally be an AU fic but I would love to see Claire teaching a figure drawing class and Jamie being one of the students draws her.

So this is a bit of a role reversal from what you requested @lindseyylu17, but I’m enjoying it. 

“We have to what?” The entire class exclaimed in disbelief. The professor smirked and relaxed against the lab table.

“All of you heard me just fine. I expect to see the results from this class and Professor Montgomery is already expecting you starting tomorrow night. Don’t worry about supplies, Professor Montgomery says that he’ll have things ready for you each class, just remember to sign in on both of our rosters. This class starts at 8pm sharp tonight! I don’t want to hear about any of you being late!” Doctor Randall looked down at her wrist and waved her hand towards the door dismissing us.

I packed my bag with my head still reeling from what Doctor Randall required, Life Drawing, a class designed to embarrass all of the parties involved. Naked men and woman lounging for hours at a time while a gaggle of students attempted to draw their forms from various angles.

“Jesus H Roosevelt Christ!” I whisper yelled to myself as she made her way across the empty campus. “I can’t take a life drawing class I just… can’t! I can’t draw to save my life! Besides how does life drawing even fit with an anatomy class? I should be learning how to—”

“Talking to yourself again, Claire?”

“Agh!” I swung around nearly hitting my former roommate with her bag.

“Jenny!” I exclaimed clutching a hand to her heart, “you know not to sneak up on me like that!”

Jenny laughed and settled her hands on her hips, “Och aye but that’s the best time to sneak up on ye! What were you ranting to yourself about this time? Did fuddy-duddy Professor Whitman assign another frog dissection?”

Jenny’s strong Scottish accent lilting with each word and I smiled at the familiarity of if. “No, not Whitman…this time.”  

I laughed and Jenny snorted, linking her arm with mine as we made our way to the library.

“So if it wasn’t Whitman who and what did they do to deserve the horrible Beauchamp rant?”

“Doctor Randall. Not the history professor, his wife the biology professor,” I amended quickly. “Doctor Annie Randall, who isn’t even a doctor by the way! She dropped out of her residency and decided to teach Bio 425 and she’s forcing us to go to Life Drawing instead of our lab class for the next two months!”

Jenny’s eyes went wide, not only in shock but in the way I knew she was plotting something. “So ye have to take the life drawing classes this quarter?”

“Ugh! Yes. I really don’t see the point in this class. I’m in biology not art!”

“Quitcher whinging Claire and just go to the damn class. Ye never know what ye might find or should I say who.”


The art room was small, cold, poorly lit and reeked of chemical adhesives. Was this really happening? I kept asking myself. Was I really taking a life drawing class? I groaned thinking of how my time would be better spent studying or in the lab examining specimens, rather in this dank room foolishly facing a class I felt was beneath me. Why art? Why did she have to send us to an art class, what good would this do or bring to us? Artist are careless junkies that will get nowhere in life. This chosen path won’t pay their bills or get them the type of scholarships needed to further pursue a career. I couldn’t fathom their reasons for joining a group that might lead them to ruin.

“Class! Come to order now, please!” The hippie who I assumed was Professor Montgomery said with a clap of his hands.

“Please cease your conversations and begin to find your way to an easel, then position yourself so that you may see the stage unobstructed.”

The so called ‘stage’ was compiled of ratty boxes haphazardly draped with tattered striped cloths and a wicker chair that look as though the weight of a butterfly would cause the fibers to crumble.

“On the easel in front of you, you shall find a fresh pad of newsprint. You have five minutes in a medium of your choice to do a nice warm up sketch of the popcorn kernel I am passing out now.”

“What?” I mumbled to myself as everyone around me pulled out pens, charcoal, pencils and pastels, even my fellow biology classmates had found a tin of pencils and were passing them around to one another.

“Ready?” Professor Montgomery paused, looking around. He pulled a stick from behind his ear and handed it to me. “You may begin!”

With the oddly shaped pencil I paused with it’s point on the paper, not sure how to start. The lumpy, misshapen mass in my hand did not resemble popcorn in the least. The people around me were making wild gestures with their arms, beautiful curves appearing on the easels I could see. Taking a steadying breath I mimicked their motions and had the faintest of curves when the timer went off and we were told to stop.

“Perfect! Now that we’re all warmed up I would like to introduce our first two weeks model.” He swept his hands towards a side door that cracked open slightly. “This is our model’s first time sitting for a life drawing class so please, everyone give the warmest of welcomes to Mr. Alexander Malcolm!”

The model appeared from behind the door clad in a fluffy blue robe. His steps were sluggish and hesitant, I got the feeling he didn’t want to be there as much as I did. He slowly made his way towards the stage, but not climbing into position.

“Mr. Malcolm, if you please.” Professor Montgomery said gesturing towards the boxes.

Mr. Malcolm stared at the professor. From the reactions I could see of my classmates and the professor, the model was challenging him.

“Mind if I work up to disrobing?” A deep and thick Scots accent drifted my way.

“Fine!” Came the angry reply from Professor Montgomery. “But this is for tonight only! I have you for only four sittings and tonight is a shortened class due to first day bullshit! Tomorrow I expect you to be prepared from the moment the class arrives.”

Mr. Malcolm nodded tersely. He kept his head down as he approached the stage and settled himself on the wicker chair, which creaked with his weight.

“Mr. Malcolm will sit in this position for ten minutes, before adjusting to a different pose in a different direction.There will be five different poses, each lasting ten minutes tonight. Typically we do twelve fifteen minutes poses, but tonight we shall adjust! Please capture as much as possible given the circumstances. I want your drawings labeled per pose, with your name on it, and date at the end of the class. Other students use these pads so please try not to be heavy handed. You may begin!”

From my angle all I could see was the bulky collar, the top of his shoulder blades and his shoulder-length curly red hair. I tried to capture the way his shoulders fit the robe and disappeared behind the wicker chair. However, when I looked at the drawing the paper reflected back a mass of scribbles that no matter what way you looked at it, you could not tell what it was meant to be.

I huffed out a breath and tried again, this time focusing on his hair. Again the spirals on the page no more reflected the coils of Mr. Malcolm’s hair than it did the curve of his shoulder. Our time started to dwindle down on this first pose, Professor Montgomery began to adjust a small space heater to point towards the stage. I noticed the model’s shoulders tense and his arm begin to shake.

“Stop! Readjust!”

Mr. Malcolm stood and took a deep breath before untying the front of his robe. The fabric swung to his sides. He turned and began to sit on a block directly in front of me, I finally caught a glimpse of the man I was supposed to study. His muscles were well defined, smattered with freckles and curls of fair blonde and red hairs. They made a trail that lead to a patch of even thicker curls that surrounded, while flaccid, still a very impressive penis. My clinical mind took over, examining his every muscle and curve. The way the skin was stretch taught in areas, and bulged in others. I wondered what activities he must do to maintain the way he looked. Even sitting there wasn’t a roll or wrinkle of fat. His body was the perfect biology project.

“Stop! Readjust!”

I jolted from the sudden exclamation. Looking at my easel, I realized I hadn’t sketched a single line. I had to shake myself out of this. He was just a man. A very well defined, attractive man, but still just a man. Think of him as a patient and this is how you’re to figure out what’s wrong with him! Get your head on the assignment, Beauchamp!

Three more positions followed and with each one Mr. Malcolm slowly became more and more unclothed until finally the robe was laying across the floor out of his reach. My temper rose with each minute. This man was most likely being paid for this, but still he was being put on display in front of complete strangers who are meant to analyze his every feature. I could not understand why he was putting himself through this torture, he was clearly not comfortable no matter how long the class went on and I couldn’t blame him. Not only was he being exploited but the amount of females in the class started to overwhelm even me. These girls shouldn’t be allowed to look at him this way! He wasn’t theirs to oogle and treat like a piece of meat! He’s not yours either, a small voice reminded me. Yet, he felt like he was mine. I felt the need to cover him up and hide his body from sight, to protect him and comfort him….

My internal rant lead to the rapid end of class. I didn’t even hear the final instructions nor did I care I only had two of the required five drawings. I signed, dated, and numbered them before tearing the sheet off of the pad and handing it in. Mr. Malcolm had already disappeared from sight. Slowly I returned my supplies and stared at the door he had appeared from at the start of class. Tomorrow then, I thought and hitched my bag over my shoulder just as the side door squeaked open. The lights were dimmed even further than before and I could just catch the glint of his red hair as he darted out of the classroom.

“There’s the nudest!” A bellowing, familiar, laugh sounded.

“Shut it Ian, or I’ll make ye!”

“Och, come off it Jamie! Ye ken I’m just pullin yer leg! How was it? Did your cock come out to play and make the lassies faint with desire?” The sarcastic tone was cut off by a loud thump. I slipped through the door in time to see none other than Ian Murray rubbing his jaw from where Mr. Malcolm, or Jamie, had hit him. Ian merely laughed more.

“Are ye tellin me there wasn’t a single thing good to come from that class?” Ian’s tone was similar to that of his fiancee’s, sneaky and up to something.

“Nay!” Jamie roared as they made their way to the elevators. “I canna believe ye and my sister dared me and not only dared, but forced me to do this after losing a bet! There isn’t enough money in the world to make me want to come back tomorrow night! It’s definitely not worth the sixty pounds they’re paying me!”

Ian had his arm around Jamie’s shoulder as the two of them entered the elevator. As Jamie/Mr. Malcolm turned around we made eye contact, maybe the first of the night, but his eyes went wide. He was saying something to Ian but I couldn’t hear nor make it out as the doors shut and I was left alone on the abandoned art floor.

Vocal Gods™

Your company has you do a special stage with Kim Donghyun of BNM, and Jaehwan isn’t too happy about it.

  • for anon who requested jealous!jaehwan + idol reader
  • lyrics from “home” by ailee 

You watched from where you were standing as Kim Donghyun of BNM carefully strummed his guitar, looking up at you with a nod.

Hello, yojeum etteoni; jal jinaena bwa; na gunggeumhanga bwa boy,” you sang into your microphone softly, looking out into the audience of M!Countdown. For your latest comeback, one of the tracks on your album was a duet with Kim Donghyun, and this was the first time you were performing “Home” for a special stage.

You closed your eyes as the song reached the chorus, doing your best to convey the feelings of the song.

Bogo sipeunde neo wae an wa; home; home.”

You remembered the time that you and Jaehwan had gone through when Wanna One was on their world tour. Your relationship had suffered drastically, with Jaehwan and you almost never talking due to the various time differences. Jaehwan was always exhausted from the concerts and being overworked, while you worked long, tireless hours preparing for your album and comeback.

When he had returned, you’d been overjoyed that your relationship was able to return to the way it was—for the most part. You’d gotten much closer to the boys of Brand New Music, and often times the boys of BNM, some of the eliminated trainees and the boys’ significant others would hang out and chat, occasionally watching Wanna One’s vlives and such together.

Jaehwan, apparently, wasn’t too fond of your new friendship with Donghyun and Youngmin—Donghyun especially. He knew Youngmin closely since he’d almost made it to Wanna One, but Donghyun was an unknown. He was handsome, played the guitar and had honey vocals that rivalled the voice god’s own vocal chords. Jaehwan reacted in a way society had trained him to—by displaying alpha male traits.

If you told him you’d be getting food with Youngmin, Donghyun and a few other friends, he’d insist tagging along—or worse, send Jisung and Sungwoon to spy on you. When he found out that Donghyun was featuring on his album, he’d tried to convince YMC to let him do the feature instead (they yelled at him for an hour (the answer was no)).

So when your entertainment company informed you that they wanted you and Donghyun to prepare a special stage for M!Countdown, you knew the teeth would come out.

Sure enough, when you got back to the waiting room for you and Donghyun, Jaehwan was sitting in one of the chairs, obviously sulking.

“Hey babe,” you said calmly, walking over and placing an arm around him, “did you already eat?”

“No.” Jaehwan replied sulkily, looking up at you like a child. It was kind of adorable, his pout with his adorable puffed-out cheeks, but you felt bad for thinking that.

“He’s been like that all night, noona/hyung,” Lee Woojin whispered to you. You sighed, grabbing your sweatshirt before turning to face your childish boyfriend again.

“Jaehwannie, let’s go outside, yeah?” You asked, grabbing his hand and yanking him out into the hall. You had to bow to a few sunbaes before you were able to properly talk to Jaehwan, him bowing as well. You faced him, reaching up to ruffle his hair. It was rare to have Jaehwan with his hair naturally down these days, hair always caked in gel for some radio appearance or CF. “Babe, what’s wrong.”

“Nothing,” he replied, still pouting.

“Ey, don’t be like that,” you replied, poking him in the side where you knew he was ticklish. You looked up at him, bringing a fist up to your eyes to do the classic “bbuing bbuing” aegyo. “Oppa~ what’s wrong?” You tickled his side more aggressively, and Jaehwan pulled away, trying to suppress a laugh. “Oppa~” Jaehwan started laughing, trying to twist away from your tickles.

“Jesus Christ, what is that noise,” you heard someone comment from inside the dressing room.

“The Vocal Gods have made up,” someone joked, prompting laughter.

“Hear that?” You leaned up to press a kiss to Jaehwan’s lips, missing his lips a bit because he was still dying in peals of laughter, making you smile as well. “The Vocal Gods~”

“You know my weaknesses,” Jaehwan sighed, kissing you back, “you know I always get distracted when you make me laugh. And let’s be real, your aegyo is a joke.”

“Yah, Kim Jaehwan!” You snapped, hitting his chest as he started dying of laughter again. “I was even going to offer to buy you dinner!”

Jaehwan stared at you, trying to conceal his laughter behind his hand. “(Y/N), you have the best aegyo in the world.”

“Idiot,” you replied fondly, leaning into his side as the two of you entered the waiting room again.

Bow down to the Vocal God Couple

Issues- Part Twelve

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Sexual scenes, violence including blood and lots of bad language in this part <3

Word count-3,365

Read previous parts - HERE

Hang onto your seats, this ones a wild one.

Part Twelve

The next morning when I woke up I was alone. Disappointment flooded me. He didn’t say goodbye.

Stretching my hand over to feel the sheets I was even more disappointed that they were cold. How long had he been gone?

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Imagine you and Chris returning home.

A/N: Part 1 of Chapter 7: ‘Baby Steps’ I’m on a bit of a writer’s roll today 😋 I am so pumped for you guys to read Chapter 7, got a whole lot planned for this chapter. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist)

You and Chris spent four weeks in Italy for your honeymoon, the word ‘amazing’ couldn’t even begin to describe the time you had there with your husband. You started your trip with six days in Milan where you stayed at Hotel Principe Di Savoia, a very luxurious and classical Italian hotel. your plane landed around 1:25PM local time, but seeing as it was 4:26AM U.S. time- the jet lag kicked your ass. You had a pretty terrible time on the flight; you didn’t sleep well and you threw up twice, so as soon as you could check in- you did and caught up on some much needed rest.

The two of you did end up going out after you woke up; you had dinner at a lovely little place near the Navigli District then took a moonlit stroll, capturing memories you’d treasure for the rest of your lives by the Naviglio Grande canal. The days after that you traveled to all the tourist hotspots: Milan Cathedral, Sforza Castle, Brera, Teatro Alla Scala, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Planetario di Milano, Piazza Mercanti. Both you and Chris took a lot of photos which you bombarded your friends and families with in the group chats you had with them.

After Milan was Verona, which you’d only wanted to go because it was where William Shakespeare placed Romeo and Juliet. It was also where one of your favorite Rom-Coms was filmed; ‘Letters to Juliet’, a film you’ve made Chris watch with you on numerous occasions. You even wrote a letter to Juliet like every girl who’d stopped by her wall. You didn’t ask for help because you had everything you needed with Chris, you just wrote to her your beliefs; true love did exist and it was something worth dying for. While you were writing your letter, Chris took a photo of you and tweeted it out with the caption: “my hopeless romantic.” It quickly went viral, much like the few photos the two of you, and some of your friends and families shared from your wedding; all approved by the bride and groom. Chris wasn’t one to share his personal life, but he couldn’t help himself at that moment. You looked so beautiful and so at peace with yourself, doing what you loved best; he had to share that with the world.

Venice was your next stop: you experienced the gondolas, you toured the Venetian masters of art, you listened to well-played Vivaldi, you ate traditional Venetian foods, you even had the best gelato in the city at Boutique Del Gelato- according to Timeout. The two of you moved onto Florence after and indulged yourselves in Renaissance Art. It was pretty breath taking to be up close and personal with art pieces you’d only ever read about or seen in pictures. You saw Michelangelo’s David which wasn’t originally on your bucket list, but was checked off anyway. You wondered if this meant you were now one of the women in T.S Elliot’s ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’, talking of Michelangelo. Chris laughed at you when you asked him that, calling you an “English nerd.”

You stopped at Pisa next, checking out the Leaning Tower as well as having pizza in Pisa. You thought that was funny, and Chris laughed but only because he thought you were adorable. You also visited The Knights’ Square where Geoffrey Chaucer’s 'A Knight’s Tale’ came to mind, you kept that to yourself so you wouldn’t get another English nerd comment though Chris knew you were thinking it. You were also a bit of a History nerd which was why you’d planned for the two of you to visit Naples and Pompeii. You saw Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that killed more than 16,000 people in 79 AD. You did a History report on it when you were in high school and it had always been a place you wanted to go after. You heart ached when you visited the ruins in Pompeii, the grief could be felt even 1,931 years later.

The last place you and Chris went to was Rome as it was the place you wanted your honeymoon to end. You stayed at Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resort; the most expensive lodging location of the entire trip. You kept things quite simple when it came to hotels while planning, even if it was a nice hotel- you opted for the reasonably priced rooms as you just needed somewhere to sleep. But with Rome- because you were spending the longest time there and had plans to relax in the hotel itself, Chris made you get a suite even though you thought it was unnecessary. It was a fantastic experience that you were incredibly grateful for. With the planetarium suite, you had your own private roof garden with a jacuzzi overlooking St. Peter’s Basilica. You couldn’t use the jacuzzi or drink Moscato because you were pregnant, but you had a nice time soaking your feet while having iced tea.

While in Rome, you visited the Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and of course- The Spanish Steps. It came as no surprise when Ava and Sebastian received a disgustingly sweet kiss picture from there. They sent a mock one back from Denver, where they were because Sebastian had a friend he needed to visit. They ended up staying an extra week so they could have a little getaway themselves and would return to Los Angeles around the same time as you and Chris did from Rome. They were coming to spend some time catching up with the two of you, as well as help with the wedding gifts and 'thank you’ cards before the holidays rolled around  and they were needed in New York and London to see their families. You were pretty excited to catch up with them, especially after they texted that they had something important to tell the both of you.

“Hello hello,” you heard Ava and Sebastian’s voices come through the front door and you and Dodger ran out from the kitchen to meet them. “Oh my God.” Ava laughed when you threw your arms around her, and Sebastian laughed when Dodger pounced on him. “Jesus Christ, woman.” She chuckled, hugging you back. “Slow your roll, poor Jack’s in there probably throwing up.”

“Oh, he’ll manage.” You rubbed your belly, which was still fairly unnoticeable at seventeen weeks which your mom said was normal because she was the same. “He made me throw up a lot during our trip in Italy,” you told her as you shared a hug with Sebastian. “Believe me, you’ll want to be one of the lucky ladies who don’t suffer from nausea when they’re pregnant. Chris is out back,” you told them as you started making your way towards the deck doors; Dodger had already sprinted outside upon hearing Chris’ name. “We’re having a barbecue 'cause I’m craving steak. We’ve also got some gifts for the two of you from Italy, so I hope you brought something from Denver.”

Sebastian took Ava’s hand as they followed you with bit back smiles. They had amazing news that they couldn’t wait to share with the two of you and it had a lot to do with them bringing something back from Denver, except this something was it wasn’t going to be here for another seven months.

“Hey,” Chris held his beer up, teasingly toasting them, “the future Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Stan.” They chuckled and walked over to exchange hugs while you sat at the table. “Can I grab the two of you something to drink? Seb, a beer?” Chris asked and Sebastian nodded, he then turned to Ava. “Do you want a beer, or do you want some of Y/N’s Moscato? I think we’ve got a bottle chilling in the fridge that we’d appreciate if you finish it off tonight.”

“It would be very much appreciated, yes,” you chuckled, “it’s sitting in there being very temptable.”

“No, I actually can’t drink,” Ava told the two of you with a smile that neither of you registered. She told Sebastian she needed to spell it out for the two of you, but he disagreed. She looked over at him with a smug smile that told him he was very wrong.

“Why? Are you the designated driver tonight?” You asked and Sebastian snickered. “What?” You turned to him and he burst out laughing, which confused you even more. “What’s so fu-” Your jaw dropped when you realized what Ava meant. “No!” You jumped to your feet with a gasp. It was at this point that Chris figured it out too, turning to Sebastian with a joyous grin. “You guys are pregnant?!” Ava and Sebastian nodded, chuckling. “OH MY GOD!” You ran over to give her another tight hug.

“Daddy Sea Bass,” Chris hugged Sebastian. “Mackie said that when you told him, right?”

“You guys are the first people we’ve told, not even our parents know yet.” Sebastian told Chris and Chris smiled, feeling incredibly touched by the honor. “We actually um- we just found out ourselves in Denver. A couple weeks before the wedding, we had a feeling she was but we didn’t want to take the attention away from the two of you.”

“You guys are the best,” you chuckled, squeezing Ava’s elbow when you pulled away. “How far along are the two of you? And- was this planned?” You asked and Ava nodded. “Really? I thought you didn’t want a child until you were like twenty-six, we always said that was the golden age.”

“We also always said we wanted our kids to grow up together,” she reminded you and you felt your eyes water. “We figured why wait when we’re getting married and our best friends are carrying their first child?”

“Stop it, you,” you playfully slapped her arm and she laughed.

“And to answer your earlier question, we’re seven weeks,” she told you. “So Jack will be a little older than our peanut.” Sebastian smiled when she said that 'cause he’d come up with that as he did love his peanut butter. “But,” she placed her hand over her belly and you felt yourself smoothing your hand over your belly, “I think they’re going to get along just fine.”

“Yeah,” you nodded in agreement, looking over at Chris and Sebastian with a wide grin. You couldn’t believe your best friends were going to become parents too. This was the kind of life goal one rarely accomplished, to be able to raise children with your best friends. You were ecstatic; Jack was going to have a best friend. “I think so too.”

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Part 2

Chapter VIII | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

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Song for the Playlist - Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Jasmine Thompson

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Word Count - 4000…ish

“Fine,” he snapped back. “Do you want to go to A&E?”

“No.” Her head lulled to the side, eyes closed.

“Right,” he began again, sternly. “Look, you either get up and get in bed or we go to hospital if you can’t move. Your call.”

“Mate,” Niall interrupted. “If she can’t move to the bed, then she’s not gonna be able to get to the hospital, is she?”

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