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Is there a name for the genre of web content that Car Boys falls under? That “Organic Lore” feel where a series and its story blossom out of nothing, or a web content that tries to play straight with a script that kind of builds into something beautiful, larger than the sum of its parts?

I want more of them.

I suppose if I had “like this” recommendations or comparisons I’d bring up.

The Life & Times of Bully Demise - What starts as a Lets Play of some terrible Ouya games by Supergreatfriend spirals into a full blown chaotic story that naturally develops over the course of gameplay quirks and procedural generated madness while a chat of about 200 people help spin the lore. It starts off super dry and grounded and ends up with Bully befriending Jesus Christ and saving the dinosaurs from the final destroyer in a cage match of biblical proportions. Lore so deep fans made a visual novel for the creator to play. <3 

Sonic 2: Special Edition - A Lets Play from the ooold days where creator DocFuture plays a new 32x version of Sonic 2. It starts off as just the stages with some graphical tweaks to make you know it’s a joke but ends with the Lets Player talking seamlessly with a character in the game about its motivations, the game turning into simple sketches on lined paper because no one in the Something Awful thread it started on believed the game was real (it runs on a Belief Based Engine) and DocFuture literally destroying the last shred of logic holding the game together to finish it.

These cannot be the only ones, but I have no idea where to even look for this kind of “no, no, stick around, after the first few hours it gets DEEP and GOOD and holy crap, I could sit with you in front of the Pepe Silvia chart to explain what makes it good, but YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH.”

Plz link me… I neeed iiit.

Kid (Rafael Casal x Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- mentions of rape and non consent, sorta smutty

Request- “Rafa x reader where reader is Daveed’s baby sister and Rafa tries really hard not to like her but they get drunk at a party with the Hamilcast and end up having sex and Daveed finds out please? <3″

(I know there’s supposed to be an order, and I feel terrible for the people who have been waiting awhile for their requests I promise I’m working on it but I got these request yesterday and I honestly haven’t been able to think about anything else.

Dear God this took me 15 hours to write)

Song- Move – Little Mix

Words- 4,415

“Jesus Christ, Diggs’ll kill him.” Rafael breathed, staring at the house with his hand on the back of his head. You hugged your legs tighter to your chest and stared at the ground. Rafa sat next to you with a huff and spread his legs out in front of him. “Do you wanna talk about it?” he asked, staring up at the starry sky. You rested your cheek against your knee and looked at him for a moment, before shrugging and looking back out at the empty street. He knocked his shoulder against yours. “I’ve been told I’m a great listener.” 

You snorted. “Who told you that?” 

“Your mom.” 

You hummed in response and played with some rubber hanging off of your shoe. 

“C’mon kid, what’s up?” he asked. 

You sighed and rested your arms on your knees. “I said I would kiss him because why not? I’m fourteen now.” Rafa nodded and urged you to continue. “So we left the fire and went up in the tree house. He put this big plastic toy thing in front of the door. He said it was because everyone was teasing us and he didn’t want them to come in.” Rafael scooted closer and put his hand on the sidewalk behind you. “It was so dark in there.” you continued. I had no idea where he was, and then I felt him kiss me and I backed up into the wall, but he just followed me and kissed me again. I tried to push him off , but he wouldn’t move and then he tried to put his tongue inside my mouth and it was gross and slimy and ugh!” You spat into the street. “So I kneed him in the crotch and ran away. That’s when I called Daveed.” 

Rafael sputtered and tried to hide his laughter. “Good…good job.” he said. You smiled momentarily and looked down. “I’m really sorry he did that to you. Guys are dicks.” 

You scoffed. “Yeah, guys are dicks.” 

“But hey, seriously.” You looked over to him. “When you get to be my age,”

You rolled your eyes. “You’re like barely three years older than me.” 

“A lot changes in that time trust me.” You pursed your lips and let him continue.” When you’re my age, you’re probably not gonna think that tongues and kissing and all that is gross, but like, that doesn’t mean anyone should get to do something like he just did. If you’re uncomfortable, even if you normally like…whatever’s happening, you can and should leave.” he said. 

You nodded and put your head on his shoulder briefly. “Thanks Rafa.” you whispered. He smiled and nodded. You sighed and tipped your head to the sky, closing your eyes. “I just wish I could have a do over you know?” You rolled your head to the side and looked at Rafael. “Like…that was a really sucky first kiss right?” 

Rafa laughed quietly and looked up at you. “I…I could-” His head turned toward the house. You followed his gaze and saw Daveed walking out. 

“What?” you asked. “What were you gonna say?” 

“Nothing, it’s…nothing.” he said, staring at Daveed. You stood up and faced your brother who instantly pulled you into a hug. 

“You didn’t actually hurt him did you?” you asked, fearing for your social standing. 

Daveed huffed. “Unfortunately, no. But believe me, he’ll leave you alone from now on.” 

You looked down, feeling embarrassed. “Thanks for coming…I’m sorry, I know you had friends over.” you said with a glance at Rafa. 

Daveed grabbed your shoulders, and you looked up at him. Jesus, he was tall. They both were. “The second anybody, especially boys, give you trouble, Rafa and I will always come running.” Daveed looked to Rafael for confirmation. 

Rafa rubbed his hand on the back of his neck. “Uh..yeah, I mean, yes totally. We’ll fight off all the annoying boys.” he said. 

You smiled. “Can we go home now?” 

“Yeah, let’s go home.” Daveed slung an arm over your shoulder.

You leaned against a black wall in the corner of the club that was splattered with fluorescent paint, nursing your third whiskey sour. You watched people that you only vaguely knew dancing all around you. You looked down, pulling the tight shimmering silver tube dress that you were wearing higher on your chest. 

“Damn…” you heard someone whisper. You looked up, ready to be annoyed by some random guy, but you were pleasantly surprised. 

“Rafa!” He had his hands in the pockets of his dark jeans, and the sleeves of his button up were rolled up to his elbows. A handsome smirk was on his face as he stepped closer to you. You wrapped your arms around his waist and pressed your ear to his chest, careful not to spill your drink. Your mood instantly brightened. Rafael had been a life saver at most Hamilton events ever since you moved to New York a few months earlier to be closer to your brother and better oppurtunities. 

He put his cheek against your head. “Hey kid. How’s it hanging?” 

You pulled away and looked up at him. “Thank god you’re here. I feel so awkward at these things-” 

“Because you’re not a cast member?” He laughed. “Yeah, I get that.” 

You brought your drink to your lips, but he grabbed it out of your hand and took a skeptical sip.  “Kinda boring for you isn’t it?” 

You rolled your eyes. “If I could afford to get wasted, I would.” 

Rafa grinned and took your hand, pulling you towards the light up bar. “I can afford to get both of us wasted.” 

A few shots of tequila and several shots of…something else, later, and you were practically falling into Rafa’s lap. Daveed had come over for a bit and scolded his best friend for getting his little sister drunk, but since Daveed wasn’t too stable either, neither of you took it that seriously. 

“Ugh no, I can’t listen to clipping.” you responded to Rafael. You were arranging peanuts into a design on the bar counter. 

“That’s rude.” Rafa laughed. 

“I can’t! He talks about sex too much it’s gross. I don’t want to think about my brother having sex.” you replied still focused on your design. Rafa put his head on the bar so you were forced to turn and look at him. 

He smiled coyly. “We’ve all had sex, Y/N. You’ve had sex. I’ve had sex. Daveed has had lots and lots of-” 

You threw peanuts at his face. “Stop! That is so disgusting.” 

“I’ve had sex everybody!” Rafa shouted at the top of his lungs. You clamped your hands over his mouth. 

“Shh!” you laughed. “Shut up!”  Rafa laughed and licked your hand. You pulled it away quickly and wiped it on his chest. “Gross!” 

“Still don’t like tongues?” He raised his eyebrows confidently. 

You shrugged. “I appreciate them in certain places.” you said casually. Rafael eyes widened, and you smirked. “Let’s go dance.” you said suddenly. 

Rafael shook his head. “No…no I can’t dance with you.” He leaned his elbows on the bar. 

“Come on!” you whined, grabbing onto his bicep. “You never wanna do anything fun with me.” You pouted and batted your eyelashes at him. 

He stared at you before scoffing and turning away. “Believe me, it’s not that I don’t want to have fun with you.” he said into his drink as he took a sip. 

You furrowed your brow. “Fine, I’ll go find some sweaty sleazebag to grind on.” you said, nearly falling off the stool as you stood up. Rafael grabbed onto your forearm quickly, both stopping you from falling and keeping you from walking away.

“That’s not a good idea.” he warned gravely. “It’s dangerous.”

You pulled your arm away. “What is with you always being so protective and careful with me? You’re not Daveed.” you said before you could stop yourself. He looked upset and turned his head to the side, clearly having some kind of internal battle that you were missing. After a few measures of the song currently playing, he ran his hand through his hair and looked at you again. 

“I don’t have to be careful with you.” Rafa said. You pursed your lips and raised your eyebrows, silently challenging him. He picked up his drink and finished it quickly “Let’s go dance.” he breathed. You smiled and did the same with your drink before walking out into the crowd of bodies with Rafael. 

That was the last thing you remembered before waking up next to Rafael, totally naked with a raging headache. 

Rafael stared at you. He’d fucked up. He’d really really fucked up. His arm had been around your waist when he woke up, but he’d removed it quickly. He couldn’t let himself get any ideas about you. Not after he’d tried so hard for so many years to repress the feelings that he knew deep down he’s always harbored for you. But seeing as that had clearly all gone to shit now, what was the harm in laying here a little longer and pretending. Pretending that your sleeping frame was something that he could wake up to every morning. 

Your eyelids fluttered and you let out a small groan. Rafael quickly pretended to be asleep. He felt the bed shift and heard a quiet gasp and then a sigh. “It was a dream last time; it’s a dream this time.” you mumbled. It took everything inside Rafael not to react to that. There was a moment of silence before Rafael heard more cursing and felt a sharp pain in his arm. 

“Rafael Casal! Wake up right now!”

He groaned like he had just woken up, but the ache in his muscles was real. Hangovers are bitches. He opened his eyes and stared back at you. 

“Rafa, what the hell happened?” 

You watched as Rafael pushed a white pillow into his face, swearing quietly. You sat up and pulled the sheet tighter around your naked body, causing it to slip lower on Rafael’s. He stopped it before it fell too low. You resisted the urge to gape as his hipbones and pressed a palm to your forehead, trying instead to remember anything you could.  

“Did we…?” You were sure you already knew the answer, but maybe there was another explanation. 

Rafa nodded. “Several times.” His voice was muffled by the pillow that was still on his head. You pushed the heels of your palms into your eyes and groaned. “Do you not remember anything?” he asked quietly. You opened your eyes to see him staring up at you silently. You shook your head. He squinted and almost looked like he was in pain. He was probably was. This room was really bright.

“I…I remember us drinking and then going out to dance…”

“Yeah well, that dancing got me…excited.” he explained. “And you noticed. Then there was the bathroom and the cab and the hal-” 

“Yeah okay I’m starting to remember!” you said, feeling embarrassed. You both sat there silently. Your eyes were squeezed shut as you tried to sort through the headache for more memories of last night. From what you could tell, you had enjoyed yourself, but that didn’t necessarily mean it was a good thing you had slept with your brother’s best friend. You felt the bed shift and waited for Rafa to say something. When he didn’t, you slowly opened your eyes. He was standing at the foot of the bed and pulling his pants from last night back on. 

“So that’s it? You’re just gonna leave? You’re not even gonna talk to me?” 

Rafael sighed and sat on the edge of the bed with his back facing you. He put his head in his hands causing the muscles of his shoulders to ripple. “I can’t believe I did this to you.” he whispered. You sat up slightly. 

“What do you mean?” 

“You were drunk, Y/N. I should’ve known better; you didn’t know what you were doing.” 

“You were drunk too!” 

“Y/N you don’t even remember what happened! This is on me!”

You sat silently, staring at Rafael’s back and memorizing every mark on it. He turned his head to the side. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to yell.”  

You scooted closer to him. A question had been burning in your mind since the moment you woke, but you couldn’t ask it. You were too afraid of the negative answer. You felt your heart racing. 

“Rafa, we were both drunk.” 

He rubbed a hand over his face and stared at the wall. “ Do you remember your first kiss?” he asked suddenly. 

You blinked in response, surprised that he did remember. “Well…yeah.” Rafa looked back at you and shrugged before turning away again. Realization dawned on you. “What? No, Rafael, that was different.” you said quickly. 

“It doesn’t feel different.” he mumbled. 

“Well it is!” you argued. “It is because I don’t feel mad at myself, or at you. I don’t feel disgusted. I-” You paused not wanting to admit too much. You bit your lip, having no idea what to say in a situation like this.

Rafael was clearly still upset. You sighed and wrapped your arms around his stomach, not caring that there was only a thin sheet between your chest and his back. He tensed instantly, but you just rested your chin on his shoulder and stared at the same wall he was. “You know what I remember from that night?” Rafael didn’t respond. “I remember that talk you gave me. I think about it all the time because you were right. I grew up and boys got less confusing, but they didn’t get less gross, and there were more of them. And the more failed relationships I had, the more I thought about what you said, and how hard it is to find a guy that respectful, and kind, and mature.” 

“Y/N, what are you saying?” His chest vibrated as he spoke. You blushed when you realized the rant you’d gone on. You started to back away from him, but he held your arms in place against. “Y/N. What do you mean?” he repeated.

“I’m saying there are three men in the world that I fully trust. I can’t date my brother, and Lin’s already taken.” Rafael coughed and choked on nothing at all. You smiled and pressed your forehead to his back. “Do you regret it?” you asked quietly after a moment. The burning question had been put out and replaced by a flame of anxiety in your chest.

“Do I…” He sighed. “I regret how it happened but…I’d be lying if I said the thought of being with you hasn’t crossed my mind before.” he finished. He moved your arms and turned to face you more. You brought a hand back to the sheet, holding it in place. “Do you regret it?”

You looked down. “I think I just regret that we haven’t had this talk earlier.” you said honestly. 

Rafael smiled and pressed his forehead to yours. “So…that’s out there now.” he said quietly. 


“We don’t have to like put labels on it or anything. We can just…see where it goes.” 

You pulled away and nodded. “Yeah, I like that idea.” 

Rafael smiled and kissed you. You relished the feeling since you barely remembered the sloppy drunk kisses of last night. This one was much sweeter and meant so much more. You crossed your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He smiled and leaned forward onto the bed more. You pulled away suddenly. 

“Wait, what about Daveed?” you asked. 

Rafael’s eyes travel downward. “Honestly, I can’t give a fuck about your brother right now because that blanket just fell off of you and…” 

You giggled and kissed him again.

“Shhh.” Rafael teased a little over a month later. He kissed your neck slowly as he moved inside of you. “Someone might hear you and rat us out to your brother.” 

“Ugh please don’t talk about my brother while we’re fucking.” you complained. He met your eyes and smiled, not slowing his pace at all. You panted and held his gaze. 

“What…does it bother you?” he grunted. 

You nodded, finding it hard to talk. “Yeah…it’s a major turn o-ah…aha fuck fuck fuck.” you whined louder and louder. Rafael smiled and kissed your neck as you came. He finished soon after. 

Rafa rolled off of you and laid next to you, breathing heavily. You smiled and molded your body to his side, draping a leg over his waist. He smiled and kissed your forehead. You stayed there with him for a long time. The late afternoon sun streamed through the window. You loved laying in Rafa’s bed; it smelled like him even when he wasn’t there. 

“Hey, you want food?” he asked. 

“You’re always hungry after sex.” you laughed, sitting up. He smiled and stood up. 

“Can you blame me?” he asked, pulling a pair of sweatpants on. “You put me to work.” 

You smirked and searched under the blankets for your panties. They hit you in the chest and fell into your lap. You glared up at Rafa who laughed like a little kid. “Rude. Just for that, I’m stealing your shirt.” you proclaimed, picking it up off the floor and tugging it on.  

“Be my guest.” he smiled and pulled you in to kiss him. You wrapped your arms around his waist, but he grabbed your forearms and pushed you back. “Food.” He dragged out the vowel of the word and started pulling you towards his kitchen. 

You hopped up onto his counter and grinned when he raised an eyebrow at you. “What? It’s your place which means you should cook.” you reasoned. He rolled his eyes and started to pulling ingredients out. Ingredients meaning cheese and bread. Your eyes followed him all around the room. He was working at something directly across from where you were sitting and stared at the way the muscles of his back were moving. He sighed and turned around. 

“Are you enjoying yourself, kid?” he said. 

You held your hand to your chest. “Oh ouch. That was pretty platonic.” 

He smirked and put his hand on the counter, trapping you with his arms. “Is this platonic?” Rafa leaned forward and attached his lips to yours. You smiled and kissed him back, taking his face in your hands. 

“Yo, Rafa! You here?” 

You and Rafa stared at each other with wide eyes. You looked around frantically. Rafael had a very open kitchen; there was no way you could sneak out without Daveed seeing you. 

“Just…I’ll distract him.” Rafael whispered before disappearing. You stood in the most concealed corner of the kitchen. Daveed would only be able to see you if he actually walked into the kitchen. 

“Dude what’s that smell? Are you cooking?” 

You swore your life flashed before your eyes. Rafa appeared around the corner first, holding his hands up. 

“No wait!” he said desperately. 

“What are you doing?” Daveed said. He stepped into the kitchen and almost instantly locked eyes with you. His head cocked to the side, causing his curls to bounce. “Y/N?” He looked from you to Rafa, to your bare legs, to Rafa’s bare chest. “No.” he whispered. “No.” Then Rafa was being pushed against a wall by Daveed.  His fist collided with Rafael’s nose. 

“Woah! Daveed stop!” You ran forward and pushed him off of Rafael, standing between them. Daveed glared at Rafa over your shoulder. “You’re a fucking idiot.” you told him before turning to Rafa. He had his hand around his nose. “Let me see.” you said quietly.

He took his hand away. Your put your hand on his face and moved it so you could inspect forearm different angles. Rafa grabbed your forearm and looked at you. “It’s fine, Y/N. It’s barely even bleeding.” he said. The flow of blood that dripped onto his chest told you otherwise. You frowned up at him, but his eyes were sincere. “Really, I’m okay.” 

“Jesus fucking Christ, you’re making me sick.” Daveed spat. You turned and glared at him. 

You’re making me sick. You just punched your best friend in the face!” 

“Best friends don’t fuck each other’s sisters!” he yelled. 

“God, fuck you, Daveed.” you growled.

“I want to talk to Rafael alone.” 

“Hell no!” you said. “You’re gonna kill him.” You felt Rafa’s hand on your waist. 

“It’s okay.” he whispered. “I have some things I want to say to Daveed anyway.” 

You looked between them with and astonished expression. “You’re kidding, right? This involves me; I should be here.” Rafael turned you around and put his hand on your face. 


You rolled your eyes and muttered something about male dominance before walking away to get toilet paper for Rafa’s noise. 

When you came back you heard, to your surprise, their voices at a somwhat normal volume.

“I can’t believe both of you went behind my back and did this.” 

“Can you blame us? You punched me when you found out, Diggs.” Rafa’s voice sounded strange. He was probably pinching his nose shut.

“You’re not supposed to sleep with my sister.” he seethed.

“You say that like I’m just sleeping with her. Dude, even if I wasn’t with her, she’d still be one of the most important people to me, you know that. Y/N’s the best thing in our lives.” Despite the situation, you smiled at Rafael’s words. 

“God, I can’t listen to this bullshit.” You heard footsteps.

“Hey!” Rafael shouted. “I don’t get why you’re so pissed. You’re always wanting Y/N to be with someone good for her-” 

“You’re not good for her! Your longest relationship was like six months long!”

“She’s 28. She can make her own decisions. When are you gonna stop treating her like a child?” 

“When she stops doing things that will get her hurt.” 

“She grew up with us, Daveed. She’s always gonna do stupid shit.” 

“Exactly! She’s supposed to be like your sister too! Doesn’t that bother you at all?”

“It’s bothered me since we were teenagers!” There was a long pause. Even you were shocked. 

“Seriously? That long ago.”

“I…yeah. Why do you think none of my other relationships lasted long?” Another pause. 

“You don’t deserve her.” Daveed’s voice was slightly quieter now.

Rafael laughed. “Yeah, I fucking know.” 

You figured it was as good a time as any to step in. You walked to Rafa and handed him the paper.  He thanked you and held it to his nose. You turned to your brother with your hands on your hips, waiting for him to say something. 

“You realize how bad it will be for me if you two break up?” he said. You looked to Rafa. The two of you hadn’t talked about that at all. Hell, you hadn’t even defined the relationship yet.

“Well obviously we aren’t planning on breaking up.” you said. “But if we do, we’re mature enough not to drag you into it or anything like that.” 

“This makes me feel so weird. I’m just putting that out there.” 

You rolled your eyes. “You’ll get used to it.” 

“I mean, not that we actually need your permission, but does that mean you’re okay with it?” Rafael asked, scrubbing dried blood off his lip.

“Please, Daveed. Rafael’s a good guy, we both know that, and I’d really like it if I didn’t have to pretend that I haven’t seen his dick.” Rafa burst out laughing but quickly started to cough when Daveed glared at him. 

Daveed sighed and fisted his hair, looking between the two of you. “I mean you said it yourself; I guess I can’t stop you.” A smile broke out on your face. “But please continue to pretend you haven’t seen his dick and never talk about sex around me.” he added. 

You rolled your eyes. “Fine.” You walked over to him and held your arms open to show you really did appreciate his acceptance. He smiled and pulled you into his chest. 

“I love you.” he murmured. 

“I love you too.” You smiled up at him. 

“I love you too, Daveed.” Rafael said. 

“I’m not sorry for punching you.” 

“Fair enough.” 

Daveed pulled away from you. “Alright, well I’m gonna leave before I decide I want to kill one or both of you.” He grabbed his keys. “Also, I’m taking this.” He held up a grilled cheese and bit into it before walking out of Rafa’s apartment. “Put some damn clothes on!” he called before the door shut. 

You turned to Rafa with wide eyes and let out a slow breath. 

“So…that went well.” he said. 

“Is your nose okay?” The blood was all cleaned away, but you were still worried. 

He shrugged and put his hands on your hips. “It’ll probably bruise, but it’s totally worth it.” You wrapped your arms around his neck. “Now I get to date his little sister.”

Your raised your eyebrows. “So, we’re dating now?”

“Oh yeah I’m totally making that executive decision and calling you my girlfriend.”

“It’s a good decision.” you agreed. Rafael gave a lopsided smile and quickly moved his head to kiss you.   

im watching the handmaids tale and honestly i know they want us to like. care about the backstories of serena joy and her husband but like jesus christ they were and are terrible people and its interesting but also i hate them so lmao

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MEME BOY HEADCANONS Jared's Instagram page is pretty much filled with really obscure memes that no one really gets. That doesn't stop him from posting them.If he wants to get someone's attention, I feel like he'd be that kinda person that'd like spam people. Just... Evan's phone just keeps buzzing and it's like 8:30 on a Saturday morning. He checks it to see about 100 messages from Jared, varying from 'answer me tree fucker' to 'do you ever wonder if penguins have feelings?'

MEME BOY HEADCANONS PT. 2 Jared claims to be an ‘edgelord’, but in reality he’s the biggest goddamn softie on the planet. “My favourite drink is bleach.” “Bullshit. It’s a white chocolate mocha!” Even though Jared’s Jewish, his favourite phrase is ‘Jesus Christ!’ Jared attempts to learn how to play the guitar by getting Zoe to teach him. It doesn’t end well.“How the hell do you do this??!!” “Jared, that’s only a basic G chord.” “What the!!” *terribly out of key guitar sound, followed by a scree


ok so, jared is always like posting jewish memes ?? and he sometimes photoshops evan into memes to be the reaction. so the meme will say something like “when u hear your moms car pulling up and haven’t done any chores yet” and it’s just a photo of evan, mid run and then the photo beside it is him face planting the floor and jared thinks he’s. hilarious.

the murphy’s, alana and evan have become numb to the memes. they just accept that he won’t stop ever.

evan is. Worried ?? so it’s three am and he can’t sleep because he’s feeling a bit sad about whatever, and then his phone vibrates A MILLION TIMES AND he thinks something’s wrong so he grabs it and nearly drops it and it’s just jared sending fucking pepe memes or asking him why lampshades exist or if eating glass like the baby grinch does is actually possible.

also, jared never stops calling evan tree boy. EVER. and evan, the poor fella has to just take it and say “I FELL OUT OF A TREE ONE TIME” or “you’re just jealous of my tree knowledge”

jared ‘i’ll say i’ll knock you the fuck out if you even look at me but in reality i’ll just smile and wave before falling to the ground out of fear’ kleinman.

“zoe your guitar is broken”

“no jared you’re just not doing it right”

“shut the fuck up”

meanwhile, evan sits in the corner, observing, wondering what he did in a past life to deserve a real life meme as a friend.

Here of all places - Chapter 5


Claire stared at her sneakers, soaking in blood. The center of the universe had reduced itself to that precise instant and place, to her feet, standing in a slimy red pool, right after having killed a man on the table. The words still reverberated in her ears like the sound of a blade being sharpened.

“You have killed him. You’re responsible for his death and I will hold you accountable for this.”

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The Only One 3

Summary: You were in love with this guy and in college you could’ve made it work but you had to go home and now 6 years later it might be too late to be with the only man you ever truly loved. Modern Day AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1413

A/N: Because i hit my next 100 followers here we go

Part 2

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  • Bratz the movie - sentence starters:
  • "Cook? You want me to cook? I burn water."
  • "Watch where you're going!"
  • "Perfection takes time, and I'm worth every single second."
  • "All this time, I thought you were just some cool jock."
  • "You stupid... cheerleader!"
  • "You did not just say that!"
  • "Someday you'll say something intelligent."
  • "You're not as bad as people say you are."
  • "Food fight!"
  • "I'm not a snob, I'm just better than you are."
  • "Don't get your bragas in a twist."
  • "Have you seen my joystick?"
  • "Delete my number from your cell phone, okay?"
  • "I really didn't see this coming."
  • "I'll have MTV tape the whole thing."
  • "He is totally not my type."
  • "Your singing's amazing."
  • "I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover, right?"
  • "You can push me around, hold me underwater yet I won't drown."
  • "Step outside the box and be extraordinary."
  • "If you're telling me to stop, I won't."
  • "You see, no is not in my vocabulary."
  • "It's all about me."
  • "Madonna ain't got nothing on me."
  • "You know it's all about me."
  • "I'm like slice of Heaven."
  • "People like me were treated so differently."
  • "Don't worry that you're inferior, it's just that I'm superior."
  • "You've become addicted to me."
  • "This is your lucky day - you're standing in my presence."
  • "Express yourself!"

Honestly my kingdom for a fic where there is stucky seeing Tony and going “oh no he’s hot” at the same time Tony sees Steve and Bucky and decides he is going to hit on them incessantly. And Steve, who is always going to be fucking awful at flirting with people says, “So, you’re trying to hop aboard the dick train?” And Bucky is ready to slap his boyfriend because Jesus Christ this is the reason I am the only one on the planet that wanted to date you but Tony just looks delighted and says, “Choo choo!” Steve smiles back at him brightly because holy shit that worked!

And Bucky despairs because holy shit that worked. What does that say about Tony?

(It says that Tony’s terrible sense of humor is almost as big as his love for dick, which is saying something.)

headcannons that no one asked for

-In a modern world, Dally knows how to play the ukulele, but he only knows one song; Please Don’t by mxmtoon, and he plays it to Johnny every chance he gets

-Soda once wanted to be in a band,,,he wore a bandanna around his head,,,,and always carried drum sticks,,like,,everywhere,,always in his back pocket,,,but when Darry said no, that was the end of it 

-the one time that Steve actually gave a flip about Pony was when he was struggling with putting the spikes on his cleats for track 

-they just sat in the living room floor putting spikes in, and no one bothered them 

-”There you go, ya little shit.” 

-once, pony choked on gum and Two-Bit absolutely lost his shIT 

-”Oh my God you’re gonna die.” 

-“Oh my god, I’m gonna die. My mom’s gonna kill me if I let you die.” 

-”heLL Darry wiLl gEt mE fiRst”

-Modern- Steve used to skate board everYwhEre like the boys’d be walking and Steve’d come NooOOOMing by with his hat backwards and these sunglasses that say “ASS” on them, yellin’ “Later nerds!”

-sometimes, Johnny and Pony would race from the lot back to the house. Pony almost always won but sometimes, he’d slow down to Johnny’s pace just to make him feel better,,,,

-”why aren’t you running?” johnny’d yell 

-”i’m trying to make you feel better, cause you’re a slow runner-”

-and Johnny’d knock him right in the shoulder and beat him to the house just by a couple seconds, laughing the whole way. he’d always tease Pony about it 

-Two-Bit loved to call people “asshats” 

-Darry actually secretly wanted to see Pony write a couple books here and there, just so he could read them and be proud !!!

- Cherry puts her hair up in a messy bun when she’s alone and just sings and dances around the house 1000000% 

-Dally used to wear glasses when he was a kid, but when he went to New York, he broke them by accidentally sitting on them (wow way to go dallas jesus christ) He didn’t have the money to replace them, so he was stuck with his terrible vision for the rest of his life (maybe that’s why he’s so damn salty because he can’t see johnny’s pretty face) 

-Soda and Steve once had a cookie eating contest,,,,Two-Bit was the judge,,,,it wasn’t pretty,,,,,both boys ended up puking it all up, and it just became a huge joke around the house 

-one time, all the boys stayed at the house together. it was very packed, with Soda and Pony sleeping in their room, Darry in his, Two-Bit strung out on the couch, Steve dead asLEEP on the flOOr, Dally sitting like an old man on the couch, and Johnny curled into him. 

-breakfast wasn’t easy either. four out of the seven boys woke up really early (Johnny, Two-Bit, Pony, and Soda), the other three stayed asleep until Darry came a hussLIN’ in, trying whip up something good for breakfast. they all ended up just munching on some toast and a couple slices of cake

-Dally once drunkenly gave Johnny a mo hawk with grease. he stood in the bathroom for hOURS trying to get every single hair perfect 

-”Dal, you don’t gotta-”

-”shHHHH, I got this.”

-he’d say things like ‘aw look what you did. now there’s four tiny hairs sticking out from the swoooooosh” 

-Dally’d basically become a sassy little hair guru when he’d get drunk

-and last but not least

-there was one time, where everyone, and I mean everyone, was sick. they’d all come to hang out at the Curtis’s house, coughing and hacking and basically dyING. 

-Darry was tryin’ to stay tough, to work his way through his cold, but damn you could tell that boy didn’t get an ounce of sleep 

-Pony was all around whiNY and demanding 

-”daRRYYyyyyyyy I need waaaaaater” 

- Soda is soooo stuffy and so is Steve, so their constantly making fun of each other and saying silly things to get one another to laugh 

-Dally’s just tryna smoke it off, which isn’t helping. he spends most his time on the porch, rubbing his eyes and sneezing 25/8

-Johnny hangs with Dally outside, trying to catch some fresh air. he’s coughing like a mad man, which increases what head ache he’s got, and all he’s trying to do is get out of the house. 

-but,,,where’s Two-Bit? 

-,,, oh yea, he’s on the other side of the house, dead ass ASleep 

-everyone is jealous of that 

-specifically that 

(I apologize, these are terRIBLE lol) 

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recently i got more into the issue about gender and society and such, but i have a question that didn't get answered anywhere so i thought i could ask you ( a book/post rec would be fine). so about the western gender binary: where does it even come from?? is it christianity, the antique or even older? i've read that in the last couple hundered years this binary system got (incorrectly) backed up by "science" but the believe must have existed before that. So what are the roots??

i now have an incredible mental image of like a white leather gender binary with gold tooling, sitting in an antique store somewhere. 

WHOA I just learned something wild. I started googling around, because my impression is that the gender binary has had a lot of roots in Western imperialism but I don’t actually have a lot of details on that before, say, Columbus. And look at Wikipedia: 

The term gender role was first coined by John Money in 1955, during the course of his study of intersex individuals, to describe the manners in which these individuals expressed their status as a male or female in a situation where no clear biological assignment existed.

I was just thinking about him the other day! Because I returned a book to my old college library that I’ve had for about ten years, and it reminded me that I accidentally-on-purpose stole an old copy of John Money’s “Sex Errors Of the Body” from there. Like, I checked it out, around when I was learning about intersex stuff for the first time, and then was like, “okay, I can never give this book back, it is too heinous.”

(Also holy shit? I thought, from the looks of it and what I knew at the time, that the book must be really old, from like the 50s when he was first creating intersex genital mutilation as a thing. But it’s from 1994. That is some nonsense right there.)  

AAAAAAAA I clicked through to the article on John Money to see exactly how terrible he was (and what the book I stole was called) aaaaand it’s actually so bad that I’m going to reblog this to add it, so that I can put it behind a cut. Like, wow. Wow. Jesus fucking christ. wow

(less egregious but still gross: he apparently also wrote a book called “Gay, Straight, and In-Between,” like… no.) 

ummm anyway so 

I actually don’t know if there are any good sources on this stuff, because part of the problem of binarism in colonialism and post-colonialism has been that it colors the way people have studied the past.

So for example, it’s hard to pick an aspect of the gender binary and look at when it started, because people have tried so hard to project our gender binary onto whatever writings and artifacts they’ve found.

Looking specifically at the roots of the patriarchy will probably be a good starting place, both because people have done a lot of work in that area… although it’s going to include a lot of cissexism, I can tell you that right now, and quite probably a bunch of TERFs…. and also because the difference between the gender binary, and just having gender roles, imo, is the power structure, where one way of expressing gender is considered good, and all other variations and genders are seen as less-than and gross.  

But maybe someone else will have some good suggestions! 

Anne Rice Facebook livestream breakdown

Today, Anne Rice had two livestreams on Facebook, the first as a general Q&A and the second specifically related to the Vampire Chronicles television show. Part way through the second livestream, the video glitched and I missed a minute or two, but overall this is what I had.

I’ve divided the information into 3 sections and highlighted the most important or interesting things she mentioned in my opinion):

Anne Herself

  • Anne wants to assure fans she is the ONLY one who answers and sees emails sent by fans. She tries hard to view all of them
  • She also reassures that shes been trying to read as many comments given on Facebook as possible and to consider them
  • In her writing process, she can’t do all-nighters anymore; her books about Christ were the last time she really did this
  • She loves how people in New Orleans love life and celebrate it. She misses New Orleans terribly. She notes, “Lifestyles [down there] are inherited and have a beauty”
  • She reads more non-fiction than fiction and constantly takes notes from them, especially about archeology (which she loves: “It’s like eating ice cream for me! I love it so much”)
  • She says she no longer identifies as a Christian, but still has a love for Jesus and what he has done for her, such as helping her solve problems and beyond that
  • She has some new announcement coming soon not concerning the vampires
  • She feels this is the age of the nerd where readers’ opinions are most important. Says she has always taken us the readers seriously and wants us to feel appreciated. She appreciates our power and what we have done for the series.

The Books and The Characters

  • *spoiler* There is NO certainty Mona and Quinn are dead. This is just what Lestat believes.
  • She went through the pronunciations of characters’ names
    • Marius is pronounced like Marius in Les Miserables
    • Mekare is May-care-ee, but thinks other pronunciations are beautiful too
      • (And I think as a fandom we’ve come to agreements on everyone else’s names. She went by the names fast!)
  • Anne says she sums up the story of the chronicles as “how badly Lestat wants to be the hero of his own life”
  • She appreciates fans pointing out mistakes in her writing since she wants to be as accurate as possible, especially when it comes to history/time periods
  • When asked about the taste of blood/how it functions, Anne says blood is like every kind of drug- it’s sex, alcohol, drugs, everything
  • She writes a TON of notes since she occasionally forgets when/how certain things are mentioned, such as how the Savage Garden was introduced in the novel (which she no knows as something that occurred during Our Conversation with Nicolas and Lestat)
  • The name “Talamasca” came from a book on old witchcraft she found
  • Lestat’s name was a “blunder” rather than a “eureka” moment. His name was NOT based on her husband Stan intentionally. She was trying to look up old french names.
  • The transformation process of human to vampire (after getting the Dark Gift) is a little slower than how the IWTV film portrayed, but close in Anne’s mind (she truly appreciated how the film went above to stay close to her own visions and her work)
  • During his time with Louis and Claudia, Lestat attempted to give answers that would “keep them alive” rather than actual answers, knowing that he couldn’t reveal what he knew due to what Marius had told him (essentially, not just answers that he thought would satisfy them but that he thought would carry them on by themselves…which worked in my opinion)
  • There were several questions about Gabrielle and Becket commented about how Gabrielle is a fan favorite before he introduced the questions:
    • Anne says Gabrielle is cold, but admits that she loves Lestat yet at the same time doesn’t need him.
    • She does not see Gabrielle as autistic (she laughed at this question which really irked me :/ )
    • She will not write about a memoir from Gabrielle’s point of view since she wants Lestat to stay the focus of “the tribe” and she’s done with writing those sort of side books.
  • Lestat’s main concern right now is “keeping the tribe together”
  • She wants to continue with exploring some of the newer characters, Fareed and Seth were mentioned as a part of this.
  • Anne has an “ambivalence” towards Louis and she loves him since he represents an old part of her, but this is also the same reason she has trouble going back and writing for him, because she feels she is now a different person
  • She appreciates that there is no “real” consensus on what is the best/worst of her books amongst the fans (though Memnoch was her first example for worse soooo 😏)
  • In some ways, how Amel speaks to Lestat is a metaphor for how Lestat speaks to Anne.

The Television Show


  • Armand will NOT be played by someone around 14, because of the long filming process and how it will age the actor. She acknowledges fans want someone young for Armand but feels it will be too difficult to use (um, hello Anne, CGI??)
  • She thinks Cate Blanchett would be a wonderful pick for Gabrielle.
  • Says the looks are most important for Lestat, Louis just has to be beautiful (lol)
  • She really cares about the appearances of the cast and their availability to do about 5-6 years of filming

(Chronology and Production)

  • She thinks she will not go through network tv, so the home to the show would be Amazon, Hulu or Netflix.
  • She feels the show won’t be as violent as Game of Thrones but wants that integrity and style, and that “authenticity” to the books that Game of Thrones has (So for the rating, I’m guessing she feels around M?)
  • Anne wants to be true to the books and what the fans want to see (in regards to characters and plot points)
  • She appreciated the commitment of the team for the IWTV film and wants to keep up to that standard. She does not want unreasonable changes and compromises
  • Chronologically, she wants to begin with TVL with Lestat as a young man.
    • Feels around the 2nd/3rd season is where IWTV would start
    • The books are long, so it will not be a one season / one book situation.
    • It will begin chronologically, so it won’t be Lestat reading IWTV and THEN starting with his story as a response, it will start in France as the events happen (I was hoping it would be the former…)
  • No Mayfair witches in the show
  • Characters who are introduced later, but existed chronologically earlier like Benedick and Magnus, will be put earlier in the show
  • The Talamasca will be heavily involved “eventually” in the series, possibly earlier on. Related to this, she wants to tell the history of her vampires and those entities.
  • She wants to definitely (so badly) cover the scene where Lestat is being turned “stage by stage…” meaning him being in the tower and having realizations about his strength after drinking the blood. Also, how he turns Gabrielle (possibly wants to have a young actress to play Gabrielle and have her human age appear through makeup so the transformation will be more dramatic)
  • Louis’ story WILL be told, but the show will be mostly from Lestat’s POV
  • Anne hopes the show will go into production before the end of this year. Around 2018 is when it would come out
  • Anne and Chris have had a lot of interested companies already looking into developing the project (but she doesn’t want to reveal who is talking to them since it “wouldn’t be fair”)
  • She isn’t sure if the show will break the 4th wall. She acknowledges that Lestat does it in the books, but she feels she would have to stick with it for the entirety of the show and that would be difficult (so it sounds like mostly a “no” but she’s considering it)
  • Christopher and her are currently outlining around 5 seasons (estimated) for the TV series. They are also writing drafts for the first 4 episodes

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It seems like you're glorifying murder. I agree, Kurt and Ram were really shitty and all around terrible people, but you make it seem so good that they got fucking murdered and I? Jesus Christ that isn't right

Let’s murder all rapists

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Like most artists, has there ever been points where Branch attempted to destroy or even burn his poetry...? How would Poppy or the snack pack react...?

Yeah, of course. I mean he started writing them as teenager after all and he was already anxious and self conscious as hell. He began conjuring poems in his head at first, which always used to make him cringe to himself because “What the actual fuck is this bullshit you’re spurting, dumbass??”

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Karamels: Wow, I can’t believe??? how disgusting??? these people who are booing Chris Wood are? and for what??? playing an abusive slave owning misogynist doesn’t excuse this terrible negative behavior !! 

Karamels: *go after Katie McGrath’s flawless physical appearance when they realized people shipped her with Kara*

Karamels: antis are so ugly lmao 

I’m still burning at 4000C over this panel

“We all chose Suzuya-senpai with a burning desire.”

We all chose Suzuya-senpai with a burning desire.”

We all chose Suzuya-senpai with a burning desire.”

“We all chose Suzuya-senpai with a burning desire.”

This is just so…..everything about Juuzou’s growth and development in :RE is so incredible. He isn’t very present in the narrative (personally I feel he’s been underused), but whenever he is it’s just like a rush of incredible development. 

Remember in TG when no one wanted to work with Juuzou? Where he was seen as a burden and a problem? Remember when people thought of him as a monster, the same as ghouls? Imagine being horrifically abused, tormented, tortured, and forced to do terrible things throughout all of your formative years, and then imagine the people who “rescued” you lumping you in the same category as your abusers and captors due to circumstances over which you can no control???? And then imagine growing from that into a competent, adored leader? Juuzou’s physical prowess and resilience is incredible but jesus christ, how resilient must his mind be? 

And after everything here he is with this squad. This squad. They protect him. They adore him. They care for him. They trust him, implicitly. They are braver, stronger, more skilled, and more resolute than any other squad we see, in my opinion. They move as one, instantly accommodating for members who are injured or unable to fight. They are not cruel, they do not take pleasure in killing ghouls. They have literally won awards for their work. And they chose Juuzou with a burning desire because they believed that he could make them into this well-oiled machine that somehow, despite all the horrors of this world, maintains its integrity and humanity. 

He’s only 23 years old, he was raised by ghouls. only four years ago he was seen as a monster, a demon, completely unfit, and a burden to those around him. 

I’m not fucking crying, you’re crying. ;-;

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isn't it nice that Germany's third most popular party is actual Nazis?

I am so disgusted by all the people who voted for the AfD and if i ever come across anyone who did I’m literally going to punch them because they’re nazis (like the posters for them in the subway or on the street literally said “stop the islamification” like jesus christ)

They have terrible view on everything regarding humans rights and animal rights or the earth and renewables

I don’t know what happened during the election but it’s the same as “trumps never gonna win no one is that stupid to vote for him” and now he’s president

And now the AfD is the third biggest party in germany right after two parties that are - in my opinion - terrible as well

Gee I sure can’t wait for “TAWOG critical” blogs and for people to dig up every little bit of dirt on Ben Bocquelet and the rest of the crew to make them look like Satan and going back to episode 1 to find something to complain about all due to ONE BAD EPISODE JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I HATED IT TOO BUT SERIOUSLY


(Note: I have nothing against critical blogs, I actually run one myself. It’s just that Gumball was the one thing I felt like I was allowed to enjoy without being accused of supporting terrible people and that got ruined too.)

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do u actually legitimately believe that every single person who joins the us military is automatically a terrible person? obviously a lot of them are but like are u rly that oblivious to the fact that ppl might not have another way of making a living/paying for their education? i'm not saying that the us military is good in literally any way bc p much everything they do is awful but jesus christ give ppl a fucking break for trying to survive

the concept of poor people having no choice but to become soldiers is largely a misconception 

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jesus hecking christ. how can people call johnny a playboy when peter flipping "never met a gal he didn't smooch" parker exists??

I’m pretty sure Peter’s had more love interests than Johnny and that’s excluding non-616 characters, like Carole Jennings from the newspaper strip. The difference is that there’s a couple of decades where he was married (and I do want to say that, while he is occasionally a terrible boyfriend, he’s a pretty great husband). Johnny was also married for a significant amount of time but even before the Skrull retcon, that marriage is a mess. Peter also doesn’t melodramatically proclaim himself a shallow womanizer every five minutes even though he once got so distracted over his extremely hot neighbor that he didn’t realize she was a super villain from Atlantis, and on at least three separate occasions has gone “I should not, for moral reasons, kiss this woman” and then immediately kissed that woman. 

She was using him for test results and you know what it serves him right.

And like, on the one hand I’m glad he’s a dog, because Spider-Man as a series is usually reluctant to let go of its characters, and the bevvy of beautiful women he ultimately hasn’t clicked with over the years have mostly gone on to have storylines that exist outside of him and interesting, layered friendships with both him and other members of the cast. For example, Betty Brant and Liz Allan both remain important Spider-Man characters to this day. (Marcy Kane, on the other hand, I’m still boggling over. Also when that article says they seemed “headed for a relationship” I want you to know it’s strongly implied they were banging.)

But on the other hand, listen, I love him, but he’s a dog.