jesus christ that was far too exciting

i’m sorry

i’m sorry for the ‘cult’ mark things going on last night; and i want to apologizes on the behalf of anyone who took the whole ordeal too far and sent spam to others outside the fandom (jack, tyler, ethan, etc.) or just spammed others who didn’t wish to be in this situation in the first place.

it was a joke taken too far and for too long. it ran its course and needs to settle down. especially the creepy and tiggering type of messages (like jesus christ i had someone list off my full name followed by 'JOIN US’ cmon, thats too far.)

i want to personally appogize for all the 'creepy’ and 'spooky’ messages and such i did and any anxious and paranoid feelings it caused. i was too wrapped up in the excitement of the whole ordeal and such that i didn’t think my actions through; and for that im deeply sorry.

lets all take a nice deep breath and settle down, okay? change back the profile pictures and start posting some good old regular content!! :D i’m sure mark would say the same!!

princess [draco malfoy]

request: nonexistent! this was directly out of my mind (’:

word count: ~3700

a/n: good jesus christ this one took far too long to write. this is my first post of the blog, though, so color me excited for what’s to come! also i’m so tired. this has drained my energy for some reason. ugh. please do request though i have nothing to write and my ideas sort of go everywhere when i don’t have a solid idea in mind! thanks for reading! <3

summary: in which a sarcastic comment has draco calling you “princess”. he’s also kind of an ass. a very attractive, rude ass. (contains swearing ofc)

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micaxiii  asked:

can you recommend any ZaDR fics?

OKAY, NOT GONNA LIE, I’VE BEEN MAKING A LIST??? CAUSE WOW <3 I’ve been reading them a lot lately and I HIGHLY recommend:

Dig Your Own Grave and Bury The Hatchet

This one is my fuckin favorite. I believe it was the second one I REALLY got invested in?? But I LOVE how they portray Zim and Dib and how the chemistry happens and I… IM SO SAD IT WON’T UPDATE FOR A LONG WHILE OTL It’s written so well and the satirical shit both boys throw at one another is amazing?? By far my favorite v/w/v I want everyone to read it //cries. And here’s some other nice ones!

Polaris - This one took me a bit to get into but it got interesting as the story moved along, especially when shit starts goin down. I do like the slow ass burn to the eventual ZADR and the other characters are pretty interesting :> I finished it within like…2 days cause I’m a trash bag hungry for more. 

Challenge - NSFW, an AU where Dib’s a sex worker and Zim is actually a great Invader with actual bros. I really??? Like sex worker AUs???? I made one with fuckin Usopp/Sanji back in my One Piece phase, BUT THIS ONE!! I loved how beautifully written it was. It was my first ZADR fic that like set me off on this journey to read more. I really relate to Zim in this one like…goddamn. 

Here and Now - Just finished this one and I… I gotta say I liked the angle this one went with (As you can see this is the writer for Challenge) and I’m. Fucking. Alive. lol, I love the direction for Zim’s character, particularly in one of the chapters when he discovers something, sort of a revelation and it’s just… Goddamn. I also love the chapters where they text to one another v/w/v <3 It’s a really sweet one!

Goodbye to a World - A VERY interesting one I also finished today! I’m captivated by what the fuck is gonna happen next cause damn does the shit hit the fan in this one. Very great for the writer’s FIRST FIC <3 I enjoyed ;w; Also has some art in there too v/w/v 


That’s what I’ve read so far ;w; I’m currently looking for more to read and I can update this as I go along ;> I’m so excited, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve gotten so into a series I’ve actively searched for fics to read as well. It’s ..intense. My otp is so strong rn. 

Smile For Me. [Opie Winston x Reader]

[ @homicidalteenagedream request: Opie Winston / ‘Smile for me.’ & ‘I know you can do better than that.’]

Warnings: None.

The night had been quiet for you, given that Opie’s kids had been at their grandparent’s house all day. While the house was still, and Opie was on his way back from picking them up, you found yourself sat at your computer working on a few things for work, and doing the usual things one does to procrastinate when more important things are on the agenda.

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without you | Jungkook x Reader

Originally posted by jjks

Word Count: 582
Genre: Angst, suggestive everything
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook
Summary: Not requested, just a small drabble I did ‘cause I felt inspired. I hope you enjoy it! Please do send feedback or requests my way here!


[ kooks ] 1:47: ohhh my go d my head is spinning and I am in love with you
[ kooks ] 1:47: i don’t evne know if its because im drunk or if its because you smell so nice
[ kooks ] 1:47: i wish i could mrarry you and kiss you
[ kooks ] 1:47: i would kiss you before marrying yoiu btw
[ kooks ] 1:48: mayb more than just kiss you
[ kooks ] 1:48: god you tsasted so good when I kissed you
[ kooks ] 1:48: i wish tihngs were easier

However, they weren’t.

So you deleted the messages, an unsettling indifference plastered on your face as you used every nerve in your body to withhold your tears.

The body doesn’t forget the love it has for others no matter how desperately your mind forces it to. You knew of that, but you didn’t know that. Surely, a charmingly drunk Jungkook could make your heart flutter and send waves of tingles to your toes, but there was nothing sustainable for you in that relationship. You knew that.
You could recalculate, reconsider, sigh and grunt in frustration and nothing would change. Dating an idol isn’t a possibility.
There’s nothing exciting about being a secret, nothing thrilling about being the constant first suspect of any possible mishaps. Your intentions always questioned, your integrity never trusted.
Let’s not get started about the physical aspect. Surely, the first few weeks of reckless sexting, hearing him moan greedily and you pant desperately had its own charm – but then comes the human need for more, the yearning for his touch. A touch that came far too rarely.
There was no excitement in the sex, no level of danger; no jolts of arousal as the two of you carefully planned it out, darkening the room for security, covering every single window before painfully indulging in dull, mediocre sex. Sex that was meant to be shared with your 56-year-old husband with some type of osteoporosis, not with your ridiculously beautiful 19-year-old lover.

You both knew it.

The endless bickering that neither of you had particular fault in, the sweet “I miss you” turning into the scowling “Jesus fucking Christ, I’ve been alone for a month, Jungkook.”
The misconception that dating an idol is a luxury, the misconception that you’ll somehow turn into his ridiculously hot famous girlfriend and that the two of you will be South Korean equivalent of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – it’s not real.
Listen, he even showed you the paper. He showed you the sentence, the black on white print to break hearts, the disgusting print that clearly states, “Public romantic relations will be considered a breach of contract and appropriate consequences will decided as a result thereof.”
So what do you expect me to do, Jeon Jungkook?
Yes, you can wait until Bangtan Sonyeondan’s 15 minutes of fame has passed, wait until their shine has faded and there’s a dullness to their name.

Wait 5-10 years in the dark, whilst Jungkook wanders drunkenly through the night, Big Hit lathering him with fake relationships and extra work for better singing, better dancing, better talking, better hair, better teeth, better skin, better body, better fuck.


The body does not forget the love it has for others no matter how desperately the mind forces it to.

[ kooks ] 1:54: let m see you
[ kooks ] 1:54: ill fuck yoi whit the lights on
[ you ] 1:58: come over