jesus christ my acne

07/26/17 update

23 weeks on T

I feel like I’m gaining weight? Or maybe weight is just shifting. I’m getting pretty tubby in the middle section. Though, I’ve always been tubby, so I don’t know.
My hair line is definitely changing. I lose a lot of hair still.
My acne. Jesus Lordt Christ Almighty. My back is all sorts of fucked up. I never had bad skin during my first puberty so this is weird. My face isn’t too bad yet, thankfully.
Sweaty. Hairy.
My upper lip has a definite ~stache~ in most lighting now, which is weird. It’s especially weird when I get milk all over my face because of it.
Moods have been evenish.

I also started parting my hair on the other side, for those of you who care to know that fact.

That’s about it, I suppose.