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A little something I’m working on for @anarchycox (thanks for the all the prompting)

Pandemonium pt1

“How long Merlin?”

“How long what Harry?”

“How long have you and eggsy been dancing around one another?”

“I don’t know what yer on about Harry, but Galahad and I have certainly not been doing any dancing.”

“No,you both just happen to stare at each other across the room everytime you think the other isn’t looking, because you aren’t pining away like some bloody Austen heroine.”

Merlin has had about enough of Harry’s pestering over the issue.Harry who less than two months ago had still been presumed dead,who had less than a month ago still not remembered him or Eggsy at all and who now was sat in their bed reminding him of what he was so intently trying to forget.

“Jesus H Christ Harry, will you just let this go? I thought ye were dead,we all thought you were dead.I couldn’t cope with that loss and neither could he.He found a princess and I watched from afar, protecting him in ways that I failed to protect Ye or James. I became invested in his well being in a way that I never thought possible outside of James and you.” Merlin finally let out a long shaky breath.

“Hamish,I don’t care.Why in the world would I care about you and him being happy together? What did you think I would expect you to wait for me? To change who you were just because I wasn’t here anymore? Or was it because it was Eggsy?Because of who he was to me?”

When Harry sees the sheepish look return to Merlin’s face he knows that he has found what he thinks is the crux of the problem.

“He was so like you in the beginning Harry,it was like watching your ghost.He is most certainly his own person now, but that took time.Time we spent together training and working and grieving.He and Tilde had a good relationship and I didn’t want to cock that up.I was content to just stand by and mourn what I had lost in both you and James.”

Merlin decided if they were doing this he’d need tea so he got up and headed downstairs.

Harry decided he wasn’t getting anywhere with this part of the conversation and sent a text to Eggsy telling him to come over to theirs.He promptly received a message with an eta of 10 minutes, the boy living next door truly did help in these matters and he was rather sick of their moping.

They had always had an open relationship one built out of more of a solid friendship and occasional lovers than true romance, but Merlin wouldn’t allow himself to act this time out of some sense of duty to him and for some reason that was making everything terribly awkward between all three of them.

Merlin was pouty and distant and Eggsy was a live wire ready to spark and take the whole building down, and Harry just wanted them all to be happy.

When Eggsy arrived at Harry’s townhome he let himself in like he usually did and headed to the kitchen where he heard movement.He was almost to there when Merlin heard the front door close and he spun around from the cabinet to see Eggsy and nearly dropping his mug at the sight

“Shit. Eggsy, what uh what are ye doing here?”

He really wishes he had taken the time to throw on something other than his robe.

“Dunno, arry said to come over so I did sorry bruv I didn’t know i was interuptin somfin.” Eggsy shuffled his feet a bit trying to not focus on how good the man in front of him looked,He most certainly wasn’t thinking about what was underneath that robe either. “I uh, I’ll just head on back home, let I’m know I stopped by alright?”

“No,Eggsy you won’t. “ Harry said suddenly appearing out of nowhere. “You will sit and have tea with us while the two of you pull your heads out of the sand and actually talk to one another.” They both stared at him with a look that could only be described as pure and utter horror . “Stop looking at me like I have grown a secondary head. The heartbroken, lovesick ,aura of doom that both of you have been projecting since we returned home has gone on long enough.I won’t have it affecting the agency and I won’t have it affecting our relationships any longer.”

“Look Arry I’m sorry yeah? I just need time to get over it that’s all. Didn’t know about youse and all and now that I do I’m out of it but don’t punish someone else, just cause I can’t be trusted anymore.” Harry was gearing up for a response prior to Eggsy’s outburst but what the boy had said almost broke his heart.

Merlin however beat him to it. “Eggsy lad ye have nothing to be apologizing fer.It’s I who have cocked things up, both fer ye and Harry.I dinae remember to separate my feelings from the job and as such have compromised the integrity of it all.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake Hamish, quit being so bloody dramatic that’s my job. Eggsy he is right in one thing however, you dear boy have nothing to be apologizing for. I’m not going to tell either of you again. Sort this thing between you or I’m never sleeping with either of you again.” and with that Harry spun with a flourish of his robe and returned upstairs leaving both Merlin and Eggsy to stand in the kitchen practically petrified and staring blankly at one another.

“Eggsy, lad look, I know that it hasn’t been long since Tilde and ye parted..”

“Merlin" Eggsy tries to interject before the man can continue

“or since that peacock of a man upstairs returned..I know that I canae fix that pain for ye..”

“Merlin” Eggsy tries again with a little more force but the man just keeps going

“But I promise I will nae ever let my feelings for ye interfere with the job again.I promise to be here for you just like I have been. To be here when you need me. I pro-“ but he doesn’t get to finish.

Eggsy had stood up and placed his hand over Merlin’s mouth forcing him to go quiet and look up straight into those sapphire eyes.

“Hamish,I’m not hurting because of Tilde, I mean yeah she’s a wonderful girl and I don’t regret none of it, but her and Rox were made for each other and all I’ve ever wanted since that day with the damn parachutes was you. Harry is a right bit of fun but it ain’t romantic. I want the romance Merlin and I want it with you.So how about it? Dinner tonight,just You and me and you see if it’s something you could possibly want too?.”

Eggsy finally dropped his hand from Merlin’s mouth and stood next to him waiting nervously for a reply.

The only reply he got was the older man crushing their lips together and turning his mind to goo, pinning him to the spot.

“Oh lad,that is pretty much the only thing I have wanted for quite some time.”

“So tonight? I’ll pick you up round 8 yeah?

“Aye, now go home before Harry finds out he’s right.”

Eggsy stole another quick kiss before heading out the way he came.It felt like he was walking on clouds all the way back next door. He didn’t want to come down from this high,he could still feel the warmth of Merlin’s lips on his,but now he had an unforgettable evening to plan and less than twelve hours to do it.

He knew he would need help pulling this off,luckily he knew exactly the two women to call.

here’s what I, a person who has not listen to taz but does have a busy dashboard, think that taz is about:

a gay wizard named taco, the party tank who has a vehicle proficiency probably, and merle (and im gonna be honest I have fuckall idea what merle’s class is. carries a weird dollar store bible??? fucks plants???) are An Adventurers. they immediately blow up a town and maybe are hired by lucretia, who seemed evil but turned out to not be and has a journal, to find some kind of Quest Object that can, I think, alter time or memories or something, and looks like a jellyfish. they buy gear from apparently literally garfield the cat who runs a fucking costco, jesus christ griffin. that kid from the detective conan anime is a character and so is kravitz, about whom I know three things: he’s death somehow, he’s dating the taco man, and every single fanart of him is hot. there are some sad crime lesbians who turn into a tree and some not sad lesbians named carey and killian but i dont know what they do??? I love lup although I barely know who she is i just know i love her and greg owes her money. everyone’s real sad about an umbrella, they all live on the moon except for when they dont, and maybe they’re all from off-brand NASA and are aliens???? and somehow, tom bodett

anyone else still sometimes catch themselves thinking about how after all those years of idolizing dave strider and after all that time in the void session wondering and anticipating and nervously awaiting this theoretical possibility that he might get the chance to meet him, dirk finally fucking sits down with dave one on one hours from the final battle and like wow fucking surprise motherfucker

he gets to find out his literal worst fears were ACTUALLY true! the version of him that dave knew actually did, in fact, do his level best to ruin dave’s life and was an abusive, toxic influence from day one and throughout to the point where dave can’t even look at him without flinching! 

this coming at a time when dirk is already horrendously low on himself, his relationship with Jake literally just blew up like 3 hours ago and if the AR thing went down even remotely the same way there was also that and holy hell dude what a time to be informed about the existence of Bro Strider. Dirk is sitting there thinking he was a toxic influence to Jake from moment one and probably all of his friends the whole time and here Dave is confirming everything from a parallel perspective? 

you can just see this horrible gut clenching moment when this utterly defeated Dirk just meekly accepts that this other version of himself is reflective of his true innermost self and has justifiably ruined any chance he ever had of impressing or even knowing Dave

– and then you see Dave just immediately lift it off him, even get kinda angry at him for having the audacity to even try accepting it that way, you can FEEL Dave’s fucking confusion because he went in guns blazing expecting a confrontation with someone as impossible and inscrutable as Bro was. Dave went in expecting to punch a brick wall and get nowhere, and instead he got Dirk “you’re absolutely right and I’m so fucking sorry I ruined your life” Strider 

and from Dirk’s pov, listening to this, watching this, having this realization that this dave isn’t an untouchable, aloof, mysterious and mythical heroic figure of legend at all, but that only makes him MORE worthy of idolization in all the ways that genuinely matter – and simultaneously thinking that he’s already sabotaged himself out of the chance to know him at all.

It’s like, god, you know those hyperrealistic nightmares people have sometimes that are so fucking scary because they’re indistinguishable from real life, the ones where after you wake up it takes a long time for the understanding that it was actually just a dream to hit you and then you want to cry with relief? 

For Dirk this had to have been so much like that, the whiplash between being 100% sure that Dave was just going to say what he needed to say and then never speak to him again (and knowing Dirk would have considered it completely justified and never questioned his right to do so jesus christ) followed IMMEDIATELY by Dave just being like no you don’t get it, THIS you, this version of you, what I am looking for deep down in my fucking SOUL is for this you that you are right now to be a person that I can have in my life to tell me that I’m okay, that you’re okay, that WE’RE okay – and after fifteen minutes talking to you I can already immediately tell that you ARE that person. 

Dirk’s friends were always only interested in denying the possibility that Dirk could ever truly become a monster, they could never have possibly understood just how DARK Dirk is at his most self destructive, and that’s part of why their reassurances were always hollow for him – they didn’t GET IT, right, they never could have followed the rabbit hole all the way down, so what did they know? But this guy, Dave Strider, has literally seen Dirk at his worst, has lived through the actual reality of the worst things living inside the full-picture potential of Dirk Strider, has dealt with that to great personal detriment and is fucking STILL sitting here telling him “I can tell that you are different, I can tell that you are better, and I am willing to trust you and help you to become a better person than the guy I knew because at the end of the fucking day, you are too important to me to give up on”

like yeah confronting dirk with all of that was what dave needed absolutely but BEING confronted and ultimately forgiven by dave was what dirk needed too, just as much

in conclusion homestuck is good

Thanks Mom

Prompt: You’re Steve’s gf and the golden girl of Hawkins High School … and you aren’t quite as good at taking the high rode as your bf when it comes to Billy Hargrove. 

Warnings: Innuendo. Language. Threats. Basically 25% trying to kill Billy; 75% fluff with Steve’s gf being the Mother of his Children 

You shoved you’re books in your locker just in time for Steve to sweep you off your feet. 

“Hey, good lookin’.” He smiled. 

You rose an eyebrow and restrained a laugh. “Hi Gorgeous. Why are you so chipper?” 

He sighed, toying with the hem of your shirt. “Well I’ve got this crazy hot date tonight.” 

“Ugh, I know, she’s so out of your league.” You grinned. “How do you cope?” 

“Well, you know I’m good in the sack.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone.  

You tossed your head back in laughter, checking to see if anyone had heard him, before leaning closer. 

“You do have that going for you.” You murmured, pecking him on the lips. 

“Yeah?” He kissed you back, and didn’t pull away this time, pressing you against your locker.  

“Harrington. Leave room for Jesus, will you?” Ms. Lockhart barked from her classroom door. 

You pulled away from him and giggled, the slightest hint of blush in your cheeks as you peeked over Steve’s shoulder.  

“Meet me at my car?” Steve said. 

“Why don’t you meet me at mine, sweetheart?” Billy Hargrove strutted by the two of you, shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest. “I’d love to give you a ride.” 

Steve took his hands from your waist to face Hargrove, but you grabbed his hands and put them back on your hips, looking Billy in the eyes. 

“Stick to what you’re used to, Hargrove. We both know your car isn’t built to handle a girl like me.” You said evenly. 

Tommy, who flanked Billy, let his mouth drop, a giggle escaping. 

“Shut your mouth.” Billy said, with a side glance at Tommy, and then looked back to you, a ghost of a smile on his lips. “Well that’s one hell of a bluff, baby. Why don’t you call me, if you’d like to prove it?” He winked at you and then looked at Steve, “Or if you just get bored.” 

You and Steve both watched him as he made his way down the hallway. 

“Wow.” You said. “What a dick.” 

“Yeah, he’s been after me for a while.” Steve shook his head, “All this alpha male stuff about who runs this school or whatever. It’s bullshit, don’t worry about it.” 

“I won’t.” You said, then Steve looked at you.

“‘We both know you couldn’t handle a girl like me’?” He rose an eyebrow, a smile on his face. 

You bit your lip. “Yeah, was that a bit much?”  

“Babe, that was so hot.” 

You giggled as he pressed you up against the lockers once more, his lips on yours. 

Mister Harrington!” 

He broke away. “Sorry Ms. Lockhart.” He said, still looking at you. “God, you’re wonderful. Do I tell you that enough?” 

“No, not nearly.” You smiled. 

“Jesus Christ. Why don’t you just cream your pants now, Steve?” Came Dustin’s voice, with Will, Lucas, Mike, and Max in tow behind him. 

“Fuck off, man.” Steve took a step back. You noticed a slight blush in his cheeks, and it made you smile. 

“Aw, did I hurt your feelings?” Dustin said. “No really, we can all turn around, give you your privacy in this public school hallway-”

“Hey, I’m the one with the car. So clearly you didn’t hurt my feelings, or your ass would be biking home.” Steve griped, grabbing your hand as you all made for the parking lot. 

“Sorry about that again, by the way.” Max said sheepishly. 

“It wasn’t your fault.” Lucas reassured her. 

“Yeah, she can’t help it her stepbrother’s the Antichrist.” Dustin added. 

“Billy Hargrove? What’d he do?” You turned to look at them. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Steve look at you, and then to the kids. 

“It wasn’t a big thing, really.” Steve said. 

“Basically, he tried to kill us.” Dustin said, ignoring Steve’s pointed looks. 

You stopped on the school’s front steps and turned. “He did what?” 

“Tried to run us over on our way home from school a couple weeks back.” Mike said. 

“I was arguing with him, he was just trying to freak me out.” Max added, rolling her eyes. 

“How-” You stopped, putting your hand on your hip and looking at them. “Exactly how close did he come to killing you?”  

They all glanced at one another. 

“Babe, are you …” Steve began, but you turned on your heel and started down the steps at a fast pace. “Hey, Y/N, where are you going?” 

“Do you still have that tire iron in your trunk?” You asked distractedly. 

“Um … what?” Steve looked at you, bewildered and alarmed. 

You opened his trunk, grabbed the metal instrument, and headed off in a different direction: Billy’s car. 

“Hey. Hey!” Steve called after you, but Dustin grabbed him when he made to go after you. 

Billy sat in the driver’s seat, Carol getting ready to climb in the passenger’s side. He saw you approaching, smiled, and leaned out the window. 

“Bored already, baby-” 

But he hadn’t finish his sentence before you’d lodged the tire iron in his left headlight. The crash attracted the attention of everyone in the nearest vicinity as glass scattered on the pavement.  

“Hey! HEY!” He threw his cigarette out and kicked open the door. 

Billy Hargrove was not a person to be taken lightly, but you only moved closer, stepping up beside the hood of his car. 

“You make a single move, Hargrove, and I will lodge this tire iron in your windshield.” You held it up threateningly. He paused, looking at you in alarm and muted rage. “Where EXACTLY do you get off trying to kill a bunch of kids, huh?” 

“What the fuck are you-”

“Don’t remember that, shitdick?” You raised your weapon higher. 

He glanced at it and then sighed. “Look, Sweetheart, I was just trying to teach my kid sister a lesson, okay? Nothin’ personal.” 

“I don’t give a fuck.” You snarled, leaning forward. “Those kids over there? They’re mine. If I see you so much as take a step in their direction your car will be the least of your problems. I will beat your fucking ass, do you understand me?” 

He watched you for a moment, and then scoffed and shook his head. “Alright, whatever. I get it. Just get the hell off my car.” 

You started to turn and then turned back, putting your hand on his door so he couldn’t shut it. He stopped and looked at you. “And just to be clear, you don’t run this school and neither does Steve. I do.” 

You released his car, turned on your heel, and marched back to the kids, tire iron still hanging from your right hand. Dimly, you heard Billy’s speakers turn up as he tore out of the parking lot. 

“Alright, Y/N!” Mike grinned. 

“Dude, he was so scared!” Max said incredulously. 

“God, Steve, you’re fired. Y/N’s our new Super Mom.” Dustin said. 

You put the tire iron on the hood of Steve’s car and your smile turned sheepish when you finally looked at him. 

“What the hell was that?” He asked, bewildered. 

You shrugged. “He could’ve killed them. We’ve got enough aliens and government conspiracies to deal with without some douche trying to mow them down on the street.”  

“God, I am so hot for you right now.” Steve grabbed your arm and pulled you against him, making you giggle and the kids let out a chorus of hurling noises. “You are the new Wonder Mom, I can’t beat that.” He said.

You pressed a kiss to his lips and grabbed the iron, “We can co-parent. Wonder Dad.” 


Holy shit look at Evan from the mirror.

Jesus he’s hot af.

sirius black (age 16-21)
  • wears eyeliner
  • always has a rubber band for his hair on his right wrist
  • got a muggle tattoo gun secondhand and enchanted it so he could make his tattoos move (see: a moon that changes shape according to the current phase)
  • loves boys
  • especially remus
  • people thought he was dating james for years - so much so that they were surprised when he was actually confirmed to be dating remus
  • likes stealing his boyfriend’s sweaters
  • braids lily’s hair and lets lily braid his
  • didn’t cut his hair at all over his first year at hogwarts; when he came back home over the summer (to get clothes before going to stay with the potters) his mom told him to cut it and his response was to never cut it again
  • can sing
  • wanted to start a band called ‘the marauders’
  • gives kisses to everyone when leaving a room, especially peter, because it makes him slightly uncomfortable
  • gives everyone matching marauders tattoos on their left shoulders
  • has asked both dumbledore and mcgonagall on dates
  • mcgonagall: get out of here and stop being ridiculous black
  • dumbledore: ah sirius i’ve already promised my heart to one james potter
  • paints his nails and got detention for flipping someone off after they told him it was ‘a girl thing’
  • has a reputation as a heartbreaker for some reason, when he’s never dated anyone
  • they seem to think he ‘leads them on’ when he’s been hung up on remus since their third year
  • used to scare frank longbottom, still doesn’t know why
  • hung a poster of a muggle girl for the following reasons
    • the fact that she was a muggle would piss off his parents
    • he knew they’d get even more pissed if he hung a poster of a muggle boy, but he wasn’t ready to tell them he was gay
  • has convinced his friends to go to muggle music festivals during the summer more then once, during which has gotten both flowers braided into his hair and into several fights
  • wants to kiss remus so badly sometimes his hands shake and his heart aches
  • nothing happens until remus has a particularly bad transformation and they’re sitting in the shrieking shack after he’s back to his human form and peter and james have gone to the kitchens to get food to bring back and he has his arm around remus’ shoulders and remus is leaning into him wrapped in a blanket and suddenly he looks up and sees sirius looking at him with an expression that looks like it belongs on the face of someone in a fucking nicholas sparks movie and he grabs sirius by the chin and kisses him hard and sirius is so shocked he doesn’t respond at all for half a second then he sighs into remus’ mouth and they make out for a solid fifteen minutes until james and peter come back with the food and they just hear from the door ‘jesus christ, i was worried they wouldn’t do it this year’ ‘shit, wormy, i owe you ten galleons’
  • obsesses over his best man duties when james asks him
  • feels both proud and slightly guilty that the other boys aren’t in the same position as him so he tries not to gloat
  • tries to get james to use sleekeazy’s hair potion at his wedding, fails
  • does lily’s hair and calm’s james’ nerves and ties remus’ tie and gets the dirt stain out of peter’s pants from where he fell thirty minutes before the ceremony
  • makes a killer fuckin speech with absolutely no editing or censorship and gets scandalized looks from family members but cheers from their hogwarts friends
  • loves his friends so so much and is willing to die for them
  • knows things are probably about to go to shit because they could all die any day now but for now relishes in the best day they’ve had and probably will have for a while

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prompt: alicia almost leaves bob after jacks overdose

[prompted by @eskildit, who now knows better than to send anons when she has great prompt idea <3  tw: overdose, homophobia]

The night before her son turns 13, Alicia Zimmermann pulls her husband aside and says, “Promise me you’ll let him choose for himself. If he wants to play hockey, if he wants to dance, if he wants to be a waiter, we’ll be okay with it.

Bob promises her, with all the devotion she’s come to expect, but not minutes later reminds her the NHL waits for no man, and Jack will need to start preparing for the future as soon as possible.

It was a sign of things to come, and she didn’t heed the warnings.

Jack is 14 when they diagnose him with an anxiety disorder Alicia’s never heard of. The specialist recommends reducing the level of stress in his life, maybe cutting back on unnecessary extracurriculars. He knows the family. He knows Bob. He’s being gentle.

They don’t change anything because hockey is life. Jack’s happy on the ice, unhappy off, so they take the medication instead. Just another step to Jack’s already offensively complicated routine.

“See?” Bob smiles when Jack is chosen to play for Rimouski Oceanic. “He’s going to be fine. Not like you and I didn’t need a little extra help in the beginning.”

He’s talking about Alicia’s drinking nearly twenty years prior. His own cocaine problem in the early 80s. But Jack’s not twenty and whole-hog into a career, he’s a teenager. 

She wants to protest on principle, but this isn’t her life. Bob knows this world better than she ever will, and if Jack still wants to play professionally (and he does), she needs to defer to her husband.

If this is what Jack wants, they’ll make it work.

Jack’s energetic, he’s happy, he has a friend he won’t be seen without, and Alicia watches how close Kent’s fingers are to Jack’s when they walk together. It’s not what she expected, but she’s happy he has someone. 

She’s not the only one that notices how close the boys are, and Bob turns to her in bed one night, brow furrowed, and says, “Kent Parson.”


“Are he and Jack…?”

She doesn’t say anything, just lifts a brow and gives him a considering look. 

Bob’s lips go white with how hard he’s pressing them together. “That’s not going to be easy, for either of them.”

“If it makes him happy,” she argues, and Bob hums in agreement. That should have been the end of it. But something happens, and she’s not there to stop it. 

The night before Jack overdoses and his career goes up in flames, the Zimmermann household is in ruins for an entirely different reason.

“Jesus Christ, Robert, I’m supposed to be a goddamn activist, if this gets out —”

“I don’t have a problem with gay people —”

“Don’t lie to me!” Alicia slams her hand on the table, nearly shaking with anger. “You told him to hide.”

“I told him to be discreet. Do you think I’m doing this for me? I’m getting calls day and night from teams wanting to know if the rumors are true. I was trying to be proactive! He can’t be–”

“What? Gay? That’s what you’re worried about? Maybe we can engrave that on the back of my GLAAD award: ‘For excellence in telling your child to hide their sexuality until they retire’. So everyone can know how fucking supportive we are. Does he think I feel the same way you do?”

“I don’t know, I don’t remember,”

My God, I can’t even look at you right now. You’re going to fix this. I don’t know how, but you’re going to make this right.”

Of course, then they find Jack unresponsive on the floor with a half empty bottle of medication and they don’t immediately know it was an accident. 

For about twelve hours, while Jack’s condition is still unstable, Alicia very seriously considers killing her husband. 

They’re red-eyed and exhausted in the waiting room when the doctor on call says they need to pray for a miracle. She stares at a stain on the carpet for a long moment, hands clasped, but she’s not praying. Bob makes some kind of sound, a hitching breath that isn’t quite crying, and she turns her head to watch him fidget. 

“Robert, look at me,” she says softly, deceptively kind, and when she has his attention, and with more hatred than she ever thought she could possibly feel, she says, “You did this. And I swear to you, if my son dies tonight, I’ll leave.”

She doesn’t wait for him to answer, doesn’t even wait to see the expression on his face. She collects her purse and stands, stretching her legs and heads to the vending machines.

She buys a Dr. Pepper and a bag of Tropical Skittles.

Jack lives. 

Alicia stays.

But she moves her GLAAD award to the trophy room. Settles it right beside Bob’s Hall of Fame plaque. 

Because she will never let him forget.

i felt like i was left at the altar

Maybe More Than Friends (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Word Count: 4,729

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: After Peter joined the Avengers, you were basically forced into spending a lot of time with him, being that your father is being that your father is the Tony Stark. Your relationship starts off fairly innocent being as Peter was fairly shy around you, and not to mention that Tony had strictly forbid you two from dating. But despite your best efforts, the sexual tension between you two is undeniable. And one night while the rest of the Avengers are out on a mission, leaving you and Peter alone, the sexual tension comes to a peak. Peter is 18 in this fic.

Warnings: Extreme fluff. Language. Smut smut smut

You remember the first time you met Peter Parker. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

It was a pretty unexpected meetup. You didn’t even know that he was in the tower. You were working in the lab with another one of your dad’s employees, helping design a suit for the new Avengers recruit, Spiderman. It was your first major job, and you were so focused that you hadn’t even noticed when your dad and Peter walked in.

“Hey, Y/N, meet the new recruit, Peter. Peter, meet Y/N, my daughter.” Tony said loudly as he entered the lab, startling you and making you hit your head on the wall.

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dan is so beautiful and anyone who disagrees is lying. like have you seen that boy? he has slight curves and a soft face and his lips jesus christ. and gorgeous long legs and he has a little bit of a chub tum. everything about him is so soft yet he can go from holy shit to aww it literally two seconds and he looks gorgeous in literally everything.

i thought this answer needed some visual representation

like this is just a random liveshow screenshot?? hOW??

WHY WHY WHY yOU knOw what this is dOIng to us bOIIIIII

phil lester: photographer extraordinaire

fOr fUCk!!!!!

my heart is soft :(((

tHE squISHieST bOYe???

the purest human :((( 7 hours of training a week looks good on him

eXCUse mE????

he deserves all the happiness in the world :(( i’m so :(((


this entire panel was a blessing for our eyes

i will nEVer be over this. eVER.

more denim jacket dan 2kforever pls :(((

fRECKles???? so good man :((((

i would die for him

gLoRiouS. stUnNinG. what is existence honestly

truly, what have we done to deserve him. i need to lie down.

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I know we’ve all joked about this scene to death, but I want to say that what I love most about it is how, like most of the best parts of the movie, it is so clearly improvised.

In the book, they were all just throwing rocks at the car. I think it’s safe to wager a bet that it was probably scripted that way, but Francis Ford Coppola just told them to do whatever they thought their characters would and let them run with it.

Like. Just try to tell me that all of this shit doesn’t fit their actors perfectly.

Of course we’ve got Tom Cruise being extra as fucking fuck trying to literally pull a guy through a car window and then keep fucking holding on when the car backs away.

Emilio Estevez just being like “Yeah, I’m just gonna…open the door. Yeah, that works. Oka–WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU DOING TOM JESUS CHRIST.”

Rob Lowe off in the corner like “Okay I have no idea what I’m doing so I’m just gonna make sure I look really good while doing it.”

And then Matt Dillon half-assedly kicking the car with his hands stuck in his pockets (because we’ve all seen him play soccor so we know he can’t kick for shit) and then randomly coming back like “OMIGOD LOOK GUYS I FOUND A STICK.”

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that you don’t expect.

The worst is when you don’t even consider it an option, because four months ago he was telling you that you were the love of his life and now the word forever isn’t even uttered from his lips. Four months ago he was looking at you like you put the sun in the sky and now he looks at you like he cant wait for the sun to set and leave the skies over his head.

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that you dread. You feel it leaking into every crevice of your heart and you’ll try not to talk because you can hardly take a breath in, let alone beg him to stay while he’s stabbing wounds like “it’s over” and “I can’t do this anymore”. You’re holding in your tears and replacing them with anger and words with a lot more bark than bite like “fine, okay, leave, Jesus Christ I don’t even want you anymore”. And he’ll look at you all sad because you both know you’re lying but God fuck if he’s going to leave then just rip off the fucking band aid don’t wait around to see if the wound will heal.

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that echoes through your body months later because he left his fingerprints on parts of your body that you couldn’t expect like the back of your eyelids or the spaces between your fingertips. The worst kind of good bye is the kind that enters like a bullet but crawls it’s way out like blood from a cut. You feel it everywhere and you let it haunt you because you’d rather picture him saying “good bye” a million times than not be able to see him at all.

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that he left you, because no matter what you do you can’t seem to press the right buttons to rewind or close your eyes hard enough to shove the words back into his mouth and replace it with the love you could’ve sworn he once felt.

—  You could’ve sworn that good bye wasn’t even a line in your story, but suddenly it’s filled up every page you were supposed to leave for the future.
Compilation of Stray Kids 1st episode

Bang Chan

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  • Leader (also belongs to the multi-talent line aka 3RACHA)
  • He’s been a trainee since 7 years
  • Is the Dad of the group
  • Shy shy boy
  • Dark past
  • Chan with Chaeyoung and Bambam
  • Lowkey strict leader but he just wants the best for his boys
  • Jype is proud of him because of the way he made with the boys a group
  • Belongs to the aussie line (aka the extra line)
  • “of my yeah , soldier challenger, help me Jesus christ”  *insert felix dabbing in the background*
  • His smile never changed
  • Looking out of jisung and Changbin after they were nervous and made mistakes 
  • He’s a puppy


  • a.k.a Mr.StealYoHeart.
  • Dark concept but this guy has priorities called Gyu
  • Belongs to the multi-talent line aka 3RACHA
  • Rich kiddo
  • Changbin’s house could be used as the new dorm of the boys
  • His mom is super cute
  • “If I wear ugly underwear, that mean I won’t have any luck.”
  • He wears nice underwear *takes a deep breath*
  • Bromance/ship unlocked with Seungmin
  • He was praised by jype as he stood out in the showcase 
  • Dark aura but actually he’s a cutie


  • Cute bunny
  • Cute personality, different from the MV
  • Meme-able
  • Professional impersonator 
  • Doraemon
  • Belongs to the multi-talent line aka 3RACHA
  • Lying on the bed with Jeongin
  • Accidentally dropped his mic because he was too nervous 
  • Soft and cuddly

Kim Woojin

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  • Angel’s voice
  • He trained with NCT
  • Playing a song by 2AM on his guitar while packing
  • Jawline
  • Was sm trainee before
  • Has a small bedroom
  • Cupboard
  • Belongs to the vocal line (aka need more screentimes line)
  • Sexy


  • Mr.StealYoAttention
  • He was playing Day6 while packing his things
  • Pur and precious
  • Boyfriend material
  • So popular among trainees
  • Bromance/ship unlocked with Changbin
  • Belongs to the vocal line (aka need more screentimes line)
  • we have so little seungmin content wtf jype we need more


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  • Honeybun
  • Beautiful maknae must be protect at all costs
  • Braces
  • Busan boi
  • Actually looks like a maknae
  • Voice like honey
  • Belongs to the vocal line (aka need more screentimes line)
  • He can sing trot
  • Jisung x Jeongin
  • Scared of Chan’s


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  • Grandpa
  • Visuals omG
  • Back-up dancer for BTS *screams*
  • He was with them on the Wings Tour
  • Packs his hoodies in a bag of cloth
  • Empty room
  • Sweety pie
  • Dancer
  • Helping Felix with his korean


  • Mr. Steals the camera atention
  • Everytime he’s on screen the editing is so extra
  • With music and shining light
  • Real definition of ‘looks like he could kill you, but is actually a cinamon roll’
  • Got the most cheer when his pic came out during the showcase
  • So popular among fans
  • Charming
  • Shy visual
  • Animal lover
  • Has a dog called Kkami

Lee Felix

  • Manly voice (and only 17 lord)
  • Belongs to the aussie line (aka the extra line) 
  • Dab dab dab dabing
  • English lines
  • His rap caught Jyp’s attention
  • Jype even asked the staff for his name.
  • He can’t speak Korean that well


Now let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling I’ll be late for school tomorrow…

(spoiler alert, she couldn’t even sleep, she squealed in her bed until her alarm went off… and so did he) 

it took me…. so long…… to finish this….. it wasn’t supposed to get this long, holy shit……….

ANYWAY, ANON WHO REQUESTED A REVEAL, I hope you like this… I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for but it’s what i could do. also please pretend you can’t notice i had no idea what i was doing 

EDIT: the text is a bit hard to read, so I wrote it down under the cut: 

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bts// their moans

this is my preference


i feel like jin would let out little whimpers every now and then. but when he is close, the whimpers would turn into somewhat louder moans. he would like the sound of his whimpers and your moans mixing together in the room. he would be telling you how much he adores you or little dirty things throughout the entire time you guys would be fucking. when he is close to cumming he would put his head between your neck and shoulder, trying to muffle his now louder moans.

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i think yoongi would let little almost silent groans and grunts out and would use A LOT OF DIRTY TALK. he would sometimes moan out your pet name when he was close to cumming. also SWEARING would be an ALWAYS. if you were giving him a blowjob, he would wrap his fingers through your hair and praise you- telling you how good you are doing or saying he knows you can fit more than that. when he would be close to orgasming his breath would hitch in his throat as a more audible grunt escaped his lips.

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  i think high pitched moans would fall out of his mouth at times. he would mutter a few things to you, telling you how wet you are for him or how well you’re taking him. when he felt like a loud moan was going to come out of him, he would quickly kiss your lips, trying to muffle it. he would also try to muffle it by kissing your neck. he’d breathe heavely by your ear, making you even more turned on if it was possible. i also feel like he would curse when he hit a special point in you. when was really really close to cumming, he’d moan out your name in almost a growl. 

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rap monster

  holy shit, namjoon would be so fucking vocal because he’s daddy. he’d also want you to be very vocal too. he’d make you beg for him, moan for him, tell him how good you’re feeling. he would absoutely live for your moans, so when you’d moan loudly, he would most likely moan too. soft growls would be an always from him. when he’d be close to cumming, grunts and heavy breaths would come from him. when he finally did climax, your name followed by some curse words would practically fall from his mouth.

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i would just like to say that jimin moans would be the cutest but SEXIEST thing ever. little baby whimpers and moans would come from him. your name would be said breathlessly as he pounded into you. at first, he would try to not make  a sound, but you just felt so good wrapped around him he couldn’t help it. if you were giving him a blow job, he would PRAISE YOU SO HELP ME GOD. telling you how good you were at it, how beautiful you looked. when he reached his climax his body would jerk everywhere and a now loud, shameless moan would escape his mouth. i think little whispers or curse words would happen sometimes from him. AND IF HE WAS BEING THE SUB YOU WOULD TELL HIM NOT TO MOAN OR ELSE HE’LL GET PUNISHED BUT HE COULDN’T HELP IT AND jesus christ do i want a park jimin. 

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tae would be very very verbal during sex. raspy low groans would escape him every now and then, but DIRTY TALK and PRAISES were an always. he’d LIVE off of your moans too. your moans turned him on A LOT. so when you moan or whimper, a fucking GROWL  would come out of him. also i feel like his moans would change depending on the type of sex you guys were having. if it’s slow passionate sex, he would take gentle care of you and low soft moans would come from him. but if it was ROUGH DOMINANT sex holy shit GRUNTS GROWLS CURSE WORDS YOUR NAME EVErYTHING!

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so, like taehyung, i think his moans would depend on the type of sex you guys would be having. if it was the first time you guys would be having sex, it was soft, almost silent groans of pleasure. he’d also whimper your name. if you guys were just fucking because JUST FUVKING IS RLY FUN it would loud very loud groans and dirty talk. “mmh, you like that baby?”. when he would be extremely close to cumming, it was almost forced breathing and a lot of grunts. i think he would also bite and kiss your neck as he came. 

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no one gets excited about will connolly like they do about george salazar and i love will so fucking much and it makes me sad that no one loves him like they love george but i just love him so so so much jesus christ

he’s so nice and one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met and his voice is so amazing and he is an amazing actor and have you heard fly by night?? his writing is amazing

his face is. just. can we ? he has literally impeccable bone structure

my mom said he looked fifteen he is THIRTY TWO and he looks fifteen now that my friends that is a FEAT and god i just love will connolly so much

freddie won the toss is such a masterpiece of an album, as is caterpillars of the commonwealth

his music is so amazing and underrated, his acting in be more chill is the most underrated shit on EARTH

yall pretend to be (overall) (not george) (the people who call themselves this is what im talking about) be more chill stans but only stan george,,,, wyd leaving out 1. the main character and 2. a great great great actor and person

will is literally so amazing and such a blessing to this earth

i love love love love love will connolly

and don’t get me wrong im deadass gay for george i love him but will is just so underrated and he’s so wonderful and a fuckin beautiful man