jesus christ is born

Daily Bible Verse; May 20, 2017

There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and said to Him, “Rabbi, we know that You are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him.”

Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

 Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?”

Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.  That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.  Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

Nicodemus answered and said to Him, “How can these things be?”

Jesus answered and said to him, “Are you the teacher of Israel, and do not know these things? Most assuredly, I say to you, We speak what We know and testify what We have seen, and you do not receive Our witness.  If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?  No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven.

(John 3:1-13)

Everyone who believes [with a deep, abiding trust in the fact] that Jesus is the Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed) is born of God [that is, reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, and set apart for His purpose], and everyone who loves the Father also loves [a]the child born of Him.
—  1 John 5:1 (AMP)
CARATACUS, The Warrior Rebel

Caratacus was a heroic British-Celtic warrior king, who was born just a decade after Jesus Christ. He was from the south-east of modern-day England.

He was first hero of Britain due to his fierce resistance to the Roman invasion.

With his leadership of brave warriors they fought against 40,000 Roman soldiers, an for 8 years, until being defeated in 51 AD. So he fled to the north…

With his army in disarray, he ended up in the tribe-land of the Brigantes, where he met their queen Cartimunda, an took sanctuary - as in modern-day Yorkshire.

However, Cartimunda betrayed him, by handing him over to the Romans, so they would look kindly upon her tribal realm. For the Roman way was the future.

As shown above, he was then taken to the capital city of the Roman empire, where he gave such a fine speech to the Roman emperor, that he was spared the usual death-sentence that a warring rebellious king would typically get.

But only a decade later, Queen Boudica, of another British tribe, would rebel !

Click here for my article on the above warrior Queen !

Please fire me. I had a customer blow up at me because I told her “Happy Holidays”. She told me that I was being too politically correct and that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. I am Jewish.

Let Me Hold You

Ok so this is a somewhat long fic…its 7,000 words in Word right now but i’m going to add more to it.  Honestly it might just be a bunch of scenes with Juice and Harley (OC introduced in this chapter) and the boys.  It’s loaded with Juice fluff because I can’t get myself to add drama cause I just want to snuggle him.  This will turn into a Juice x OC fic within the next chapter so this is mostly backgroundish info on Harley :)  let me know if you guys like it :) I promise it gets fluffy real quick :)  gif isn’t mine

This is probably a couple weeks before the first episode but I’m not going to be following close with the series but I will mention things that happen in an episode occationally

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Harley’s jeep was parked in her new parking spot outside of the small apartment complex in a town called Charming.  She had to admit, she rolled her eyes at the name but was excited at getting away from her family and starting out on her own.  She also wasn’t going to complain about the half hour drive to a beach.  Once she made some money, she promised herself a surfing lesson.  She jumped out and opened the door for Potato, a chocolate lab-Pitbull mix she adopted two years ago.  A name she did not choose but fit him in a weird way.  After she got him settled in the apartment, she set out to find a job.  Her black long sleeve shirt dipped into a low V and she tied up her bright red hair half up to take some of the heat off her neck.  
She walked around the town, seeing a grey building with a row of cars parked on the side.  As she looked further back, she saw a red sign with Teller-Morrow written across it.  There were a couple guys working on cars out front and as she walked closer, she saw the grey building she was closest to was actually a bar.  Motorcycles were lined up in between the mechanic shop and the bar.  There was a small boxing ring along with a punching bag near the entrance that had her scrunching her eyebrows.  Sons of Anarchy was on the sign on top of the awning and she tucked her hands into the back pockets of her flare jeans as she walked inside.  The blast of cold air was welcomed and she smiled at the one guy with curly light brown hair behind the bar.
“Hi?”  Harley smiled and waved, her white painted finger nails bright against the dark room.
“Who the hell are you?”  He asked.  He had on a leather vest with a patch that said Prospect.
“I’m Harley.  I’m new in town and was hoping to put in an application for a bartending job.  I have previous experience.  Do you have a manager or someone I could speak to?”  Harley tucked her hands back into her back pockets as she walked closer to the bar.
“I don’t think—”
“Half-Sack, who you got here?”  Harley turned around to see at least ten men walk out of a room that looked to have a long table inside.  She looked to see the same grim reaper she saw on the brick outside right next to the door they came out of.
“She’s looking to put in a resume.” The one behind the bar replied.  The same man’s eyebrows scrunched together.  His hair was black and curly and his bright blue eyes were looking up and down her body.  She was only 5’1” and she wasn’t skinny, her curves were soft and she was what she liked to call sturdy.
“For what, Sweetheart?”  His voice was eerily calm, bordering on the line of creepy and calming.  
“Bartending.  I’m new in town and need a job to pay rent.”  Harley said.  She glanced to the door and watched as a man shorter than the rest walked out and towards them.  He had a short mohawk with a tattoo on each side.  Harley looked away quickly when his eyes met hers.
“Hey Clay, this girl’s looking to put in a bartending application.”  The man called out, an older man’s head flew up and looked her over.  “I’m Tig.”
“Harley.”  She held out her hand, hoping to come off as confident.
“Like the bike?”  Tig’s smile grew while Harley laughed.
“Like the comic book character.  The character was first introduced when I was born.”
“Jesus Christ, how old are you?”  Tig glanced over her yet again.  
“23.  Two years of experience.”  Her chin tilted up and she straightened out her hip.
“Experience of what?”  Harley turned to the new voice, surprised at the height of the man behind her.  
“Jesus, do you all have blue eyes?”  Harley whispered.  Blondie behind her smirked.
“She was looking to apply for a bartending job.”  Tig answered for her.  Blondie’s eyebrows scrunched together just like Tig’s did, “new to town.”
“Look, if you aren’t looking for a bartender, just tell me and I’ll leave.”  Harley crossed her arms in front of her, causing Blondie’s eyes to go directly to the V in her shirt and she quickly uncrossed her arms.
“Hang on spitfire.  Follow me.”  Blondie nodded his head towards the back corner behind the bar.  She followed him into what looked like the storage for all the extra alcohol, mostly beer and Jack Daniels.  “I’m Jax.”  He held out his hand and Harley quickly wiped her hand on her pants and shook his hand.
“Like the bike?”
“No.  Well I guess.  The comic book character.”  Harley sighed.
“Alright.  So how long have you been bartending?”  He leaned against a shelving unit as Harley took him in.  She noticed his patch said V. President instead of Prospect along with Redwood Original and Men of Mayhem.
“Two years.  I started in college and just kept with that job at a different bar in my hometown.”
“Which is?”  His head tilted, causing his blond hair to tilt with him.
“I’m from Tennessee.  I just moved out here with my dog a few days ago.”  Harley tucked her hands back into her pockets.
“Why’d you leave?”
“I just wanted a change of scenery I guess.”
Jax watched her for a little and looked her up and down, “you apply anywhere else yet?”
“No, this was my first stop.”
“If we pay you $18 an hour under the table, can you be on call?” Jax watched her reaction.
“You want me to be on call,” she paused, “as a bartender?”
“We have some unplanned parties.”  Jax said.
“So, what you’re saying is, you don’t want me to get another job, but I’ll be paid a ridiculous amount here?”  Jax nodded his head.
“You could also answer phones at the mechanic shop if you really want to.  Gemma won’t mind the extra help.”
“How long are the hours?  I can’t just leave my dog for hours and hours on end because you guys had an unplanned party.”  Harley’s own brown eyebrows scrunched.
“Bring him here.  If it gets to be too much he can stay in one of our rooms.”  Jax shrugged.  “There’s not really many outsiders that come in here unless it’s a party.”  He added.  Harley’s green eyes stayed narrowed.
“Is this illegal?  I’m not gonna have to have sex with all of you right?”  Harley questioned quickly before she lost her nerve.
“I can make sure they all back off, darlin’.”  Jax smiled.  Harley watched him as he glanced down to her chest again.
“That includes you too, Blondie.”  Harley mumbled.  Jax chuckled and nodded his head in agreement.  “When do I start?”
“You available now?”  Jax’s eyebrow raised.  She nodded and he swept his hand out to motion for her to go out front.  As they both emerged from the door, the conversation stopped outside.  “Guys, this is Harley.  She’s our new on call bartender.”  The overweight man with long hair looked her over.  “Only bartender.  No funny shit Bobby.”
“Come on, Jax.”  The overweight man, Bobby, complained.
“Bobby.  Don’t make me hit you.”  Tig said, he made his way over and threw an arm around Harley’s shoulders.  “Come on, Sweetheart, get me a beer.”  Harley raised her eyebrow at him, “please.”  He added with a smile.  She smiled and went around the bar, looking over everything.  She pulled out a miller and grabbed the bottle opener, popped the top off, and placed it in front of him.  The guys all yelled and Tig leaned over the bar to kiss the top of her head.  “Great job.  Now get me a shot, can’t get drunk with just beer anymore.”  The guys went back to their game and the others all came up for a beer.  She quickly popped off the cap to everyone and handed them each one.  The door opened and a woman stepped in, older, with brown hair and blonde highlights.
“We hired help.”  Tig yelled as soon as the door shut.
“What?”  The woman kissed Clay and then looked over at her.
“Hi, I’m Harley.”  Harley held out her hand after wiping it on her pants to get the beer splatter off.  The woman looked at the hand for a while and finally lifted her hand to grip hers.
“Nice to meet you.  Would you like a drink, Ma’am?”
“No.  Is that voluntarily red?” Gemma nodded towards Harley’s hair.
“Yes, Ma’am.”  Harley nodded and looked her in the eye.  Gemma pursed her lips and hummed, then walked off towards Jax.
“She’ll warm up to you.”  Tig smiled.  “So that’s Bobby,” the overweight man, “Chibs,” A grey haired man with a scar on each cheek, “Juice,” the man with the tattoos on his head, “Half-sack,” the light, curly haired man, “Piney,” older man with a breathing tube, “and Clay, he’s the president.”  Tig pointed to the older man with the big jaw.  “Gemma is Clay’s old lady.”
“Old Lady?”  Harley raised an eyebrow as she poured another shot for Tig.
“Kind of like wife.  You’ll learn.”  Tig smiled.  “So, why Charming?”
“Change of scenery.”  Harley smiled.
“Your parents aren’t upset you left?”  Tig took a drink and Harley bit her lip.
“My sister is.”  Harley answered.  She took an ignored rag and wiped down the bar, getting into habit.
“Parents?”  Jax sat down next to Tig, looking at Harley.  Harley saw Juice lean against the bar, watching her face.
“You need a drink?”  Harley ignored both of them and grabbed another beer for Juice and placed it in front of him, watching the guys play pool.  Jax and Tig shared a look but let the subject drop.
“Mom, Harley’s gonna help you around the shop too.”  Jax took a sip while watching Gemma, who narrowed her eyes but nodded.
“Sounds good, sweetie.”


Mary is God’s game changer, his pièce de résistance. Mary whispers to us, Come and learn from me. Watch me. Feel what I feel. Desire what I desire. Risk everything as I risk everything. Share Jesus Christ as if it’s what you were born to do - because it is what you were born to do.

- Denise Bossert, Gifts of the Visitation: Nine Spiritual Encounters with Mary and Elizabeth

i’m gonna talk a little about the  DAVIDIC COVENANT.

we now know from the newest film how david received his name: he observed the michelangelo statue of david and decided to share that name. this statue depicts the biblical hero david moments before his battle with goliath the giant. what some may not know is that this hero later became KING DAVID, second ruler to the kingdom of israel and judah. he has been depicted as a valorous warrior, a poet, and a composer of music ( all traits we see david 8 exhibit in the film ). king david is often described as “a man after god’s own heart”. in david 8′s case, perhaps this can be taken more literally.

in the biblical story, a covenant between the hebrew god yahweh and king david is prophesied.  through this covenant, god promises david that jesus christ would be born of david’s lineage, and that his throne in the kingdom would endure forever. this covenant is known as the davidic covenant, and it was unconditional, meaning god did not place any conditions of obedience upon its fulfillment.

i’ll try and explain how i think this directly relates to david 8. in this david’s case, peter weyland is his creator; his father; his GOD, if you will, although david does not worship him. through creating david as a perfect, undying being, weyland gave him agency. he gave him power. he set david up to become something HIGHER, even if he never meant to. when david travels to paradise, the engineers crumble of his agency, and he establishes a kingdom atop their corpses. in his own words it is a “perfect world”, and he intends for it to endure forever.

as for his lineage, david seems to consider the specimens of his genetic experimentation as his “children”. we now know that, eventually, the xenomorph will be born of what he’s created. this isn’t the first time it has been created, as we’ve seen a xenomorph depicted on a mural in the altar room of prometheus, but david has rediscovered this creature through gene manipulation. that very mural i just mentioned depicted the xenomorph as upright with its arms extended outward, much like jesus on the cross.

david’s kingdom on paradise came to him unconditionally. while he used to serve his creator, it was his freedom from servitude that led him to his perfect world. an unspoken “covenant” between creator and creation brought david his kingdom, and through his “lineage”, the perfect organism will be born.

i know this may all sound fairly ham-fisted, but biblical references and imagery ( a common trait in ridley scott films ) can be found all throughout prometheus and covenant. i believe this was very much intentional.

Daddy Namjoon

Sorry in advance for how this has played out.


Daddy Namjoon:

- will be quiet when you first tell him

- like Jimin won’t say a word

- you can see the fear fill up in his eyes

- I’m so sorry but he’d leave you

- “I can’t do this”

- “Namjoon please”

- “I can’t raise a fucking child y/n, I’m sorry”

- He’d leave but he’d call the other boys and explain a bit of what was happening

- “Jin she’s pregnant she’s-”

- "Namjoon take a deep breath, where are you?“

- "I left, I’m sorry, she’s at the house”

- “You left?! Where are you?”

- he’d hang up after that like no bitch you are not about to come find me

- the boys would show up not five minutes later and find you crying on the floor

- Jimin and Tae would give you big hugs

- Jin would schedule all of your appointments and cook

- Hoseok would shop with you

- Yoongi would force you to send Namjoon every ultrasound you received to show his ass what he ran out on

- he seriously disappeared from everything, didn’t show up to work

- almost got fired over a little baby

-  a month and a half in you send him a video that Yoongi took at your appointment that day

- Namjoon cries on his hotel bed when he hears the heart beat gallop loudly around his vacant room and reads the caption

- ‘It’s a girl if you were curious’

- gets a call from Jin and is convinced to come home

- boys pile out of your house when he actually shows, but they don’t leave without all smacking him upside the head

- “Dumbass,”

- Jin would stay

- He’d watch Namjoon immediately start sobbing the moment he sees you and your round belly

- You’d be shocked when he gets on his knees and begs for your forgiveness

- “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry”

- “Namjoon..”

- “I want to be in her life, please, please,”

- You’ll forgive him

- Accept his needy kisses

- Jin will leave once he’s sure Namjoon isn’t going to be a dick

- “I love you so much, I should’ve never left”

- “You shouldn’t have”

- Definitely makes it up to you

- Doesn’t miss a beat for anything

- Attends all of your baby classes with you

- learns breathing exercises

- reads every baby book in existence

- seriously, they’re piling up in your living room

- takes cooking classes for you so he can make you whatever you want

- works extra hard so the baby has money

- just spoils her rotten before she’s even born

- talks to her every morning and night

- will call you from work and tell you to put the phone up to your stomach so he can talk to his baby girl

- jesus Christ when she’s fucking born

- doesn’t let the boys less than five feet from her

- “Back up”

- “You’re too close!”

- but then you’d scold him to let them hold her and he’d pout but carefully hand her over

- “careful… Careful!”

- “god, just don’t drop her”

- “she’s fragile..”

- you’ll have to comb your fingers through his hair to calm him down a bit

- while the boys are busy cooing over your daughter he’d lean in and kiss your cheek

“I love you”