jesus christ i shit my pants at this part

Yoga pants (Michael)


Anonymous said: “I LOVELOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG! Can I request something like you’re doing your own thing like exercising and Luke or Michael walk in and get so turned on but they’re like your best friend so they can’t really do anything so he fantasizes it. :D thank you thank you thank you love you! xx”

I LOVELOVELOVE YOU! Thank you so much! Yes, of course, hope you like it :)


“Honey, I’m home!” Michael yells jokingly when he enters your apartment, letting out a laugh. You can hear the door closing behind him from your living room where you are currently. “Y/N?” He shouts.

“In here!” You yell back and you can immediately hear his footsteps coming closer. 

“So I was reading this magazine today and I-” He rambles but cuts himself off in the middle of the sentence. 

You peek through your legs and find him standing behind you in the doorway to your living room, hanging from the ceiling. 

“Hey, Michael.” You say before taking a deep breath, forcing yourself to concentrate or else you might lose your balance and fall straight on your face.

“Fuck… I mean- Wha- what are you doing?” He stutters. 

“What does it look like I’m doing?”

“Uhm, I don’t- I don’t know really, I-”

“It’s yoga.” You explain, breathing out as you go back in your original position with your legs straight in front of you while sitting on your bum. You quickly use the back of your hand to wipe some sweat off your forehead before it falls into your eyes. You are only wearing a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra, but you are still almost dripping of sweat. Yoga is a lot harder and challenging than you think. “I missed the last session so I am just trying to catch up.”

“Oh, o-okay,” Michael says with wide eyes, swallowing heavily as he looks around the room. 

“Do you want to join me? I’m almost done, but you could do the last couple of positions with me if you’d like.”

“No, uh, I’m fine. Thanks.” He says quickly. “I can, you know, watch you instead. Not like that though, but you know, watch you, while you- while you do yoga, you know.” He rambles. 

You let out a laugh, not sure what’s gotten into your best friend, you’ve never seen him this flustered since you pulled his pants down during PE in fifth grade. “Suite yourself.” You shrug and close your eyes, breathing deeply. “You were saying something about a magazine?”

You put your feet and hands on the ground and slowly start to raise your bum.

“I- I-” Michael can’t seem to form a sentence anymore and his pink cheeks have definitely gotten a shade darker when you open your eye to sneak a glance at him between your legs. Your back is turned to him and you legs are almost straight by now, making the back of your thighs ache and stretch. 

“You..?” You prod.

“I, uh, I read in a- in a magazine that uh- Jesus Christ.” He once again cuts himself off, groaning out the last words. 

“Are you okay?” You ask, parting your legs a bit more to ease the pain slightly.

“Shit, fuck, yes I’m- I’m fine. Perfect. I mean, I’m good, nice.” He rambles again, shifting around on his feet. 

Michael’s POV

Don’t pop a boner. Dead puppies. Naked old people. Scary movies. My parents h- ew.

No matter how hard (no pun intended) I try to think of something gross or really sad, I can slowly but surely feel my pants growing tighter as all my blood is rushing south. My dick just won’t work with me today and if I don’t do something about it soon, things are going to get really awkward. 

I don’t think I’ve ever been this attracted to a bum before. Did she have to wear those god damn yoga pants and then point her bum right in my face? I mean, what does she expect of me? I have needs and sometimes I just can’t help myself, even if it is my best friend we’re talking about. She could at least have worn a shirt or something, I mean, show me some mercy

There is not much left to the imagination and I can definitely imagine me ripping off those last pieces of clothing she has and just- fuck. Shut up. These thoughts are definitely not helping the situation in my pants, and neither does the fact that I haven’t had a proper lay or even a wank in over a week. 

I make sure to check that her eyes are closed before I quickly try to adjust my pants to make it less obvious (and less painful). “Fuck…” I mumble to myself, not being able to find a comfortable position. 

“You having trouble there?” She says suddenly and feel my cheeks heat up.

“Uhm, I- I…”

She slowly brings ger feet back together and stands up (thank god), turning around to face me. I try to hide my very obvious tenting crotch but it’s too late, she’s already noticed. 

I don’t know what to say, I just got rock hard like some fourteen-year-old by watching my best friend to yoga. 

“You might wanna… you know,” she says as she walks up to me, a smirk on her lips as she gestures to my bulge before placing a light hand on top of it, my eyes widening, “get that sorted out.” She whispers and lets her hand slide across it as she passes me. 

Holy fuck.” I involuntarily let out a groan, shuddering when her hand leaves me. I feel like I’m about to come in my pants any second and that alone is embarrassing.

I can hear her laughing before she closes the bathroom door behind her, leaving me with a very excited dick and a steaming face.

                                                        PART 2