jesus christ he is so gorgeous


Ashton is really beautiful

He is so damn beautiful

Looking at him either makes my heart stop or skip a couple of beats and like I just stop breathing for a couple of seconds because he is breathtaking

And his eyes

Oh my they’re gorgeous

They’re so beautiful

They’re Mesmerising

A beautiful sea of hazel green that I get lost in each and every time

It makes my heart go all ahwomdudlsjossko and then peeeeep and then it restarts (its very unhealthy btw)

And oh god his hair

His hair is my absolute favorite

My biggest fantasy is to run my fingers through his hair until he falls asleep

Oh and his lips

They’re just


I can’t even

Just toxic okay

Like I just want to be able to leave soft kisses on them

Jesus Christ his arms though

Just imagine how strong they’d by wrapped around your waist

Or when pulling you into his chest for a hug. Strong, firm and protective.

Or raising you up and lowering you down on him while you slide your hands to his bicep feeling it contract and relax beneath your touch

Holy mother of god

Lets not forget the neck

Tell me it isn’t crafted by the hands of an angel

I just want to leave kisses and hickeys all over it and make it my own piece of art

Oh and his chest

I would lay their for hours, ear pressed to his chest listening to his heartbeat sing me to sleep

And god

I love every piece of him

Every inch

Every imperfect

Every single little detail that makes him, him..

And I just want to hug him and never let go

I just want to inhale his strong cologne and let it leave me dazzled

And feel his arms firmly wrapped around my waist supporting me as my knees would be weak because he’ll always have that effect on me

I want to feel his warm soothing breath on my neck sending goosebumps down my body

And his lips fluttering against my shoulder blade

I just want him to nuzzle his face in my neck so I could run my fingers through his hair while he leaves gentle kisses on my neck and trails his fingers up and down my sides comfortingly to remind me that he’s there and he cares

Lord help me

I love him

jesus christ, so many dean fans on here are petty AF.

All these comments and blogs about ‘anti-renee’ like WTF

I’m a huge fan of Dean, like he’s my world, but I also fucking adore Renee and tbh, they’re probably one of the most loving couples I’ve seen in the wwe universe.
You all say that you love dean, but you don’t think of how it would make him feel if he saw all the hate Renee was getting.

You know Renee? The gorgeous woman he’s been dating for over 2 years now?

Dean loves Renee. Not you.
Dean is in a relationship with Renee. Not you.

Deal with it. Get a fucking life damn.