jesus christ he is so gorgeous


“I’ll look after Simon,” he says. It feels wrong, but: All that he has ever wanted to do is look after Simon. 

(raphael dreams and it’s heartbreaking)


Elaine studies him quickly, and Raphael almost thinks that the lie is coming undone. Unraveling, just like everything else in his life. The Clave wants to burn him alive. Camille wants to kill him. The clan is divided. His family is in danger.

(raphael has mom feels in regard to elaine, I’m sad af)


“Be careful, fledgling.” He warns, resting his hand on Simon’s face. He holds his cheek in his hand delicately, like he doesn’t want to hurt him.

(raphael + casual touching. he’s not as obvious as he hopes)


He was okay with it. With being alone, with feeling the emptiness in the place his heart used to be in, with feeling nothing.

Until it stopped being fine anymore.

(raphael pov in how simon changes him, 339 words)


Raphael just enters his room when he’s not there and grabs a few of Simon’s shirts from his closet. Purely out of spite.

(they’re very petty in this and it’s adorable)


“I couldn’t go out in the daylight,” Raphael reminded him.

“Yeah, of course you couldn’t. I’m surprised you’re here at all, since there’s a death order put on me, may I remind you.”


(sweet post dust and shadows fix it, 674 words)


But he couldn’t show weakness in front of others, not when people were so eager to use it against him.

(raphael working out his post-betrayal feelings with magnus)


Talking to this Raphael, to the Raph Simon could’ve had if he hadn’t screwed up, makes him miss his Raphael. He just wants to go home and fix it.

(featuring 50′s!human raphael + saphael fluff)


“That was a bit forward,” he managed to breath out, before his face broke into a grin. “Do it again.”

(saphael fluff + first kiss)


“Um,” he turned to whisper directly into Raphael’s ear. “I’ve mentioned this before, but they still don’t know. About us. Jace probably thinks you hate me.”

(secret relationship fluff)


“Yes, I understand your threats. Now, if you don’t mind…” Raphael looked pointedly at Luke’s hand that still gripped his shoulder. He ignored the werewolf muttering Simon was right about the jackets.

(god this is precious. raphael asking for luke’s approval to date simon)


Simon is the only one who makes sense. Raphael has fallen in love, hard, he knows this much at least.

(many different saphael kisses)


He had fangs out and had bitten into his wrist without so much as a second thought. Camille had given Simon enough of her blood to be obsessed with her but was it enough to save him?

(missing scene when raphael was carrying simon to clary/jace. oh my heart this boy fell so hard)


“So….you kissed me.” He eventually said, slowly looking up.

(featuring aggressive!simon + making up + first kiss)


He’s so beautiful and Simon wonders how it took him so long to see it.

(raphael kisses simon for the first time & simon was not expecting it)


It wasn’t too hard to figure out the other’s whereabouts because Raphael was quite used to being aware of Simon’s by now so he could easily find him, even in this loud environment that smelled of way too many different people and partly magical ingredients for drinks.

(matchmaker magnus and magic mistletoe, bless him)


There was no denying that Simon did enjoy this new level of intimacy in their yet to be determined relationship and it felt like Raphael presenting himself to his fledgeling in such a vulnerable position, trusting Simon to take the lead, he fell even more for the gorgeous clan leader and he had been head over heels for the guy for quite some time now.

(saphael smut + an accidental love confession)


“Jesus Christ,” Simon tugged him into his chest and kissed him. They moved together for a few seconds before separating. “Calm your shit.”

(I’m a sucker for jealous!raphael so naturally, this is incredible)


Raphael falls in love with him in every life, and Simon doesn’t remember.

(reincarnation!au that broke me)


“I wish I could say that you’re my home.” Simon blurts out unthinkingly. He looks to see Raphael’s shoulders stiffen, his body going very still.

(01x13 missing scene that made me cry, fluff + angst. also the title…nnnghh my heart)


“Simon”, She says her voice a bit teasing. “he’s your soulmate, write to him on your flesh.”

(soulmate!au where words appear on your soulmates skin, I cried happy tears)


He had a chance, and that chance was ripped away from him by Camille. He warned Simon. He warned Simon. He warned Simon. This is his fault.

(raphael in the building with dead!simon, I love being dead :’) )


He would give Simon anything.

(You feel everything as a vampire.)

(I have no heart left after this one, it’s shredded. religious!raphael + smut with feelings)


It was on a night when it was Raphael’s turn to be ‘educated’, that things got weird.

(incomplete/WIP  that tells the story of how they fell in love and apart, I cried. another title that breaks me)


Raphael does the unforgivable act of touching him. Grabs his shoulder like they’re something close to friends again. It hurts more than the cross ever would.

(episode: A Door Into the Dark from raphael’s pov. he is so soft and hurting. I’m aching)

You Should Wear Those More Often

A/N: One week until I move back into my college dorm! I’m so excited! Today is my last day of work at my summer job, I think I’m gonna miss it a little.
Anyways, I wrote this over the course of a few days. It’s way longer than I was planning, but that seems to be an ongoing theme in my life. Soak up this smut guys, I’m not sure when the next one will come.

Pairing: Sam Winchester X Reader

Word count: 4048 (that’s my longest one yet, whoops)

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Oh boy, here we go… This is probably the most detailed smut I’ve written in a long time. There’s some dirty talk, Reader with a glasses!kink, slight Dom!Reader, slight Dom!Sam, lots of teasing, uhhhhhh there’s a handjob in there too… I think that’s it. It’s pretty loaded when it comes to my writing. Whatever. Enjoy, guys.


“Sam, do you have your…” you trail off, mouth opening slightly as your head angled slightly. “Oh, holy–fuck me.”

In front of you, the usual Adonis that was Sam Winchester had been spruced up more than just a little. His FBI suit was well pressed, completely wrinkle free, and his hair was tamed just perfectly. But the real kicker, something you’d yet to see before, was the pair of glasses sitting on his face.

His eyebrows raise over the top edge of them, and you clear your throat.

“Uhm… I was gonna…” you blink a few times, trying to remember what you were going to say, but for the life of you, you can’t. “I was gonna ask if you had our… Our…”

“Tickets to the play?” he holds up a pair of tickets and you blink once more.

“Yeah,” you nod dumbly, a soft redness peeking through your cheeks. “Yeah, uhm… The tickets. Yeah, sorry. I just… I’ve never seen you in glasses.”

He gives a little smirk, one that lets you know that he’s reveling in your little momentary lapse of thought.

“I’ve only worn them a few times,” he admits, affixing them to the bridge of his nose. “I can tell that you like them, though.”

“Yeah,” you breathe, drawing your bottom lip between your teeth. “I do. A lot.”

“How much is a lot, baby girl?” he takes a step closer to you, snaking an arm around your back.

And, oh good God, you absolutely melt with the nickname. You swear your panties will be ruined by the end of this evening, if they aren’t already.

“A lot means that as soon as we get back from this play, I’m jumping you and you’re gonna wear those glasses the entire time,” you tell him, offering him your best flirting smile as you grab the lapels of his jacket and pull him down so that you can kiss him.

He pulls away with that fucking perfect dimpled smile, flashing you a look that tells you that he most certainly likes the sound of your plans.

“We need to get going if we don’t want to be late,” he says, and you sigh softly, smoothing out the front of his jacket. “I’m looking forward to coming back, though.”

“If I hadn’t been looking forward to this for months in advance, we’d be staying in for the evening,” you tell him, watching his little grin grow. “Don’t smirk at me! It’s true!”

“Oh, I know it’s true,” he says. “I’m just wondering how you’ll be able to get through this play when you keep thinking of me through the entire thing. Will you be able to focus?”

“You’re so full of yourself,” you say with a laughing shove to his chest. He bursts into laughter also, taking you hand in his as you both made your way out to Baby.

Dean had loaned her to the two of you for the night, the only stipulation being that she was returned exactly as she was left.

Which, according to Dean, included no stains, no finger-or-footprints on windows, and a suspicious lack of food crumbs.

“I’ve taken pictures of her! You bring her back exactly the same or I’ll kick both of your asses!” Dean calls through the garage as you settle into the passenger seat.

“Dean, we know,” Sam says to his brother, and you just laugh as the both of you leave for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see your favorite playwright in one of his own plays.

It’s about a two hour drive to the theater, and when you get there, Sam chats it up with the ticket registrar while you make a run for the bathroom to pee before the show so that you won’t have to during intermission or, God forbid, during the actual play.

You make it out and see Sam waiting for you, two tickets in hand. You see the silvery coloring to them, and your eyes widen as you look up to his face.

“You didn’t,” you breathe, taking them from him and reading the printed on words. “Row five? You got us row fucking five? How in the actual fuck?”

“Shh, people are looking,” he says with a slight smile. “I told the lady it was your birthday and we’d bought tickets. I asked if I could upgrade them to a better spot and she said that she’s sentimental, and that not even thirty seconds prior a couple had returned theirs saying that they wouldn’t be able to make it to the show.”

“Sam, this is why I fucking love you,” you hug him tightly, taking his hand as you both ventured into the theater.

The play begins shortly thereafter and continues without hitch, and you sigh happily as you lean onto Sam’s shoulder.

He smiles, leaning down to you during intermission.

“So I actually had to tell that woman that I’m an undercover FBI agent that’s looking to catch one of the supporting characters after the play is over in order to get these tickets,” he admits, and your mouth falls open in shock.

“Sam!” you hiss, and he gives you a cheeky grin.

“The glasses really were the finishing touch,” he winks. “I convinced her that they have a camera in them so that if there was a confrontation involved, I would have it documented.”

You bite your lip and look away, trying to stifle the goofy smile that wants to grow on your face. You want to be mad at him for lying, but you just can’t find it in you.

You shake your head and shoot him a glance, your smile only happily growing as you see his face with those perfectly-fitting glasses on.

“What am I going to do with you?” you exhale, shaking you head.

“You said you were gonna jump me once this play was over. I’ve actually been looking forward to it,” he reminds you.

Sam was in such a good mood, so happy, and that made you happy. It’s very rare that you see him get to be this carefree, unworried about the next upcoming apocalypse or some case.

He sneaks his hand into yours and that’s how the two of you stay for the remainder of the play.

Once a standing ovation has been offered, and all of the cast has had their final bows, Sam guides you back to Baby, winking at you as he shut the passenger door for you.

He climbs his long legs into the driver’s seat and off the two of you drive, back to the bunker as it’s already late in the night.

You watch the scenery go by for a while, but you grow bored of that quickly and turn your attention toward Sam.

His broad frame sits with ease, his foot on the pedal keeping it steady just a mile or two over the speed limit. Your eyes trace the curve of his jaw, firm and defined and, God, so gorgeous.

And the glasses. Jesus Christ, those glasses are doing more to you than a plastic frame with two pieces of glass should be capable of.

He glances over out of the corner of his eye, his perfect lips curving upwards a half an inch or so as he noticed your stare.

“You don’t have to stare from so far away, y'know,” he murmurs, and you gnaw on your bottom lip as you unbuckle your seat belt.

You slip across the seat to right beside him, your legs parting just slightly so that you have one on either side of the middle seat hump in the floorboard.

His breath catches slightly as you pull the tight skirt of your dress up, exposing your thighs so that you can move about slightly more.

You smirk, hand resting on his thigh as you laid your head on his shoulder.

“That was really fun,” you tell him, rubbing his thigh slowly and feeling the slightest jump in his pants. “I almost didn’t want it to end.”

“Almost,” he breathes, his grip on the steering wheel tightening.

“Yeah, but then I thought of your gorgeous cock,” you whisper, reaching slightly higher up his leg to rub your palm over the growing bulge in his pants. “And I remembered how you look when you fuck me real hard, and I just imagined that with those glasses and… Ugh, Sam.”

You hum and rub your free hand down the front of your dress, over your breasts, and release a soft sigh.

“Jesus, [Y/N], I would’ve left the theater right then and there if you’d told me that,” he blows a breath out.

“But Sam, you taught me that waiting is always the best part,” you work to undo his belt with one hand, sliding the other up his chest to feel his firm chest muscles under his suit.

His breath shortens, and he shifts his leg so that you have better access to his belt. Finally, you get it undone, and you look up to him with a flutter of lashes.

He looks down at you, those hazel eyes just amplified by the glasses on his face. You exhale softly and undo the buttons on his pants and pull the zipper down slowly, your fingertips just gracing over his pants so that there is barely any pressure.

“[Y/N/N], just…” he trails off with a raw groan as your hand palms his growing length.

“Shh, Sam,” you hush him, finally managing to free him from the confines of his pants and underwear. “Keep those pretty eyes on the road and let me handle the rest.”

“Jesus, baby girl,” he groans as you lean down and press a kiss to the tip of his length.

You take him into your mouth as far as you can go, gliding your tongue across velvety flesh gently. One hand moves to circle the remainder of his endowed length that you can’t fit into your mouth and rubs slowly, torturous circles that you know drives him crazy.

“Fuck, [Y/N],” he pants, his right hand moving from the steering wheel to cup the back of your neck and ease your movements.

You moan softly against him, feeling a rush of wetness between your legs that needs to be satisfied. Your hips rise, searching for friction that isn’t there.

You pull away for a moment, letting your hand fully grip him and pump a few times as you pressed numerous kisses to the bottom side of his cock, feeling it jump when you got to the base of it. Your lips seal around his length once again and your head moves to take him down your throat.

This time you move faster than just the slow movements of before, wet sounds leaving your lips as you sucked.

“[Y/N], I’m almost there,” Sam warns, his breath ragged and his voice absolutely wrecked.

You pull away slowly, noisily, and grin up at him, your eyes catching his.

“Dean said no stains, remember?” you tell him, sitting up fully and wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. “We’ll have to wait until we get back.”

“We’re almost home, baby girl, and as soon as I get you there, I’m gonna fuck you real slow,” he says in a shaking voice, swallowing once before offering you a dark expression. “Real slow, you’re gonna be on edge for hours, baby girl.”

“Are you gonna make me sore in the morning?” you ask him, biting your bottom lip.

“After what you just did?” he asks, shooting you an incredulous look. “You won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

You can’t help the moan that leaves your lips, watching his eyes darken behind clear glass.

The ensuing silence just radiates sexual tension, and you shift in your seat, trying desperately to search for some kind of relief of the throbbing in your lower belly.

Sam glances over and notices.

“Almost there, [Y/N],” he says quietly as you recognize the road easily.

As he pulls into the garage, you practically shoot from your seat and make a dash for his room, not wanting to wait any longer.

You pass Dean on the way, who is dressed like he would any other day.

“Finally,” he mutters. “I’ve been waiting for you two to get back for over an hour. I’m going to a bar.”

Praise the Lord, you think. A bunker with just Sam for a few hours, that should be fun.

You make it into Sam’s room and start shedding clothes, hearing a slight exchange of words between the brothers as you perch yourself on Sam’s bed.

He comes in after a moment, his eyes falling on you instantly.

His lips quirk upwards in a grin as he closes his door. You lick your lip seductively, chest moving as you took a long inhale of air.

“Are you just gonna stand there?” you ask him in a pouting voice.

“On your back, baby girl,” he says as he begins to undo his jacket. “You know what I want. Show me how wet that pretty pussy is.”

You moan aloud and tip back onto your back, falling onto his pillows. Knees part as his shirt falls to the floor, your hands settling on your thighs.

Being this exposed makes you giddy, makes your heart race in your chest. But it’s Sam, and you know that he won’t look at you with anything other than love and awe.

Finally shed of his upper garments, he kneels down on the bed, just beside your feet, his eyes trailing up your flesh slowly.

“Sam,” you whimper, and his gaze floats to yours. “Please, God, I need you to fuck me.”

He smirks, pressing in close enough to lean down and give a slow kiss to the patch of skin just on the inside of your left knee.

“You know I don’t like being teased, [Y/N],” he says, looking up at you as he moved up a fraction of an inch. “But you teased me, so I think it’s only fair that I return the favor.”

“Oh, can’t you tease me after?” you try to bargain, gasping as his teeth bit into your inner thigh, the part he’d just kissed.

“You said it yourself, baby girl. The waiting is the best part,” he reminds you, and you throw your head back onto the pillows as he moves up yet again and kisses.

All you can do is let him do this, there’s no stopping him once he’s set his mind to something like this. A soft whimper leaves your lips as he presses a kiss to the very top of your inner thigh, then a louder gasp as he nips hard at the skin.

“Sam, please,” you hear the desperation in your own voice, and thank God, he finally listens.

His mouth attaches to your clit instantly, and your mouth falls open in a wordless cry as he turns from zero to fifty thousand in a second.

“Oh, fuck, Sam!” you cry, hands shooting to his hair to try to desperately relieve some of the unending pressure on your lower half. “Sam, Jesus!”

He pauses only to look up, his eyes mischievous as they shone through those goddamn glasses that started all of this.

He grins, pressing a single kiss to your belly, slowly inching his way up your chest with a kiss here and a bite there. He moves his whole body over yours, his hands holding his weight on either side of your head.

“Not so fun to be teased, is it?” he asks, nose bumping yours as his hair fell to curtain around your face.

“Sam, please,” you whimper. “Please, just fuck me. God, I can’t take it anymore.”

He smiles, revealing those perfect teeth of his, and presses a hungry kiss to your lips. His mouth is so soft, even with the intensity of it all, and you can just barely taste yourself on him.

He pulls away and starts down your neck, and your hands push through his hair.

“Turn over, baby girl,” he says into your skin, his breath warm on your flesh. He pulls away so that he can undo his pants, and you scramble to turn over like he’s asked, not wanting to draw this out any more.

Hands grip your hips hard and pull you back, your ass hitting his hips and making a loud groan leave your lips.

“You want it now, baby girl?” he asks, a kiss on your shoulder occupying your thoughts as he rutted his hips against yours.

“Yes, God, yes,” you moan, arching into him as he lined up to your entrance.

“Real slow, remember that,” he murmurs, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear as he presses into you, bottoming out and just staying there for a moment. “That feel good, pretty girl?”

“Yeah,” you whimper, reaching a hand back to curl around his neck. “Please move, Sam.”

“I will, [Y/N],” he says, giving a soft kiss to the edge of your jaw. He shifts slightly, sliding an arm around your stomach while the other one moves to scoop your hair up off the back of your neck and drape it over his shoulder, so that all of your back is pressing to his chest.

His hips roll so fucking slowly that you want to cry. You can feel every inch of his length as he slides out, then just as slowly pushes back in.

“Sam, please,” you turn your head and his lips connect with yours messily, and he ups his pace just slightly. You hand tightens its grip on the hair at the nape of his neck.

It’s just so slow, you feel every little movement, every exhaled breath as he pushes in, every little hitch when you press back on his length.

He shifts slightly, instead of being pressed to his back, he moves so that he’s over you, and your face is buried in pillows as he grows a faster rhythm.

You can’t halt the soft sighs that leave your lips with every brush of his skin against yours. His lips find the back of your neck and trail down your spine, warm and soft against your heated skin.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous,” he murmurs, one hand splaying over your belly as he drove into you over and over again.

“Sam, I need more,” you beg, turning to look over your shoulder at him.

He looks up at you, those eyes dark yet warm, something about him firm and unmoving as he says, “No, baby girl. You’re gonna take what I give you. I said I was gonna go real slow.”

“Then harder, please,” you breathe, biting your bottom lip. “If not faster, then harder, please.”

He gives you a slight smile and presses a kiss to your shoulder as he adjusts once more, his left hand moving up to grip his headboard so that he could give more jarring thrusts while maintaining his tempo.

One thrust in particular hits just perfectly inside you, and you release a soft cry as a gasp fills your lungs.

“Yeah, right there!” you tell him, and his next thrust hits that same spot that makes stars dance across your vision. “Yes, Sam!”

He quickens slightly, jarring that spot every time now, and it doesn’t take long for you to build higher and higher, the best kind of burning filling your lower belly.

“Fuck, Sam!” you gasp, on the cusp of falling apart, when he stops, grinning into your shoulder.

“I told you that you’d be on edge for hours,” he says into your sweaty skin, the amusement not hidden in his voice at all. “You wanted to play this game, baby girl, so I’m playing.”

“Sam,” you whimper, desperate for him to stop all of this and just give you what you need. “Please, please, just make me cum. Please.”

“Not yet, baby girl,” he pulls completely out and turns you over, so that you’re on your back and facing him. He grins down at you. “You’re always so impatient.”

“God, because I want you all the time!” you moan, looping your arms around his neck to pull him closer. Your lips connect with his, hot and seeking and hungry.

A low groan rumbles in his chest, and you arch your hips toward his encouragingly.

“If I make you cum now, it won’t be the last time tonight,” he finally decides to bargain with you.

“Yes, fine,” you agree instantly. “I don’t care, I just need you.”

His lips quirk upwards, and he adjusts his glasses before lining himself up once more and pushing home, a deep, soul reverberating groan parting your lips.

You watch the way his muscles move when he fucks you, the way his abdomen is so tight and his biceps flexing as he held his grip on the headboard.

And then it’s like fire across your entire body, his pounding reaching that spot that has your toes curling and quivering gasps leaving your lips every second.

His name is a chant from your mouth, his eyes holding yours as your mouth fell open, once more on the cusp of falling apart.

This time he doesn’t stop.

He keeps going, his thick length pushing repeatedly until you’re clawing at his back, back arching as an earth-shattering orgasm swept over you.

Six, seven, eight more thrusts and he’s grunting into your neck, his load emptying inside you and dripping down your thighs as he gave a few final lazy thrusts.

With a heavy sigh, he drops down beside you, on his side facing you with a goofy smile on his lips.

“The glasses really did it for you, huh?” he murmurs, reaching up to push some hair out of your face.

“You should wear them more often,” you tell him. “If it will always wind up like tonight, wear them every day.”

“I’m not even done with you yet and you’re already talking about next time,” he tells you, and you flash him a small smile.

“Hey, a girl can dream.”

“[Y/N],” a voice says, and you smile at the sound of it. “[Y/N]! Come on, wake up!”

You blink and open your eyes, and suddenly you’re not in bed with Sam, and you’re most definitely not back at the bunker.

“Where…” you trail off and sit up, seeing both Dean and Sam dressed and ready, wandering about the room and collecting necessary things.

“About time, Sweetheart,” Dean says. “It’s almost time. You need to get ready.”

“Yeah,” you say, blinking as you remembered that you were currently on a hunt with the two boys, looking for a hellhound that was set to collect a sleazy retail banker’s soul. “Yeah, just gimme a sec. I’m already dressed, I just need to put on my boots and find my-”

“Glasses?” Sam’s voice prompts, and you look up to see him holding out your pair of hellhound-seeing glasses, his own pair perched on his face.

Good God.

“Yeah, thanks,” you tell him, swallowing nervously while hoping that you didn’t say anything in your sleep.

“Okay, in headin’ out to the car. You’ve got two minutes,” Dean says as he gathers up his things. You watch him leave as you pull on your boots.

“Hey,” Sam clears his throat, and you squeeze your eyes shut.

Shit shit shit…

“You look good in glasses,” Sam remarks, and you look up to him in complete awe.

“Holy shit,” you can’t believe what he just said. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, they uh… They frame your face well. It looks good,” he says, and you see the faintest dusting of pink on his cheeks.

You swallow and decide to make a bold move.

“I had a dream about us fucking and you were wearing glasses,” you say suddenly, and his eyes widen. “So, I mean, if you’re up for it, I’m definitely game. After this case, I mean.”

You head for the door to leave him to think about your proposition, a tiny smile on your lips as you remembered the dream.

And when you turn to look back at him, he’s grinning that same cheesy smile from your dream.

“Oh, I’m so setting laid tonight.”



#91- Grace!kink (Sabriel)

Requested by @estilonatural​ for my kink list (master list here).

Warning: grace!kink, smut

Word Count: 1200

A/N: I really love writing Sabriel. I hope you enjoy it, too! XOXO

Sam’s reading an article online, totally lost in the ancient religious rituals of the Mayan culture, when he feels it.

It’s just a slight tingling at first, right at the base of his spine. Before he can process it and really feel it, it’s gone, and he’s not even sure it happened.

Back to reading.

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request(s): Could I get a Tom Holland x reader where they are in a relationship, but it’s like, a normal relationship, not super romantic, but still sweet, where one gets grossed out because the other one drools in their sleep, or one gets mad at the other for touching them with their cold feet, or for wiping their popcorn fingers on them? Or all of them….Just normal things? Thanks! -hammernailsandscrewdriver 

Word Count: 1059

Summary: You and Tom had been dating for a while and you’re pretty comfortable with him

Warning(s): Pretty shitty writing, way too short, swear words

Author’s Note: This is pretty bad and really short but I had been working on it for a while and I just wanted to get it out, sorry guys

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Please Don’t - Haechan

*The repetitive notion of you unowrthiness was clawing up inside you, you weren’t good enough for him- you never will be.

anon request

Characters: Haechan, Reader

Pairing: Haechan/Reader

Genre: Angst // Hurt/Comfort

Word Count : 2K

It didn’t take long for you to start throwing yourself into the familiarity of self doubt once you and Donghyuck started dating. You could rack it up to about a solid month of conscience-free bliss before you started looking in the mirror a little too long in the mornings and staring at the girls on the street a little too hard as you walked by. It had been easy enough to block out at first, chalking it up to your dating inexperience and the fact you just wanted to be the best you could be for him. But then, as weeks and months dragged you through a mental mud puddle, you couldn’t ignore the nagging insistence that you were never going to be enough for him.

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It Only Takes A Taste (1/2)

Prompt: 57 for @sgtbxckybxrnes ‘s AU challenge: Celebrity/Movie Star

Summary: When you run into (literally) a really fucking hot man, you don’t expect to see him again, until he turns up at your cafe a few days later. The both of you ‘click’ instantly, but is he really just the ‘person whose name will turn up somewhere in an indie movie credits’ that he makes himself out to be? Or is he something more than that?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,726 Words

Warnings: ½ Fluff, ½ Angst

Originally posted by dolorioushaze

“You free this Saturday?”

You look down as a text from Wanda appears on your phone. Hastily apologising as you push past a large crowd, you quickly type back;

“Yeah, why?”

You let out a sigh of relief as you finally break out of the stuffy mass of pedestrians, inhaling the clean air dramatically. You really only have one goal, and that’s to get to your shift early, and right now, you’re already late. Sometimes, sleep just really takes a hold of you and refuses to let you get up. Not your fault. 

“There’s a high-class party I’m invited to-want to come?”

Frowning, your fingers hover over the keyboard again, but another text comes in before you can finish typing yours. 

“I’m allowed to bring a date, but since I’m single, you’re the next best thing.”

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Originally posted by urmychilicheesecake

A/N: A fluffy Steve one-shot of course! Who doesn’t love the classic Secret Relationship trope?

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Rating: NC-17 maybe? PG-13? see warnings. How does one even rate a fic…? 

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Some suggestive material, Lotsa swears (Reader has a dirty mind!) nosy friends, meddling Clint, dramatic Tony, etc.


My eyes fluttered open, startled awake by the soft light floating in through the windows and a heavy arm pulling me closer to a hard chest. I sighed, nuzzling into the bicep he had propped under my head. My hand slid down his arm, brushing my fingertips softly across the veins of his forearm to link my hand in his. As I started to lull back to sleep for a bit longer, Steve sighed into my hair, sitting up slowly.

“Nooo,” I groaned, not letting go of his hand. “Just a little bit longer,” I begged, pulling him back to my back.

“Babe, we have to go. We have a full schedule today and a mission to plan with the team still.” I groaned. He was always the responsible one.

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ML Fluff Month Day 17: I’m looking fur a pet (and fur you)


lol I said I wasn’t gonna do it but I did it

Animal Shelter AU

Marinette piled in the fifth load of laundry she had started that day and checked the time. She sighed. People seriously underestimated the amount of laundry that needed to be done at an animal shelter. 

She re-did her pigtails as she made her way to the front of the shelter. Normally she wasn’t a greeter, but Lila had called in sick last minute, and she had time in between laundry cycles any way. 

She smiled at Rose, who was currently manning the front desk, and grabbed a clipboard. 

“Oh Mari, thank god you’re here,” Rose nodded towards the full waiting room, “The only other greeters today are Alya and Eleanor, but we’ve got a busy day today apparently.” 

“Don’t worry Rose, I’ve got it.” She winked at her friend and checked the list. “Okay…Adrien, Adrien Agreste? You’re up next.” 

A young man stood up, and Marinette had to stop her jaw from dropping. Jesus Christ he was gorgeous. She blinked, noticing that he was much closer to her now. 

“Oh, um, could I see those?” She held her hand out for the paperwork. 

He smiled, and gave them to her without a word. 

She took a deep breath. She could do this. She had been volunteering at this shelter since she was freaking sixteen years old. Gorgeous clients were Easy-peasy. “I’m Marinette, so if you could follow me,” she started making her way towards the rest of the shelter as she checked his questionnaire. “I see that you’re looking for a cat today to adopt, but you’ve left many of the other fields blank. Do you have any preferences?”

Adrien shrugged, “I’ve never really had a pet before but I’ve always wanted a cat. Other than that, I don’t really know. Maybe not too high maintenance?” 

He smiled shyly. Oh no, he’s cute.

Marinette grinned. “I’ve got just the cats in mind.”

She led him to the largest of the free roaming cat rooms, where three towers scattered across the open floor. “Wait here,” she instructed as she pushed open the door, “I’ll bring them out to you.”

Adrien watched the volunteer kneel down by a black cat, hand extended in a placating gesture. Her mouth formed words, though he couldn’t here behind the glass, and she scratched behind the cat’s ears. 

Damn, she was cute. 

He watched her face intently as more cats crowded around her, obviously used to her presence in the room. The black cat let Marinette pick it up, and she gently nudged a pale ginger one to follow her. 

In a second, she was out of the room with the two cats. 

“This one’s named Plagg,” she said, gesturing to the the black one, “Don’t ask me why, his previous owner named him. He’s such a sweetie, though he does have a sassy streak and an odd diet. But as a new pet owner he shouldn’t give you too much trouble, seeing that he’s the laziest of the bunch.” 

Plagg meowed. 

Giggling, she pointed the the ginger one. “This mush is Tikki. She gives the best cuddles.” Marinette lowered her voice, “I swear she can read minds. Whenever I’m feeling down, she just knows.” She winked.

He gulped. Damn, she was cute.

Adrien knelt down by the two cats, and extended a hand out. Plagg completely ignored him, but Tikki softly butted her head against his palm. 

Marinette smiled. “She likes you.”

“I like you.” 


“Crap, I mean, um, you know what, we’ll just forget I said that.” He chuckled nervously and stopped petting Tikki. 

“Um…okie dokie.” Crap she was cute. “Well, uh, you can play with them more, that way you can figure out which one you like better.”

He felt more heat rise to his cheeks. “You know what, I’ll take both.”

Marinette blinked. “Both?”


“Oh. Well, are you sure? Not that I’m questioning you or anything, but you said you’ve never had a pet and I don’t want you to be unprepared.”

“Maybe you could help me be prepared.” Why was he continuing to make an ass out of himself? 

She blinked again. Then a smirk made its way onto her face. “Why Adrien, are you trying to hit on me?” 


From the floor, Plagg meowed again.

“Unfurtunately, I have to finish my shift, but maybe by the time you’ve finished the paperwork, I might be able to swing by and help set you up with these cuties. Help them get comfurtable with your house.”

Oh, she punned too. Oh lord she’s cute

“Come on, let’s go do the paperwork.”

Nathaniel groaned as he checked the table posted to the door. Marinette, superhuman she was, had already finished all the laundry and washing tasks for the day, which meant he had no other excuse for avoiding the waiting room. 

Ugh, he hated interacting with people. 

He smiled tightly at Rose, who was tapping away at the computer. The earlier rush had died down, so only a handful of people remained in the waiting room. 

He glanced at the list. “Chloe Bourgeois? I can help you now.” 

A blonde stood up, not looking up from her phone. “Jeez, I’ve been waiting for ages.”

“Sorry miss, we’ve had a rather busy day.”

She looked up, and Nathaniel was suddenly assaulted by blue eyes that sparkled like diamonds. She blinked when she saw him. “Oh, that’s okay I suppose.”

He swallowed. “I’m Nathaniel. How can we help you today?”

She smiled at him.

Slip Through Your Lips (Seventeen Preference)
  • (AN: based off a request I got asking how Seventeen would sound in bed. pretty nsfw; it sucks that they won't let you put chats under a cut??? so smut warning and if you don't like, don't read. -Tanisha<3)
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: When it comes to moans/whimpers/etc, S.Coups would actually be fairly quiet. He'd more of a giver than a taker, and when he is receiving, he is more just heavy breaths and the very occasional deep groan. He saves that groan for when he's coming, probably with your name, and if you can get him to make noise otherwise it's a huge accomplishment. That and he's also a big dirty talker. I mean, he's got a gorgeous deep voice and he just loves the way you react to it and he would just dirty talk even if it was for himself.
  • Jeonghan: He just makes the absolute best sex noises. I've read some fics about the boys singing during and actually whatever noises he made would be so beautiful sounding that you might mistake them for song. Like he's just so perfect that this would bleed into every aspect of life. Even when he's getting head and there's right or wrong way to do that, he was just look so gorgeous and sound ten thousand times better. And the sound of your name being moaned off his lips would actually almost kill you because it sounds so good.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: Just imagine being on your knees in front of him and you're giving him so much pleasure it's almost painful and he's just on the verge of cumming when his mouth hangs open and his voice cracks when he lets out a heavy "Jesus Christ". I love the irony and it actually really suits him (and now I just can't get that out of my head). He has such a sweet, small voice that hearing him mutter filthy things ("you like that, babygirl?" or "God, you look so good on my cock.") would be a contrast that you would never get over. And hearing him swear over and over in that sweet voice - it would wreck you. (Cause just the thought wrecks me but that's off topic.)
  • Jun: He would also be another quiet one. He's so concentrated on you and not blowing his load early that he gets pretty quiet during sex. And he's so athletic (with all the dance and the martial arts) that it would take a lot to getting him panting or breathing heavily. But this doesn't really bother you much.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: This kid won't shut up during sex. We all know he's like sex wrapped up in a cheesy sweatband and sex would be all or nothing with him and it's never nothing. So he groans, moans, whimpers, panting, huffing; any imaginable or unimaginable human noise to make during sex will come out of his mouth. He gets so into the head space of sex and really lets himself get lost in you that he never ever holds himself back vocally.
  • Wonwoo: I find him so hard to peg. He could either be very quiet or surprise you and burst out the worst/best kind of dirty talk you've ever heard and have the moans of a porn star. He would probably feel like his moans need to be a show for you, so he might exaggerate them a little. That's not even a bad thing. He wants to let you know you're doing a good job and turning him on and he can do that with his dirty words and dirty, dirty sounds.
  • Woozi/Jihoon: Whimpers; he has those shaky little whimpers, especially because he desperately tries to hold himself back. He can be kind of a grump and he's got this well-established thing about pride, but when that first, tiny little whimper escapes him you know you've broken him. Then they slowly get louder and more intense and some of them even become high pitched moans, all mixed in with gusting breaths. During sex he breaths like someone who's trying not to sound out of breath; and it's actually incredibly sexy.
  • DK/Seokmin: Loves to bit his lip and kiss you to mask his noises. He indulges himself much more in your moans and prefers not to have the attention on himself. If anything he lets out that epic, finishing moan when he's orgasming and it cracks his voice and shudders in the best way.
  • Mingyu: This motherfucker is a groaner. He groans full and deep and lets it rumble through his chest so you can see it and feel it and hear it so clear and just let it fuck you up. He doesn't shy away from making noise, and it's deep and manly and always serves to turn you on.
  • The8/Minghao: A giant puppy and kind of hard for me to imagine in terms of sex; if anything, he got gasps down pat. Whatever you do in bed either takes him by surprise or just leaves him breathless and this results in a lot of pitchy gasps, mixed with your name and maybe he would even surprise you with some swears. I feel like he'd also be a lip-biter, trying to hold his sounds back because he would shy of them.
  • Seungkwan: An amazing moaner; he has the most beautiful voice and when he really gets into holding music notes, it sounds like just pure sex moans. He moans so nicely during sex that he could make a living doing audio porn. All nice and low and raspy. Sometimes higher pitched, ending in gasps. And he's not really a dirty-talker, but he's incredibly bossy during sex, and not afraid to tell his partner what he wants from them and exactly how, and this just comes out sounding like the best dirty talk of the century. I mean the sounds he makes during sex are anybody's wet dream.
  • Vernon/Hansol: his moans are perfect. He's another one with a sex voice; and when he gets in the bedroom he lets lust takeover every inch of his body and his mind gets completely hazed over. This means he reacts to everything you do, moaning and saying your name and swearing (we all know how much he loves his swears) at each little move you make. His voice is usually pretty worn out after sex, and toward his orgasm he gets the best rasp in his voice that's the biggest turn-on for you. You work to make that rasp worse each time and sometimes even put him out of commission for rapping the next day.
  • Dino/Chan: A lot of panting. Even though he dances he still not quite used to the full exertion of sex but he's still there with you the whole time and eager and excited for it. He asks a lot of questions - he needs to know if he's doing this right (even if he done it once or twice before) and if you like it and what you're thinking because your pleasure is the most important thing. He lets the occasional moan slip through, when his mind gets lost, and it's really embarrassed. Most of the time his mind is just far too busy during sex to let his body make noise.

1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “Do you want a beautiful lie or the ugly truth?”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @autopistaaningunaparte

“I’m gonna die.” Dean moans loudly, the tricky bastard expertly quivers his bottom lip as if he’s about to burst into tears. But you know how his mischievous mind operates all too well. 

“And the award for most dramatic goes to…Dean fucking Winchester!” You announce cheerfully clapping your hands. 

Your boyfriend immediately drops the scared little boy routine, a bratty demeanor now shining through. Such a freaking drama queen. 

“Just eat it, dude! It’s good.” With a roll of your eyes, you stab your salad forcefully with your fork as you silently pretend it’s his face.

“This isn’t real food, Y/N. I’d probably enjoy Bowser’s food more!” 

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Anon Request: Sam x reader. Sam and reader have dinner with Becky. Becky won’t stop flirting with Sam, and reader gets jealous.

Word Count: 1683

Warning: Smut

You were not a fan of Becky Rosen.

You’d had no idea who she was two days ago, when Sam mentioned to Dean that you were passing through the town where she lived, and you quirked your eyebrows at Sam in the rearview mirror of the Impala.

“She’s an old acquaintance,” he said, though you could tell from his tone that there was more to the story.

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Not Part of the Plan timestamp

SO HEY ANON WHO ASKED, I wrote a NPOTP timestamp and it’s absolutely not any of the timestamps I’d had on my to-do list, because writing is hard. Have some schmoop instead.

Takes place some months after their divorce.

Although Dean still can’t think of those long weeks without a hint of bitterness, he understands where his friends were coming from when they’d decided that there was no way Dean Winchester would ever, truly fall for a prince. ‘Dicks with crowns’, Dean once described ‘em to Cas, who’d been happy to agree with him, because hey, accurate.

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Picture Perfect - Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,286

Summary: The reader tries to convince Dean to be her fake fiance, so she can impress her boss and get a promotion.

Part 1

Last night was fucking rough. You told Dean about your predicament at work and it was pretty obvious he thinks you’re nuts.

It doesnt help that he wants to get fucking references from Kevin and Haley to confirm you’re not a wackjob. At this point, you’re not so sure. Normal people don’t do this, right?

You get a text from Dean and your stomach drops. Just read it, Y/N. Stop being a pussy.

Hey. I made my decision. Wanna meet up later and get a drink? I think it’s best if we have alcohol this time  :)

Hmmm. A smiley face. That must be a good sign. Or maybe he’s just really nice and feels bad for you. Ugh.

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Girl Can SING pt 6

Request: I know it’s superrr used but how about one on the tour bus and you and brendon haven’t been able to do anything for ages and you have to be quiet because the other band members don’t know about you two but you really aren’t and then the next morning they’re like ‘Jesus could you be any louder’ etc

A/N: Anon, there is a reason this is super used: BECAUSE IT’S FANTASTIC. Hope I did a good job with the smut, it’s only my second one and I have no idea what sex is like lol. Enjoy! @multifandom-slytherin

Dallon turned on a movie on the bus’ small tv. Everyone plopped down, having enjoyed the day off from touring. You didn’t have a single second alone with Brendon today. It had been weeks.

Brendon sits down next to you and you lean against him. Towards the end of the movie, the sun had gone down and the bus was shrouded in darkness. You feel Brendon’s finger on your knee, beginning to trace up you leg. It continues up underneath your dress. You bite your lip. He begins to draw circles on the inside of your thighs. You inhale quickly and shift minutely on the cushions.

He’s getting closer and closer to your core and you grab his wrist and dig your nails in to stop him. You can practically feel him smirking. He always did shit like this, teasing you. You hated it. You loved it. Goddammit.

The credits start to role and Brendon keeps his hands to himself, knowing the lights would flick on soon. Sure enough, the room illuminated and you and Brendon look completely normal.

The boys all had bunks in the back of the bus. You had the bunk in the front of the bus, one that’s lofted above the driver’s seat. All of you got ready for bed and you climbed up to your bunk.

The lights turn off and you hear Dallon calling out goodnight in his best mock-dad voice. You giggle. You lay there awake and all you could think about is Brendon’s hands on your body. After losing your virginity, you find are surprised to discover you are not a very vanilla girl. The way Brendon speaks to you in that filthy voice and screws you so hard… It’s exactly what you never knew you wanted.

God it’s been so long, and after the little stunt he pulled during the movie, you’re still wet. You think about maybe taking care of yourself, but it’s just not the same. Brendon is what makes it special.

You have to have been lying there for over an hour when you hear footsteps and someone coming up the ladder. The curtain parts, and Brendon’s head pops inside.

“Brendon?” You whispered disbelievingly.

He crawled in and paused with a devilish smile.

“Hi,” He greeted you, completely still. He suddenly pounces, straddling you. His lips crashed onto yours and his hands slide up under your shirt to grasp you breasts. You are taken aback.

“Brendon!” You whisper and giggle.

He starts to plant kisses down your neck.

“Brendon!” you say quietly, “We can’t do this here! The boys are right there!”

“Then we’ll be quiet,” He smiles and shrugs proudly.

“Brendon, we–”

He rudely interrupts you by dragging the hard bulge in his boxers over your crotch.

“Oh–god,” you shudder and can’t help but push your hips up to his.

“Hmmm, what was that?” he teases, “About not wanting to do this?” He tilts his head and raises an eyebrow.

“You’re the fucking worst,” you say, rolling your eyes.

“Oh really? Seems like you’re enjoying yourself to me.” You want to smack that cocky smirk off his face. Instead, you cup his hard on. He exhales.

“Jesus Bren, did you come prepared?” You narrowed your eyes and gave him that same smirk, “You’re so fucking hard.” Suddenly he slipped his hand into your panties. You suppress a gasp.

“And you, Y/n, are quite prepared yourself,” he quipped, “You’re soaked, huh?”

“I have been since the fucking movie.” You reply, accidentally showing your impatience.

“Since the movie? Well, I guess we better put that to good use.” He leans in and tucks a piece of hair behind your ear. “I bet you’ve been lying here awake, just thinking of me inside you, haven’t you?” He whispered, his breath hot on your skin. You can’t even respond. “Thinking about the way I say your name.”

You grip his back, nails digging in once again. He continues.

“Thinking about how good it feels when I touch you.” He slowly slides two fingers between your folds.

You squeeze your eyes shut to keep quiet. You roll your hips in an attempt to press yourself into his hand, but he immediately withdraws, his sole purpose to frustrate you.

He drags your pj shorts and panties down to your ankles. You kick them off and tug his boxers down, more impatient than ever.

“Someone’s excited,” He trailed off, amused by your desperation. He runs a wet finger down your chest and stops right before your core.

“Just fuck me,” You blurt out quietly. You’re so done with his games, you need him so badly. You can just tell by the look on his face that he is not quite done torturing you.

He dives down and begins to lick your clit feverishly. You wiggle around at the overwhelming pleasure, staying silent. Brendon places his hands on each of your thighs, making sure he doesn’t lose access to you.

You’re about to go crazy. You lace your fingers into his hair and pull hard. His mouth loses contact with you. He is not pleased by the pain of his hair nearly being ripped from his scalp, but it gets your message across. He snakes back up your body, then pushes himself inside you without warning. You let out the smallest of moans, your back arching off the mattress, the sensation feeling too good.

Brendon grunts, reaching down and roughly grabbing your hips. Apparently Brendon has a quickie in mind, because he starts drilling you hard and fast. He uses a certain amount of delicate movement to avoid making too much noise.

“F-fuck,” You hum.

“God, Y/n,” Brendon strains, “So fucking good.” You can practically feel his cock pulsating inside you.

He exhales a shaky, heavy breath into your neck, tickling the sensitive skin and causing you to shudder. Your reaction cues him in to your area of arousal, and he begins to suckle on your neck. You push your hands up against his chest and let out a small noise of exasperation.

Both of your breathing has picked up speed and it’s hard to keep the volume of your hard work low. Brendon isn’t going to make it much longer and it’s like a flashback to high school, when a hormonal, teenaged Brendon could only last an embarrassingly short amount of time.

He wanted to make sure he took good care of you though.

He reaches down and begins to rub your clit. You squirm and hold your breath when all you wanted to do was scream his name. Instead, a high pitched whimper escapes your lips. You grab at him blindly, more desperate than ever.

“You want to cum for me?” Brendon growled into your neck.

“Oh god y-yes,” the words fall from your mouth sloppily.

“Tell me,” Brendon grunts, “How bad you want to cum.”

“Please,” you beg, “Oh please,”

Brendon grabs underneath your thighs and changes the angle of your hips,

“Oh fuck, right there!” You cried softly, “Yes fuck me harder.”

Brendon obeyed and it took everything not to scream. You held your breath and the pleasure pooling within you only rose higher. You don’t think you can take it anymore. Your walls tense up around Brendon.

“Let go baby,” He whispers simply.

And you do.

You cum hard and your inability to scream causes your pleasure to stay within you. Your body is wracked with strong waves. You writhe on the sheets, your legs shaking and twitching.

Brendon grunts his way through a powerful orgasm.

“Oh… God” He said, his voice under pressure. Your hips buck wildly up into his. High pitched sighs quietly paint your heavy breaths. You grabbed the sheets behind your head, needing something to hold onto to control your trembling body.

“Brendon,” You squeaked.

“F-fuck Y/n,” he stuttered. “Oh. Fuck. Yeah.” He punctuated each breath. “Shit.” His arms collapse down to his elbows so he is resting on top of you.

You rolled your hips against him one last time before you slowed to a stop.

You were both panting now, Brendon rolling off of you to the side.

“Oh my god,” you sighed, eyes rolling. “God you fuck me so good, Bren.”

“You’re so fucking gorgeous,” he says, slowing down his breathing.

You giggle and it takes a while to breathe normally.

“Do you think we woke the boys up?” You ask hesitantly.

Before Brendon could even answer, a voice projected from the boys’ bunk area.

“Of course you woke us the fuck up.” It’s Dan.

You and Brendon look at each other with horrified entertainment written on your faces.

“Jesus Christ guys, couldn’t you wait until you’re alone?” Zach sounded.

You cover your mouth with your hand, trying to suppress your laughter and humiliation.

“Or at least try to be quiet?” Kenny added.

Brendon holds one of your wrists and tucks his head, holding in on of his adorable giggles.

“I think I’m scarred for life,” Dallon said, “And you’re paying for my therapy bills.”

“OH MY GOD GUYS,” You say loudly with a nervous chuckle.

“Sorry boys,” Brendon said sarcastically, clearly unapologetic.

“So, are you two done?” Zach asks in an annoyed tone, “Can I go to sleep without having to listen to a fucking porno in the next room?”

“Yes, we’re done, we’re done! Go to bed,” You retort.

“Ugh god,” Dan scoffed, “I’ll never be the same.”

Brendon leans in and whispered in your ear:

“I bet they kind of liked it.”

“WE CAN HEAR YOU,” Dallon shouted.

You’re dying laughing, your mouth open but making no sound.

“I will neither confirm nor deny,” Kenny said with an impressed voice.

“Creep!” You respond with a laugh.

“Jesus Christ,” Zach complained, “Everybody shut the fuck up and go to sleep.”

You and Brendon look at each other again and smile. It was totally worth it.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed this one :) Please give me feedback because I have zero idea what I’m doing. Like/ reblog if you’re feelin’ it!

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hc's for the paladins with an s/o who keeps stealing their clothes

Originally posted by klanmural

[tbh admin miraculous loves scenarios like these!!!]

Shiro: He would let you keep it, but he’d warn you there’s a 72% chance of it being used during training. You should try to stick with his pj’s or something. Tbh he thinks it looks pretty cute on you <333

Lance: My precious sunshine child would 11/10 let you wear his clothes!!! His clothes are both fashionable [most of the time] and comfy, which is a huge plus. In the end of the day you’d have to give it back to him though because he probably paid a lot of money for it lol

Pidge: Pidge-kid would most likely be stealing your clothes instead of you stealing hers. If you’re missing a shirt try checking Pidge, she probably has it. Pidge’s wardrobe consists of either yours or Matt’s stolen clothes.

Hunk: My poor man has too much social anxiety to ask you to give his clothes back. The combination of you wearing his oversized shirts and you being a huge dork in it is too much for him– lord Jesus Christ save him.

Keith: “That looks cute on you but i haven’t washed that shirt in a week” thats it. thats it for keith kogane everyone. overall he thinks his clothing is super duper cute on you but is like lowkey too embarrassed to admit it

Bonus Coran: he has like ten pairs of the same outfit and probably wouldn’t notice or care if you took one tbh. imo he’d be more shook than anything else.

Saudade: Ch8

To be completely honest, it had surprised you that Brendon never called again. Since you were with Josh at the café, he hadn’t even shot you a single text. Although you were partially glad, because yes, you had promised yourself that you would finally clear him from your head, another part of you was worried. What if something was wrong? What if something had happened to him? What if he was angry at you for some reason? You shouldn’t have really cared that much in the first place, but you did. So that’s why you decided to pull up to his house that day, no warning, no impure intentions in mind, and no other reason than to simply just check up on him, as a friend. When you knocked on the door, Brendon opened it up, a surprised look on his face. He looked like he had just gotten up out of bed, disheveled hair, wrinkled gray shirt, tight black jeans, and socks. Bogart and Penny were already racing towards the door and pawing at your legs excitedly, but Brendon looked pretty shocked. “Wow,” he gave a soft laugh, drinking in your presence. You didn’t mean to be over or under dressed, but after seeing Brendon, it was pretty obvious you were the more composed one of the two. You had your hair done up nicely with a casual blouse and a skirt, along with heels, which you wore purely for the fact that it made you feel confident and fancy. “You finally came around.”

“Finally?” you raised an eyebrow. “You never gave another text or call.”

“I thought you were busy,” he shrugged, opening the door further and letting you in. “You could’ve texted or called too, you know.”

“What are you up to?” you wondered, glancing at the living room. There was an open beer bottle, a paused video game on the television screen, and a half eaten bag of chips on the table.

“Taking a break from the studio,” he explained, letting you sit down beside him. “I just finished a new song and thought I deserved a day off. I was just playing a little bit of Outlast, settling down with a beer, grabbing a snack, usual shit. Uh, you want one?”

“A beer?” you questioned.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Take the edge off things.”

“What edge?” you inquired.

“I don’t know, you look a bit tense,” he pointed out. “Or maybe you’re just anxious to see me.”

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes. “Sure I’ll take a beer.”

“Knew you would,” he winked, getting up and heading to the kitchen. Bogart hopped up on the couch and settled in your lap, and you pet him softly, looking around and remembering everything that was Brendon’s house. The Sinatra painting, the way the sunlight filtered through the windows, the pool out in the backyard, the elegant yet laid back atmosphere. When Brendon came back with the beer he handed it to you and let you take a sip before easing into the couch, Bogart hopping off your lap and prancing towards the kitchen. Brendon cleared his throat. “So how’d the trip go?”

“Trip?” you wondered.

“To go see your boyfriend,” he reminded. “Josh, you know?”

“Oh yeah, yeah,” you snapped back to reality. “It was good.”

“How was the show?” he asked.

“Amazing,” you sighed. “Fuck it was like a party. Those two boys, they’re really talented. It’s great. I had a blast.”

“You should come to one of my shows sometime,” Brendon nudged. “I think you’d like it.”

“Why? Do you run around in a hamster ball too?” you joked.

“Nah, but I can do a pretty mean backflip,” he shrugged, taking a gulp of his beer.

“What? Now you’re trying to compete with Josh?” you eyed him strangely. “Come on, we all know that’s his thing.”

“Nah, pretty sure I’ve been doing it longer,” Brendon argued.

“Uh huh,” you drew out slowly.

“I was doing backflips in music videos before Josh was even dropped his first album,” he narrowed his eyes. “You know I’m right, y/n.”

“Oh shut up,” you laughed. “Well what else does your show have to offer?”

“Just come and see it for yourself,” he insisted.

“You’re not even on tour,” you pointed out.

“Well duh,” he chuckled. “But when I am. You should come to a show. Bring Josh even.”

“Yeah?” you wondered, surprised.

“Definitely,” Brendon nodded. “I can get you guys tickets. It would be a good time.”

“Okay,” you gave a small smile. “I’d like that.”

“So anyways,” he steered the conversation back to the original question he had in mind. “Did you have any fun with Josh?”

“Fun?” you raised your eyebrows. “You might need to elaborate on that.”

“Come on,” he narrowed his eyes. “You know what I mean.”

“I really don’t,” you decided played dumb, nonchalantly taking a sip of your beer.

“Did you get any action?” he smiled slyly. “I mean, being away from each other that long, I’m sure you did.”

“Depends what you define as action,” you shrugged.

“Why are you playing innocent all of a sudden?” Brendon sighed. “Come on, I know how truly dirty and naughty you can be. Just tell me, baby.”

“Why do you want to know?” you retorted. “Why is it so important?”

“Because I want to make sure he’s treating you right,” he responded.

You blinked twice. “What?” That definitely wasn’t the answer you were expecting.

“I don’t doubt that he is, but I need to make sure,” Brendon insisted. “Did he fuck you right?”

“W-well we didn’t technically fuck,” you admitted, looking down at your heels.

“What?” he inquired.

“I mean, I uh, I don’t know,” your voice grew soft. “No, I guess by definition, we didn’t fuck.” You took a deep breath. “Look, it’s weird to talk about it like this.”

“It shouldn’t be,” he argued.

“Fine, if you want to know so bad, I gave him a blowjob and then we got interrupted and he ignored me, okay?” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. “And then later he fingered me in the bathroom.”

“Woah, wait. He ignored you? After you just sucked him off like that?” Brendon looked a bit hurt.

“Shut up, it’s over now,” you rolled your eyes. “It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not fine,” he insisted. “He’s your boyfriend. He’s supposed to take care of you. You give him a blowjob, he’s supposed to eat you out for hours, make you cum three times in a row, make you feel pure bliss. Not shove you in a bathroom a couple hours later and finger you for a minute or two. Jesus Christ.”

“Why do you even care?” you challenged.

“Because,” Brendon sighed, setting down his beer and leaning in close to you. “I think he’s taking your gorgeous body for granted.”

“Yeah?” you wondered, raising an eyebrow and moving in even closer, lips barely touching his. “Why? What would you do if I was yours?”

“Kiss you,” he murmured, closing his eyes slowly before opening them up again to look right into yours. “Over and over again.”

“What else?” you whispered, your hands reaching up to cup his face.

“Fuck you right,” he added. “Make you feel so amazing.”

“Then show me,” you barely breathed before his lips landed on yours and you were kissing, your hands snaking underneath his shirt and pulling it up in handfuls and over his head, tossing it to the side. His hands moved to your chest to squeeze your breasts gently before unbuttoning your blouse, opening that up and sliding it down your arms before carefully laying you down on the couch and kissing your mouth, your neck, your chest. He was kissing down your stomach when he glanced up at you and chuckled softly.

“Miss me?” he smirked.

“Would you think for a second that I didn’t?” you shot back a naughty smile, and he looped his thumbs underneath your skirt, him pressing his lips to kiss right below your naval softly before tugging down your skirt and exposing your underwear. He slid them down your legs and helped you wiggle out of your heels, then set them on the coffee table before attacking you with kisses again. His lips traveled down your body before reaching in between your legs, him positioning your thighs around his head before delving his tongue into your folds, making you moan his name and tug at his hair. “Fuck Brendon that feels so amazing.”

“Mmm say my name like that babygirl,” he instructed. “God you taste so sweet.” His tongue swirled inside you, making your stomach do flips, your thighs tightening around his head, your head tilted back and mouth open, spilling out praises and curses and moans and sighs until you came.

“Oh holy fuck, daddy,” you moaned aloud as you orgasmed and he instantly froze. You gasped for air, then felt yourself tense at the realization. Brendon lifted his head from between your thighs, licking your juices off from his lips, then staring at you directly.

“What did you call me?” he asked deliberately slowly.

“I-I’m sorry I d-didn’t mean to, it just came out, I s-swear that- ” you began to stammer out but Brendon only climbed back up your body, his face leaning in close to yours.

“What did you call me?” he repeated, this time twice as slow. Your body was shaking and trembling at his words, the way his fingers curled around your shoulders, his intimidating eyes were piercing your gaze.

“Nothing,” you lied, eyes shying away from his and looking towards the side.

“Something,” he used one of his hands to tilt your chin up so you had to look him in the eyes. “Say it again.”

“What? Are you just trying to humiliate me?” you spat, annoyed.

“I heard what I heard,” Brendon argued, tightening his grip on your chin. “Now call me daddy again or else you’re going to get some punishments, sweetheart.”

“Why what are you going to do?” you gave a sly smile. You hesitated a moment before adding on what he had been dying to hear you say again. “Daddy?”

“Fuck,” he closed his eyes and drew his lip between his teeth. “I love that.”

“Do you now?” you wondered innocently, running your hands down his chest.

“God, do you call Josh that?” he asked, eyeing you curiously.

“No,” you shook your head, blushing. “I’ve never done that before, it just kind of happened.”

“Well don’t you stop,” Brendon smirked. “Because I fucking love it.”

“Yeah?” you prodded.

“Yeah, but just for me,” he whispered, leaning down to kiss you again and this time your hands slipped down to unbutton and unzip his jeans. He pulled out a condom from his back pocket and tore it open before you tugged the fabric down his legs and he kicked them off, letting you remove his boxers and let his erection spring free, handing you the condom and letting you roll it over his length, your hands stroking him softly before lining him up with your entrance, both of your ragged breaths the only noise within the moment of anticipation. When he sunk into you, you moaned loudly, your fingers clawing into his back, nails scratching his skin and head tilting up to gasp as he filled you up to the hilt. “God, I missed this beautiful tight little cunt so much. You feel fucking amazing, sweetheart.”

“Please,” you whined. “I want you to fuck me rough, daddy. Just how I like it.”

“Mmm that’s right, beg for it babygirl,” he insisted, refusing to move until you continued your pleads. You bucked your hips up but he took his hand and forcefully pushed it back into place, eyes glaring at you with warning to do as told.

“Goddammit, I need it,” you complained. “Please, I want to feel you move in and out of me. Fuck me hard and fast. I miss the way you would fuck me senseless until I was sore the next morning.”

A moment of silence passed as he finally came to the realization. “Josh doesn’t fuck you like this, does he?” Brendon smirked, starting to thrust in and out of you slowly. “What a shame.” You shook your head and he just chuckled softly, quickening up the pace and making moans spill out of your mouth. “That’s right, tell me how much you love my cock.”

“Fuck it feels so good, daddy,” you gasped, clinging onto his body as he thrust in and out.

“Cum for me baby,” he insisted. “Let me feel that gorgeous pussy of yours.”

“Holy fuck,” you gasped as your walls clenched around his cock, your body shaking as he came as well, drowning you in bliss, both of you riding out your orgasms. When he pulled out he kissed your lips before getting up, sliding off the condom and walking to the kitchen before coming back, laying back down beside you and wrapping you in his arms so that you were laying on top of him, your arms wrapped around his neck. Several moments of silence passed before he decided to finally talk.

“So uh, if I asked a question, could you answer it truthfully for me, y/n?” Brendon wondered.

“Yeah of course,” you sighed, snuggling up closer towards him and laying your head in the crook of his neck.

A second of quietness settled in the air before he decided to state the question. “Who fucks you better?” he asked casually. “Me or Josh?”

You swallowed uncomfortably, biting down on your lower lip. It was obvious, he shouldn’t even be asking this question. “You,” you barely whispered.

“Okay,” he mumbled, placing a soft kiss on your forehead before closing his eyes, smug smile on his face displaying his satisfaction with your response. “I was just wondering.”

Marked. (Cal Request)

“Jesus Christ” You mutter to yourself, pulling down the material of Cal’s baggy tshirt that you wore to see the worst of it.
Bruises scattered your neck and collarbones, evidently from last night. For fucks sake Cal.
“Morning gorgeous” He grumbles, wrapping his arms around you and burying his head in the crook of your neck.
“Morning” You chuckle, “So about last night-” You start, tugging on the neckline to show him it too.
Your boyfriend instantly pulls away and raises his brows, “Shit” He mumbles.
“And I’m meant to be filming in about an hour” You remind him.
“Oh fuck” he smirks, “It was definitely a good night then”
You turn around and hit his chest before resting your arms around his neck loosely, “What do I do?”
“Show them off” He shrugs, “They look hot”
“I don’t think my viewers are gonna think that are they? Or my brother” You chuckle, meaning Lux when you spoke of your sibling.
Cal laughs and presses a longing kiss to your lips.
“I’m gonna have to go sort myself out” You mention, “Go back to bed and I’ll bring you some breakfast if you like”
“Not unless you come with it” He raises his brows.
“Oh shut up” You roll your eyes, pulling him out of the bathroom and back into your bedroom, “I’ll see you in a bit”
You put on some bacon for Cal’s breakfast and check yourself in the mirror to make sure the marks aren’t visible.
By the time its finished cooking, Sarah walks into the flat.
“Hey girl” She grins when she sees you.
“Stay right here” You comment quickly before heading into the bedroom and giving Cal his food.
“Thanks for the warm welcome,” Sarah calls after you.
“I need your help” You comment urgently, dragging her into the bathroom with you.
“Is something wrong?” She frowns, “Are you pregnant?”
“Yes. And no of course not!” You roll your eyes.
“Then what is it? You look like you’re in a right panic”
“I need you to cover these up” You admit and show her the marks across your shoulders and neck.
“Oh my god (y/n)” She bursts into laughter.
“Shhhh” you hiss, “Did you bring your makeup with you?”
“Christ you’re in a right state!” She stifles her laugh.
“I’m sorry have you met my brother?” You raise your brows.
She pauses for a second before rummaging through her bag and pulling out what you knew was foundation and concealer.
“Alright let’s sort this out”
~~~Time Skip~~~
Within the hour, you were covered and changed into a ‘Sugg Life’ hoodie that would hopefully keep the marks out of view as much as possible.
“Ready to film sis?” Lux calls as he sets up his equipment in the lounge.
You were going to be filming a sister vs girlfriend video with him and Sarah.
“Hey (y/n) have you seen my makeup?” Your best friend calls and you instantly glare at her.
“Why would I?” You shrug innocently.
“Just checking” She grins and the pair of you sit either side of Cal on the couch, your boyfriend now out of bed and sat opposite you behind the camera.
“So, did everyone have a good night last night?” Your brother asks, “Must’ve been nice having the flat to yourself”
You look at him with narrowed eyes, “Are we filming or what?”
“Just check that everyone’s covered on camera Cal” Sarah mentions, glancing to you and smirking slightly.
“Yeah yeah just make sure there’s no marks” Lux adds on.
You look down and grit your jaw slightly.
“Something a problem sis?” He frowns.
“I just need to talk to my boyfriend outside for a moment thanks” You smile sarcastically and drag Cal outside.
“Well, seems like the makeup idea really worked” Cal laughs.
“You’re a dick” You scoff, looking in the mirror and seeing that the purple was Stoll visible through the cover-up.
“Oh come on, like I said, they look hot” He mutters, wrapping his arms around you from behind.
“Then you can take my place in the video” you comment simply.
“Like you said, they look hot. And you don’t want people mentioning them in the comments now do you?” You raise your brows.


Originally posted by dailydoseofdeanwinchesterfeels

Pairing: Dean x Female Reader (Third person, Dean POV)
Rating: M
Warnings: Smut, angst, temporary unhappiness? I don’t know if that’s a real warning, but if you don’t want to read something that will at least partially bum you out, probably avoid this?
Summary: Anon requested: “a Dean POV where Dean is watching the reader (doing research or whatever) and he imagines how life could be if they were not hunters. Some angst or fluff about Dean wanting out of the hunter life.”
Author’s Notes: Okay, full disclosure, Dean looks super angry in this gif but also contemplative, which is mostly what I was going for. Also: this is in Dean’s POV. Just a reminder. Song used for inspiration is “Lately” by Dan + Shay.

I’ve been thinking bout us
And I know the going is rough
And it feels like a little too much
Maybe I don’t say it enough

Dean watches from across the room and smiles softly at that little crease that appears between her eyes. It’s not often that it shows up - just when she’s particularly curious about something. 

Not to be creepy, but – well, he watches her like this a lot. Whenever there’s a quiet moment, which, let’s be honest, there aren’t a lot. He watches her and lets himself get lost in “what-ifs” – what if they weren’t hunters? What if they could just have that normal, all-American life? What if they didn’t have to worry about demons and vampires around every corner?

When he really lets himself think about it, he thinks about her in a white dress. That’s usually when he stops himself, because there’s no point. It’s not like he can’t see it ever happening. He knows plenty of hunters that get married, but he can’t see it for them. Plus… he’s still stuck thinking that he’s not lucky enough to get to keep her forever.

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Bad Ideas (Chapter Five)

Welcome back! If you are missing any chapters, check out the MASTERLIST!

“Sweet cheeks?” Wade called, wandering through the office and garage. “Oh there they are.” He tilted his head and just stared at that long, lean body bent over the hood of a car replacing a battery. “I missed you boys, been hiding in an office chair for like weeks and–”

“Wade.” Peter straightened and grinned. “Stop talking to my ass. What do you want?”

“You almost done?” Wade tilted his head and made a point of trying to crane his neck around to see Peter’s butt again.

“Yeah man, just about. Two minutes if you’d just leave me alone and let me finish. What’s up?”

“It’s time for a grocery run in town unless you want baking soda and crackers for dinner. You wanna come?”

“Uh–” Peter thought for a minute, trying figure out what else needed to be done before they could close the shop. He was pretty sure all the paperwork was done, and this car wasn’t being picked up until late tomorrow. So–

“I could use my hand, or my mouth or—” Wade was talking but shut up when Peter’s eyes bugged out.

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