jesus christ enough with your perfection

God knows we can only be so strong. He knows we fall short. He knows we need rescuing, which is why He sent Jesus Christ to save us. Trying to deal with our battles on our own without acknowledging that we need His perfect grace will get us nowhere. We are all imperfect and we are all in need of His perfect grace. So say goodbye to those worries that God can never use you for the ministry, or that you’re not qualified to have a fulfilling career, or smart enough to have an enjoyable college experience. Say goodbye to thinking that you can’t grow in your faith because you’ve never been able to get closer to God in the past. God isn’t asking you to give Him perfection. He’s asking you to give Him all of you: flaws, awkwardness, weakness, shame, sin and all. Give it all to Him and let Him set you free in Jesus’ name, wrapping you in His perfect grace.

Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. - 2 Corinthians 12:9

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

ZEN HC: Celebrating MC’s Birthday :)

happy birthday @zens-wifey

mod saeran :D

  • Best believe in every single social media platform he has, he does a birthday shout out to you but each caption and picture is different :,)
  • if his fans does little AMV video of you two for your birthday he FUCKING DIES
  • he has two parties ready for you
  • one of them is with the RFA members  and the other is with only you and him


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Me: oh hey this looks like a fun recipe for cheesecake, let’s check it out

You: Every afternoon before the sun sinks too low, I lace up my old raspberry red running shoes and slip my keys into my pocket. I turn left at the end of the driveway, sticking to the sidewalk until it stops at the end of the street, before cutting straight through the park, past the playground, and popping out at another street on the other side. I continue strolling along until the bike path appears, turning right to loop back around and pause at the mailbox to collect the Safeway circular, Comcast bills, and free catalogs addressed to our house’s previous tenants. Some might say I’m a creature of habit.

Me: jesus christ lady I’m not trying to kidnap you I’m just hungry and-

You: I usually dial my mom to talk while I walk. With my only other conversation companion during the day being a 15-pound Chihuahua, my extreme introverted self takes a vacation during those phone calls, and I babble on for nearly 20 minutes straight about the science of instant oats, my “penguin”-perfect date night, and setting aside enough “me” time for a lively sports-watching dinner, all while Mom’s patient ears turn numb.

Me: yeah that’s great stay in touch with your parents but about that cake-

You: But on the rare occasion where I feel particularly brave, I break out of my comfortable routine and turn right instead of left, tracing a route towards the other side of town that takes me past one of my favorite family’s houses, where I drop off containers of cookies, cake, and monkey bread. We chat in their kitchen, quickly losing track of time as we laugh, and I always leave feeling like a real person again. Not just one who talks to dogs.

Me: okay… to be honest I’m starting to forget what this was about

You: Just like my predictable afternoon walking routine, I established one for breakfast too: I always start my day with a banana. I store my stash on the countertop next to the sink, replenishing it with a trip to TJ’s whenever it dwindles down to 3. (TJ’s normally stocks very green bananas…) As the perfectly tasty nutritious treat, I never thought I’d deviate from it…

Me: is this your origin story, are you a superhero, do you save New York later,

You: Until a crazy idea flashed through my brain during my morning run. What about a banana cheesecake… For breakfast?

Me: oh shit yeah, the cheesecake recipe!

recipe blogs, sheesh.


*** Tiggy smut 💘 The person had requested Tig smut but hadn’t given a situation. Later on during a discussion, an anon had asked what I thought Tig would do if he found out that his girl was faking her moans in bed. Here you go. ***

“So is he bad?” “No! No he’s not bad he’s just…he could be a little more aggressive. He’s too gentle sometimes. He won’t be rough or anything. Sometimes I have to kinda fake moans sometimes because it’s just always the same thing.” Lyla pouted as she listened to you. The boys had gone out and told you to stay together while they went out to handle something. You and Lyla had been bored and started talking. One thing led to another and now you were talking to each other about your sex lives. Lyla was extremely content with hers, Opie being a very giving and open lover, always taking care to completely satisfy her. You on the other hand were not as content as Tig was always too gentle of a lover. He was good in bed but he would never be rough or aggressive with you and you had started betting bored.

You knew if there was anyone that could help you with sex, it was Lyla and so you’d revealed this secret to her. “Have you thought about maybe getting him kinda mad? Like starting a fight or something to rile him up?” “Yeah. He just won’t be with me then. Just goes straight to sleep.” She pursed her lips and leaned her chin on her fist, thinking. “Maybe something like where he’s pissed off but not at you? What about that guy he can’t stand?” “Kozik?” “Yeah! What if you say something concerning him? Try to make him jealous?” “Maybe.” You both looked up as you heard bikes approaching and smiled at each other. “Guess girl talk’s over.”


“She’s just kinda bored you know? It’s always the same thing, it’s getting hard for her to enjoy it.” Opie nodded but said nothing, just kept listening to Lyla as she spoke. She was telling him how she’d spoken to you and what was going on. She’d brought it up when they were getting ready for bed and asked for his advice as a man. “She said she’s even at the point where she’s kinda faking it a little so he doesn’t know she’s bored.” Opie’s eyebrows rose. He had to admit, he never thought that Tig would ever be boring in bed. In fact he’d overheard some stories from croweaters that had proved Tig was anything but boring. Opie knew then that it must’ve been because he loved you. He didn’t want to be too rough and risk hurting you since he cared about you. Croweaters were a different story. “Has she just talked to him about it?” “No. She doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.” Opie nodded and stayed quiet, already knowing how he was going to help.

“She what?” “She fakes it sometimes. Her and Lyla were having some girl talk and she told her, in confidence though so don’t say anything.” Tig nodded and looked around, still kinda confused. “Thanks brother.” Tig stood and walked out of the clubhouse, heading towards his bike. He pulled up to the house and hopped off, making his way up to the front door and unlocking it.

“Hey.” You turned towards his voice from your spot at the counter and smiled. “Hey baby. You’re here early. Dinners not done yet, I just got started.” You motioned to the raw meat on the counter as Tig walked up to you, his hand grabbing onto your hand and pulling. “What are you doing?” “I’m gonna fuck you.” Your smile melted away as you blushed and looked down. “I need to do dinner…” “We can order out. Let’s go. Now.” You swallowed and nodded slowly, following him.


“Jesus Christ Tig.” You almost couldn’t even hear your own voice over the sound of the headboard hitting the wall. “That rough enough for you?” “Yes baby. That’s perfect. You feel so good.” Your threw your head to the side, gasping at the pleasure he’d never given you before. He thrusted into you almost like an animal, his pent up frustration finally getting released. He’d pulled out all the stops tonight, all the way down to ripping your panties from your body. “All you had to do was ask. Didn’t have to go talk shit to your girlfriend.” You went to apologize but it was cut short as you felt his hands grasp your hips and flip you over onto your tummy before entering you again from behind. Your eyes closed involuntarily and your mouth hung open, your brain not able to formulate any words.

The new position gave him access to your back and he leaned forward pressing a couple kisses and bites to it, his hand winding in your hair. He pulled on it as he straightened back up, your head moving back and exposing your neck which he wrapped his other hand around. “I can’t read minds. You gotta tell me what you need.“ You nodded and whimpered, the new angle about doing you in. "Tig. Tiggy baby. Please, harder.” He kissed the shell of your ear as you grabbed onto his wrist, needing something to hold onto. His pace picked up and before long, what used to be quiet little faked moans were now very real near screams.

He pulled you back further by your hair gently, your back against his chest. You felt his breathing become erratic in your ear and you leaned back, resting your head in his shoulder. “God Tig.” Hearing the utter ecstasy in your voice paired with his name was too much for him and he reached forward around your body, rubbing you. The added friction threw you over the edge and you came with a cry, your body falling forward. Tig caught you and held you up, kissing your shoulder as he found his release as well, his hips going still.

You both collapsed on the bed, Tig against your back. He pressed lazy kisses on your skin as you came down, not even having the energy to keep you eyes open. “How was that?” “Awesome.” He chuckled at your breathless, tiny voice and ran his hand down your back lovingly. “That’s what I like to hear.”

Life doesn’t come from having a spouse or a significant other. God doesn’t establish His love in your life by blessing you with a good or perfect spouse, if that happens, you might compare and still feel like you’re not enough. Life only comes through Jesus Christ. When you’re free from you, you’re empowered to love like God.

A Good Little Girl: Problem Solving (Part 8)

The Winchesters. The only two people who know what you need. The only two people who can give it to you. The only two people you will ever belong to.

Prequel Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Summary of Problem Solving: You force Sam and Dean to talk about your issues.

Word Count: 3100

Warning: smut, dom/sub dynamics, polyamory, bondage, flogging

A/N: Enjoy a polyamorous relationship with the boys (no Wincest). Let me know what you think!

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, how about a threesome between Matthew, Alfred and Arthur, where Alfred is bad at giving blow jobs so Arthur has to teach him how to do it right and Matthew is the practice dummy. Thank you!

Oh gosh, anon, I really am so happy you sent in a prompt for this threesome!! (owo) So have them in a poly-amorous relationship! Maybe the early days where they’re still working out the whole sexual things and what feels good for who and really focusing on being open and communicating with each other. I think in this threesome, Matthew would be the ultimate Cock Sucking King. Sorry this took so long to get to, but I hope you enjoy it!! Your very long and very NSFW fic is under the ‘Read More’! Smooch smooch and thank you for sending in the prompt!!

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A/N: Wow, ok, so this is fun. I love leggings. I wear so many. I LOVE LEGGINGS. Also very reminiscent of Pillow Talk and Hips Don’t Lie. That said, I’ve had people complain they’re not useful. My response is in this drabble. It’s short and sweet… but should I continue it? I enjoyed it ;D 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 800 (drabble)

Warnings: Sexual tension. So much. Swearing.

“What do you mean, leggings aren’t good for hunting?” You scowled at Dean, hands planted firmly on your hips, eyes narrowed at the man shrugging his shoulders. Sam had since cleared the room when he sensed your temperature rising, his own telltale ‘fuck this’ face popping up as he left.

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Lazy Days

@already-tried-that1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 14, 16, and 17 from Sayings with newt— i plan on putting you through the wringer with ridiculously complicated requests, fam


  1. 1. “Jesus fucking Christ.” 
  2. 2. “You got a cute butt.”
  3. 3. “Is that you in this YouTube video?” 
  4. 4. “Don’t be an asshole, Asshole.” 
  5. 10. “Sharing is caring, dipshit. Now give me your fries.” 
  6. 14. “Are you gonna kiss me or continue to just look at me?”
  7. 16. “I am always a slut for cheez-its.” 
  8. 17. “Important question: Coke or Pepsi?” 

Warnings: slight swearing, AU


Newt laughed as he stared at his laptop. He was watching a Vine Compilation of Thomas Sanders’ vines on YouTube. It was twelve minutes long, and it had him cracking up.

You were over in his kitchen, gathering junk food and drinks. You were preparing french fries, pouring cheez-its into a bowl, and grabbing soda from the fridge. You walked out of the kitchen, holding one can of Coke and one can of Pepsi.

Important question: Coke or Pepsi?” You asked, holding them up. But Newt was laughing too hard. Then you heard the familiar vine. 

“Oh my God! Is that you in this YouTube video?” He pointed at the screen. You about face-palmed yourself. Yes, you were in a Thomas Sanders Vine. It was one of his Narrating People’s Lives, and you were the lucky girl he randomly saw on the streets. It was funny, but a little embarrassing for you since you flipped over seeing Thomas in front of you.

Newt replayed that part of the Vine, laughing. “Babe, your reaction is the best! Your eyes go so wide!” He laughed, going back to watch it over and over again. You blushed bright red, giving him a look.

Don’t be an asshole, Asshole,” you pouted. “I was very surprised! You know how much I love Thomas!”

“You’re too cute, I swear,” he giggled. You rolled your eyes, hoping your blush was going down.

“Answer my question! Coke or Pepsi?”


You gave him a look. “Coke? Pepsi is way better, my dear.” You smirked, walking back to the kitchen.

“What? No way, Coke beats Pepsi by a long shot!” He shouted from the living room. You ignored him, pouring Coke into a cup and Pepsi into another.

You took the fries out of the oven, putting them on a bigger plate. You put ketchup into a ramekin, and threw the cheez-its box away. Afterwards, you walked out with the platter of french fries. You set them on the coffee table as Newt shut his laptop. He was still chuckling about your vine with Thomas. You nudged him.

“Shut up and put on the movie,” you grumbled playfully. 

You went back into the kitchen, grabbing the sodas. Then you went back into the kitchen for the cheez-its. Once everything was on the coffee table, you sat down. Newt was already back on the couch, pushing play on the movie. He stuffed some fries into his mouth, you went for the cheez-its.

“You and cheez-its, I swear,” Newt shook his head. He couldn’t stand cheez-its, but you loved them.

I am always a slut for cheez-its.” You quickly replied, mouth full of the cheesy snack. He scrunched up his face, draping an arm around you. He leaned on you as he ate more fries and watched the movie.


Near the end of the movie, the remainder of your cheez-its were gone. Now you were munching on fries, but Newt now had the platter on his lap, hogging them all.

“Give me some fries, you whined.

“No way, your snack was cheez-its. Mine are fries,” he chuckled, stuffing another one into his mouth.

Sharing is caring, dipshit. Now give me your fries.” You said rather sarcastically. You slipped your hand under his arm to snatch two fries. You quickly stuffed them in your face, smiling smugly in your victory.

“Mine,” he cradled the platter away from you. You wrestled to get over to the platter with very few french fries left on it. You tried to get more, but he kept holding it right out of your reach. His one arm wrapped around your body, keeping you stuck on his lap as he held the platter with his other hand.

“Newt, you suck!” You shouted, trying to gt the fries. He laughed, but as he did so, he lowered his arm. It was perfect enough for you to tip the platter. The remaining fries fell on the ground.

Jesus fucking Christ,” Newt laughed. His arm around you loosened, giving you enough space to move to grab the fries that were now on his carpet.

You picked them up, eating a few that stayed on the plate. You were in a weird position, half your body on the floor, the other half on Newt’s lap still. He was laughing hard, as were you.

Your butt was up in the air, your lower body on Newt still. He playfully hit your butt. “You got a cute butt.

“I’m so glad we think so, because I think I have a cute butt.” You replied sassily, trying to get back up on the couch. Newt helped you. His arms went under your underarms, lifting you up from the floor.Both of you maneuvered around so you were sitting on his lap. Your arms went around his neck.

“You can pick me up like it’s nothing,” you commented. He only shrugged.

“I may be lanky, but I’m not weak.” He chuckled. He was in such a laughing and giggly mood today. It made you all giggly. 

You stared at him, waiting for him to kiss you. You didn’t know why, but you rarely ever kissed someone first. Even if you had been dating them for a while. But Newt stared back, a tiny grin resting on his lips. You playfully rolled your eyes.

Are you gonna kiss me or continue to just look at me?” You tilted your head, a smirk displayed on your face. 

Newt leaned in, quickly kissing you. You leaned in again, pecking his lips multiple times. You rested on his shoulder then, him slightly cradling you. The end credits from the movie started rolling.

“I love you,” Newt said. You snuggled more into him.

“I love you, too,” you replied. “You go change the movie.” You stifled laughter.

“Oh, what? No, I put in the movie!” 

“Yeah, but I’m too tired,” you fake pouted. He rolled his eyes, a lazy smile visible. He picked you up, setting you kn the couch so he could change the movie.

“You suck.” He got the DVD out of the console.

“So do you.” You said calmly, resting your eyes.

This week’s theme: Exploring God’s Plan

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. - Ephesians 2:8

My dear sister,

God’s grace is a gift to you. It is because of His grace that you have been saved. Even in those insecure moments. His grace covers you and He is still planning every aspect of your future. So hold onto that when:

1. You’re not feeling pretty enough

You can’t compare yourself to that one guy’s girlfriend. You can’t compare the way your body is shaped to your friends or the people you follow on Instagram. There is no reason to look in the mirror or a photo of yourself and think that it’s the way you look that keeps you from catching that one guy’s eye. Pray and ask God to cover you with His grace when these thoughts start crossing your mind. Yes, it is true there is a very subjective and often times false standard of beauty out there, but don’t believe the lie that literally every guy at college, in your community, or even at your church is only attracted to that. Don’t try to figure out who is or isn’t looking your way. Focus on reminding yourself of the beautiful truth that you have been saved by grace, and because of that, whoever does or doesn’t look at you is all a part of God’s perfect plan, and even when it’s hard to understand, it’s worth it to see what He has for you.

2. You’re not feeling good enough

No matter what your past mistakes were, through Jesus Christ you are no longer enslaved to those things. Yes, you may still have to deal with certain things, but don’t believe the lie that just because you were in that bad relationship, or because you lost your virginity that God’s grace cannot find you. God grace is a gift–He doesn’t have to give it, but He DOES!

3. You haven’t met the “right” person

If you desire to be in a godly intentional relationship someday, you have to trust that the “right” person will come into your life when God says “it’s time.” No more stressing out over every little thing. Wrap yourself in God’s grace knowing that He has this whole thing figured out.


Biblical context + further reading: Ephesians 2, Galatians 5:1-12

So it used to be we wanted women to stop parsing their words about equality and own up to the label “feminist.”

Now they are, and every time an Anti-Feminist Thing happens, there’s this outcry of “Where’s Taylor Swift?! Where’s Emma Watson?! Where’s their feminist asses now?!” and countless others, as if saying you’re a feminist means you have taken up the mantle to be Wonder Woman and right all wrongs every day 24/7. And if you don’t make your World Saving very public so that everyone can judge if it was appropriately enough, then heaven help you. Jesus Christ, if I were a celebrity, I wouldn’t want to admit to being feminist either–I don’t have the time or the energy or the general non-human perfection to accomplish that.

Meanwhile, male celebrities do fuck all. Many of them have histories of actively abusing women. And if you’re a man who actually identified as a feminist? Oh lord, you’re set for life! No one will expect anything from you ever for the rest of your days, you are so unproblematic, so pure!!! James Deen doesn’t even call himself a feminist, but he says if someone comes on his show to have sex and changes her mind at the last minute, he won’t force her?!?! Hallelujah, a man said he wouldn’t rape somebody, he’s The Feminist Porn Star™, the one true hope for porn-loving feminists everywhere, Hallelujah!!!!!

And look how that shit turned out. 

Men have the lowest bar, even among feminists. Yes, “white feminism” and general resistance of intersectionality needs to be called out, but more than half of you are using it as an excuse because you want to drag a woman for not being Wonder Woman. It’s straight up misogyny. Unless you’re yelling about where Joseph Gordon Levitt and Aziz Ansari and Ryan Gosling and Will Smith are, I don’t want to hear that shit. 

Of all Creation

Praise God for how He made you. 

This is hard. Like really hard. 

See I’m not the poster girl for modern beauty and I don’t always fit in very well with society’s ideas of fun. I’m a chubby bean with ridiculous cheekbones, I’m not overly fond of partying and I don’t wear the latest fashion trends. 

Point being I tend to either stick out like a sore thumb or go unnoticed like rabbit in a snowstorm. And I’m sure that many of you reading this feel the exact same way. So whenever I hear things like God made you perfectly! or You are beautifully and wonderfully made, sweeite. I have a hard time reconciling that God would make me this way when this way seems so wrong. I don’t think that the girls on magazines or on catwalk are perfect mind you, I know that they’re broken too, just like I am. So the question then becomes: God, why are we so broken? 

Now hear me out on this, I know it’s hard to believe: God made us this way on purpose. Every imperfection and problematic detail of our existence was put there on purpose. 

Okay, but why? Why make me this way? Why make them that way? I hear you ask. Well wouldn’t ya know it, Paul asked the very same question after begging God to remove one of his flaws from him completely:  9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” (2nd Corinthians 12:9)

Now what you struggle with might not seem very important to you in the scheme of things but understand that every part of you that is deemed as an imperfection or not-quite-good-enough was put in place on purpose. Every part of your being was planned. Think about that. God put effort into you, you are His craftsmanship; so why aren’t we totally perfect? 

Meditate on the verse above; “my power is made perfect in weakness.” Christ is openly stating that His power compliments weakness, failure, and flaws with total perfection. Some might think it would be harsh to deliberately make people imperfect but when the reason for that creation is so that we can be closer to Jesus then we should consider it a blessing! 

That thing you do that makes you angry? Jesus says, Give it to me, beloved.

Those days where you feel like no one sees you? Jesus says I knew you in your mothers’ womb and I have loved you since. 

Those nights where you are kept awake by every mistake you’ve made, asking God why do I keep doing this to myself? Jesus says I have forgiven you, child, I have made you anew. Be free of your past because it no longer binds you. 

That disgust you feel when you look in the mirror? Jesus says I created the heavens and the earth, I set birds in the sky, I put beasts on the ground, I set the stars in motion, I painted the universe by hand, but you are my most beloved creation. I humbled myself for you, I bled and suffered so that you might be free, I left my throne so that you might be mine, I returned to my kingdom to prepare a place for you, and I will return for you so that we can be together. 

Boast in your imperfections, boast in the Saviour who calls you His beloved bride, take your failures and place them at the feet of Jesus. You are not a mistake, you are not a screw-up, every part of you was hand-made with love. 

Praise God for how He made you. 

anonymous asked:

how do I get saved? Im not sure I can be a christian because im not perfect.. Do you have advice?

Thank you for asking it. You don’t have to be perfect to be saved, in fact, Jesus was and is perfect enough to pay for our sin: “For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect. He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake. Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.” 1 Peter 1:18-21
Because the just penalty for sin is infinite and eternal, only God could pay the penalty, because only He is infinite and eternal. But God, in His divine nature, could not die. So God became a human being in the person of Jesus Christ. God took on human flesh, lived among us, and taught us. When the people rejected Him and His message, and sought to kill Him, He willingly sacrificed Himself for us, allowing Himself to be crucified (John 10:15). Because Jesus Christ was human, He could die; and because Jesus Christ was God, His death had an eternal and infinite value. Jesus’ death on the cross was the perfect and complete payment for our sin (1 John 2:2). He took the consequences we deserved. Jesus’ resurrection from the dead demonstrated that His death was indeed the perfectly sufficient sacrifice for sin.
“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved” (Acts 16:31). God has already done all of the work. All you must do is receive, in faith, the salvation God offers (Ephesians 2:8-9). From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17) I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. (Luke 5:32). Fully trust in Jesus alone as the payment for your sins. Believe in Him, and you will not perish (John 3:16). God is offering you salvation as a gift. All you have to do is accept it, repent of your sins and believe He can and will forgive them. Jesus is the way of salvation (John 14:6). x

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways..
Psalm 37:7

My dear sister,

The story that God is writing is specifically for you, so let Him be the one who writes your future husband into it. Don’t worry about the pressure of other people, or even the pressure in your heart. Wait on HIM.

1. Perhaps the one person you were interested in just didn’t have the same feelings and they seem to be more interested in someone else. Maybe your friends are in relationships and you’re starting to feel like the third wheel. In these situations you might start asking yourself, “what’s wrong with me?” “Why doesn’t anyone like me?” Know that even though it may have seemed like a certain person was the right one in your eyes, God’s plan is much greater. You have to trust Him in this, even when it comes to what you imagine “the right one” is supposed to look like. It’s not all about being with that ONE guy you wish would text you back, or the ONE guy you wish pursue you. Instead, pursue the Lord and watch what He does in your life!

2. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, Let God open your eyes to what He’s doing in your life at work, at school, at church and trust that just because other people seem to be passing you by, God isn’t. He wants to teach you and groom you and bless you in this very moment. So don’t be discouraged. Even if it seems like you were super “compatible” with a certain person, God’s plan for your life is far more compatible than what any boyfriend/fiance/husband could EVER offer.

3. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “the grass always look greener on the other side.” Just because it seems like others have it all now that they’ve found the “perfect” one, it’s not the reality! There are many struggles that come with being in a relationship. Even when it is a godly, intentional relationship the enemy will still try to attack it. So if you desire to be in a relationship that pleases God, you main goal is to know He is writing your story, and you just need to be patient enough to see who He chooses to write in it.

Biblical context + further reading: Psalm 37:7-9, Psalm 49:16, Psalm 62:5


Sam Winchester Smut- Demon Blood Or Not

    About 3 days ago, while Sam was away you got an idea. So you pursued it, going to the store to buy rose petals and candles. You made sure Sam would be gone for a few hours when you decided the time was right. You set the plastic bags on the chair in the corner, the plastic making noises. As you kicked off your shoes, you walked over to the bed. Throwing the blanket up, you let it fall gently on the mattress, folding the top in and flattening out any creases.

    Walking back over to the bag, you grabbed the 2 boxes of rose petals, opening them. Setting one down, you took a handful out of the box and started to drizzle them over the bed, starting at the pillows. When the bed looked covered enough, you started to put them on the floor, halfway through having to get the other box. Grabbing it, you set the petals accordingly on the rest of the floor and a little on the dresser, nightstand and shelves.


    You were sitting on the couch waiting for Sam when he got home. Walking in, he had dirt all over his whole body and you could smell his musk from across the room. Getting up, all you could really think was how much better it made your surprise. As you wrapped your arms around his neck, you whispered in his neck. “It’s okay baby…” Petting the back of his head, you kissed his hair, taking his hand and leading him to the bathroom. As you prepared a hot bath, you started to strip him, removing his jacket and shirt first.

   You were careful, knowing he was sore. It was a case that turned out worse. “Where’s Dean?” You asked, worry coming out. “At the bar…” Sam said lowly. You nodded as he took off his shoes. Turning off the water to the bath, you turned back to him, undoing his belt. As you pulled his remaining clothes off his body, you admired him. Standing on your tip toes, you kissed him slowly. His hands rested on your hips lightly, pulling your shirt up. Pushing your shorts down,  you watched Sam sink into the warm water first.

    Steam rolled up from the water, the liquid devouring Sam’s body. The mirror was fogged and the steam made your skin moist and sticky. Sinking in after him, you laid your back against his chest. His hands ran hot water over your chest by the palmfuls. You allowed him to do this gesture for a few minutes before his hand travelled south. You hadn’t notice until now, but his cock was pressed hard against your back. You tangled your hands with his, leaving them open and flat. 

    You led his hand to your thigh, slowly rubbing it with both hands. Sam leaned down to kiss you, his hair acting as a curtain, cascading around both of your faces. As you let go of his hands to hold his lips to yours, his hands continued their mission. Slowly making their way to your core, his large hand cupped your heat. You moaned lightly as his middle finger flicked through your folds, the sensation light but heavy at the same time. Rubbing your ass into his hard on just teasingly enough, his hand got a bit rougher.

        Sam took one of his hands and led it to your breast, slowly rubbing it as he kissed your temple. You let your head fall back in bliss on his shoulder as his middle finger found your entrance. Slowly, he entered your hole, letting you clench around him. Your wetness worked as a natural lubricant, his finger slipping in and out with ease. You devoured the feeling of part of him inside you, your senses sending you to the clouds. Using his thumb to rub your clit slowly, your legs began to shake every now and again as he sent jolts of pleasure through you. Your whole body felt like it was on cloud 9.

     Slowly removing his finger, Sam lifted you with one arm, pulling his cock out from under you. As he set you back down, he was slightly rubbing against you, laying straight upright across your core. “Sam…” You moaned, moving up just enough that he would get the hint. As Sam kissed your temple, he grabbed his cock, moving the tip between your folds. As he pressed the tip inside you, you gasped. “Sam S-Sam…” You pulled at his hair. Slowly, Sam let his thick girth slide into you, your core hot, wet and tight just for him. “Jesus fucking christ…” Sam mumbled quietly. Sam began to move deep inside you, slowly letting you feel every inch he had, his base hitting your outer folds. “Feel good, Princess?” Sam asked, moving your hair and kissing behind your ear . “Perfect…” You half sighed and moaned out, letting his tip hit your g spot. Every time, you let out a particularly pornographic moan, trying to make every muscle in your body remember how good he feels. “Cum for me, baby girl…” Sam says as he puts his finger down between your folds, rubbing your clit at a fast pace. When your legs begin to shake, he starts to thrust slightly faster. “Don’t. Stop.” You moaned, your head going back as you tightened around him, your cum coating him . Groaning at the extreme tightness, Sam came soon after, his cum shooting inside you. Feeling the warm liquid inside you, you moaned again, connecting your lips.


    You sat on Sam’s lower back as he vented to you about everything. You were rubbing his back, feeling the muscle and bone under your hands. As you continued up his back, you wrapped your hands around his shoulders, pushing extra hard. Sam’s muscles were  tense and knotted, but as you pushed and rubbed, you felt his bones pop and knots disappear. “You’re so worthy of so much, baby..” You said, kissing his shoulder sweetly. Continuing to kiss across his back, you whispered to him. “You’re the reason I’m still here…” You said, moving some rose petals off the bed. “You’re the reason I stuck around to experience all this. You are my reason to live, and I’ll be damned if you don’t feel like a reason.”

As a Christian woman your identity is not merely a “Proverbs 31” woman. No, your identity is ultimately found in Christ. There is nothing you can add or subtract to this truth. Jesus is enough. While it is a noble thing to be like that woman in Proverbs 31, she is but a drop in the bucket of how radical and glorious your identity as a daughter of God really is. Jesus is the fullness of our identity. He is the ultimate standard of goodness, kindness, gentleness, resourcefulness, beauty, and love. He is the perfect One, not the Proverbs 31 woman, and we now get to share in His nature. Seek to reflect and imitate Jesus above all else. As you conform to His image you will automatically reflect what is laid out in that famous chapter. Ladies, rest in the fact that your identity is secure in Jesus and that there is none greater than Him.
—  Amber Lowry
Today God wants you to know...

When you are in doubt, stop and listen.

There is not one question in your life that God is not ready to give you guidance on. All you have to do is stop and listen. Listen long enough to know.

And this also means that at times you may need to be patient to hear back from Him, for his timing is perfect. Jer. 29:!1