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Like Father, Like Son

At the beginning of Kaden’s life, Luke had always been the best dad aside from being CEO at Hemmings Enterprise. Luke told you that you didn’t have to do anything in order for the family to have money; just he being CEO and working is enough for you all. Every chance that he could get, he’d bring his Kaden to work and show him around to the employees. Your son would be fond of the surroundings that when he turns 4, he’d ask “mummy can we go to daddy’s work please?” and you would take him there. Years pass by and Kaden is now 18. You’d overhear Luke and him talking one day about how Kaden is going to work under Luke as an assistant and soon enough, he’d be the next CEO of Hemmings Enterprise. It’d bring tears to Luke’s eyes some nights that his son was actually the CEO of the big company that his dad had left behind and he can’t help but smile, knowing that Kaden will continue the Hemmings work in being CEO.

CEO!5SOS night with quiffedluke​ and featuringluke​!!!

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can you write you telling CEO!luke you're pregnant after one late night steamy hook up?

“Mr. Hemmings?” you asked quietly, knocking on his door. He looked up from his work and gestured for you to come in. You took a step into his office and closed the door quietly behind you.

He grinned at you knowingly. “Back for more? Very bold of you, coming into my office midday.”

You cleared your throat. “It’s not that, exactly. Actually I. Well I just wanted to be honest with you. I’m a few weeks late.”

“Late for what?” You raised your eyebrows at him and placed a hand on your lower stomach, and his eyes widened. “Oh.” He blinked at you a few times, and then asked quietly, “We’re having a baby?”

“Nothing’s for sure y-”

“Oh my god,” Luke said, not hearing you, “Oh my god, I’ll have a son to take over the company. The whole building will have to be baby-proofed. No, no the city is no place to raise a child. We’ll have to move into the suburbs. I think my parents still have the house we grew up in. We can move there.” As he ranted, you felt your eyes slowly start filling with tears. While you were glad that he was taking responsibility, you could see the future you were working toward slipping away from you. “And finally, I’ll need you to have my legal team call the condom company, we might as well get college tuition out of this.”

“I am your legal team.” You managed to choke out.

Luke’s eyes softened and he stood up, walking over to you and kissing you on the forehead. “I know. That’s how I know I’ll have my best people on it.”

CEO!5SOS night with quiffedluke​ and featuringluke​!!!