jesus and marianna

What the Adams-Fosters do know about Brallie*

*from the running away on 

That they kissed 

and Brandon has feelings for her 

That he might be acting like Liam

That he goes to see her 

There is that whole ‘restraining order’ thing

That Brandon totally did not break… that they know of

Then Brandon feeds them some A plus lying 

Which they seemed skeptical about

But brought him to Family Day anyway (hoping for the best?) 

Saw them talking very closely

Questioned why she would want independent living

They witnessed this at the wake  

Caught them in a room together… talking closely again

Marianna (probably the only straight-forward one) 

More lying from Brandon

But she needs a family… so what ever they had now is ended

Brandon moves out 

They make a new status quo

And everything is left in the past. Lena even asks Brandon to dance with Callie

Then this whole thing happened 

Which Stef rightfully did not believe 

And… nothing. They even put Callie and Brandon in charge when they go away

There is a brief moment where they consider that Callie might be pregnant with Brandon’s baby 

Then the restraining order things comes up to bite them in the ass 

*except for that time that he went to family day and the funeral with her…

Marianna finds out that everything isn’t as it seems.. god she is smart 

The social worker interview and brandon is super evasive and not at all jealous

They finally acknowledge Brandon’s feelings (Hallelujah) 

Flash forward to the moment

Are they going to let Callie and Brandon explain everything? Or will they just assume the worst of two horny reckless teenagers with no thought about their actions? SEASON 4 HURRY UP. 

A letter to Brallie shippers

It’s not easy being a part of this ship. Believe me, I know. We all do. All we have wanted since the beginning when Callie walks down the stairs before the quinceanera and Brandon saw her and like died, or when he told her that he didn’t want her dating ANYBODY. Or maybe it was that time that he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. Or the time when Callie stormed through the halls of the hospital to tell Brandon how she felt. And then there was the kiss. Cue Stef and Lena’s picture perfect wedding, everything is white, everyone looks beautiful and handsome, and it’s just a really happy time because Stef and Lena are finally getting married, and then Callie has to talk to Brandon and we all know how that turned out. (You’re amazing, kind, smart, beautiful, and you deserve to be happy, you deserve to have everything you want, don’t you?) And then cue Jude, and then Talya…I think the moment we knew that this ship was going to ruin us was the moment Wyatt decided to give Callie a ride to Indiana. And guess what? We could have quit then (Hahaha no we couldn’t have) But we stuck with this ship through every single amazingly beautiful time, and every single horrendously awful time. (Hug at girls united, Outlaws followed by making out on the floor, the field trip, the breakup, the kiss in 2x10 that brought so much hope and then crushed our dreams, the pinky promise, ETC.) I know that for a long time, this ship is going to break us, that it is going to hurt, that is is going to be hard. But I also know that it is the most real ship I have ever been a part of. Callie and Brandon may be kind of siblings, but more than that, they love each other. They love each other. And that is the simple fact, that is all it will ever come down to. And like Brandon said, that kind of love only comes along once in a lifetime. Their chemistry is undeniable and they can date as many people as they need (Wyatt, Talya, Lou, AJ?) before they realize that nothing is ever going to be right because they are the only thing that is right. But that moment of realization is going to take a while. I’m prepared to wait. I would wait decades for this relationship. I will wait forever because I know that however long it will take, it is going to happen because nothing can kill true love. As Brandon put it, “We’re in love. And keeping us apart isn’t going to change that.” Never have truer words been spoken. SO Brallie shippers, stay strong, stay true, and know that we may not be getting a happy ending, but a happy ending is what we will get. Stay cool, stay Brallie. And never give up on true love.

headcannon that mari goes through a hardcore shipper phase and gives everyone ship names.

headcannon that she likes to text #teamjonnor to jude and connor everytime theyre on a date.

headcannon that jesus picks up the ship name and constantly whispers ‘i ship it’ 'otp’ 'jonnor af’ and jude hates him for it.

headcannon that connor starts doing it too and jude literally regrets everything bc this fckn dork wont stop texting him 'jonnor is cannon af’ and its tWO IN THE MORNING CONNOR GO TO SLEEP GODDAMNIT.

headcannon that jude gets annoyed af and tell everyone one day at breakfast to stfu about jonnor.

headcannon that lena leans over to stef and whispers 'do u think jonnor is okay?’

headcannon that jude almost kills a man that day.

If the fosters had 2 dads instead of 2 moms?

So my mom thinks that if Brandon, Callie, Mariana, Jesus, and Jude had 2 dads instead of 2 moms the show wouldn’t be as popular. I disagree 100%. I think that the gender of the parents that raised these five amazing kids would make no difference to the popularity of the show and I want to prove her wrong. So let’s make this a thing. Reblog this post if you support Jeff and Leo, the fosters two gay dads that I just invented right now (Steph and Lena’s male alter ego’s), and think that it wouldn’t make any difference to how many viewers watched the show each week.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love Steph and Lena very much and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be the kids parents, but I just need to prove my point to my family because I feel very strongly about all of this. So if you agree, respond, like or reblog this post and support Jeff and Leo. #Jeffandleo



I think that jesus might just have gone to boarding school instead of dying in the crash because although its not unusual for such tragedies to happen to the fosters family, i thought that this one might be a bit too much and way way too difficult for all the characters. 

From the moment i saw the crash scene i thought it was anna because she is an important character but there wouldnt be too much of an aftermath if she died since she wasnt really part of the family, and then there wouldnt have to be an extra cast member added since she was in labour at the time.

but with that said, lena implied that school is almost over then if the time skip is a few weeks it should be early-mid summer when Season 3 starts and i think jesus would have been home by then 

i dont think i left any important info i left out but i do have more to say about this but this is long enough already.