jesus & mary chain

i was tagged by @death-of-a-party to put my music on shuffle, pick 9 songs and my fave lyrics from them so here we go !!!

1. My Sweet Prince/Placebo
“never thought all this could expire”

2. Yes/Manic Street Preachers
“for 200$ anyone can concieve a god on video”

3. Good For My Soul/ Jesus & Mary Chain
“heaven knows she’s good for my soul, believe me.”

4. London Calling/ The Clash
“phony beatlemania has bitten the dust”

5. Gimme Some Love/Graham Coxon
“just cause it pleases me doesn’t make it all right”

6. Drowners/Suede
“he writes a line, runs right down my spine, it says oh, do you believe in love there”

7. Faster/ Manic st Preachers
“i spat out plath and pinter”

8. The Universal / Blur
“every paper that you read says tomorrow’s your lucky day, well here’s your lucky day”

9. Sound Effects and Overdramatics/ The Used
“kill, smile”

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Nickname: Mandy, Hot Hillbilly/Boobs n Butt/Moron (my loving fiancee), NOODLE
Star sign: Scorpio
Height: 5′5
Time right now: 12:021 pm
Favourite music artist(s): Pixies (and anything Frank Black does), The Halo Benders, Jesus & Mary Chain, Velvet Underground/Lou Reed, Violent Femmes
Song stuck in your head: Eurythmics - There Must Be An Angel
Last movie watched: The Savages
Last TV show watched: Broad City
What are you wearing right now: giant grey socks, black sweatpant-esque pants, this weird bodybuilding shirt that I cropped, and a giant (we’re talking mens XXL) greyish plaid & no undies b/c who wants that?
When did you create your blog: Like a year-ish ago
What kind of stuff do you post: Freakytits, PAMELA RABE, GILLY, berena trash, other hot ladies lol
Do you have any other blogs / saved URLs: no this one little garbage pile is all I can handle
Do you get asks regularly: NO WHAT THEFUCK literally never ever. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one??? I must have received one??? I don’t remember. Talk to me you fucks

Why did you chose your URL: There was a Chopped ep with grannies competing, and one of them called Ted Allen a naughty grandboy. Clearly it stuck with me

Hogwarts house: No clue
Pokemon team: Sorry but again no clue
Favorite color: It depends what for. Clothing, black. Coffee mugs, any colour. Dogs, ANY COLOUR. Couches??? Flowers??? lipstick? It allllll depends my friends.
Average hours of sleep: Fucking 8 man (sometimes 10, now that I’m out of uni why the fuck not?), I try really hard to get enough sleep and I feel great about it.
Lucky number: I don’t have one
Favorite characters: OMFG well my favorite ever JOAN MOTHERFUCKING FERGUSON, Stella Gibson, Dana Scully, Blanche duh, Serena Campbell, Caroline Elliot, Catherine Cawood, Clarice Starling (my original hero), Bernie Wolfe (I KNOW I KNOW….)
How many blankets do you sleep with: one, my undercarriage is a heater.
Dream job: Rescuing dogs DUH
Following: 133

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1. Mother of Pearl - Roxy Music

2. Changes - David Bowie

3. Hollow Hills - Bauhaus

4. Mr. Grieves - Pixies

5. Sleep Gets Your Ghost - Buke & Gase

6. Gingerbread Coffin - Rasputina

7. Our Hearts Are Wrong - Jessica Lea Mayfield

8. Happy When It Rains - The Jesus & Mary Chain

9. Fern - Zoe Keating

10. Push - The Cure

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The Jesus And Mary Chain - Just Like Honey

I accidentally kicked Douglas Hart from The Jesus and Mary Chain up the arse.

External image

I was working at a Primal Scream concert in the infamous Glasgow Barrowlands, aka the Barras, and hiked myself up on a small ledge up the back of the hall. 

It was the VIP bit, and as I was sitting swinging my legs along to the music, Irvine Welsh came and stood on one side of me, while Douglas Hart then stood on the other.  Without any warning, Heart leaned forward to put his beer down just as I was mid right-leg swing in the air.  As a result, my foot went up his arse, and I froze.

He didn’t say anything, and a minute later I fled back to work before he could recognise me.

by dontbemypersonalsaviour

Imitation Lunch - The Jesus & Mary Chain - Reverberation (Doubt) (13th Floor Elevators Cover)

The Jesus & Mary Chain rub their signature sound all over this cover of the 13th Floor Elevators song. It lacks the raw, nasally power of Roky Erickson and the jug blowing, and compensates with drum machine fuzziness. This cover is pretty great, especially if you’re very into JAMC and their beautiful noise, but it lacks the massive sounding bass line (it’s there it’s just subdued by all the other things happening like the drum machine). That’s really what I like so much about the original, there actually is reverberation all over it with the heavy heavy bass and the bombastic deep drums. It’s not to say that this cover isn’t good, because it definitely doesn’t suck at all. I suggest listening to both versions and judging for yourself. -a

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