nabokovna asked:

Truth or dare: 1, 10, 13, 16, 17, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 30. Divertiti!

Ue grazie!!

1. Dare: peace frog (the doors), echoes (the rapture), sweet disposition (the temper trap), blitzkrieg bop (ramones), sober (tool)

10. Truth: green day (I had a lot of different phases)

13. Truth: uhm, pigeons maybe


17. Dare (I’ll post it later)

21. Dare (I’ll post it later)

23. Truth: turns on~ playing, understanding, nice hands
turns off~ questions, bad manners, prejudices

25. Truth: “I’m not angry”

27. Truth: this is hard uhm…. loyalty, empathy, determination

29. Truth: I can’t end any type of relationship

30. Dare: george-whorwell alextwatner seeliequeene (I don’t know what this means but I like it) teapot-delirium jesuisuneamesolitaire

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1. Do you like classical music? i don’t like to listen it all of the time, but tchaikowsky is my favourite composer
2. Have you got any tattoos? no, but i’m thinking of getting one
3. Do you ever wish when you see a shooting star? yes
4. Do you drink alcohol? yes
5. What is your favourite thing to do at a sunday evening? my sunday evenings are mostly filled with studying, but i’m happy when i have some time for myself, like reading a book in the bathtub
6. In which month is your birthday? december
7. Pandas or Penguins? pandas
8. What is your favourite book ever? the bell’s jar by sylvia plath
9. Can you sing? i don’t think so haha maybe?
10. Have you ever seen a sunset at the sea? yes!
11. Do you like trees? yeah

my questions:

1. do you like birds?

2.what’s your favourite smell?

3.which fictional charakter resembles you?

4.what was your favourite tv show as a kid? you like horror movies?

6.what was the last thing you ate?

7.alex turner or ezra koenig?

8.something you like about yourself

9.if scotty would beam you somewhere, where would it be?

10.what do you feel like doing now? there any language you would like to learn?