Phoenix vs Reznor (17): God is an American

This one is on caffeinatedmuggle since we both have Catholic upbringings/educations and we both love finding references everywhere.

I’m a fallen Catholic. I told this here a thousand times before but once again: maybe that’s the reason I like so much the religious imagery, everywhere, from modern art to Scorsese movies. And my “husbands” are not an exception.

River played with it just few times probably ‘cause he usually had a lot of respect with these things (and with everything). Just the pic right above, amazing one BTW: the pose, the hands, the face… he’s a modern Christ. So I have to find them in other places: MOPI (the obvious Pietà reference) or even his death (yeah, kinda self-sacrifice, kinda rebellion against his God… whatever it was).

Trent loves playing with it. He’s more irreverent and more critic. It’s curious 'cause there are even debates on internet about if Reznor is a believer or not (because of his lyrics). For me it’s quite obvious he’s a fallen one too (hear “Terrible lie” or “Heresy”) and he probably likes the aestethic because of this: his look in “The Perfect Drug” (between a bohemian dark magician and Jesus) or the “I’m afraid of Americans” one too (he’s there the son Travis Bickle and Christ never had, even carrying a cross), besides a lot of references more (lyrics, videoclips, Witkinspirations, the way he moves on stage… yeah, man, you’re Jesus Christ on ecstasy!).

Ah… how I love the “Jesus look”, on them and in others… you have no idea xD