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7x09 | A Rock in the Road

Title: Dark Chocolate

Title: Dark Chocolate
Type: Slight angst, SecretAdmirer!Jaehyun
Characters: Reader X Jaehyun (ft. Johnny)
Word Count: 2,022

A/N: I don’t even know why I wrote this but please enjoy loves!

Summary: It’s definitely not your fault that you’re allergic to chocolates. But the problem is, he doesn’t know about it at all.

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It's OK To Ask For Help

SPN FanFic

Dean x Reader

994 Words

Warnings: SMUT!

A/N: This is for my Talk Dirty To Me 2.6k Drabbles! Requested by the fabulous @feelmyroarrrr​ . Went a little longer than I intended, so I thought I’d do it up properly and tag everyone ;) Not even a little bit sorry. Enjoy!

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“This fucking sucks,” Dean whimpered, feeling sorry for himself as he followed you back into the quiet motel room.

The case had been finished and the demons defeated, but not without incident. Dean had landed wrong after been thrown across the parking lot during the final showdown and snapped his wrist. He had tried to ignore it, ‘walk it off’ as he put it, but it kept bugging him. After your constant nagging and pleading puppy eyes, he’d agreed to go get an x-ray and sure enough, his right wrist was broken. A spiral fracture that would need time and patience to heal. The doctor had set the cast, and Dean had been grumpy and cursing the entire drive back to the room.  

“I know baby,” you placated him with a gentle smile, “but you’ll heal. Just give it time.”

“I don’t have time,” he snapped and threw himself down onto the bed. He lifted his broken hand to his forehead as he sighed dramatically and then winced as the pain tore up his arm.

“You’ve never broken a bone before? Seems kinda unlikely,” you laughed.

“I have, I just usually get… fixed up quicker.” He looked away, thinking of his winged friend who usually patched him up with a single touch. But sadly, Cas was nowhere to be found, and Dean knew he’d just have to deal with it, at least for a little while.

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My dear Mr. Sherlock Holmes, you really did it very well. You took me in completely. I am an actress and I like amusements. Your client may rest in peace. I love and am loved by a better man than he. Today we leave England for ever. I am happy that you witnessed our marriage. Thank you again for such a performance. Very truly yours, Irene Norton, nee ADLER.

or however this meme is called
got inspired by @malengilblog `s meme thing ;3
and yes, i confess that the unicorn`s horn look like something nsfw, but i noticed it later
ps: i changed a thing in the letters because it was hard to read

dr-hu0806  asked:

do not play v's route if you want to keep your emotional well-being, just putting that out there (i'm on day 10 and it is s u f f e r i n g)

There is no shred of emotion left in me after playing that game in its entirety. I am ready.

Panic Cord (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Part 2!

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A/N: YALL IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK TEN YEars!!! But finally, part 2 is here! I love, love, love the Coney Island Wonder Wheel! If you’ve ridden it, I’m so jealous of you haha! :D I hope y’all like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

EDIT: I also accidentally posted this on the wrong account lol. Sorry about that!

Warnings: Panic attacks. A lil bit of angst. Fluff? (:

“No way,” you gasped, placing a hand on your heart. “You know Tony Stark?

Bucky let out a small laugh. You really wished you could see his face. The arm that was wrapped around your shoulder tightened as you walked. Even Alfie stopped walking and peered up at Bucky questioningly.

“Tony’s well…he’s Tony. He grows on you after a while.” You nod, still trying to process that this mysterious man who you’ve only known for a week, not only knew Tony Stark -he lived with him in the Stark tower. You’ve never seen it, as you moved to New York long after it was built. But from what everyone says, it’s phenomenal.

“So are you like a cousin or brother of Tony?” you ask, fiddling with Alfie’s leash.

“God, no!” He chuckled. “At least I hope not.”

“Then why are you living with him? If you don’t mind me asking.”

You couldn’t see it, but you could sense the tenseness the question caused. You pulled your hair behind your ear, your cheeks reddening with embarrassment. You had zero intentions of offending him. What were you thinking asking such a personal question?

You turned to him and opened your mouth, prepared to apologize, but before you could get a word out, Bucky cut you off.

“We’re uh…sort of working together.”

Your eyes widened. So…he was an Avenger? You tried to contain your excitement, but you didn’t need eyes to tell you were failing miserably. Somehow you managed to catch a date with an Avenger, despite being blind as a bat.

Being the little chatterbox you were, you found out quite a bit about Bucky Barnes. He was twenty nine years old, quite a few years older than you. His favorite color was royal blue and his favorite food was pepperoni pizza with pineapples. He absolutely adored dogs, much to your delight. Somehow Alfie, who tended to be completely wary of strangers, had warmed up to Bucky in only a few short hours since they’ve met.

However, there were some things that you found out that weren’t from verbal interactions. You pretty much survived on your sense of touch, and you were a master at finding out the hidden facts about him. You discovered that Bucky was at least six feet tall, the way he held you close to him gave it away perfectly. You were able to rest your head on his shoulder perfectly.

Another thing you found out was that Bucky was on the muscular side. Like, really muscular.

When he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind and you leant into him, you could instantly feel the hardness that was his stomach. The guy was built like a brick house, but you were nowhere near complaining! You couldn’t wait to run your hands along it.

The thing you liked the most was his hair.

When he bent down to tie your shoes for you, which was the sweetest thing on this earth, you couldn’t help but run your hand along his hair, taking in each and every strand into your fingers. It was a bit longer than you expected, but that only made him more attractive. You quite liked guys with longer hair, it gave you more to touch, more to see without your eyes.

You concluded in your brain that James Buchanan Barnes was really freaking attractive, and there was absolutely nothing that could change your mind.


The carnival he was taking you to was located on Coney Island.

You’ve been there before, but of course you couldn’t tell without hearing the ferris wheel. You always dreamed of how it looked. Was it as huge as everyone said it was? Did it really light up each night? You always wanted to ride it, but given your grandmother’s protective nature, you were never allowed to as a child. As you grew into an adult, the chances seemed more and more unlikely.

“What’s with the long face, doll.” Bucky whispered into your ear.

You bit your lip to stop the stupid grin that spread on your face. Jesus, you felt like you were in middle school again.

“It’s nothing, really.” you dismissed, feeling Alfie’s tail hitting your legs repeatedly.

“Y/N,” he pressed, placing his chin on your shoulder. “You haven’t stopped smiling the entire time until now. What’s bothering you?” Gosh, were you really that easy to read?

You could feel his hands along yours, playing with your smaller fingers. It was so distracting, jesus, but you couldn’t find it in you to tell him to stop. The fact that his lips were only inches away from yours only added onto your longing.

“I just…I’ve always wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but I can’t.” you admit.

Immediately, you feel one of his hands in yours, gently pulling you away from your spot. What on earth was he doing? You could hear Alfie’s paws hitting the pavement evenly, at least he wasn’t panicking.

“Where are we going, Bucky?” you ask, grabbing onto his shoulder with your other arm.

“To the ferris wheel, kid.” he laughs, continuing to walk with you as if it’s no big deal.

You planted your feet onto the ground, preventing him from taking you any further. You couldn’t go on there! What if you fell off? Grandma would be mortified if that happened. And Alfie, he’d be sent back to the shelter!

Slowly, you felt yourself growing lightheaded, your lungs felt as if they were being filled with lead. You didn’t know which way was up or down. Or even where you were anymore. But you could feel the ground beneath you now. Oh god, did you fall again?

“Y/N!” Bucky called exclaimed.

You felt tears pooling inside your eyes. You just wanted your grandma, she always knew what to do.

“Y/N?” You blinked at Bucky’s voice. It sounded less urgent than before, but you could still detect the fear from it. Bucky placed one of his hands on your cheek, lifting it up slightly.

You knew he was looking into your eyes. But it pained you even more that you couldn’t look into his. Yours weren’t anything, in fact, they weren’t pigmented at all. Everyone always said yours were just a milky grey that took in everything, but gave nothing. It wasn’t fair.

“I-I’m sorry…” You whispered.

“No, I’m sorry,” he said softly. You could feel a hand pull some stray hairs from your face and tuck them behind your ear. “I shouldn’t have pressured you.”

You gave him a small smile, holding out your hand for him to grab. You were expecting the normal, flesh hand that you’ve been holding throughout the day, but instead, you were met with….metal.

You’ve never pulled your hand away so fast in your life.

“W-what…what is…is that your hand?” you sputtered, backing away slowly. What was going on? You never felt anything metal throughout the entire time. Not even when you wrapped your arm around his. Were you hallucinating?

You could hear him inhale sharply.

You frowned, holding your hand out again. Whatever it was, you wanted to feel it again. Maybe it wasn’t metal, but something else!

But no matter how far you reached, you couldn’t feel him. In fact, you were practically crawling before you realized it. You could feel Alfie beside you, nuzzling his snout into your side. Where was Bucky?

“Bucky?” you called out, reaching your hand in front of you.


“Bucky, where’d you go?” you called, standing to your feet. You held onto Alfie’s leash tightly in your hand. Oh no, did he leave?

You could feel the tears pooling in your eyes once again. Did he really just leave you? You knew you might’ve reacted poorly, but…you still needed to get home. You had no idea how to get back.

Wiping your tears with the sleeve of your sweater, you pulled Alfie along. It would take hours, but you had no choice.

You just hoped that Bucky was okay.

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Damnit, Parker! (Peter Parker x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I had an idea and I thought it was cute, so I wrote it. Enjoy! :)

Summary: You finish all your schoolwork early and just as you’re about to enjoy some downtime, your friendly neighborhood superhero swings by for some help.

Other Characters: None

Warnings: Fluff/language :)

Word Count: 659

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Birthday-Peter Parker

So, today is my birthday and I decided it would be appropriate to write a fanfiction inspired by that. I was going to write both a Peter Parker and Tom Holland one but ran out of time, plus I fucking love this one. It turned out better than I thought it would considering the lack of time I had. But here it is anyway, Enjoy.



“Oh God, Peter I told you not to bother” you sighed at him. He was dressed in red shirt and pair of jeans- looking very cute- and clutching a bouquet of lilies with his usual backpack slung over his shoulder. It was your birthday hence his slightly smarter clothes and his visit to your house on a Monday night.

“Y/n, I can’t just ignore your birthday. I know you don’t like it when people make a fuss over you but I’m your boyfriend, it’s my job” he smiled at you warmly as you let him in your house. He shuffled past you and held the flowers out towards you whilst he propped the backpack against the wall.

“Thanks for the flowers” you blushed at him as you inhaled the soft scent, “My parents aren’t home yet, you could stay and watch a movie with me if you insist on spending my birthday with me”

“I do insist and I actually have a plan for us this evening”

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