that little BITCH

being neighbours with Michael includes:

•loud parties during the week
•late night talks from your windows
•him coming over to watch movies
•jam sessions
•short walks of shame in the early morning light
•getting woken up by loud bangs on the windows
• ‘babe? babe, i got kicked out again and i’m freezing my ass off let me in’
•sneaking in through your windows
•late night kisses and cuddles
•'gotta be quiet princess, can’t let your parent’s hear’
• him getting off near your window, waiting for you to see
• him eating breakfast with your family
• singing duets like disney characters
• day trips and long road trips
• cheesy ‘dates’ with arcade games and pizza
• friends marathons on snow days
• first meeting by throwing shit at his window
• 'jesus fucking christ, it’s 3 am, chill with the music’
• why don’t you come over here and turn it down’
• lots of immature arguments
•photo booth pictures littering your mirrors
• throwing socks not rocks
• kissing by leaning out of your windows
• make out sessions under your blankets
• 'Do you wanna come over?’ 'Nah too far of a walk’ 'Mikey you live next door I can see you playing video games’
• Watching the stars from your rooftops
• video game wars
• Staying at eachother a houses for days
• 'Michael why did you knock on the door you know you can just come in’
'Hey neighbor! Mind if I borrow some sugar?’
'Why do I even like you you’re so lame’
• arguments over superheroes
• Your mom asking who that neighbor boy who keeps sneaking in your window is

Written by me and antisocialhood !!

Just to be clear

I owe a lot to going to CalArts, and I am thankful for my time there.

I don’t want to make it seem like it’s this big demon that tricks students into coming and then offers them nothing.

But that doesn’t mean it’s like Jesus reincarnate as a school either. It’s just a building with cool people in it.

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jesus there's one thing sure: there's no baby. like apart from normal route being getting rid of one night stand fetus or taking a morning after pill (beacuse okay when you're after his money you keep that baby right) it's not a way to announce a pregnancy! and millionaire would make sure to get dna test before calling paps to take pics of him when his fling is one week late (early june trip to LA). and they wouldn't run to press when she's 9 weeks along.. and everything

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Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour. Matthew 25:13

Many of us feel like we are invincible. We live as if we believe that we will have plenty of time to get our lives straightened out later. But our life is not our own, and it can be taken away at any moment. We must get prepared spiritually so that we are ready for the Lord’s coming. Jesus calls us to be ready in our relationships with God and the people around us. At any moment of our day, whether in our homes, or at work, or in our minds, or on our credit card bills, He calls us to not be ashamed when we meet Him at this unknown day and hour. May His grace awaken all our procrastinating souls…

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i just wanna say a few things about the nirvana fandom post: i agree with MOST of the things,, besides the frances. i myself, dont see kurt in her. yes some things. i love her, for her. her art, what she says and means. i love her FOR her. not kurt.

which is fine.

but some nuts are approaching her , because , and only because they are kurt fans. when she was small…..a nutty woman grabbed her out of courtney’s arms,

so she “could look into kurt cobain’s eyes”…JESUS.


Lucas Silva in the Brazilian TV show Caldeirão do Huck, recorded in his hometown Bom Jesus de Goiás. | Aug 01, 2015
Lucas made a surprise for his first football teacher, Professor Hamilton, and bought him a house.

The Fosters - letdown since 1B

The Fosters no longer is entertaining, I don’t enjoy it anymore. All the drama, constant fucking drama! There is no more family. It’s all by themselves. Stef and Lena are on the edge of splitting apart, Brandon is still an whiny asshole since like 1B, Callie keeps fucking up all the time, Jude finally showed some foster care trauma (worried about what his moms will do to him because he yelled at Lena) but do we get any actually scene with Jude and his moms - NO. And there is no Jesus. Mariana’s storyline are disappointing comparing to every other season (exception the religion stuff)

The writers have fucked up huge this season.Actually the last 2 seasons. 1A was the best. Showing all the drama that they can think off to the viewers is not entertaining. I am disappointed in this season. I am very close to completely giving up on this show. If the Brallie actually happens next episode and Lena will be shown as actually cheating on Stef I am giving up on the Foster show. It’s not worth it anymore.

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it’s not a movie, someone made that up with parts from different movies because we got the news that holland can be poison ivy in suicide squad 2 and poison ivy is harley (the blonde, harley is played by margot robbie) girlfriend. 

I was stalking @durianrider ’s tumblr today and I was amazed at some of the questions he got asked. People seemed to obsess much over @essenaoneill ’s bmi, @bonnyrebecca ’s legs, @freeleethebananagirl ’s farts (that bit was hilarious doe) and to my surprise I was mentioned a few times as well. Some people thought my “belly is rather big” and other people wondered how am I thin if I’m eating breads and higher fat now.
Seriously, don’t you have anything else better to do? Might I remind you there are billions of animals suffering in factory farms and being slaughtered to feed meat eaters? how about channeling your stupid interest in other people’s body shape into something productive and go do something for the animals?
Jesus. There’s more to life than looks and food.
And Mind you, I will eat as much fucking bread and hummus as I fucking want, and if you think my belly is rather big you can just gtfo. I have no problem with it, thank you very much 😃 (at Ask me 💁

hanniballecter replied to your post “jesus literally no one’s gonna attack hugh for getting a new fucking…”

is there new h*nnibal drama or something ??

hugh was cast in a new hulu series or whatever, and everybody is being super defensive like “omg this doesn’t mean h*nnibal is over!!!” “he loves the show!!! we need to support him!!”.
only like i haven’t seen a single person hating on him and tbh the show is already dead and buried and people need to start coming to terms with it because they’re just embarrassing themselves at this point.

digitonicelectronic replied to your post “digitonicelectronic replied to your post:(Disney nonny) I was so happy…”

Yeah but then I got to be super hammy about other moments. Or completely not serious. I also cheated and snuck in an Anastasia song cause In the Dark of the Night makes me laugh when applied to Dio idk idk

i legitimately just yelled ‘fuck’ out loud and i’m praying my mother didn’t hear me btu oh my sweet jesus Nicholle that’s fucking hilarious