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Here is the munday lulaby… I might not do that every munday because I have to find songs I want and can sing wich is not as easy as I thought. For this one it was odd for me because I think it miss the accoustic guitar which is usually in the background but it’s a lovely song not sad at all this time.

So I want to stay scrolling and RPing but my eyes are closing themselves and I’m working tomorow, so I guess I should go to sleep.

Me and Daphné have had a lot of fun with thisis-agentcoulson tonight, I’m glad you’re back my friend ! And I hope Daphné won’t be tazed again in any of the thread…

The Skype session with Jesty was short but lovely, I’m sorry you’re sick sweetie. (by the way I’ve send to Jesty the song via skype so if you want it you will have to ask yourself this time)

missanious, I saw you stalking me again… You’re crazy therefore I love you.

I hope everything is fine for you, remember I love you, stay safe, spread love, you know the drill

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AAANNNND every one was looking for it ! THE MUNDAY SONG ! Well actually each time I post it, it isn’t monday for me anymore but who cares?

I’m really sorry that I did miss some of our weekly appointment lately, but in fact I feel like I’m a crappy singer and that in reality nobody really care if I sing, and why. 


I still love every fucking one of you ! 

So, I wanted to sing to you a joyfull and famous, french song. THE song that will stay in the mind of every French as soon as he heard the first notes: “Aux Champs Elysées”. It’s deadly. I could say to my French followers to don’t click play but I know that just reading the name of the famous Avenue doomed them for the day (Sorry).

For the none french speaker : the song describe the start of a love story, in Paris, on this Avenue.

For the crazy people(s?) who actually enjoy my voice : here is the dowload link.

Don’t forget to fall in love, learn french, smile,… you know the drill?

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It’s munday so munday song.

This one is special, it’s a perfect example of what we call “franglais” a mix between the 2 languages that fit perfectly.

“For me, for me formidable” is a love song from a french lover to an english person. The lack of english vocabulary is hard sometimes.

Anyway it’s a good occasion for you to listen to my gorgeous french accent, and if you’re really crazy you can dowload it here.

be free, be clever, be lover… you know the drill

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Munday song by me ! Sad soft song again : Le Deserteur. An open letter to the president from a random brave guy who doesn’t want to go to war… Beautifull song I’ve had a lot less difficulties to sing this one than the last munday one. (by the way Jesty didn’t ask for the dowload link so I guess it was as awfull as I imagined).

This was an awesome night on Tumblr again ! You didn’t saw this here, actually my personal blog was really calm, but I did a lot of reply on my RP blog and I need this so much this days. My life suck and is getting more and more painfull. I know that, in a few years, this fight will end and I’m sure I will have the happy life I deserve but, for now, I really need to deconnect from time to time. It’s more than a pleasure it’s a necessity. Thanks to all my RP partners.

I love you all, stay safe, keep you heads up… you know the drill…

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Munday song ! this time I’m going to post it earlier than usual because : fuck it! 

By the way, you might have noticed that I don’t do good night post anymore (Sorry?). The main reason for that is that now, I have a tendency to fall asleep, in short notice, a bit after been unable to think in english anymore, so write in english is simply a torture. The welcome posts are of course still something I like to do, but, lately… well… have I done something wrong? guys TELL ME !

Anyway, this munday song is joyful the tittle is “qu'est qu'on attend pour ètre heureux?” litteraly  "what are we waiting for to be happy?“. The idea came in my mind rather strangely : Nowadays, in France, we are in a middle of a political/financial/bullshit scandal and I really don’t care about it, all I can think of is meanwhile in North Korea or meanwhile in Syria… But one time there was a politician who started to wonder "what are we waiting for…” yelling that several times, claming that, if french politics don’t change, there is going to be riots and maybe another revolution (yes, there is blood of the angry men in french water supplies).  My sick annoyed mind decided to react by repetting that song all day rather than listening to what she said or even her name.

The dowload link is here

Stay safe friends

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Munday song! You’re lucky I’ve managed to do it this time: I wasn’t sure that I would be able to be alone in the house long enough… Because it doesn’t bother me to sing for a bunch of strangers on the internet but it does bother me if my own family can ear me doing so, go figure…

Anyway, this week munday song is  "je cherche un homme" because, well, it’s true : I am looking for a man. The part in english gived me trouble, to switch from my first language to my second one, on a so short time, was really difficult. In the end, I only managed to do it properly when I didn’t stop myself from half giggling all the way through it.

For the crazy friends who want to keep a record of this : here is the download link.

don’t be shy, be brave, fall in love… you know the drill

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Munday song ! A very sad song and somebody has to explain to me why it’s so easy for me to sing sad songs.

“Céline” is the older daughter in a big familly. She sacrified everything to take care of her sibblings. The song is the complaint of one of her brother who is asking why she didn’t married someone. (Thanks brother, do you want a little more salt to pour in my open wounds ?).

The weirdiest thing about this song is that some people did call there daughter Céline because of this song… Seriously guys ? this is what you hope for your child ? sick sick bastard..s.

For those of you crazy people who want to keep a trace of this here is the dowload link.

Take care of yourself, be egoist from time to time, think about you first… you know the drill

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There is a time in the life of a night blogger where he can see the fine line between : not being tired enough to want to go to sleep and too tired to have enough will to go to sleep. Tonight, I won’t cross that line.

This last week the number of my followers has nearly doubled, let the newcomers know that every munday, I try to sing a french song for my followers. I really like this one, but I’m a little ashamed of it. I recorded it thinking ahead for a day when I didn’t have time to record a real munday song, and mainly as a private joke. Then, come the munday, I didn’t have the time to record my song, and the joke is not so fun anymore… Anyway, if the number of followers keep increasing, better used it now than later (already one follower has left me, maybe after that, others will follow his example… please don’t go).

So “Une souris verte” is the shorter and sillier children song I know. I will let Google translate the lyrics for you :

A green mouse
Running through the grass.
I grabbed it by the tail,
I show these gentlemen.
These men said:
Dip into the oil,
Dip into water,
It will be a snail warm.
I put it in my hat
She told me it is too hot.
I put it in a drawer
She told me it’s too dark.
I put it in my pants
She made three small droppings.

*sigh* The french wine do a lot of damage to the brain, after all…

Anyway, I thought Jesty might like this song… I don’t know why.

By the way, I still don’t have a name for this little lamb and I’m still open to suggestion.

Have fun, Keep safe, Spread love, … You know the drill

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THE MUNDAY SONG ! SHITTY AS ALWAYS ! well I always said that I find it shitty and that I shouldn’t do that and in the end Jesty ask me for the dowload link and I do it again the next munday


This is a song wrote by Jacques Dutronc for Arsene Lupin, Daphné’s grandfather (I sang an other one on this theme, I think I forgot to mention that it was also by him) this one is called “gentleman cambrioleur” and Dutronc sing it really better than I do…

I really have to go to sleep now, but I really want to wait for Coulson’s answer… ARGH ! My muse is killing me ! I HAVE A REAL WORK TO DO IN REAL LIFE ! I MUST SLEEP !


A good Tumblr friend came back today, this is a really good news and I’M REALLY REALLY HAPPY !!!!!! IJFC OHGZIGO,XUHGOF,AX


Stay calm, spread love, keep strong… you know the drill

So I came back and :

External image

and now there is tea all other my screen !

Jesty, sorry but my cat refuse to stay on my head long enough to be taken on screen… YES I HAVE TRIED !

Thanks to someone-2-talk-to I’m really glad that my 100th follower is someone like you. Because I love people like you but also because it mean that people noticed the calls for help I’ve made or reblog. Maybe you’re someone I already know, been a proud attention seeker myself I won’t be able to do something so admirable as you. I like people to know I’m a nice person this is shamefull, you want to be anonymous this is admirable. I LOVE YOU !

bow and arrow

or a good way to stop my hand shaking…

You can’t let your hand shaking when you do that

So they just stop shaking and my head don’t hurt anymore.

all of that just to say that I’m going in my garden shootings arrows until my arms hurt and then I turn Skype on.

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The munday song ! no reason to have chose this one this week, except that I’ve heard it on the radio and remembered that I like it so much.

“Je t'ai toujours aimé” is a love song. The singer just tell where his/her last glance will be before he/she dies, of course it’s on his/her beloved special someone’s body. It’s a really beautiful song.

For those few crazy people who really like my voice : the download link

PS : I want to apologize to the nice followers who tagged me and send me ask. I saw it guys, I will reply but I’m just a bit lazy for now, really sorry.

So I’m going with friends for the Week End and New Years Eve. After a lot of pondering I’ve decide to bring my laptop with me but I’m really not sure that I will actually use it (even for my good night post or my RP). I want to be sociable IRL for a change, and my awesome queue is there to keep my blog alive. I’m going to miss you, I know it… so maybe I will ask for the wifi password and maybe I won’t…. if I don’t I wish you a happy new year my friends.

Stay awesome, stay safe, love yourself… You know the drill

I’m actually more tired than in pain, so I’m gonna try to sleep…

I didn’t have a lot of reaction to this.

But I’m really in pain, and less and less believing the pain will go, so if any of those kind souls who follow me could spam me with nice messages for when I woke up it would be great.

If you’re busy otherwise, it don’t matter I won’t be mad if I don’t get any messages tomorow. (but at pain and with my heart broken, just kidding, not) You know what really matter to me :

Stay safe, spread love… You know the drill

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This munday song is all cute and sugar : It’s about a girl named Anie who likes lollipop, lollipop with anise. It include the description of her joy when she felt the sugar melt in her throat and her reaction when she only have the stick left on her tongue… If you want to see inuendos in that, congratulations you have a mind as twisted as Serge Gainsbourg.

For those who like my voice here is the link to download

stay awesome, stay away from trouble, stay proud… you know the drill

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At first I was thinking about totally another song (because of the video with Misha and West Colins from yesterday, yep there is a french song in it and a good one, I noticed) but then I totally failed to sing it properly and then… EPIPHANY ! There was a news show on TV and they were talking about a demonstration against same sex marriage that occurred yesterday and I just thought : “quand on est con on est con” (when you are a shithead, you are a shithead) wich is the title of this song.

This song is really a good song, full of good feelings, the singer just want to help and reconciliate old and young shithead, in a peacefull harmony of shithead. And seeing all those family, marching against the normal devellopement of society make me just think of that.

Anyway, the song is from Georges Brassens, a real great singer and a funny guy. Maybe one of my childhood hero but mostly because my father was a big fan of him, he was listening endlessly to those songs, and my father is dead, so it kind of hurt me each time I heard those songs now. Less and less maybe one day it won’t hurt anymore, I’m happy that I was abble to sing it as if it was a song like any other song. Maybe I will sing you other things from him now that I know I can.

here is the dowload link

Stay clever, keep your mind open, don’t live in the past… You know the drill.