Welp, not sleepin' now.

So, thanks to steelangel8246 I have this in my possession. This was one of the first large Heroclix pieces; a shame the stats aren’t really playable in Heroclix nowadays. I love the idea of stomping all over the board as Sinestro in obnoxious hard light Qwardian weaponer armor. In the jestersuit no less.

Also featured is Sinestro’s original sculpt in-game. I include him because - and I realize it’s about impossible to tell - he’s different than what’s encased in a half-inch of lemon jolly rancher plastic. THAT Sinestro is posing like the construct is…

oh damn is that CREEPY.

Ten rules for dating my brilliant surgeon (who is far too good for an artist - a MANGA artist - and boasts being trained by Batman then is soundly hammerfisted into the dirt) daughter.

Breaking any of them results in lasting, humiliating head trauma. Yes, both.

Not my best photo, but they’ve been set up like that for a week or more and I’ve slacked on posting anything new. I’m not so good at forcing my motivation but believe I have a few more ideas for photos (why, hello tiny Asajj Ventress who is perfect for 1:6 figure Dollfie size).

Seanbaby speculated the following concerning why Sinestro usually no-showed for Legion of Doom missions:

He’s relaxing at home with a puzzle, a tape of his “stories,” and a box of truffles. “Go kill senators without me, today, boys! Danielle just found out she’s pregant BY HER BEST FRIEND’S HUSBAND!”

Naturally, OFDonut had a response to that. I just wish I had a scanner so I could post her inked version she gave me.

I want an explanation for this suit when Geoff Johns does Sinestro: Secret Origins.

Does the outfit have some cultural significance on Korugar or is it so fashion backward on that planet it comes right around into fabulous again (even if everyone else thinks he’s crazy for wearing it)? Or does Sinestro know he’s the only one able to make the jestersuit look good?


I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the last photo! I took a few more because Sinestro forever it’s such a fun pose to play with!

Welcome new followers! I’ve been slacking lately but am going to try and get my butt back on track for daily posting (because this is WAY more important than updating my resume or getting an actual CAREER). I post and reblog Sinestro.