Eyooooo I got to try out 2d-dungeon’s new character creator and thank god I did otherwise I wouldn’t have this beautiful stupid troll that i’m def keeping :J

I got
Dark Troll Jester
Your character wields a Staff
Your character has an eye on their forehead
Your charcter is able to cast basic fire spells

Her name is Zirco and she’s gonne be working for Vincent.
She’s not the brightest and looses her temper easily if things don’t go her way.

The fire really fit since Jester’s are entertainers so she’d dance around with that.

The WWE Arcana

I’ve been seeing a lot of people make some based on the latest Best Friends video so, with the help of emmyrider, here’s our choices for some cool arcana picks

The Fool - Sami Zayn

The Magician - Chris Jericho

The Priestess - Eva Marie (or AJ Lee?)

The Empress - Stephanie McMahon

The Emperor - Triple H

The Hierophant - Bray Wyatt

The Lovers - Dolph Ziggler

The Chariot - Kevin Owens

Strength - Enzo Amore

The Hermit - Ric Flair

Wheel of Fortune - Seth Rollins

Justice - William Regal

Hunger/Jester - Chris Benoit

Hanged Man - Randy Orton

Death - Cody Rhodes

Temperance - Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

The Devil - Vince McMahon

The Tower- Hulk Hogan

The Star- Daniel Bryan

The Moon - Damien Sandow

The Sun - John Cena

Judgment - Brock Lesnar

The World - CM Punk

4th Update! - Screenshot #4: The Gravity Jester

A bit late but here we go.
As the day is coming to a close, we’re already at 70% and growing!
Right now, I’m mostly doing some reseach on stretch goals but don’t expect to see those until we get closer to our base goal.Onwards to today’s screenshot!

Look at that, it’s the Gravity Jester! This power up was a rework of the gravity gloves, a power up present on all earlier demos.
The graivty gloves allowed the player to hang on the air and dash towards a direction. And aside from a slightly different charge shot, that was pretty much it.

Around a month before the release of the kickstarter demo, I decided it would be a good idea to rework the wind scarf into the Wind Jester and the gravity gloves as the Gravity Jester, as they didn’t seem to add a lot to the game.

Also, doesn’t Spark sort of look like Nights in this form?

🌑 Moon in:

Aries: Erupting

Taurus: Treasuring

Gemini: Riddling

Cancer: Sailing

Leo: Bowing

Virgo: Tinkering

Libra: Balancing

Scorpio: Clasping

Sagittarius: Wandering

Capricorn: Striving

Aquarius: Reshuffling

Pisces: Adapting

☀ Sun in:

Aries: Warrior

Taurus: Endurer

Gemini: Jester

Cancer: Nurturer

Leo: Performer

Virgo: Aid

Libra: Liaison

Scorpio: Detective

Sagittarius: Spirit

Capricorn: Watchmaker

Aquarius: Electrifier

Pisces: Saint

What Am I?

I am that game you play,
the bored game - only for leisure,
like some jester
summoned at your gesture,
yet set away on sunny days
when greener pleasures grow outside.

I am one and a hundred
different pieces to you,
but whether I am more or less,
you decide, not me,
as my fragments, broken in your very hands,
fall between your fingers.

I am no mystery - easily solved,
but you are mine, 
like cracking hieroglyphics
as you tell me
this and that, odds and ends,
as I tell you to
complete me,
fit me in your life completely.

What am I?
I am puzzled.

I once said I was yearning to draw Sasuke and Sakura traveling together with a newborn Sarada, so here it is. And by traveling I mean quenching on the breathtaking night skies in those different dimensions Sauce would take them. Sarada was a lucky baby ^_^

First attempt on painting starry space. Go easy on me…