> FAHC + Mentor, Jester, Siren (turnfreewood requested by the-winter-punk)

“They all wore masks in some form. Whether it be to hide their scars, conceal their emotions, or to veil the blood so often on their faces, (It was never theirs. The blood was never theirs.) the mask was a shroud of dignity. A skull for a scar. A smile for a scowl. Senselessness for self-doubt.”

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Hillary Clinton is the same kind of corporate court-jester that George Bush was, the only difference is she’s backed by moderates & conservatives instead of just conservatives


I will do full colored waist-up commissions for any of the new stuff! Examples above (left two are personal art/characters, right top is a gijinka I drew to sell, right bottom is a commission I did a while back)!

New stuff includes–


Scarlet Serpenta
Harlequin Stagwing
Petalwing Peryton
Brightwing Dwarf Hainu
Dwarf Hainu Macaw
Butter Caiman
Gladeveins Needletooth
Yeti Brawler
Bearded Yeti
Dunewind Manticore
Silvermane Barbtail
Clouded Mith
Cinder Mith
Amethyst King
Emeraldback Shardspawn
Tricolor Yapper
Barking Jester
Wispwillow Peryton
Rosy Peryton
Tropical Caiman
Acid-Tongue Serpenta
Marble Serpenta


Primary Alchemist Tools
Dusklight Alchemist Tools
Golden Glow Alchemist Tools
Supercharged Alchemist Tools


Whew, wanted to shade these but I doubt I got so lazy ;__;

Anyhow, here is a few character designs for my Undertale AU Underkeep! Mettaton rules the underground (not following the neutral ending though), and everyone we know is appointed to a position of sorts in this fantasy land like place:

Frisk - The Hero (shown in both their prince and princess outfit)

Papyrus - Second in command of the Royal Guard

Sans - The Royal Jester/Overseer of Snowdin

Muffet - Duchess of the Spiders/Royal Baking Specialist

Mettaton - High King

Alphys - Marquess of Hotland/Royal Scientist

Undyne - Baroness of Waterfall/Head of the Royal Guard

Hopefully I can get the other characters done soon as well! Also, everyone’s outfit is (hopefully) reminiscent of their location and/or title (Alphys represents fire, Undyne represents water, etc)…

Underkeep - Megalovania
  • Underkeep - Megalovania
  • Underkeep

OKAY so I’m still obsessed with the damn underkeep AU! Sans was next, hands down. I’m sorry, its just too good, i have too many song ideas holy hell. 

Art and AU made by @rotodisk

I’m a bit proud of myself?? Since they said that he was a jester and the gaurd??? who looks over snowdin i decided to mix a little joking type of lead, along with some serious type of guitar. I decided to keep it at a fast tempo, so that way it would sorta show his fast sort of personality???? Lmao