jester ghost

Flower: On left i see shiping~ how cute even if they’re dead. on right male ghost lol, and Jester  that half blind ghost what live with us in this house… on the attic to be specyfic. 

((Some ghosts :D Featuring. (mine thing… i should update it… for now endless hiatus…)


Jester: But.. to be honest… i’m feeling i’m not a simply undead “ghost”. Something else…

Shiny: If not a “ghost” so what?

Jester: i dunno… just i’m feeling, i’m some kind of   outcast… or something, they are mean some of them even not friendly and aggressive,(and possessing other pony bodies)  But i’m friendly and not dangerous at all… but i swear i meet grim reaper when i saved these two fillies giving my own life for it.. They hiding something from me i know it… btw careful with steps… there are lots of small holes…

Shiny: Chill… everything is going to be fine with baby i just get a little… “fater” lately…


Jester:  I miss my lil bro, well… now he is eighteen years old stalion or maybe twenty… Oh well… that icompetend retard goes to prison too. That second one, got suspended sentence because he’s trying to obviate the accident.

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