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i caught you laughing

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Note: no, I was not high when I wrote this, it was inspired by this gifset lol.

EDIT: ao3, if you prefer

Cassian ran his set through his mind for the trillionth time, pouring himself another glass of mezcal. He couldn’t remember whether it was his third or fourth shot but he couldn’t bring himself to care all that much. Tons of other comics have come in shitfaced every single night and they seemed to perform well (despite slurred speech and sometimes going a bit too far over the line of good taste). If anything, they were probably funnier when drunk out of their mind than they were sober, and from the reception he’d gotten from the crowd in the past few weeks, things looked to be pretty good for him. Everyone in attendance was usually drunk as fuck on open-mic nights anyways.

He parted away from his drink to pay close attention to Kay’s performance, which was dry as ever. His punchlines were too straightforward, too clean, and he relied on puns far too much than any stand up comic ever should. Still, everyone around him seemed to be laughing their asses off, no matter how many ancient dad-jokes he managed to pull out of his sleeve. Tonight was going to be smoother than a baby’s bottom.

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All in all I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again if there’s anything I’m happy to be credited with as far as YTP is concerned it’s putting AoStH in a much better light than it was before 2006.

The Mario and Mega Man ones were very specifically made to mock the cartoons and emphasized the dumb dialogue and other such things, but AoStH was very clearly in admiration of it, emphasizing less of the dialogue and more of the animation itself.  Still all in jest, but the original AoStH videos I definitely made with loving the show in mind.  Less of poking fun at it and more “Look at this amazing animation of Robotnik turning into a train whistle for no reason other than he’s angry.  In slow motion because that makes everything funnier”.  That was always an interesting parallel to making fun of “No I’m sure it’s the…guidance system”, I thought.