Going through my computer files and pictures, I came across this picture and my brain was instantly flooded with memories. From the first time I met her, to all those practices,to Mammoth, to Stanford, till now. I can honestly say that she was someone who I could confide in - I could tell her things and she would do her best to help me. She helped me when I was dealing with the little bitch in the beginning of the year - I’m pretty sure we both know who I’m talking about LOL. And even if she did tell the creepiest stories at night, she still protected me from the “portal to hell” (Mammoth). LOL or that time she accidentally woke me up with her excessive late-night phone calls at Stanford. I loved having her as a roommate whenever we went  on trips for cross country. And I just remembered all those invitationals where we promised ourselves we would take pictures with hot guys, LOL. Only the Woodbridge Invitational was partially successful, thanks to our big ass medals. ;) But then again, we took that picture with that team at Mt. Sac. LOL and then memorizing all the words to the “Unforgivable” video. smh 

The point is, that close friendship doesn’t exist anymore. Sure, we talk here and there, but it’s just not the same. And I know the main reason for that is because of the little bitch. But really, whether or not that little bitch is in the picture, you’ll always be my Jessymend - my close confidante who always makes me laugh. So yeah, I just wanted to say that. Because ain’t no little bitches gonna get in the way of our friendship. 

I just want my old roommate back. 

anonymous asked:

Why are you excited for xc/track Jessica isn't going to be there anymore right :/ ?

what? excuse you, but I love jessymend, so why would I be excited if she’s not there?

anonymous asked:

No, I mean like she's not going to Segerstrom anymore right?

Why are you asking me? If you want to know the truth, go straight to the horse’s mouth.

*i’m not calling her a horse, it’s an expression.

10.31.11. Me and Jessymend. 

My best friend Kimberly brought me her costume, so that I could wear it. We were supposed to meet up in the locker rooms before school, but since I woke up late, I didn’t have time. Still, she gave it to me, but I didn’t put it on. It wasn’t till lunch that she made me put it on, so we went to the bathroom so I could model it for her. But when I was changing into the outfit, this bitch grabbed my bag/clothes and ran out.

It was funny though, seeing peoples reactions. But I still haven’t got my pants back.