First Five Ocs

sloppily done, but still done

Kyu (Pronounced Key-you)

A 1′2 genderfluid, sassy bot. She is Asexual/demiromantic. Built to help with small things in a bakery owned by Jessie Johnson, who she considers her mother. “JJ sweets” is the name of the bakery, Kyu mainly brings small ingredients to Jessie when baking. One other bot helps (Celly, whom will be introduced later). Kyu never met or knew about her maker, I’ll introduce him in a bit.

She was built 4/15/22

Activated 3/24/23

She has a significant other, Shoji (whom belongs to @adorable-artman)

Jessie Johnson 

Cis female, heterosexual. 5′7, protective of the bots in the household: Celly, Calvin, Kyu and Shoji (again belonging to @adorable-artman) Owner of JJ sweets. Around 46 years old.

Many believe its “Jessie Johnson’s Sweets” but its “Jessie James Sweets”.

She was married to James but sadly he was killed in a house fire that was not an accident. Minor depression developed and she fills the ‘void’ with bots that she treats as her children. She refuses to date.


Heterosexual Male. 5′8.

The first bot of the Johnsons’ household, he was around to know James and consider him a father, he consider’s Jessie a mother. He is happy for the most part. He and the bot mentioned before, Celly, had been fighting about who got to date the girl they both liked. The girl took it into her own hands and let them share her. Celly and Calvin dont consider one another lovers since Celly is homosexual.

Calvin was built 6/29/19

The girl he’s with is named Katrina (she’ll be explained next)


Female Bisexual, 6 feet tall

Belonging to a wealthy writer named Ellen. she was made to train/care for Ellen’s dogs when she cant do it herself. She knows how to defend herself but can only do so against bots (which is very rare since shes inside for most of the day) the screen on her chest will display her emotions when she tries to hide them unless it is a dangerous situation where she must hide it.

Built 2/17/16

She is dating Celly and Calvin

James Johnson

(no doodle)

Polysexual Cis Male, 5′10

Killed in an act of arson shortly after just finishing building Kyu, yet to power her on. Once he noticed the flames reaching his workroom in the basement he got Kyu out that slit of a window, he couldn’t find a way out and burned to death. He was roughly 39 at the time, dying  4/15/22

Once married to Jessie, but you know what happened.

Hey folks! SPX is THREE DAYS AWAY! And here’s my list of LGBTQ creators and LGBTQ content at SPX. Check these tables out! And see you there.

A12A » Anna Archie Bongiovanni
A14 » L Nichols
B5B » Declan McCarthy, Miles Cook
B6B » Molly Ostertag
C10 » Jess Fink
C14 » Kevin Jay Stanton & Paul Reinwand
D6 » Margaret Trauth
D7A » Tony Breed
D10B » Hazel Newlevant
E12 » Penina Gal
F4 » Kris Dresen, JD Glass
G1 » Rachel Dukes
G3 » Chris Kindred
G11 » Ed Luce
H1 » Dechanique
H8 » Sabin Cauldron
H9 » M.R. Trower
H12A » Dylan Edwards (Northwest Press)
H12B » Rob Kirby (Northwest Press & Ninth Art Press)
H13B-14 » RM Rhodes & Sara P
J14 » Bex (California College of the Arts)
K9 » C Spike Trotman (Iron Circus, Smut Peddler)
N4 » Kou Chen, Eric Alexander Arroyo, Emily Forster, Aatmaja Pandya, S. M. Vidaurri (Boy I Love You)
N12A » Blue Delliquanti
N13 » Kevin Czapiewski, Annie Mok, Cathy G Johnson, Jessi Zabarsky (Czap Books)
W19A » Joyana McDiarmid
W32 » Evan Dahm
W33 » Danielle Corsetto
W76-78 » Jeremy Sorese (Nobrow)

Also, so you may see these folks walking the floor:

Kaylee Rowena
Kathy Rex