basichate asked:

Extra is gonna talk about marilyns plastic sugery like its never been heared before. We I knew she had one lmao your blog is beautiful by the way

I’m not the person to talk to about plastic surgery, nor do I want to get into a large discussion about it.
I’m kinda doubting the validity of the papers. First there is none from the “actual operation”, and second one of the papers has the date of 1958 but one of the addresses is from 1962 (and let’s say it was written later… well why?).
And then let’s say she did have it, I don’t see the reason why it should be such a big deal. The operations, as detailed, were really minor. The chin implant dissolved by the late 50s. And the “nose job” wasn’t really a nose job (the bone wasn’t broken and then straightened), it was just the tip of the nose. And whatever was done looks rather natural which is remarkable for that time (hell even for today, I mean just look at people today who have plastic surgery.. they all looks the same… of course there are more “doctors/hack jobs” today claiming to be reliable plastic surgeons but still). And let’s face it Norma Jeane was far more beautiful than a majority of people today.

And thank you dear :D