Quickie speed-paint doodle thing.

Codename: Kids Next Door was such a rad show. Being a kid and watching a show with awesome kids doing awesome things was such a confidence booster for someone who was constantly being shamed for their childish-ness and told to “grow-up already”.

Also, numbah three was the bomb-diggity!

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Ahhhh~ Oh no, you're cute! Saw your bird video. My roommate has a parrotlet and he does that all the time. I'm too afraid to get nipped so I let him do as he wishes.

Ahhhhh, no, stop, I’m crazy-blushing…!

Yeah, Minnie absolutely loathes fingers, which some of the kids have found out to their dismay and I still forget time to time. I don’t know if I could ever handle having a bird as a pet, but Minnie and Dora are fun =) 

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Puleeeeeeaaaase tell me/us more about your baby bird. I'm still in Virginia and I am dyingggg.


He’s sleeping right now so these are old photos from yesterday when he sat in one spot and pooped exactly where I didn’t put any newspaper like a little pro.

BABY does not have a name yet because I’m going to go by personality and he’s still adjusting and super shy. I have a bunch picked out though so eventually. So we went to the breeder’s on Friday to pick them up and Betsy brought the cage from your rabbit and heR BABY STUCK HIS LITTLE HEAD OUT OF THE BIG CAGE AND THAT WAS SCARY because he could get stuck. And mine was in a box of baby wipes with some holes in it so there’s that.

So basically the story of my life is extreme anxiety about everything under the sun like he wasn’t eating until I put the millet in the cage and now that’s all he eats but that’s apparently normal and I’m pretty sure I should leave him alone for now but at the same time what if I’m establishing a bad routine or he won’t want to socialize afterwards, I can’t tell if he’s drinking his water????

Yeah. Also apparently parrotlet diets are pretty complex, like, I don’t eat half the stuff we can/should be giving them and apparently a UV lamp is a good idea for vitamin D and calcium absorption omg.

BUT THE BABY IS SO CUTE. He keeps begging for food because he’s a little baby used to being handfed but he’s eating his millet so I’m not too worried and he likes to sleep on top of his little fluffy hut thing and just be generally adorable wah.

Good Morning Sunshine! by Jess Schultz

New promo image! Semi-autobiographical, though I do not own a rad penguin alarm clock. I once stayed up all night playing Hamtaro: Ham Hams Unite on my blue Game Boy Advance SP and was absolutely miserable the next morning when I had to wake up at 5am (6th grade was a tough year). Was totally worth it.

Mycelium by Jess Schultz

Hey guys! So this Friday is the opening reception of Light Grey Art Lab’s show, “Macro and Micro: A Celebration of the Natural World”. Aaaand, I totally have a piece in it!

We were all separated into 4 categories: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, and Everything Else. I’m in Vegetable and my piece is on mushrooms! (Technically mushrooms aren’t veggies, but shhh~) Mushrooms and other decomposers play an important role in the cycle of nutrients in our environment by breaking down organisms and keeping the soil fertile so other plants can grow. They are also delicious. Just sayin’.

In the past, Gnomes were commonly associated with mushrooms, so I added Ms. Gnome in to give a sense of scale and to make the illustration more interesting.

If any of you guys are interested, my print is on sale over in Light Grey Art Lab’s Gallery Shop, here:

Haha, I’m still kinda freaking out that I got to be in this show with so many talented artists!


Process images for my last three senior-project pieces. I’m always interested when artists share their process, so I thought I’d share mine. You can see that a few things change from sketch to final, but the big idea is still there. Doing the lineart is the most fun and meditative for me. I like to put on an audiobook and kinda just let my mind wander at this step. For the colors, though, I need to concentrate. That step is usually the most frustrating, but easily the most satisfying when I am finished.


Hey, all~

So I realized that I forgot to post the final versions of my last senior project pieces! The project was to mix textile design with narrative and the result was a series of pocket squares, each telling a story.
The top-most one is the most obvious - it shows the progression of the seasons. The second one is of the Monkey King and his humble beginnings. And the third one is the Tale of Princess Kaguya.