Quickie speed-paint doodle thing.

Codename: Kids Next Door was such a rad show. Being a kid and watching a show with awesome kids doing awesome things was such a confidence booster for someone who was constantly being shamed for their childish-ness and told to “grow-up already”.

Also, numbah three was the bomb-diggity!

Good Morning Sunshine! by Jess Schultz

New promo image! Semi-autobiographical, though I do not own a rad penguin alarm clock. I once stayed up all night playing Hamtaro: Ham Hams Unite on my blue Game Boy Advance SP and was absolutely miserable the next morning when I had to wake up at 5am (6th grade was a tough year). Was totally worth it.

Mycelium by Jess Schultz

Hey guys! So this Friday is the opening reception of Light Grey Art Lab’s show, “Macro and Micro: A Celebration of the Natural World”. Aaaand, I totally have a piece in it!

We were all separated into 4 categories: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, and Everything Else. I’m in Vegetable and my piece is on mushrooms! (Technically mushrooms aren’t veggies, but shhh~) Mushrooms and other decomposers play an important role in the cycle of nutrients in our environment by breaking down organisms and keeping the soil fertile so other plants can grow. They are also delicious. Just sayin’.

In the past, Gnomes were commonly associated with mushrooms, so I added Ms. Gnome in to give a sense of scale and to make the illustration more interesting.

If any of you guys are interested, my print is on sale over in Light Grey Art Lab’s Gallery Shop, here:

Haha, I’m still kinda freaking out that I got to be in this show with so many talented artists!